Fighting opioids at the source 930in716 March 7, 2018

Wednesday, March 7th

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Her it's 930. In 716. The war on OP Lloyds continues. We have three people that are dedicated full time to narcotics which we never had before it. They're certainly a need for it now and the battlefield is shifting to the courtroom and drug manufacturers. Unfurled its series about. I'm going after replenishment of those armed especially for look there are largely been avoidable epidemic. I think it is a great. Too little going after these companies that knowing then those that don't really. That it has pushed sees. Prescription pills on doctors to provide their patients and knowing that it was an addictive quality to that. I'm Tim linger on the podcast powered by the Brothers of mercy a five star rated skilled nursing residents offering affordable living in a country setting. It is no secret that health professionals law enforcers and legislative leaders are all trying to get their arms around the OP Lloyd epidemic. In the trail of death that's leaving in its path one way at the problem is through the pocketbooks. Of the drug manufacturers it seems. Erie county launched a suit and now other municipalities. Are following. But first a look at the problem itself. From a suburban cops point of view. What's gotten much worse for cross it started really in 2004. Hamburg police chief Gregory wicket with our Mike dagger men police are. Some burglaries where the only thing stolen from the house was pills out of the medicine cam which we thought was odd. And that kind though we kind of realize and what these people were targeting it was young people. And they were looking to get high often these pills. And that led to. The fentanyl patches. A year or two later. And in the fentanyl patches cat too expensive. Solely to started when they heroin. And now over the last three or four years the big difference has been. Fentanyl paean laced with heroin to the point now where there's more fentanyl on the street and various airports. And fentanyl is is it forty times. More potent than heroin and that's what's killing. People. So it's been about ten years since for a little more little more than ten years. I want him ideas how many more resource and put him whether it's a dollar figure amount whether it's personnel from. Yeah 2004 when you officer knows and that's what's happening and now. Are you able to quantify things anyway. Well since that time we have we have three people that are dedicated full time to narcotics which we never had before but there's certainly a need for it now. And there's been a lot of interagency work with the DEA. Where now we can take the case in Hamburg. And pass it on to our colleagues at the DEA and they can run with it really outside our borders and to a point where. This year we will not this year but in the last. Two years. We've had two convictions for which originated with fentanyl overdoses. And the DEA. Followed up on these cases with our detectives. And we are overly cute two convictions. And people are giving. More than forty years to life in prison soul we're starting to hold people accountable. And I think you know the like what we did today the law is recognizing. How serious this issue is in taking action. Try to help the situation you part of the problem is that dealers that are putting out these mass quantities of people feel it's have you seen that dealers are prevalent in the top members. Well from our experience holds most of the individuals and Hamburg would. When it was strictly heroin and even now with fentanyl would be driving into the city to make the most of purchases in the city. And then commonality amber again and feeling from there so to that degree yes there are people dealing in heroin in a town amber we'd be. Why does say that that's not true I mean it's it's in every town it's in every city. I think the ball product is probably in the city but yet is coming our way in you know we've we've made several arrests and you know to what we can keep up with it. Is that something at those free insisting during this press conference that means to you seem meaning to heroin related things. I believe he said he year I'm not on censor a map but now you're dealing with it in every day basis that's the big point. I asked do you see it getting better sooner rather than later you think this can trail. Well it seems like it's just I think there's a lot going on in the treatment side of it. Andy seem to be finally seeing a little progress I think the stance that. They came out recently indicate that the deaths were down somewhat. Seoul where our hope is that the worst is over obviously still way too many people there that are overdose. From. But I I think we're maybe trending in the right direction and that were open that this is maybe a generational problem. And that things will kind of get back to more. Normal numbers I mean heroines but around for. Thousands of years so people and use of using heroin forever. But certainly we've we've seen a peak now in the last five years but we're hoping that things are friendly start the trend now men and numbers improve. Erie county among the first to go after the drug manufacturers in a suit that would. Hold them liable for pushing OP Lloyd's on doctors knowing. They're causing deadly harm that county is still. Selling and along with other counties across this country I understand it Erie county legislator Lynn Dixon with Mike. And I think it is agree to let go after these companies that knowingly then those that knowingly. On that it has pushed these. Prescription pills on doctors to provide their patients. Knowing that an addictive quality to. It's not that unlike the tobacco. Problem techniques where. Tobacco companies had to step up and now much. There there role in getting what they did. Ticket tees and then and it pays your accountant's balance other. Statement. He had to pay them. Four. Or basically happy people can detected and smoking so I think with this and it is. It's just an important message to us from new. Character qualities. Yet to push these. Painkillers and. So this is something that's been. Hot topic not just an injury time all counties in new York and probably Iran entire country as well do you think at some point he's pharmaceutical companies. Cave into the pressure and assail it like wolves do so. Do you predict that's worked on. It's hard Husseini. What the pharmaceutical companies to. I think that education has been power in this regard so that. You're getting wisdom teeth pulled now you're not getting awful thing Patrick cut out for thirty days you know you get a couple pills to get to first. Through the first couple days. Doctors have learned more about being addictive nature. These painkillers and says they're not prescribing them so much so we are learning. We are starting to deal with pain in different planes on it but unfortunately there's a whole segment of the population as a whole generation. That became addicted before we knew that. Fortunately not no matter. Things are starting to change that the pharmaceutical companies true. Last week weeks we saw the numbers that mark falling cars provided that the number of old Buick at seniors counting went down. Like 10% or so from 27 to point six team. That's going to be promising sign that things are getting better Erie county. It's a promising sign even one overdose death this one too many. But it's the fact that it has leveled often and as we're starting to decrease in my mind tells me a couple of things education is working. These things willingness of doctors and health care providers. To come up with other solutions. Is helping. And I think we are you reaching people were trying to get kids younger and younger help them understand the dangers. Not them like drinking and driving or righteousness dangers of alcohol abuse that they learn from time there are little things that smoky. Now their learning and teachers have opiates and openly to determine. Hopefully. That we'll stand with them they grow up the average age of death last year was still with very few white man. Which tells you that there's a lot of kids at my products. And so there's that whole segment of the population. That. Became addicted before we knew. And now Amherst jumping into the lawsuit Frey the town of Amherst itself and the police departments say. Enough is enough. Out of the Amherst hair you know hurting expenses as well so far Erie county in the certainly pursue green recovery images cost accounting the power here meaning you know tremendous amount of a financial. Sort of investment in tissue. Brian culpa is the Amherst town supervisor here with Susan rose and Brian Nazareth ski. Don't sit on pro series about. I'm going after replenishment of those armed. Especially for what group largely been avoidable epidemic. Here we hear a lot about the end investment that municipalities are making into this can get us an idea of exactly one. On the town of Amherst is spending money on related to the OP or crisis. Sure so at least get to increase dispatched. Our current increased personnel. Increased hours. We've yet to increase. You are now in modern art units that work. Utilizing. Our primary and you are spending. The amount of calls that were evident all twenty city ambulance or like success aren't. We have a tremendous my least start a lot of a lot of lecture hours from our narcotics group a lot of extra hour for our control officers. Our product paperwork around you know home helped prop yeah. Finally our attorney general court you know taking a lot easier to deal with. And it's a separate. And you know there so that our and so paperwork works spending on. You know and this isn't something that the pound bought or that you know this is something that was sort of brought on to a certain. And that aren't to get serious about you know safeguarding the taxpayers our. Is there a pop her figure. And what it's cost the town and we talking but her tens of thousands are more than men. I work I work out the numbers are we'd let it will harder. Outside counsel. The first steps and that'll be two if that's what they're real numbers. Now we don't know yet if in the end a lot of these lawsuits will be successful vote what do you see even in whether it's Erie county or just all across the US some of the other municipalities who have done similar things. What are you seeing in those lawsuits and die in the months that have followed. That made you optimistic I guess enough to file Iran. There's obviously. Are some prior knowledge about the serve addictive nature of these substances. That was withheld. From family and problem primary caregivers. And you know people. Eight yen sort of their path down period to that process I'll bet all the information was in front of them. I'm very very bear that turned product election. Here at the end of the day you know. Nature. It's a model that you know there's there's certainly been some information withheld. Public air were after her. Don't triggered a what the truth there. We'll keep following it all end were back tomorrow. That's 930 in 716. We're back tomorrow with a net a radiation from the studios of WD EA and buffalo law.