First Brush With Snow A Light One For Most - NWS Meteorologist Bob Hamilton


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We are still looking at the weather today although much of the region did not get the heavy lake effect snows that were thought to have be on the way. There is still an issue out there in some spots are still getting hit let's go to the National Weather Service now meteorologist Bob Hamilton standing by on the WB and live life. Good morning Bob. What are we looking at this morning. Well depending where you are pure and above lower areas doesn't look like a lot of note today in fact just some light snow showers today the main action's going to be. South of those across the southern tier where they can pick up as much as six inches across a higher terrain. We're still Billy band now is it is an organized. It's loosely organized across southern Erie into Wyoming county. Now the that the so will stay mainly south this or chance it could turn north today now. And when you say south it's as Boston hills we're not talking south downs I know Susan's and Orchard Park I many historic. Both of us were pretty much clear on the drive in this morning. Yet there it'll be basically the should talk for ridge if you're driving north of along the thruway there at that ridge that extends. From should talk quote counting up in the southern Erie county and Wyoming's sorts that corder there it's going to pick up the Prius six. Are any idea on accumulations. From yesterday. We haven't had much information a general role to be three maybe 24 in the buffalo area. Slightly higher amounts for herself. We probably won't get many more reports until after 6:7 o'clock. And the next couple days we'll still have snow but no lake effect. Little lake effects gonna push her through here tomorrow morning in fact the morning rush hour could be kind of interesting we're looking at. You know 23 inches is no. Home in the area tomorrow morning that's gonna push for the falls and weaken and and fall apart no more have a general snowfall over the weekend so it's going to stay cold for foreseeable future with with no pretty much every day. Are you now can you look ahead to Sunday's bills game the bills face the calls at home. What concluded that conditions be like on Sunday. Well looks like there's going to be some snow around. Would expect. You know most areas to pick up probably. Half inch to an inch. Again the main area's going to be south. Of the buffalo area in the south of Orchard Park group are gonna have some pretty decent lake effect snow. All right Bob thanks so much that's Bobby Hamilton over at the National Weather Service. In buffalo.