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Tuesday, June 19th

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Her it's 930. 716. Hash tag family separation is trending on Twitter and president trump. Isn't backing down the United States will not me. A migrant camp. And it will not be a refugee holding. Facility won't be. The president should not be using these kids. As leverage to get a border war whenever you try to do. This policy goes back actually to the Bush Administration I'm Tim Wenger on 930 and 716 powered by the Brothers of mercy a five star rated skilled nursing residents offering affordable living in a country setting. President trump and members of his administration are doubling down on their policy of separating children from their parents at the border. If they come here without documentation. Senior White House correspondent Cecilia Vega with the very latest. Even in the face of growing outrage president trump start actually defended his administration's policy of separating migrant children from their parents the United States will not be. A migrant camp. And it will not be a refugee holding. Facility won't be. And on Twitter he is camping up the anti immigration rhetoric saying. Big mistake made all over Europe and allowing millions of people in who have so strongly and violently change their culture. The president warning it could happen here still he says he too is disturbed by those images of children in detention centers. What's happening. Is so sick. So sad. And it can be taken care of quickly. Beautifully. And we'll have safety. The president could be the one to end it it is his policy launched by his administration. Opposition is mounting all four living former First Lady is going public. Laura Bush writing in the Washington Post this zero tolerance policy is cruel it is immoral and it breaks my heart. Michelle Obama re tweak mrs. Bush's op Ed adding sometimes truth transcends party. Roslyn Carter calling the policy disgraceful and ashamed to our country. Hillary Clinton took on the administration's false claim that they are simply enforcing the law separating families is not mandated. By law at all. That is an outright lie and she also took her attorney general Jeff Sessions who cited the Bible as justification. How would sign the apostle Paul and his clear the last command in Romans. Thirteen to obeyed the laws of the government. Those selectively to use the Bible to justify this cruelty. Are ignoring east central tenets of christianity. Jesus said suffer little children on me he did not say let the children suffer. Even the current First Lady Maloney at trump made the rare move of intervening on policy. Calling on both sides of the aisle to come together but adding we need to be a country that follows all laws but also a country that governs with heart. Now with the White House under fire Homeland Security secretary Kirsten Nielsen joining a late briefing to defend the policy. Seen the photos of children in cages have you heard the audio clip of these children whaling. I have I have not seen as something I cannot that I hit into a detention centers. And again I would reference you to our standards senator conceded to care provided not just by the Department of Homeland Security that the Department of Health and Human Services when they get to each but if that's the the image of this country that you want out their children in Asia and a lot of this country is an immigration system that secures our borders and a Pulitzer humanitarian ideals. Congress needs to fix. It is a growing crisis on the border of the government releasing some new information about one of the country's largest border processing centers. Marcus Moore is on the scene and takes us inside. For the first time this country is getting a look inside the US's largest immigration processing center. It's in McAllen Texas who images have now become a flashpoint over the top administration zero tolerance policy. Calling for parents and their children to be separated the parents across the border illegally. The Border Patrol taking us inside were 11100 million women and children are being built. Detained in cages some of the youngest faces behind the middle for its children seemed sleeping under mylar blankets. What child advocates are calling excruciating audio of the children in the recording first obtained by pro public. You can hear the desperate sobbing the children one day last week this little girl appears to be separated from her dad. According. You can also hear children calling for mom and pop up. You beyond you'll you can also hero Border Patrol agent in what appears to be a reference to all the crying. Quite rightly has been a little bit about. Congressman Joaquin Castro listen to the audio with us so this is this is purportedly. Audio. But the separation. When you see the brutality there in the severe emotional trauma. But these kids are experiencing an. Old. The president should not be using these kid. As leverage to get a border wall or whatever is trying to do it's obscene. ABC news has reported separated children are sent into Foster care or to more than 100 shelters around the country many parents say they're not told where or when they'll see them again. And the growing pressure and protests across the country president trumped Homeland Security secretary cares to Nielsen defended the policy reading from a statement. We will not apologize for doing our jobs we have sworn to do this job. This administration has a simple message if you cross the border illegally we will prosecute you. She insisted the children's seen those images are well cared for. We operate according to some of the highest standards in the country. We provide food medical education. And all needs that the child for a. Perspective. Some insight now. Our go to person on all things immigration Rosanna birdie from Girardi immigration law with Susan rose and Brian as around ski in studio this policy goes back actually to the Bush Administration. President Bush had something called operation streamline. Which was expanded upon by the Obama administration which basically. Referred anyone who entered the United States unlawfully for criminal prosecution. Ended because. People were referred for criminal prosecution. Families were separated. Out what's different now is the level. In which this is occurring in that this policy is is not something that's brand. But all these images coming out now it's kind of skirted this debate again now with how these children are being held how why it's being treated. At the border with the separation. Of the family says it Bennett at this level at any point in the past. Well. What's different right now is in the last month or so of the trap administration has announced is zero tolerance policy meaning anyone it's coming across the border. Unlawfully will be automatically referred for criminal prosecution. In the past if you came across with a child you would not be referred for colonel prosecution. You'd be put into immigration system. And then you would be told to come back in a year or two whenever your court date wise so we tried administration is argue mean that. This loophole of entry with children. Has been. Utilized an abuse by smugglers. Traffickers. Bringing in kids. As each school for avoiding criminal prosecution. These images are really disturbing. There's audio floating around kids crying nobody can really confirm the source of that we've got to be careful if nobody wants to see a child suffering. But we've got to understand that this is gone on way before this time. In is going on in other circumstances in America right now these images are being blasted across the national media and I have to say. Pause and and realize that this is not something new. Ari what they've now the question is why are they coming is either or situation so desperate to they know that when they get to that border. And credit cross illegally that they are gonna be separated from their kids. It's really hard to stay out of the statistics show that most. Illegal aliens are coming from three countries Honduras El Salvador and Guatemala. I'm country conditions in those three countries are very difficult how solid are in particular in particularly has a severe. Crying and gain problems so. People are Lee dean at record levels to escape that now whether they know about this policy that nobody can really say for certain. I am but in some circumstances and in this sounds harsh but some circumstances. Coming to the US and being separated from your child. Not forever but for a period of time. Is safer than what a lot of these. Immigrants are going through in their home countries that you touched on that are right there. The main question kind of coming through from listeners this morning court texting and is why answer the country illegally then but I I think to answer they probably have to look at. What they were living with the both forehand you know we see these images that these cages and here we are saying this is terrible. That might be way better than what they're coming from. Absolutely we're looking at it from the lens of the United States culture for your words used to a certain standard of living. And the standard of care for children unfortunately. That's standard is not available worldwide. And while for us as Americans sitting here watching TV looking at these images serve Hortons. And everyone thinks I'm I would never want my child be in that situation but coming from some very difficult. War torn countries criminal countries. It may not be as bad as it plucks from a different perspective. And that's a very hard pill for us as well as Americans but it could be very much based in. Roseanne ever RD of priority immigration laws in studio this morning we're talking about this southern border border issue and and Rosanna is it. Is that the president is it congress that can fix this where do you see. This going how does it play out. Well I think president Tron can fix this if he technically won in Q. It's a very tough political issue. Because. It's very difficult for the commander in chief of the United States to say we're not going to enforce the current immigration law. Now that's really nothing new we've had several administrations prior to president trumpet decided not to enforcing immigration law. And that's why we have the situation we have today. With the amount of illegal aliens in the United States. So if you look at the trump administration over the last eighteen months. The messages been pretty consistent in that we are going to force a law that is on the box and only congress can change that lot so yes technically this belongs to congress. For from a policy perspective. Trump certainly has the ability to change the policy. In say we're no longer going to do this. But difficult situation because is that going to turn the border into a free for all where everybody's coming with Stanley and end and who knows what could happen so tough issue but ultimately the answer your question president tried to do despite policy on this this. Gushan there really is nothing new finger pointing when it comes to immigration reform I mean you've been talking about that with us for years. Yeah bread doing this for over 20 years in and am still waiting for comprehensive immigration reform it's just not. Happens im not sure it's going to happen. We we've got a president in office right now it that is trying to put. Put heat to the fire in and make something happen here and and is facing a lot of criticism. But regardless of the administration is an upcoming gone we can't seem to reform our immigration which is broken in an outdated. Back tomorrow. That's 9:30 PM 716. We're back tomorrow with a net a radiation from the studios of WD EA and buffalo law.