Florence Makes Landfall - Ryan Burrow In Fayetteville, NC


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Hurricane Florence made landfall. About 7:39 this morning near Wright field beach North Carolina. Not fairways Fayetteville, North Carolina and that's where Bryan Burrough is reporting from this morning Ryan what's it like right now. Yeah we're about ninety miles north west of Wilmington and this is actually where a lot of the people from Wilmington came to try to get away from the storm the problem is as well. We're not seeing a direct hit from hurricane Florence what we are going to see is a lot of rain a lot of rain that's gonna fall the next 4448 hours maybe as much as twenty inches of rain. And that could bring a lot of flooding now 500 people party evacuated into shelters. Remembering what they saw two years ago when when hurricane Matthew. Rolled through the area also don't. Several feet of water into the area some massive flooding there were 700 swift boat rescues that had to be made two years ago. And officials here hoping there'd have to go through that same responsibility duets with boats on the ready if that is indeed the case this weekend. I dare massive power outages where you are. Nothing quite yet the wind has picked up we've seen gusts of about fifty miles an hour in the rain. You know has been offered on. I'm haven't seen massive outage is here most of the outages 400000. To this point are along the coastline. That being said today it's expected that by the. End of this storm by the time it rolls through South Carolina North Carolina there could be millions of people without power and you're expecting really. These punishing conditions to continue all day today. Yeah exactly today into tomorrow maybe even into early Sunday. There's not a lot of traffic on the road right now which is obviously good news that something that police were hoping for emergency vehicles may be some utility crews that seem to media trucks as well but. Really not that many businesses open an occasional gas station everything else is pretty much shuttered so it appears people have heeded the warning. It's just a matter of how weird their securing themselves that fits in now what do these flood zones were there and seek higher ground Ari dance Ryan amber on joining us live this morning from Fayetteville,. North Carolina.