Financial Guys in for Sandy Beach 2/19 Hour 2

Sandy Beach
Monday, February 19th

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Hi welcome back you've got the funniest guys and for sandy beach and he's reunited thirty WBE. And and we are sadly talking about the little bit about the tragedy last week and really kind of a broader. Steve. What can we do right now to effect change that is going to actually make a difference. Number one and we'll go that's the phone just a second. Somebody tax of this and I and I think it's spot on port Perry go back to here. I. And says. Oh yeah as you bring that up right so we we protect their stadium aren't we protect our auditoriums. Week. We spend and we to a time of this for the break. You know it's not about money rate while one of the biggest things and take away anything from sports but. You see we see district after district after district willing to spend twelve million dollars in a turf football field right for kids that are not are ever ever ever ever gonna play. Anything outside of their senior highs and the status of the say that you can't get you know we can't rule right now because of security or whatnot to do to date they get in 2000 but I thought. I'll get they get 80000 people with peg thousand things like that already sabres games eight and 101000 people shop just out right just checked to open a colts it's well here's how you do up by the way staggered start times of a threat but I would actually wanna buy solution lies number one. You don't have everybody coming and going to state diocese stagger start types all media and extend the day that's one part of as you said in part of this acumen with a long long rifle by. Bloody good is that nobody who is Erik rush I can agree what we protect. With armed guards classic cars and some of the warehouse with out of the city hello we don't protect our kids look at what and we put we put that we put armed guards everywhere but for our children we put up no Godfrey I don't and by the way to say this is the stupidest things that book it's about what let's start tomorrow seriously yet tomorrow. I would love to see president truck about saying I am citing executive order right now yes that says all of the gun free zone signs will be re moved across the country and replaced with. We may be armed and able to protect ourselves and should you come on can by the way we arm in the schools we let people that's over three earful or an average cobra to about it at Anke what the kids who want to see people the recurrence. My daughter is the biggest savers not out there and Olivia loves. They don't care what I was there is close sheriff's walking around the auditorium what we've all kinds of Turkish get a that was against flying at the airport yet they they have. Have rifles there Quincy security airport luck it's part of the culture now it is what it is yet know little Billy's going to be just fine no more soft target deals you know more soft targets this is crazy. Here's something that the tax wrote. A lottery the FBI needs to be dissolved by congress it has been proven that the FBI has been politically compromised lied and has admitted to not follow protocol. The FBI has a law has been allowed to use their power and I'll lawful way with no consequences of the individuals involved. Congress has the Pollard and and you know what this person is absolutely right yet you are spot there is something sick it wrong inside of the upper echelons of the FBI. And in my opinion it is too far gone it is gone it is that completely destroyed by. The Obama administration politicized by the liberals and it needs to be just a minute I hate to say that because like rate and a win there so when you deal. You set up a vehicle back to the old Marshall US Marshal program. You you break that got US marshals you allow the good men and women working at the FBI to get first rights to move over to the new agency you completely wipe out the top 20%. Of the managers of bureaucrats at these people that do nothing let. Like you do by the labels corporation actually protected absolutely let's say that about corporate America forever and I salute you could say it about the school districts and some of the top administrators. And I'm sure there's many FBI agents out there that are going yup yup yup we have no clue. Yeah but what mr. Jones does up here but he makes 700000 dollar salary right that's right the same is true corporate America. And the same is true by the way and many of these school districts where were saying why is or seventeen administrators or five schools. Don't beat up right given the higher level that's right absolutely is yes those ads like let's look. We'll replace a translator with the armed security guard yeah that let's go to the phones in that you wanna join us again NATO 3930. Start I thirty under to talk a little bit later about what they're doing it Polk County Florida. And then now would look more solutions you listen to come up with a list that we can descend right to congress that write to our our Chris Collins and our congress people say. These are real time solutions make it happen and be put in place. Very very quickly. Almost you know you wouldn't debate got laws that congress for the next year and a half right it's going to be an election issue will talk about it. But what can we do tomorrow starting tomorrow what can we do you. Number one we could replace all the gun free zones sides with we are armed and prepared and ready to defend ourselves or anybody coming out this campus. Intending to do hard like children that's number one. Let's go to the polls will go to Al in derby value our line with a funny to guys in for sandy beach tours. I'm very. Good thank you for taking my call. Pond in the mid eighties. I had to take an elective course for journalists course. And so I had to interview people and then generate record and present for the class. And during that time. There were no armed. Police officers. On buffalo state oil. The people who were security there were unarmed and saw there was a problem. They would have called off to a policeman and it would show up and then it would. Arrest people or do whatever they do. So at that time it was proposed that they should bring armed our police officers on the campus which he partly campus. And it was very controversial. So I interview. What call in the chief of police on the campus what are his core I it was I don't know and I got to find out what the opposing argument for. What of the opposing argument was that I bringing guns on campus. It would have the same bat. That occurred and state. When the National Guard showed up and shot and killed a student so. Students. But our police on the campus equals death that was the argument. It would it would just naturally happen that way and it or where they had a quick release barbs are aimed. The trap there are no campus. There are more familiar with campus culture and so they can discern the difference between. You know an annoyance and a threat on these kind of things so now you know. Some thirty years of the street now that there are now that they have gone down the championship thirty years of history to look back. It has to see what are meant to actually four routes correctly. It created state campus. It caused students to die unnecessarily. And I think any person can Google this and look at history look at here if that's I think we have some history are already on our side. That putting armed people on campuses where there are students. What the good thing in yup. Yeah upgrade at the great story on allies in Europe viewers bond set rules. Horry politically inclined to allow parent teachers to be armed I would love to see that implemented. Is quickly as possible. Yeah for the teachers who want to do it right that's please think every teacher to hear you have to do this but. There's many teachers who already well I know the complete it. You blog holing a little clunky industrial there's teachers that there that are building a hunting and absolutely. LUR's apps like all right that is a great story and you know the problem is that we don't see the wanna look back at history we don't wanna look at what policies that we implement and what was the results of those policies right. We wanna do stuff that makes us feel good Wright's remarks this week we're going to. Tough to tell people are gonna take with the guns and that's gonna make everybody safer but it it ultimately the end as a. LA LA got to be a net cord that carries due due to my political leanings that I was never gonna get an AM I. Bet that the. Thank you etc. it operated we we we ultimately do that you be that when they go out get a real job and pay taxes that answers on all that sounds like he got a great educational out is numbers bars and thank you very much to a college we do appreciate it you know he spun out we don't ever go back and look at. At all look at look at. Desperately argument for the last does that well if we allow more concealed carry is going to be like the wild last well guess what. We've allowed more concealed carry this country and it hasn't traditionally wildlife pulled out and allowed people on campus apostate to his point. And it didn't that resulted Kent State message Saturday look at the areas where we did the opposite like Chicago and that turned into war zones well yeah because it doesn't it doesn't and Prilosec and we it was a with the we haven't talked publicly the mainstream media that's totally out of control right I mean the left wing media. The immediately to come out eighteen school shootings is here what that was all I only old lie right it's a problem media shock right they're not doing any sort of work whatsoever. You Vick got called. From a but she kind of individual like guess who is in you know the leader of this white supremacist and basically hoax the median said he was one of laws that was alive. I think research think. We break the story all of rob what's it like leg got to scoop up there look media on a daily bases is is committing malpractice every single day. And that's helpful for part of the conversation that's right it's not. Helpful to to report false information it's not helpful to Foster a serious conversation. About what can we do to protect their kids when the media is out there are sensationalizing. You know I remember what we have built the last shooting it taxes or maybe it was a while before that sadly there's so many of them now. And it ends CNN literally put a picture of of an assault rifle up with a grenade launcher on it. I can tell you haven't Evan hunter an avid shooter you could backfire grenade launcher OK you could not walked in the Dick's Sporting Goods or any other gun shop and walk out with a AR fifteen equipped with a rocket launcher or right or grenade launcher. This is ridiculous it is not in the front count either having to seriously can you can't come on CNN you can't find somebody who is tied to the to lose to the gun industry or the NRA or somebody that has them on some level of knowledge I've gone. To look at that picture and say you know what. This is the wrong photo to put up this is a rocket the information your reporting is that correct. Because what you report that information when you sensationalized is kind of stop what you're what you what you gin up the Hedo automatic it's not automatic weapons to semiautomatic rifle. No different then attend a Ruger 1022. That you pull the trigger it fires look around you pull the trigger files around. You know you could you could fire almost as quickly with a pump action shotgun as you can with a semiautomatic shotgun. The differences. Is that you have to pop the gun before you pull the trigger again. Would that make a difference what the copter tablet so it probably not to be honest and I think we need to be honest with ourselves as. If he has a good to pop the gun. Is that gonna make that much of a difference. I don't think so what the copter tablets away at both shootings are over three to five minutes it's a we'll take or your cause I have number one. First of all solution number one is let's remove these stupid gun free zones sites mark campuses solution number one is protect. Part right now to pry it out right well right now we can protect Soledad tomorrow we are removing these signs to borrow at a putting up new sign that's and we are are we can or defendant you know put armed police officers yeah in the campuses to moral that's right yes number two was our security yeah. After an outnumbered and by the way and and religion color before so he did that. I don't know what school he was and because most schools in Western New York to not have. Not that I'm aware of right. And by the way it's it should be just one person it should be multiple people that has got to that school protesting and especially now we don't have this in Western New York but you looked down and in part and Florida the school districts are huge you know to talk about 3000 kids in the school not. 400 kid that's right. As a much more to Baltimore tackle the effort to protect but it's still possible you have the right of protection plays I mean eventually protect the auditorium and 181000 extra receiver real problem where we're along here would take a racial or print lookup equity called class. We pretty much awful thing Kaka also somebody hangs up and of the year he'd call at 803930 start at thirty got a funny that you guys in forcing you Beecher is reunited thirty WV. It's a guys and forcing it to be Chinese and united thirty WB Ian and again we're talking. About. Both that it too much but that's those are great global warming pact are not yet to Aaron it's unreal and unreal we had those of that and a nice. Negative fifteen degree temperatures for the last few months and then. Somebody through so much that it's too much better spring and then I got an outright the sixtieth that's right exactly. We are taught us some solutions here and a and a dead on the other side of this hour will talk about what to do you Polk County we get passed about an hour break. I do wanna have a get to the phones are we to a full make it calls into three united Rio. And start 930 is the number two college something's up going to be your cue to college. Let's go right back the phones are trying to clean is a little bit let's go to Steve I'm Grand Island hi Steve Eli with a funny to guys appreciate you beaten deputy Ian how. There are dead set. Couple comments at the door. And got me out about it works at a school in suburban school district here at hand. She tells me she worked in the office until they went to content that is school tried to get into the school dividend date intimate TV system. Would they do identify themselves with stuff like that. It but that the security system that presumably works fairly well. I can I just they decide that can just add to that though today really actually track. It okay because I tell you that I not to mention the school but I've been in multiple schools where they just by human. Well that that and they have a no hustler who I am a Republican keep it again again and we have been saying you know by the way I grew in and it's the start. Layer after layer after layer right so that's one layer but you have to if you want any type of good security pass to come layer I think what the end of Lanza case in and in Newton Connecticut. I believe that he shot the wind a lot and walk right nor. Well I'm not mistaken about guys again layers right layers and an Iraq that's actually one stop it. Yeah. Yet the other thing till and I see this repeatedly that they live between several schools around here. What school's the right school at that thirty you've got under the kids. Literally run at a school either to rival or they're getting under buses. And it means you put somebody await those people out really easily. In soft targets right elegant layers of security which means the offenses are away from the kids right and the protection is in front of the children and behind Mitchell something that Mike brought up you brought up like that I thought was actually is you stack the departures so you don't have hundreds of kids at the time to time maybe. You know part part goes at 215 partners out of 230 part goes on to 45. We have a speed that and I I understand what your point is but. We haven't seen these types of of massacres when the kids are leaving necessarily I know this case they were starting believer it was toward the end of the day. But it most of these school shootings happened inside of the school right these kids have gotten into the school with no resistance whatsoever. Some of the resistance as you mentioned serve might be that glass door they shot right through it and walk right it spoke. I think got a really consider the different layers of parameters number one number two how working late departures and arrivals I think staggering them making inappropriate. But I can't get away the fact that we have to have arms responders yeah right I got campus. That can respond to within seconds or minutes. Because it got. Most of these shootings happened at three to five minutes yet it's over three about it in taxes. It was over because a guy across the street who happens to be it and carry firearms instructor. And did it lift his own AR fifteen yeah. Yet as so he takes out the window there's a let another layer of security with somebody takes about him the truck. That person gets the chance to take into beat any children out even if he gets set fire mr. I stopped at the outside notre dugout and what happens and accessing things like happened to the outside gate. And I and and you Bosnian and Europe and nobody I nobody is their Milwaukee to the deal office you could bypass the office you can do all sorts of things. Well romantic couple usable and I was still working every player now identical speakers who okay to a question I. And it went right it and there was the security Garrett who is an LP. And the escort him to the opposite and it went out there except they. Great and that's good advocate 2030 years ago but I had the school districts and I've been a part of are not doing. Now they're not doing and the thing is they're not armed and so here's the thing so you have a security guard that shows up with a Billy club have been pepper spray right and you show up with a with a with a 45 pistol. He's he's that like he did you walk right past him like you you know I sadly used up around his body that you move on your next target. We have to have looked at every single one of these cases it's a good guy with a god that stops the bad guy with a gun and so. If we're gonna talk about serious solutions. You know cut confiscation program like Australia is that feasible this country for two reasons number one we have a second about it. Number two we're on an island OK and so we have Mexico by the way just prevalent reference. You have no personal gun ownership is legal in this in Mexico not how's that working out not all that you have gun violence yet. Out of proportion yet in the league already Sutherland silent over our border exactly walking them right oh that's right there so you could go door to door to collect every single gone from law abiding citizens of this country wanted out won and what do financial awarded a different Mexico that is right with the as so the problem is that we don't address that real solutions as my company. Up with these things that the media wants to do these margin. And coming up of these you know we're gonna ban I'll also be automatic weapon if barrels all right including mental illness that I can have very strong price of the medication of some of these absolutely were missing. Real solution opportunities for real solution that's what we're talking about today you know real nice we'll start my thirtieth the funny to guys. And for sandy beach will be right back here he's reunited thirty W. I welcome back. Get the financing guys again enforcing any eat healthier night's real you wanna join us starting thirty gets a free caught us on course to tax lights and great tax coming and we're trying to get to as many as we can. At 30930. That's 3930. If you wanna Texas something. Got some great taxes and was one from my alma here. Number one the mainstream media should stop over reporting. And I agree United's basically said they said. Eighteen. School shootings this year won a lot look what they included in on some of them. Well I'd a gentleman who just decided to use a school parking lot to commit suicide had nothing to do at school right and I just sort of blows like seven month yet on what you're gonna and action open school. I'm somebody else voted metal detectors and all schools. I think it's a possibility but. Again I think if you have security that is a winner or look here's the thing we don't all walk through metal detectors legal of the Buffalo Bills game right. Bought oh or sabres game bought. They're asking to open up your coat yet to check mean you go ahead you know this right so you're gonna. You can't there's no way possible you'd get an AR fifteen or shotgun into a single game well there no. Let there even without I go to the them them the misunderstanding is there is that the thread is that gone right that's the problem. And if the threat is just the gun. Then a metal detector would work but the threat could be can't gasoline and nails right there the threat could be a 112 octane which you can buy. And and multiple places we've. These are below the track gate pressure cooker it could be my new war yeah in case of Tim today right right could be horse crap right exactly and it. And unfortunately you know those that attempt at doing our marketing department. We have some real life solution that we can have to look. Look we could debate cup as we can debate you know moving the intro for Peru assault rifles to the age of 21. We can be obvious that it's gonna take time the cockroach in those things here are some things for that we can start doing. Two day or tomorrow they'll. Remove all go for God's eyes number two armed security on every campus of the country. Number three set up a program. Like they have done in Polk County we're gonna talk about this yet poll colony. Has gotten together sheriff's office has got into a cooperative agreement with the school systems and the university that's in that county. To basically each bring the teacher isn't really about here now that you have to go to a rigorous training program. Boris so rigorous that law enforcement okay. They have to put it was psychological background check not just your regular fingerprints at the opposite view of criminal background. You can't have any criminal background whatsoever to be squeaky squeaky clean I would think that would be part of being it will feature. You don't get you know what you double IR OK whether that's what I'm talking you have to just to put they put a place. Now they brought it at dollars I believe and I area not exactly sure about that but. They have funding that is specific to the training. The teachers are. Here teachers at say I would think luck you're at a school teacher it in in Florida. That jumped in front of the bullets that guy was an absolute hero that that that does that football code what apple here right. If he's willing to jump in front of a shooter at taking bullets disabled kids I'm pretty confident. That he was probably will think to carry a gun on campus if he had been allowed and it. And if you add them how many how many lives movements in their right if somebody would have been out if multiple people around in the front part of the Skywalk over the long rightful right right. Not not something that he put up a lot right and review like everybody you write the 39 time to share was called the house why is there not a a quasi most wanted side in the school office. These are the yachts and our community this is this is gonna kick out. Just kids this kid's been kicked out. This guy's a pedophile right bright here's the list of people with their pictures just like the post office. That our problem people that if you see that on campus you hold this code blue alarm and that's my that suggestion we have firewire and all these schools. Why not right at the fire lines why don't we put code blue a larger if you want to call it. Where somebody could hold the alarm. And that traders and a a response for an active threat on campus because. Sometimes he beat but it to Jim's point you fireball that it here right to get you to respond but what if it's before the first -- team fired a threat you see the active across the parking lot you can't get to look at maybe you're not are walking in with a long gun right when she had you see somebody across a parking lot walking with a bag that looks suspicious walking with a lot of media see the barrel would gut may be seated but you're not personally aren't. You can run in the school you can hold the code blue alarm that could trigger a first response not only from the security personnel. There aren't on campus regular response. But also from the train teachers that are concealed carry carriers on campus so now you have a mechanism where you could trigger wire system. Then immediately puts a school lockdown and also triggered the first response from people on campus. Those are real solutions that we can start with we want to make up laws we could still debate. You movie DH we can do all that stuff it but it can be but that's good to talk radio can't do that tomorrow. These are things that we can do right now that would have a real impact that protecting these K it's. It's right now when you break this this this hold that thing down it's three things right it's protecting them right now it's talking about what created these monsters try to its medication when it satellite or else the bullying or whether it's but for sure you know and as so there's different layers to this on hot up for how to protect us now. And how that maybe prevent some of the stuff in the future of how we learn from and again that are absolutely has got the phone as a welcome bill in lingle and not to mention him at the third one was the FBI corruption oh yeah that's got to be fixed per share. Bill you lie you lie with CNET TV show went down the financial guys we lost built only lost the last Arnold and Gary at Boston. Gary yeah good morning morning. I think most of us shoot except American in the school so you line up the first line defense to be with the office people. Not a public chain link couple chain link fence is not sealing the war. Only comes in their at a camera. I mean they and Wendy the comment that door behind him blocks to a tag along choose somebody if they're rewarded for getting in the school. Well it's you know it's it's so funny so that it would since 9/11 right what do we do with planes first thing we did was we put a solid door bulletproof door to protect the people. That are flying the plane right that we arm back and got and guess what types of my knowledge in the United States America we haven't had anybody to complain jumps on them right mr. And and another thing when that when the people of students leave. We've finally can't do this on interest when they leave ought to turn arousing or forgot my it'll book bears open. What should start leaving everybody actually know reentry. Yeah well so I don't know we do about the the entry in court blocked the Bisping is actually possible police sometimes there. And in the morning when kids are going into school. They've got some people out there they can be utilized also. Absolutely Aaliyah and 8 o'clock that's right you get 181000 people Gordon receiver stadium going going the last of the sabres in the stadium right. And yet there's no metal detectors you go through. But yet another this is sure absolutely I haven't thought about that gathers enough yet is there could I've been a while but yet. Glad to Tuesday but the before that those will be world we have the box I was going Alitalia before that that was the about the actors right. What did you have to do get open to become yet but it'll open up your bad open up your coat. And so people news that you know there was obviously if you were gonna try to get in there with a shotgun aura assault rifle or whatever yup you were don't you're not gonna make it right you're gonna be stopped right that would open up your code when it looked at your bat it so. That's not impossible to do at schools and save at least up knowing that. It's humid beckoned to be my favorite I don't laugh at fifth assessment. Back I think that's out. But I think if you're calling I appreciate what the the one thing they do now is it ships all over a BC and everywhere I mean we're. We're in the 200 level and my daughter and I and we see them assurance that stand right behind this time yup my daughter does not feel unsafe uncomfortable she doesn't say. Anyway that there she's stated mission of their right nice people get high fives if there was gutter sabres. It'll. Sign withers. You know it but amazing to me is we got 181000 people there that sabres game. You know probably 90% adults write it and I know it's not a hard and not an easy time it's not a soft target Wheaties it's hard target the bills games are hardened targets the banks are hard targets and police stations aren't target airports that are our hearts aren't right right right airline planes are talking to marshals on planes get our schools. Gun free zones but it's the same acidity in the incident saying it doesn't make any sense whatsoever let's think it will work colleague for a go to the breaker and don't be libelous Allen buffalo ice Value Line with a funny to guys proceed each. Hey guys I don't good. If I had and mortar units in the number one or two. Spokesman from only that kids that we're at a high school who have been. Just Cameron and the NRA in hammer on politicians senators. And well that's the mainstream media rights saying that if if you know that the regardless of problem not not the kid and not the medication this kid was on the upbringing he was on or the fact that nobody was there to stop them including the FBI after being Warren 37 times. What you have been to commute to I think it's a little disgusting met. I don't know any sixteen or seventeen year old kid that that speaks that way let alone going. Candor there you got it here's the thing so it's a beta will be in adults are are pushing their own agenda these kits right. The worst they're using these kids as political pawns and it's sad and I understand the kids' emotions I understand where they're coming from and they obviously want. They want a solution and they're scared they want action. Unfortunately. The adults that don't know better. Are using them as political pawns to get to guard control and again I'm OK with talking about that and having a conversation but let's be honest about it. That's months and months away if ever right. There's no way you can do things like outlaw all gone so. If that's the conversation we're gonna have and we'll get a beat up by the NRA although in a state ban also obvious that his semiautomatic assault rifles which is never gonna happen. That's not providing a real solution out at for those adults that use these kids as political pawns of these marches these things like that. Especially CNN specifically CNN Shea in my view. Shape us and you for free using these kids to further your political agenda it's really sad to me because at guess what. Done those are real solutions and other none of those things are gonna change and make these schools safe at and that's where you you can't or you're not gonna remove all again but in it in a perfect world. In if the right now this very second. We take every single gone on every person's hand in America. For a second I don't believe that if somebody is mentally ill enough to shoot people with the intent to kill. People that they have no. They don't even know it just walking to kill. They will figure out a way to do that whether that's a camp gasoline with nails and it. Or can a manure that they will figure out a way to hurt people says. And it into compared to implement if drugs are illegal. But yet don't go wild and an anti and then get a bag a leader girders and cocaine in her pills or whatever you want to. You take every gun out of America every gun today every gun right at death swap. Mexico's got older band there desolate what happens they start walking over the border. Walking over the border and selling them red again in the black market you know I can happen on his his. And it ridiculous to think that they're gonna round up all his guns and move them right but it to me I just think what these liberals thinking that they think that. This kid. Walked in somewhere saw the gun and said you know what Beckham's talk enemy that guns telling me I should kill people now you are so mentally ill in you know that you don't know what you're doing in your gay I'm not in a normal that it would train a mind to think OK well I. I don't think she is going to figure out a way to hurt people regardless of whether it's cars guns explosives. And you know you are that mentally ill the year even you know you either need help. But the gun isn't a problem that they've done is in the prop. Not I don't know art isn't and look what one more spring in your body movement movement want what you want to talk of this effort every economy. That this guy didn't. Think that it was a little strange to be dropping off a teenager with a rifle case that at a high school doesn't even hear that part. I haven't read that was that was at the case was it was that you took heat over his way there. Did you Britney took over a right there are haven't heard anything about anybody interviewing the super driver and to you know mean to just mention one more hole. One more piece sort of cover a lot of people are paying attention and that could have been avoided. That's interest excel I had heard that nastier you the first has much of that Natalie they show that I haven't heard that over the entire weekend so thank you for information doesn't look that up their younger but I Celtic if you're colleague appreciate it combat we'll go to left Phil and Robin you are up next if you wanna join us 803930. Start at there is a free cause a 100. 6169236. By the way before we go to break wanna mention that. We are on every Saturday from one to three we have the funny to guys have been doing a program here Ian for eight years. That is the show where politics meets Bonnie. And of course if you need us about a week you can always use as a resource to this call the office 6331515. That's 6331515. Don't forget to like this on FaceBook follow us on Twitter that fit guys. Or you can always check on our website at the funny to guys that aren't very short break you've got the but it doesn't pertain to be to be right back with a call to questions here. He's reunited thirty WB. He got the finance guys over the Michael all of us in forcing Beecher was reunited thirty the crazy idea that great sandy beach and we're talking about some potential solutions. You know one thing that all the shooters seemed to have a comment. Whether it's you know. A school or or or you know we've been but taxes have things like that. In most cases when it comes to kids when it comes to kids that are that are committing these things in almost all cases. They were immediately or are currently. Some sort of psychotropic. Drugs prescribed by psychologist. Whether it's Ritalin or prozac war. And he needs to resign now selling drugs do great things for kids at some kids you know no doubt about it. But I really think do you take a very strong look at some of the side effects some of these drugs. Because I mean what it says on the label may cause suicidal. Or homicidal tendencies. Maybe we should take a little more seriously it seems to me that that is did he jerk reaction today to say hey this kid rambunctious. Got to put my dropped yet. It's we're glad to take the boys on a boy sometime and I'll buy time by putting about these drugs that the twister right but even take that one step further it's not often times the rambunctious kids that do this. It's the quiet kid right right it's the kid without any friends there's a theme look at this it's in fact this kid right now we I talked about a Saturday in the a kid you not the next article that was sent to me after the show us. This kid had no friends to turn to. It's a common theme these kids are loners and what's gonna be elected and it was a bullying things like now I gotta be honest for the a lot but it would argue when I look at the school system. Ball all the talk we've had about bullying in the and doing nothing that's nothing is being done now that it's I think nice size up the that you not stupid stuff like we're gonna have a zero policy of rent a zero violence policy as a guess what the port kid that tried defendants to death that I probably only that's how he gets expelled to but that's not using rain but out of the sky about my personal experience decrypt high school long time ago right. First grade second grade. Third grade forfeit personal clicks at a remember worrying about going to school being cool he added getting into this quicker and act like. At some point that switches right at some point that's that is but I don't remember ever 25 years ago. They're done talking about in polling kids aside. And saying look at it's not cool to pick and I can't right now they don't it's not cool. To bully the total due to an entity that they haven't left it is nothing different between what always something you're later on the poster down this part of the culture that says we don't we have as you look how we don't like it. And by the way and this gets into suicides at the same thing altered with some of these kids that commit suicide. And we find out you know what they were bullied they were blown up where is it now we're try we these kids leave and it's so important that they have. A Spanish. Or French right its own park but did not know where do we pull these kids aside. When their in the first rate in the second grade and talk about look at if you're that kid you what the group of kids picking an accurate it's not cool plus what. If little Sally your little Billy is sitting by himself with a lunch table. Where does he administrator that walks in wears a teacher that says that's not cool that's not right to bring them into the group let's announcing its you're never gonna stop it is to operate mental illness people chemical imbalances. Plot I will say. There's still a culture in the school districts I'm not attacking the bullying and I'm not to and the acceptance and it to me there's this common theme of these people that they had no friends they were loners that's not normal it's not normal that puts size and they put sign that read the same sex. Gun free zone. No bullying all noble I don't know that all while an episode I think is his most of the time there was warning signs in this case yeah with a warning signs this case. But there was actual calls to the FBI. That's sent this kid's got a gun but he's talking about shooting up the school years his name yes okay thirty now. Times visiting my I'll look into that unbelievable highly take a break folks will come right back on the other side of legal right your calls and questions still rather run the Oliver's. You've got the funny to guys over the place slowness in critiquing each year usually at night thirty W media.