Florida shooting fallout 930in716 February 16, 2018

Friday, February 16th

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It's 930. In 716. The chilling details emerging following the Florida school shootings. There's glass panel. On our door. And take your rectangular glass window he opened fired at the door from outs from the inside the whole way through the door and just started spinning through the door. A timeline emerging as our deet tails about the shooter he looked like a typical high school students. And for a quick moment. I thought. Could this be the person is this too I need to stop and what. Do we need to know about. These shootings. They seemed to be a new norm people have to take a certain moral moral responsibility for rural world Billy being we can't. Always rely on the law enforcement ability out of a situation I'm Tim Wenger on the podcast powered by the Brothers of mercy of five star rated skilled nursing residents offering affordable living. In a country setting. The Florida shooting Rampage that left seventeen people dead lasted just six minutes inside the school. That's how long the gunman was there authorities describing that time period in a timeline now. And they say former student nineteen year old Nicholas cruise roamed the halls of Marjorie Stoneman Douglas high school in Parkland. After arriving in an uber car on Wednesday. The shooting has left the community in mourning at a vigil Thursday night with at least 1000 people some chanting no more guns. A look at the timeline revealed now with the Victor a Condo. History book out by. A school employee from. Students were supposed to be going home. Instead some sting huddled together on lockdown for hours yeah. The suspect nineteen year old Nicholas crouse a former student had arrived in Hoover. Authorities saying he was carrying eight ar fifteen rifle in sight assault black case then he began shooting into at least by different classrooms and to force federal officials that the suspect is believed to have triggered a fire alarm. Adding to the chaos finding shelter wherever they could. Hiding under desks barricaded classrooms first responders on the scene. Desperately trying to track down the suspect nearly an hour after the first shots rang out. Some students still hunkered down but the shooter managing to slip out of the school with a back viewing students. With the suspect on the loose a tense scene a swat teams there the building. Students told to put their hands over their head first responders breaking glass to get into one locked classrooms of students begging for help the wounded or period away one by one each student. But from a poor plenty evacuation still underway when police tracked down the suspect in a neighboring tone. More than ninety minutes after the Rey beach started the sheriff announcing the shooter was in custody. Now the chilling stories from those who were inside students from the schools sitting down with David Muir to share their horrific tales for the survivors of the apartment shooting the moments many feared would be their last re playing or being able or. In their minds junior MacKenzie hill was with her twin sister just moments before shooting began. Other survivors tended to think on judge well. And I good this time and they really quick and I got two people in the meantime we needed to console anyway cheer an about her on the second floor and you hear the gunfire. And your twin sisters downstairs and the Democrats and I was. She says she saw the shooter down hole hitting down the skaters and that's the woman panicked and go with me triggered an linkage asthma. So again a classroom we're just sitting down and confidence this year. And then. Still miss about being in it because nothing happens by 2000. MacKenzie describes as heart wrenching moments separated from her twin sister so weird is cleaning crying. And it does so because all the kids who assigned rooms over. They lost it just doesn't play and leave her no gunshots through about ten minutes. And what it is later and so is he new messages from insist they're not doing she got out downstairs in that class from on the first floor junior Jonathan blank. There's two glass panel on our door. And you take your rectangular glass window. He opened fired at the door from outs from the inside the whole way through the door and just started spinning through the door. The deafening shots ringing out. I was laying down a loan for kids in my class they got shut. Owned twos than I believe passed away. On my saw them on the ground after they were show it was Gloria you're and is just horrible. The seconds turning into minutes it seemed an eternity and finally the cops we hear them screaming. We had to put her hands up. They came in with assault rifles and pointing them to make sure that no one. The shooter was and in our costs and as it was making the right turn on of the class I saw two kids doing in the middle of the hallway on. Dad there is that a site no high schooler should have to see how terrifying was the whole thing. Who's the mystic scariest moment in my life I never experienced anything like that. Jake and bear a junior fled to a closet. We're she hit for hours with other students in what she thought were her last moments she texted her mother I just said mom like I love you so much I think it'd die. Her teacher trying to keep everyone hiding in that closet call I knew that she wanted to be emotional but she couldn't trust because. If she was then so the other people who broke down the students are evacuated out of the school and told not to look around to keep their hands in the air. I was looking around to see what is going on and I saw mice treated there instead on the ground I saw him. People blood and you managed they couldn't take it on an idea the school in some ways this is what's happened. Isn't skilling should dining. Photo and don't. But for too many parents there is only grief on that fateful Valentine's Day sending their children off to school not knowing. That they would never come home they were teenagers filled with promise dedicated coaches and teachers to the stories of remarkable courage already emerging. There was the beloved assistant football coach Aron price a graduate of the school who came back to his all the mater. To work with young athletes witnesses say he responded to the initial call after hearing the sounds of gunfire. These students feeling blessed to be alive now trying to send a message to the nation. To help them keep this from happening ever again. And we're learning more and more about the shooter and his past time Yana says what authorities are now learning about his childhood in nineteen year old accused of hunting down. And killing seventeen people at his former high school went to court in shackles. Authorities know retracing his steps in the aftermath of the Rampage. The alleged gunman on the run for about an hour. Police say crews stopped by a local Wal-Mart in a subway where he bought a drink. He then stopped in to McDonald's he was finally spotted by Michael Leonard a police officer from a nearby city. Officer Leonard had decided to join the search and started driving down a back road when he spotted someone who fit the suspect's description. Maroon shirt black boots. He looked like a typical high school students. And for a quick moment. I thought. Could this be the person. Is this do I need to stop. A forty scouring his social media accounts searching for clues and a possible motive sources tell ABC news cruises instead grim account shows him holding a pistol in another he's holding a large knife. Investigators now piecing together the suspect's background. We know he was adopted as a baby but as adoptive father died when he was just four years old. Cruise raised quite a single mother. But late last year she died as well unexpectedly of the flu. Crews then went to live with the family of a friend the family's lawyer tells us he at one point had been in therapy. Crews brought his eight. The family's lawyer telling us he kept locked in a gun safe the neighborhood were the alleged shooter grew up it's a nice neighborhood homes are big the ball underwhelming taint. Neighbors say it's such a normal place at someone like Nicholas crews really stood out Brody Speedo spent nearly a decade a few doors down from cruise. He remembers crews have a violent side even at a young age he's like commerce squirrels like him like rocks out of liked particularly. We former classmates also paid a twisted picture they say cruise was upset with guns and was disciplined for bringing bullet casings to school he was ultimately expelled. And there were other signs of trouble in September videoblogger bed that night saw a disturbing comment on his YouTube page. A commentator with a named Nicholas cruise posting I'm good to be a professional school shooter the FBI saying they tried but could not track down who that user wise. And what is it we we should all know. After all this is the eighteenth shooting this year alone we should all be prepared right originally started out on training. While law enforcement in active shooter response but now George get asked chief of the NF TA police force and a former FBI agent says and though over last. Eight or ten years of they have branched out into. I'm not only do more enforcement training but also training the public how they can react. In an active shooter situation and a lot of it comes down to. I'm not only the do response. If you were unfortunate enough to find yourself and an active shooter situation but just central situation awareness as a whole. When you walk into built we what's the best way to get out of that building a lot of people don't know. If there in a restaurant or theater or mall. If you had to evacuate. Being an active shooter or some other type of incident hobby get out. People walk around not really thinking about where there at and what they can do to help themselves if there are some technical. Unfortunate situation. So people don't actually have to go to a training center and hour they just need to have the right mindset. Is that part of it. That's a big part of it in a big part of the the training is that first step in developing mines. People just don't pay a lot of attention when zero moving around. And I always what I wanna do the training are always tell people I can't commandeer a place of business that told you how to get out. If there's an active shooter I don't know. Your your business I don't know your building I don't know where you're going to be in the building when that takes place so woods. But aren't a general training of what to do we teach three things primarily run. First you evacuate. If you can't evacuate you hide. You shelter in place you find someplace where you couldn't stay out of the shooters view. If you can lock the door you'll lock that door they're not an arrest and get into a particular individual there and arrested. In causing as much death and destruction as they Keyon in the short period of time is akin. And finally if you can't do either of those things in your confronted you you fully there. Are you flight there with whatever you can't. Looking at Florida you know in the building they had school resource officers who were armed but you know covering such a large area and they couldn't reach. Did the shooter quite time it appears that law enforcement did everything it was trained to do wind captured. The shooter as he was fleeing an incredibly. Yet it all kind of does come down to the preparedness of the people who don't have professional training necessarily. They don't want to be involved and anyway but. They're forced into it and that's kind of did. I guess the line between. Life and death in some of these scenarios because she can't always count on things happening quick enough or somebody else acting quick enough to save your life. How long did this whole shooting him in the off. In Florida take those charges is sixty in about six minutes. All what kind of law enforcement response. Can you give it. Pretty much any place in six minutes I think law enforcement response. In western new York and the ball flurry in most places in the country musher in a very rural area is excellent. Caught in the country it's a police department our response to an incident within the transfer transit system is a minute or less. On most occasions. But how much law enforcement response can you Muster in six minutes you certainly can't keep your tactical team there. In six minutes people have to take a certain moral moral responsibility for overall while building being we can't. Always rely and the law enforcement ability out of a situation. The youth teach. Active shooter training not just at the hour and a TA this are ranked. No war war war gore out in and teach it we've done it for a other governmental agencies we done for schools would Donna for businesses. We've done a lot of the airport are not only for the the airport staff the NF DA staff at the airport but also for number the airlines. Of vendors are some schools seem very school for the deaf. Is very heavily involved. In active shooter response and central situation awareness. Are training for both their staff. And some of the students there and in you can imagine there's a very unique dynamic there. With with a lot of the students. So while they they've been really at the forefront. In in though that type of training for their staff are. That's 930 in 716. We're back tomorrow with a net a radiation from the studios of WD EA and buffalo law.