Florida Speech Curtailed - Jim Ryan


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Some of that speech that both former president's talked about yesterday are on display. In Florida it's where foreign Jim Ryan were at the University of Florida white Nationalists to Richard Spencer Spencer at a cut a speech. Short because of protests gym on the scene there police have been ramping up for days just trying to get ready for. Well yes and now looking back the mayor of this city Gainesville Florida says that he satisfied that everything that was put to please the planning. The preparation that security measures all paid off. Very few incidents of violence from people who were leaving. If Richard Spencer auditory in the event where he spoke for about an hour and a half he had the room for two hours but. As you say he point he essentially cut it short because he wasn't getting any words out people were standing up and screaming the whole time. It was not be a screened audience not people hand picked or given special tickets to get in because of their political views. Impact I talked with one guy a protestor and anti Richard Spencer protester. Which is that he was with a group of of game and other demonstrators standing there is ruled that the group started moving. Like a line he ended up with a ticket in his hand he's inside the auditorium all of a sudden and union and most of the others there were of the same mind and they were there to shout him down. Talk about the content of the speech what it's spencers say. Hard to say got meaning that if he talked about it it hits is familiar views on on separatism on them. Oh whites. Did that what he sees as their return Q I can 1950s culture where. There is a white dominance separation of people. Others in the in the he and his organization national policy institute would like to see the country. Divided off into separate areas where people. Hispanics live on the on the west closed at whites live in the middle of the country meet its Everett satirist so he tried to get those views across Padilla was difficult you know audience at all. And I understand going into this. They did something they usually do for hurricanes the state of Florida and I have state of emergency. A state of emergency was declared that that the governor's declaration he fugitive putting is his stamp on the things you know given the hurricanes that are blown through Ike I don't remember a time. That an emergency declaration was issued not for a weather event through natural disaster or earthquake recently. That for a speaker. But that mobilized or or at least made available National Guard troops state troopers there were no national or their at least that was it and he sought state troopers were there. And local police had made the state assets available in case there was trouble people saw what happened in. In Charlottesville they evaded wanna see it happening here. All right that is in Jim Ryan joining us from Florida where that Richard Spencer's speech. Cut short so only a couple of arrests no wide spread of violence good to hear over there.