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Friday, January 12th

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Where here to give you an update on the melting conditions. And the potential for some flooding himself. It's. I. It's. That those laws no thing. And ice chips. What these city has been doing in the early morning hours. Please buyers the department of public works. Have gone toward story in neighborhoods in south buffalo. That have the potential to be affected by the flooding. Just to notify residents of what's going on. And to offer any assistance to residents that they might need. We have two of our major fire department. Vehicles. Out in the neighborhoods. That are serving as potential. Warming centers where families that need to leave their homes for any. Reason. We happen had to use those any significant way at this point. There is some basement flooding that has been experienced by homes in south buffalo. Right now the number it's about a hundred homes. That have flooding in the basement. The buffalo fire department will be going to homes today. Doing evaluations. Our first priority is making sure that people are safe. I just wanna say the members of the buffalo fire department. Our police department and public works department. That have been working in the early morning hours. To ensure the safety of people living in potentially affected neighborhoods. Also as a precautionary. Measure. Hillary park academy. And Southside elementary school have been closed. We have people stations. Pat itself par. Lift bridge and Stephenson. Bridge. Monitoring conditions there. And providing any information that residence might need so city departments have been very active in this situation. Earlier we it's ice breaking activity. Which is. Critically important. That easing. The conditions that we're seeing that had that activity not been and the potential for flooding could feel a lot worse than. Is right now I am of course with our public works commissioner Steve Stephanie. Fire department lieutenant Patrick wildly. Who wall. Who will both provide you with information. From the department of public works of art department perspective. All three of the department's that I mentioned. Including the buffaloes or authority have been working. Together. There has been great collaboration. With. The four agencies. Or departments. Of the city of buffalo to make sure that we are taking care of the needs of our resident. The machines that they care thank you mayor. Just like to start off that as we saw this weather event coming we were very proactive starting on Monday morning. Actually with the potter or an outbreak in the eyes coming down the awful. Creek as far as we can get down with the Cotter that day we actually went from from Michigan ultimately. The next day we went and we started doing the triangle costs that those are standard practice last hope assist the breaking of the ice that help with water movement. The following day after that which is Wednesday we went in we wanted to finish off the Carter I know some of the new spokesman on the potter. Took that ride to see actually what what ice breaking process we do we when we actually went past the bridge assault Harper's at work on right now. We got into the actual event itself the weather event with a with a moderate rain that we had. We saw some movement in the eyes yes about 3 o'clock 315 I think to be exact we saw some movement. And so we've merely do as we go into them more of watch more reaction checked the upstream we checked everything that we can see we checked options you with the movement whose flight. That they went by Tommy got about 10 o'clock. Yes very strong movement of of typically what is a clarion movement. For the cast and all via where that has no idea was very through its eyes wasn't much ice upstream. And the awful sort of move as well and we've we were. Fairly confident that that would be a clear out but we we had the GM that occurred behind us that's one reason why the men and women of of our. Of course apartment don't go home state to make sure this if that the job is completed until the ice moved out to the buffalo river. So we stick for that and and saw that the chimp was occurring immediately. Content through the proper folks all of our plan we got police and the fire we met. Got together and decided about 4 o'clock in the morning and that it was wise start. Identified residents as we saw that water rising. Salt water coming up to the source system. Are sort government over OJ before it came on to work with us as well so all that. Worked very well. Unfortunately we do have flooded basements that we have to deal with them and we're gonna continue this system. I know the floor apartment doors of valuations. Of some of those homes working with residents on that. Keep you posted on on what's gonna happen with the rest of the ice jam. No really not sure at this point and I expected much more precipitation. And dropping temperatures quickly we're looking at 32 degrees by 3 o'clock. Which really reduce the meltdown that that's going out there and I will have to deal with whatsoever while. What would game we've we've on this. You. That's the department of public works commissioner Steve stepped in and why are standing here is that it was really getting can we had a strong concern of it was not an all. The park side bridge here that we were we're we're arms ourselves partridge we were really worried that that was giving priests the flooding that was gonna hurt himself awful. We are blessed that opened up as you can see that that the big opening behind us there's a lot of accessible to go through. And we've we got to be we wanted to get the potter back into the two to the river we've we've decided was because it's safe manner. Cutters actually work in the lower portion again. By the mob the reversal this lets loose as a free the continued through. But it was significant one this those from this is the gym that caused the whole problem upstream and that's very unusual thing that happened. This is not typical for this. Only. Lieutenant Patrick plowing the fluff I. No permanent. Just talk about who offers or pure torture so currently right now buffalo police and fire departments are at an act of operation of going to the hardest hit areas. Door to door knocking on doors making sure the citizens in those areas are safe. Our major concerns are when water gets into the basement because not a pilot lights and then that gas station so. Any neighbors. The residents Melanie guess he's come on one we'll certainly make your response but we are currently going door to door in most hard hit areas. Knocking trying to make entry into policy test there ourselves whether it's shutting off the gas cutting off electric. On and then anyone else in need. But the mayor mentioned we have the warming areas set up in Damascus incident grade and we also command post and often. Take the calls and Courtney. Incident between the awful please fire department water needs to do the best we can't mitigate the situation. Certainly would ask that no one drive through large puddles of water when the streets are covered curb to curb. It just creates another emergency situation water wise especially under bridges and overpasses. So beats residents to stay out of the areas that are hardest hits especially even where the streets are not close to seeing large amounts of water. That would cause. More more numbers. And report we. Have spent here. About streets that have been most street. You know I don't have that listen for be much George provided I think everybody that we've done the exact list I don't want them. Misquote it speaks open and now we're your questions. 32 degrees this afternoon when he had to start salt. We're we're in a tree salt actually it's a great question I've been in contact with our directors store mobile. We've had that planned out we've talked into the our weather folks obviously. We're looking to go probably around 1 o'clock because we're looking at a quick drop and investment offers fast and the race was to start up again probably on the same time. So it's okay to be thrown salt on the road was at that time will be effective for the for the commute home. Something that we really have to pay attention to use you know we've been talking attempt. And supplies that's that's in the papers have been. Changing over to wet snow and then going to a more potters know so we got some what one other prominent for us in on the terms of work that that what was common and what we're times. Before have you had to deal with the ship like that before and talk about the the size of the incident this morning just with the guys put in perspective. You know it's it's it's been a big shift it's been you know we knew we knew Ed you know we've we've held the weather situations where we've had quick drops in temperatures. But when you throw the ice on top of that and you know actually with a brought stopping down here. Attitude. That efforts that that our our men and women of the street department and public works in and fire police that but you know obviously everybody. Been together and a great job with that but now going into an ice event in the snow event that's that's a big day. For for any municipality in I think I could that the men when they can handle. Workers early. Activity it's. That's a question that that the mayor and I will talk about you know it and what I always recommend for our city folks that they pay attention to weather as well. And they they use some of their time that they have allotted to them. And when your real early releases can be very careful on time that you know make your post more of a problem with. Traffic jams and things like that there's well one. Oh. Would. Or ours and the county or any early release of studio Sony employees. And. And 91 discipline and I. We are on stand by we will be on stand by south buffalo and the rest of the field along when your team in place along with the bulk of these waters and that are ready to respond to that and issues that may or. You. I. Worry that integration where opened to that. We have a number of facilities that we can use as warming shelters so I will be working with commissioners that. How fired machine must. Police commissioner with those issues. And house addressed the relevant putter right now the roll a cutter right now as. Third to revisit an area that's downstream. We wanna make sure that if there is movement here that we have apple path for that for the ice to move through again this is an unusual champ. So we don't wanna take anything for chance we wanna make sure that we do everything else that we possibly can do. Thomas and they're out there right now. Experiencing flooding right now and the temperatures dropping what advice do you have for them to take care of before the freeze that's it I would you wanted him for it. We were just if your gas and hereof. We so we can call Salvation Army and certainly help while we've multiple. Options for help other city warming centers the Salvation Army if there displaced from their home. They're not displaced from the home. It's your safety first if for some reason the flooding in a basement goes up and they have to turn off the gas and they need at some point to look for an alternate place to go whether it. Family and friends or something in the city has to offer. One last question. Accurate. Why that's for mayor Byron brown police lieutenant pat Lelie and department of public works commissioner Steve stepped back. Updating people on the latest involving. The flooding South Park through lift bridges the location where you can now still see some ice jam but a lot of water moving as well. Reporting live debuted on news radio 930 WB yeah.