Financial Guys in for Sandy Beach 2/19 Hour 1

Sandy Beach
Monday, February 19th

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Welcome you've got the funny guys in any Beecher is ready at 930 WBZ. It with a today opportunity to feel it again we certainly do appreciated media. Presidents day Monday year we've got to. Got a lot to talk about today Brendan Keeney run on the board shot speed and our calls and of course always an open Mike session in 030930 start ninth it is free congress on 106169236. You hear Mike and I talk every Saturday we just on a course this past Saturday from one to three in the financial guys' radio program we've done it for eighteen years right here on WB yen and you know oftentimes like have a lot of fun with the show to be able to have a serious show folks obviously a lot in the news last week at the top headline of course was the tragic school shooting in Florida. And today I thought we were talking about gun control and a little bit about slip some solutions that we can come up with that maybe we can send off to congress or something because. I hear a lot of these extremes on both sides I for one. And the Second Amendment enthusiast site owned guns irony or fifteen island me pistols and shotguns and an avid hunter. I enjoy the outdoors and I certainly wanna have the ability to protect my family. Mike this is kind of a bit. For right not a hunter. Now he mailbox but you know honestly on their military and unionize and the desire in his outside shooter although this summer I'm committed to. Getting trained Muller on the I don't have my pistol permit and so's this summer will be out actively shooting practice so. But you know it'd gun violence is the answer by the left is to put up you know gun free zones. Hand back clearly is not working right proof of that Chicago. And I think trait Audi senate passed he said you give me a law. That one perk and outside the right but but they don't work they don't work it and I set on Saturday show I believe this in my car if you're sick enough to kill seventeen people will be gone. You're sick enough to kills seventeen people with what ever you confide. The gun didn't just turn to this person and say hey hey look at me. And that stable body persons that all you know what I've gone is there I should go out and kill some people. That's not how it works right at the same is true with somebody who takes a car and runs over people right. Or. McVeigh who does Obama takes out a building. These are mentally old people. I divided Saturday she'll open the two parts and you expect little from the family but. You know part of it is well three parts and talk about that today one is the FBI and the acts going on there right. Number two is hollowed we protect our children it's amazing to me we've got locked down. The airports. If you vote the end cooperating you your note that nowhere you can get to that painting right if you got books that are you know. 300 years old they're valuable no way are you getting in the and the banks are protected everything's protected except for our children right. And so that is and then the other part of the conversation which really believe we really really truly need to start to have very very strong talks about it in this country is. Why did these kids get to that libel is to me there's a common theme and that theme is every single time and it you know it's what we did Saturday show literally left the station. And I sent I'm I'm one of my news feeds. SM IK flicker of food filled in Rio. An article about this kid had no friends. And there's a common theme to that and there's a common theme of hey you know and it's amazing to me have to secure the ten year old they're still going into tribal you know it was a sign in the right in in in the school. Oh what is activated due right now serious guy but but here's the leaders what we're going to do in the schools to make sure that little Billy knows French or Spanish trail right now think about this though and a minute to minute talk about die and I saw a lot of online about Lally can't afford it. Mean it and every school now is man related to have a translator right OK that's high school nurse is now mandated but a translator it that's right. I mean we have to get our priority what you're what happened to the millions and millions hundreds of millions of dollars in lottery money that was policy of the school districts right. Let using New York State is a good example. Hundreds of it I see that billboards I don't play the lottery but. Alt 290. Million dollars I gotta tell you if they actually use those resources for the school is not only will we be be building about a gold. We would have the resources to protect so I think there's. With the conversation needs to be okay look at their sick people out there mentally ill people number one hot they get to that level. Because. You know it's going to be they of course a lot gone gone gone on God's. I guess what in the 1950s. Almost every automobile in the parking lot at a school X specially in places like clearance which were farmland. We had a ought or Florida or Texas yes that have gone why the kid's not running in the morning it was a honey when I went deer hunting but never probably a big took author Albert. Literally they're the old school days it was a raft. The rest of the car that's right right. But we didn't have us you know these these these shootings now the other thing is them that the media now we've got 300 something million people in the world in this thousand the cut is. Parents are in the country and this does not say OK well. You know there isn't a problem that we need to address but the other thing is there's a lot more people in the world right so you hardly have my eye so. Well some recent wall hundred years ago we didn't have this but he 200 years it would inept 229 people the country right that's going to be part. I remember we opened up and office years and years ago Las Vegas. And somebody said that. While you know shootings are up in the last. Six years 25%. Of what they forgot to tell everybody was the population was up 70% to prime excellent doubtful that a couple of big issues unit that our our a running theme thought all of these in one of those teams is a failure lies specifically the FBI. To follow up on leads and to. I mean in and not just talking a school shootings here's the broader issue right so. You we want to talk about the church shooting attack that's right had reached had the anti air force. Up properly reported to the to the next system risen to national instant check system. Had a properly reported that guy when he goes to buy that god. Is it stopped because you cannot have a dishonorable discharge from the from the military which he did. In the domestic so I charge which he did so there's no doubt there's laws on the books that are there not. Being news we'll look at those particular case especially in this is what's so heartbreaking is that not only. Was the FBI while Warren back in September. They hit by the way they wouldn't talk a lot of the FBI team this is not any. I'm not on the good men and women that work DOB I do it nobody's got their backs more than us but notre cabinets but the institution and the bureaucracy that it has become. He's sick and corrupt and there's a problem right they came out right away the first and establish yes we were warned by the bills bodman had to bail bail Bondsman. But we couldn't find the guy. Are you kidding right. That's a blatant lie gap that's a blatant lie to poke an outline of the his real name in the Washington crutches or missing 50000 emails that just happened in this place of this is the app is unhappy I gases it's like and he couldn't find text messages that disappear I guess is that we regret some lower FBI agents here and not that there's not I didn't mean that in a disrespectful way there's a lower FBI agent but when you look at hierarchy. My guess is like many government agencies there's a lot of garbage going up on the top. And the good people might not be getting the resource is well here like many other government agencies this country I would judicial watch and amp and I'm gonna say right now the FBI come to needs to be completely about to say it is crazy aside and asked how crazy. I think we need to go back and I agree with judicial likely to go back to a US Marshal system or some other agency. I think you need to completely eliminated. And you need to give the people that are there the agents that are working hard the opportunity to move over parallel to to the agency but then you start fresh because it each and every one of these cases. Whether the Florida they were warned not only if it's a tapper somebody called them in January was specific information specific Intel. To say I know this kid. I know he's recently bought a god he's talking about shooting up a school. Now how do they not read report that to the field office and local law enforcement so they can keep and I think it. How does not want every school in the area and put this kid's picture applicable to most wanted to say yes you see this get on campus you know alert so we'll talk a lot about some solutions that would recommend some solutions and look at the gun owner. I'm willing to give as well I'm willing to say you know what. Maybe we do raise the age for assault rifles when he won. I'm not gonna be the one to tell our military young boys and women that you can tell them because they're going toward eighteen right but if that's if that's what it takes. To per for the for the laughed at for us as a country to get together. Then I think that on the right. We should be willing to give up certain things if they're going to be effective perhaps Bob sort of into law won't have a change will not have a plot maybe not tonight but if that helps the other side to come and look here's what the other side settlement talk but this. And I I'd love to hear I rely on the other side says let's end of the guns the government. That's gossip about that Augusta probably other side would say here's what the other a rarity try to do that a festive period as well. It's gotten them out and I look at it yet but it's all seriousness having you know you've dealers that the left would say we have to. We will look at Australia as a model number one Australia has no second okay. It's so it's not even feasible. To pass a lot of lot of club we have millions and millions of millions of guns including knowing that they are fifteen alone in this country. So the reality is is just not feasible for us to go out there and say we're gonna pass a law that makes anything that's semiautomatic. Illegal let's just not that's a non starter because it's not it's never gonna pass so let's talk about some of the things that we can't get past these are some simple things. And we'll talk about this we come back I'd love to hear your top 8039 Leo. Started there is a free congress on course 100. 616923. City Council taxed us. At the 309303930. Years is attacked or. Yeah I just wanted to add to that let's talk about the different layers to get the FBI right and he got to either use the conversation needs to go into how we protect the schools right now today right. And that's how we change the culture a little bit. And I really believe. That we need to do a much better job these school districts of anti bullying including kids they're still kids that are in the first grade that are sitting by themselves that launch and there's a common theme that all these kids and it's they weren't accepted they didn't it's not normal by the way to not have any friends it's normal to have different clicks a friends and stuff. It's not normal to say all that person didn't have any friends growing up and a lot of that goes back to. Kindergarten in the first grade where we just dump these kits and a lunchroom. And you know little Billy sitting by himself there's not an administrator in Psycho like hey this isn't right. Hey kids this is not cool reds cooled except everybody it's not cool to single mile nobody even there right up a lot Watson I had somebody by the way at an adult but I met that I want to be too high school way of years ago if she sat. The toughest time for me was luncheon that never hit me I'd agree good group of friends right. The toughest time was launch on in their friends that I went to lunch it was like the most sense and it thought to myself. Guys you know it's amazing to me is he so called left wing liberal educators aren't right enough. To send somebody in there and say hey little Billy sitting over there by himself a little cement those over there by himself. Maybe we should start to have a real strong conversation about changing the culture in kindergarten and first grade that that's not cool. Yeah I think a lot needs changeable talked about that your knee injury at 930 would take a very short break. He's got the finance guys on Michael Michael was in for the great seeing you be to be right back and Adrian 930 W media. You wanna join us we're talking school safety. Macaw talk schools' safety. And and and addressing the problem is not just about the gun control we'll talk about some gun control stuff I think there are some measures that probably could be taken. To maybe. Either follow the existing laws that we already have which seems to be the bigger problem I know the knee jerk reaction is let's create more laws once and more things. But the reality of it is when you look at the last couple of mass shootings including the one in Florida the FBI knew everybody seemed to have known. If they had Josh reported it properly. To the to the instant database system. That he would not have been able to go in and purchase that gun at Dick's Sporting Goods had the air force reported. That this guy and in taxes have been. Dishonorably discharge from the military if they had reported. He added domestic abuse. A charge he would not have been able to lock in and by that god it seems to me. That time and time again. It is that is the is the breakdown of not following the existing so you can create a thousand more rules and a thousand more laws. If we don't follow the procedures. What impact in a positive way is it going to make. And so you can you can you can ban that you can ban that. You can you can do whatever. I don't think it's gonna change until we take a serious look at where the breakdowns occur and a lot of the time not all the time but a lot of the time the breakdown is occurring. In communicating from the FBI. Or the or or some other solid and typically the FBI racquet I can't even that low local law enforcement there was a case recently. I wanna see in Massachusetts New Hampshire where local law enforcement was tipped off to a threat against a school and they went and the rest of the kid and they stopped it from happening. So unfortunately apparently when he called the FBI it just goes to a black hole and on I don't mean that the FBI but it's become. A bureaucratic Bohemia that is not accountable to anybody the factor for the fact they came out and lock. We came out mesa well yell we got information from from the YouTube the bails Bondsman that the guy veto threat has come. We couldn't find it got really really because if you Google. The pressure cooker you the short of Richard gore elected this guy use his real name gave you can't figure that out anybody. FaceBook page get a found that all to do all the had to do was take the guy's name and literally collateral audio. Had to do was Google. The FBI came out said right after the shooting yes we were we had information back in September. But we didn't we couldn't find a guy that's a blatant lie right now you are also notified in January January 5 barely one month before the attack. You were notified in which specific information. About this particular kid the fact he had bought a rifle he was making threats. And and they did nothing. Why are not always start investigation really. I think Christopher rate needs to be resign immediately via BI. I think that they need to start gutting the FBI from top to bottom in fact. I agree with judicial watch I really think that they need to completely eliminate the FBI and recreate a new security agency. Whether Speedo old Marshal service or never. But I think it really needs to be I think it's so corrupt and I think it goes so deep. Whether protecting Hillary Clinton or or or or running against a collusion story you're chasing down stopper setting up and spying on innocent Americans it was a violation of Fourth Amendment. There are problems from the top all the way across the board at the FBI. And I got theater my guess is like many other government agencies are so many average people at lower levels working their butts off. And there's this huge bureaucracy the top that's to gloat Monday night. And it again when it's in LD two and I think there's multiple layers to this right it's okay. Let's and we wanna talk gun control what laws you wanna pass right. By the way. And the biggest problem and now that there's no we don't follow laws we have right forget it is take a step back outside of guns shooting in and gone but our violence in schools. Just talk about violence on the street night and it's the same old same old it's while these guns were registered. You know there's a huge black market out there. All really this is. Bill the seventeenth time in presence at the right you know we're not at work -- well we don't have any rooms in the presence okay it will build more Lily don't have any money really were studying shrimp and we had while we have plenty of moderate giving somebody a million dollars to let them get bit by bees so we can tell which part of his somebody gets hurt the most. But yet there's no money to protect the most valuable asset we have which is our children right there's no milled him no money to build prisons get. Give me a great player wasting billions and trillions of dollars in this country. And and and the resources are going to stupid things like studying sharpen treadmill or why lesbians are fast yup but yet no money for resource is on how to protect the schools right by the way. The senate the schools layers right it look at an airplane now we protect the cockpit right. Why can't she shut off and build build doors in the schools so there is a shooting like that immediately it's on lock down in the shooter can get in the next section school and I look right exact I did but it really tell what all we don't have the money coverage we don't have the money's shrimp on the treadmill you're gonna study goes out right Obama phones by bye right right the trump proposed. That people on food stamps will send him a box of food now that's gonna sell us say something like that. Ten billion dollars a year OK let's take that ten million dollars a year by the way. You're not supposed to be buying shrimp and lobster if you're on foot statute does that it is for us and it worked for that kind of stuff so. That you know right there along there's ten million dollars there's a lot of schools that we can do that first happened that set up later security guards in the front passes to get it right. Not everybody can just walk through the front door. There's lots of things we can do not wanting to Madonna the money because we waste millions and millions of dollars. In the country every year number one I think a big part of it is a fact that we protect our our banks with armed security we protect our airport security we protect our politicians armed security. We protect we at City Hall go to the City Hall to get to go through metal detectors to get the Seahawks is protected. By armed security let's not forget they why liberal Ali actors out there and they're protect the threat right why in the world do we put up gun free zone signs around all of our schools with our kids I think that number one. Easy step number one is although size he'd come down yet can't be replaced with we are armed and ready to for BP to respond anthrax. The commander mark not a soft target and mark will take your calls go back inside a brigade of 393 OnStar 930 at the punish you guys in for the great sandy beach and he's reunited thirty W media. But I welcome back. It's funny to guys over the Michael Loomis in forest eighty beach and he's reunited thirty WB you know we're a solutions to some of these mass shooting down that talking would mean these schools today but. But it's as part of the schools right it's it's all these mass casualty type the bats whether it's the church shooting in Sutherland taxes or. Or or South Florida or even things like that of the writers or or the or the Boston bombers right now. You know it was a upon the port little child that was killed because of pressure cooker not because of a gun. But because the pressure cook writes one of the themes on it seems to be running through this in my mind is the fact that. In most cases not all but in most cases. People were war somebody knew right. That that the Paulson nightclub shooting the FBI knew of that individual had interviewed him. And yet nothing happen right the Florida clearly the FBI was called not once but twice they were war. Didn't do anything didn't follow their own protocols so. You know when when when the knee jerk reaction from from the mainstream media from a lot of the people whose country is. While we need to ban all guns we need to do just as band and they are fifteen and a span that. I just think we U we're we're in a nonstarter with that rate you we can't go to an Australian style gun ban we have a Second Amendment in this country. It's never gonna happen so let's talk about the things that can happen let's talk about. What we can do as a society. Two to insure that these two don't happen it starts number one. By having been following the proper protocol we have failed time and time again to follow the proper protocol in taxes. All they had to do is report the information they had to the national instant check system and that I would have been unable to buy that god. All they had to do. Was put it no in the file of the national institute instant check system. And that child or over that kid that killer I guess in Florida wouldn't have been able to go about it but he would adopt the by the god. He would have been denied their right their current. Current law on the book current law law on the books can't stress that enough because he's left wing liberals that we need more laws anymore we merlot. More laws we don't even follow ons we have not attract more law so all we hear from you on what you think I've got I've I've brought down over the weekend a number of different things that I thought we could implement right now and started plummeting right now. That I think would go a long way. To change the dynamic when it comes specifically to our schools right as a we'll talk about those but I want to hear from you what you're solutions are 8030930. Started there is a free call to sell. 1806169236. I you can also textiles at 30930. And we do manage money for a living if you want any financial questions. The stock market is closed today. But you know certainly would answer any of your questions calls and if you need disrupt the vote 6331550. We have a very comprehensive financial planning firm and I say. Probably the most comprehensive firm. In the area I'd I'd I'd believe we are number one. And when I mean by that is. We have certified financial planners we have registered investment advisors in chartered financial analyst we've certified divorce financial analyst we have. A sort of like college planning expert we have certified Social Security claiming strategist. We have a number to do we have out of that as an insurance health insurance division if you're a small medium size company. And you're not getting service for your health insurance we have April heart off so. Medicare Brian Janet and his team of returning 65. And you need an independent. View on Medicare. You'd you know we have a very can it's funny McCain puts at about Saturday said you know very rarely do like commended C one. Person or would this one does one person committed just see me they may see me and they may go see Tom can now go to get the will of their healthcare proxies Donner they may commend. Talk about retirement planning and and they may you know dual currency Brian janitor Bob Medicare or you know bay may be somebody comes in to see. Jay Blanchard about retirement planning but thing goes over to see my kid flick about Social Security in picking the right options so. Very comprehensive team 6331515. Like us on FaceBook. Follow us on Twitter at Finn guys. Hands our website these financial guys that council put in the THE and if you think like us you know it's important to us Monday through Friday we get the work of folks that think like us so you think like us she went into BR team against 6331515. I was go to the phones in 03930 and start 930 wanna join us we'll go to Mary line one merry lavender sandy beach you know he was the Pentagon auditorium. Are you just want to marry I'd just what they hit the button and you dropped primary call that please call back again and we'll get terrific well. One of the techsters I texted in the new factor is drugs and psychiatry. And I gotta I gotta be honest I think that's part of an idyllic it's not all of it. It's but it definitely a big part of the act up bad or that backup before. Right there's no reason why a lot of these kids are on medication and school districts that. It's been a miserable failure but the side effects of some of these all the side effects there's no doubt it doesn't write it here may cause suicidal or homicidal tendencies no job and that's not a good thing to get it again not disagree with that at all but I do think this goes back to you when I still hear of kids in the first grade that are sitting at the lunch table by themselves. That breaks my heart it does it's still gonna have recognized you still gonna have kids with a mental disorders and no doubt this kid was was partially out his no doubt ever. I think that we really have to go back and exam and I agree with the tax and we have to go back example little bit you know some of the drugs were were prescribed medical procedure. Rihanna and those are real solutions right those are you real solutions. To start the sale OK let's really truly talk about mental health. And and depression in this country. And how to handle it and and in needs to be handled at a very young age it needs to be handled the right way at a very young age because. You know you're not gonna try to and a senior not going to that is very difficult to grab some days it's thirty years old and try to. Which is change that right but if you can create and Foster a better environment when these people in the first grade and second grade. There's a common theme with these folks and it's they were outcast they didn't have a lot of friends. You may be picked on in school. You know there's a reason why it's of these people elect to schools yes it's a soft target it's easy you know to in the back of the brain to think I was accepted there right but. I've had yet he had absolutely no question about it but I think when you when you look beyond just the schools and you start looking at taxes. You start looking at Boston's subways or terrorist right out of these people are that the post my club fifty people for people out and of course he guided south was killed and out. So fifty people died. In a pulse my club not a school issue I don't know that it was an outcast or not no idea what I do know however is that the FBI knew. The FBI interviewed on and the FBI did nothing to stop him now I understand. There's certain times you can't do anything without having probable cause to do something however certainly you could put something in the system. Maybe we could put a tail on it got one maybe we can notify all law enforcement. Maybe just look at they know if you globally something they shall put your house right yeah don't tell the if I don't think it really bothers me really really makes me angry is at the FBI initially came out and he lied. They lie they came outside while yet we were warned by the build on the bail Bondsman they've ever met in January 5 the to somebody else brought it up right they never messages to receptive to somebody else to Whitman I called you was well yes right but they did they did cannot initially they said well. We were notified of September by the bail Bondsman the YouTube were in but we couldn't track him down are you kidding me. A four year old doing a Google search could read and now that's a lie that's I think I used his own name. His own name yet in the in the comments section you mean to tell you could to Google his name without all the social media got Soledad I third. It's probably a lot guys mother passed away he was living with a very loving family who demands very open and saying look it you're looking for him who we want godmother but I don't even think they knew about this they had this guy editors rip I don't know that it's sad let's go to the phone 80309 Rios is our ninth or should he got about a conversation the and I'd ask what that family I would say justly you know old this is yet now that it Nicklaus and living here in this is what's going on grain rates sent. Let's go to the phones out there ring Abuja on line one page and I do what they were scored Mac guy in the maybe you wanna talk to somebody that was a security guard height school. I did its job now. Somebody's got explained FBI. Whether you're FBI or just somewhat of the mills security guard like Iowa. You didn't. In the way you act then don't you act and its hips were too which quietly don't mobility in the whole world knows your in that it's the F. Where you are Jim what you were security guy is cool were you armed not remote. Well not not in these days either you are not yet. So let me ask you this Yemen and that's the question it conversation hello my wife is how long would it take you at the work people on campus here's the thing. The average shooting takes three to five minutes it's over in three to five minutes right. It takes the cops typically five minutes plus to get their take over half an hour in Florida and so or close to that. And so if if you have security guards on campus or you have teachers armed. How long do you think Jim it would take for them to potential response to an active shooter on campus. No and think I'm saying your arm your security guard your arm plus there's other teachers in the school that are trained better concealed carry trade. How long do you think it would take somebody on campuses already there and in place to respond to an active shooter. It's your kid what what's the power that we can get without a gunshot noise had a situation where I was working at the high school too boring. In the cafeteria. Got into fight over girl which bit normal and understandable. High school boys will fight over girls could buy dot com and Purdue and at what I would rightful. But what it was disturbance in the cafeteria. I immediately hurt in which I did read all the noise in item up it was stopped at the area. So all of the delegates they get there thirty seconds a minute I beckoned. Five clear year you're a man to man so let's say that the average guy would be ten in the fifth I whispered throwing. Always thought I'd get the area but I hurt our. Don't respect at all right you're there you can respond not a lot of weeks what do we triple that right and give you something to protect yourself back. I eat very I think about that port that that for a high school football assistant coach Wright and used himself as a hero and a Europe she'll use himself as a human shield. Had nothing else to do but block the bullets with a. Audit what if he was trained and by the way in my cave like as an ex teacher talked about the Saturday look at. They spend time. Giving CPR lessons to answer only to teachers that wanna do that right leaders say look at look at I don't feel comfortable doing that okay. But there's many teachers it's that up that's a look at I'd like to learn sepia I'd like to learn how did he think there's some teachers are teachers are already I know for a fact. There's a lot of teachers because they're friends of ours at Hun did that and the they're very well versed than did train didn't in guns are. So you take the next step would give them the training they need to be able to protect the last night club and on top of that there I would there's so much a waste in this country. That I just don't understand how we don't have multiple layers right to get into a school system every school system. Malta players to get in and then guards at every side of the school and then doors so if we do have an active shooter and a school we can block a minute in a certain utterly disk. Knew how to basically override that right so he knew debt by pulling the fire alarm right. That would that would bypass I would be the locks the doors and things like that so those systems need to be fixed no doubt and I think you'll find it to him we'll talk about an hour about what to do to pull out at lake Lanier's OK so we got Allen now we've got teachers aren't yet certain teachers arms right. Protection in the school with multiple guys like Rambo gem here right so if yes the doors didn't work there's other layers to be able to get this person as great candidates out of Chester maybe it stops at three. Take the gun free zone signs down first of all make sure this is not a Sox talking and that's something we could easily view right now yeah right that's something we can do tomorrow we can come out tomorrow. And we can say you know what we're removing all the gun free zone signs across the country. And we're gonna replace them with signs that say we are able and willing to defend ourselves yes and we and and we will protect our kids with everything we get and we have the proper training to do it yes we're viewed him. Aaron award they've figured the right now what you're working guide school while the kids during clip and the teachers are teaching them what of the thing. Security guards do it they can Jack you have to be backing all the emergency. Active entrances. Don't emergency exits would be a point where common with a dark wanted and interim emergency act so much help but my partner what did we know. We were busy checking. Right yeah right you check the actions as you walk the policies just keep and I think if you think it's much of the collier pre should be I think a very short break we'll come back. With Richard alpha dirty guys are up next if you wanna join us in 03930 start 930. In the next hour on the talk about a little about what they're doing in Polk County Florida. And they instituted a program all the way back in 2014. And I think this should be the model for the entire country. I really do it's it's it's a partnership between the sheriff's department. And the school system and we'll talk about the next our bowl ticket cost question will we come back he's got the financial guys in for the great city beach here it is reunited thirty deputy. Gladly go Mike moments in the forcing deep each year and he's reunited thirty WB he had we're talking about. Well school safety and and I guess some solutions nine schools' safety issue it's. What solutions can we come up with. That are reasonable solution that that I gonna work better toward a war critic is outlawed El Salvador archery and acquire superior look. I tell you what I I would be happy to compromise and see is the Second Amendment advocate the same may be assault rifles we move the age of 21 however. I'm not gonna be the one to go tell our our young men and women that serve in the military and AT OK that's the problem is that. You you still can you can take this weapon go off to war but Willard who are you can't buys all. I'd be I'd I'd compromiser he wouldn't say okay but here's the thing. I want to make sure that we are following existing laws clearly we are now right the FBI knew they didn't follow protocol. They do with taxes we have the ability to to put a note and at the national instant check system. And mechanism by god so time and time again there's a failure to follow the existing procedures and that. Oftentimes as the problem and and we can do that right so let's just say the right Cecil cable move that from up to 21 yours all right. Is that really going to change somebody who's sick enough probably to go and kill I would say definitely when it but it isn't what it but he's the type of conversation no it allows them to say OK what what you can give a retrospective is always Auburn all that's right but what it did the reality is is that you can buy I raced carts for fun right shares under twelve octane anybody can go to a gas station. Right in all the right right and accountable and they sell out. And I can show up with a jog and fill up 112 blocking which is as explosive as it gets. And some Cisco could put nails in it and a wit and walk in any place and do the same exact thing. You can't tell me that just because if we did the government rounded up every single gone. That is not in the chase are not even as others see that yeah that's it let's I would it's not snapped I don't wreck so that's the problem is that that's what the left wants to talk about is how do you round up all these kind of last we're not fixing the problem Rangel fixing the problem is outlets making our kids safe. Right that's the way we we protect their banks we protect. Our van Gogh paintings ready protect the antique cars there's places that buffalo that I actually halt all our politicians all Leonardo DiCaprio he protects your right mad. By the way and that's a whole may be the last hour of the show. Well let me scum break loose coming liberals and in the Hollywood that are anti gun but yet every other movie about what that is a big brown islands we will violence and by the way Leonardo DiCaprio who rides around in the roller skate car it wants to save the world but right now he's the anti gun insure you as well guess what you've made millions and millions of dollars Leonardo. I'm new blood diamond I wrote a few gangs of New York right right Heidi just so yes. Something else exchange right that is something else that is change we didn't have these kind of violent movies and video game and it's all up it's a liberal it's a little. So I think that guns away from people yet mr. DiCaprio is up making millions of dollars killing people in movie. Let's get a quick caller that are rich in Amber's rich you are alive on the sandy beach on the medium of the financing as orient. Party and thank you particularly Karl. I've just a couple things that wanna point out. Number one I I have lost a lot of faith in the FBI especially over this dossier that was collusion and why no one's been punished or process. Muted greens. But and world were and I'm not excusing them for ignoring. The warning signs but. The local county sheriff down in Florida had 39 calls is this guy's house and I think mr. Yes and right obviously and I heard this year himself said he's he he he wants diplomats or politicians or insight on one out. Well why are we now looking at his department what went wrong. Oh apps written no doubt about it what I'm trying to say here's how we need to change their fault yeah it's a problem I have and by the way it's probably in the auto timers and break. It's it's you like every other government agency it's the waste at the top. Yeah there's a lot of good people. What a local level most of yeah rips the problem I have is that what we focus only we've gone itself we miss all the other things that we can also look back better actually go to make that actually gonna make him I think there's now if you wanna stick with the put John Holdren now we understand. And things short break up across popular news second hour coming up you will not want of this what they're doing a whole county Florida State that is the united thirty WB yeah.