FL School Shooting Subject For Scrutiny In DC - Serena Marshall


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Let's go live to Washington now and check in with correspondent Serena Marshall. On the president's agenda he was in Florida all weekend and but Serena he's holding where understanding what's called a listening session this week following that school shooting what can you tell us about that. Yet the president still on Florida I'll return to the White House this evening and we've learned that karma I believe it. Later in the week Wednesday or Thursday I'll have a listening session with high school students and teachers. And now also a member meet with state and local officials on school safety both of those meetings happening this week do we know if those meetings will involve students from Stoneman Douglas. We do not they have not provided any kind of Lister readout of who they plan to invite these meetings we know with the state and local officials they blend in by governors and attorney generals from the states. Back as to where the students are coming from for them high schools and teachers that is still something that the White House has released. Ari while he was the president was very active on Twitter this weekend and really a firestorm erupted over tweet from the president used in the Florida school shooting. To attack the FBI about the Russian investigation and and that's even from members of his own party right. Yet did he couldn't really took aim at so many targets on Twitter this weekend. His latest tweet with a tagging Oprah he blasted the FBI over the Florida school shooting and a Russian investigation even took on his own. National security advisory to make master for publicly seeing evidence of Russian interference with incontrovertible. When you're talking about that specific tweets. Where he kind of hide the Russian investigation to the Florida school shooting. And he said it was very sad of the FBI missed all the many signals sent out by the Florida school shooter. And then you went on to say they're spending so much time trying to progression collusion with the trump campaign there is no collusion get back to the basics. And the president really took a lot of heat for that tweet like you mentioned from Republicans from Democrats and from victim of the school shooting. And Parkland are at that Serena Marshall reporting live. From Washington DC this morning.