Fallout from the NYTimes op-ed 930in716 September 7, 2018

Friday, September 7th

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It's 930. In 716. The no name New York Times op Ed piece continues to dominate the news agenda. So if the fairly New York Times has an anonymous editorial did you hit anonymous. Meeting got that its editorials and I think the New York Times should be ashamed. And I think whoever wrote this anonymous editorial should also be ashamed as well. If if you're not a position to execute the commanders and to you have a singular option. In Italy isn't a good journalistic moved by the New York Times. That is going to intensify. It. The support truck gets from the voters are sending to Washington. I'm Tim Wenger on 930 in 716. Damage control from the White House following the release. Of an unprecedented letter published in the New York Times from an anonymous senior administration official. Numerous cabinet officials denying the claims it was then as the president questions whether the letter was treasonous. Jonathan Karl following at all. As he left the White House president trump didn't say a single word about the NB within Mr. President I have. Fat but ever since the New York Times published the anonymous SA. The president has been seething so it's a fairly New York Times has an anonymous editorial you and really got. There India say the unnamed senior administration official describes president trumps leadership. As impetuous adversarial petty and ineffective adding the root of the problem is the president's a morality. The official claims there were early whispers within the cabinet of invoking the 25 amendment. Which would start a complex process for removing the president. The writer says there is now a quiet resistance within the administration. And that many senior officials are working diligently from within to frustrate parts of the president's agenda and his worst inclinations. The White House tries to figure out who wrote the essay the denials from senior officials are pouring in. More than a dozen from Defense Secretary James Mattis to attorney general Jeff Sessions. With the secretary of state I come from a place where it if you're not a position to execute the commander's intent you have a singular option. In this toll. Route Washington people are now marketing the SE for clues that might reveal its author. Some zeroing in on the ward won't star noting it is a word that often appears in speeches by vice president parents. And even he felt the need to say it wasn't him. Well I think it's a disgrace and I think the New York Times should be ashamed. And I think whoever wrote this anonymous editorial should also be ashamed as well. The First Lady is now accusing the writer of quote sabotaging the country. And the president is demanding that times revealed the officials like Kennedy tweeting. But times a must for national security purposes. Turn him her over to government at wants with the paper's editors saying they won't do that Press Secretary Sara Sanders. Tweeted if you want to know what the gutless loser is. Call the opinion desk of the failing New York Times. In a few minutes he'll hear all the president had to say about the op Ed piece but first some political analysis. This is arrogance. From Washington. There's using your reasoned approach reporters saying that the ultra to Washington in the first place. Alex Castellano sees a regular contributor to WD EN Intel Susan and Brian this. All may backfire on the times and Democrat. That message in the op Ed was. Don't worry voters we know you elected ultra opens that it appeared that. Rest easy tonight we are still in charge we still run the place we still. Decides to take things off the president's desk we're gonna keep him from being too disruptive. And that is going to intensify. The support truck gets from the voters who sent him to Washington. You know Ellis are syncing and and the president kind of mentioned this lesson in Billings Montana this could actually backfire on the times right. And end date to his advantage. It could it will it's going to confirm trump supporters fears that. The Washington crowd and those people who put their. Themselves first date who value their own reelection more than what's good for the country this is going to put. This gonna confirmed. There are fears that those people are really. Care about us they care about themselves but it is going to hurt trump and Republicans anyone's attention that is. Leaning voters suburban voters of the thirty districts that are the key districts where you have let's say 28 of them have Republican incumbents in them this year. Of those districts vote with the highest educated. Districts that have the most suburban voters those voters are going to look at this city. While truck has people working for him thinks he's going too far. Then maybe I should kept the brake pedal against stroke there's November to may be actions and the Democrats to congress so this is going to hurt Republicans. Do you think you know in reading this op Ed piece. A lot of people it's okay. Job of all a lot of these people the president puts in the places to advise the president to help the country. That's what the person in the op Ed piece says they're doing they're just doing so. Now with the will of trump do you think that expression that feeling that was expressed in the op Ed piece in the New York Times. Is may be more widespread. Than we would think with in Trump's own inner circle and cabinet. I'd do you think it's widespread but it's it's so widespread that we see it everywhere in Washington. There isn't a senate office in Washington with this effort will tell you. For I have to spend my entire day keeping my cost from. Screwing things up and he's changing his mind all the time as a matter of fact I picture you and I both have worked for boxes. Who who changed their minds at the last minute in our Redick in. It's kind of the way life works and yet this is their job. But this is bigger. This is Washington is over here either pro pro or anti drug and that's where everything is about. What do you make of the denial after denial from senior staff and cabinet members. Yesterday this is turning into an incredible game of who did it. And that's the real damage that this was doing when you have a list of 27. People now I think who denied they did it. That being shipped 27 suspects that means that there. At least 27 people at higher levels lookup administration. That the president now fears could be disloyal let. Deny that they work. That's going to make trump I think even. More. Isolated and insulated he's going to look ledge for advice he's going to talk less to people which is why at the end of the day. I just can't accept peace and security of this op Ed. This outbid the author had no would make things worse not better. President trump as you've heard has addressed the op Ed piece in a scrum with reporters calling the author of the piece gutless. Here are those compete remarks. Part of the resistance inside the trump administration. Somebody. In what. That. With. Personally. And you know this maybe if people as well that. Ultimately it. I will say yes. Nobody has done with this administration's done in terms of getting things. Passed in getting things through. Hey article was just. Fred it's just that. Few minutes ago. Break the record. War budget gridlock winds. Scores a big win so. What what institute when he arrived this morning your record they've. Act scores big win here is your thing so this this game so it when he hears. It hasn't been like it is now it's we broke we broke it. That's just really positive stuff and then in addition to that. Point after point after point. If you look. Almost four million jobs created. Since Iraq. Now life. Have a great artist. And it's so important important. And at any point ever eyes. We've created 400000. Manufacturing jobs manufacturing jobs are growing the fastest pace in more than thirty years. Economic growth last quarter was four point 2%. And he gave me. And number would have been in my opinion would have been less than zero it was heading. Too negative numbers. New employment planes recently hit. Hey I think of that unemployment picture in the country is the best it's been at 49 years. African American unemployment Lois. In this. Asian Americans. What. That this yeah. It's back. Multiple. I mean I'm just look at it they'd just point after point. Under my administration veterans unemployment. Reached its lowest in many many years. The that's almost three point nine million Americans have been left an awful food stamps just since my election. Then you go and do all of these benefits that we got. For of the tax cut people benefited tremendously. A I write to try as well you have to write them prices generally don't you have a right. You go and try and see whether or not. A drug test. Yet you'd you'd like they did that point after point. Getting rid of the individual mandate the most unpopular thing that really is it obamacare coming up with new health care plan. We've never had a very even if you look at the Olympics got the Olympics the World Cup this guy beside them there were in my office that there will be up. Nobody has and we have started the ball. Nobody has ever done. It less than a two year period. What we've done so when you tell me about some anonymous source. Within the administration probably lose failing. And probably here for all the wrong reasons now and the New York Times is valid if I weren't here. I believe the New York Times probably wouldn't. Some day plan. I'm not present which hopefully will be in about. Six years. Yeah. The New York Times and CNN and all of these phony media outlets will be out of business that it's because that means nothing. To write and be nothing of interest but nobody has done. What this administration has done and I agree it's different from an agenda. Which is much different than ours and it's certainly not yours yeah Baghdad. It's about open borders. It's about letting people fleeing into our country it's about the disaster and crime for a country so. They don't like Donald Trump and I don't like them because the greatest jobs people remember this also. About the new. When I block. They were forced to apologize. To assist Iraq. They wrote a letter of apology it was the first time anybody's habitat because. They covered the election. Incorrectly. So if the fairly New York Times has an innocuous editorial you hit and I mean it got that editorial. We're doing a great job. The poll numbers that through the roof are all numbers to rape and guess what nobody is gonna come close to beating me when he did because of what we've done. We've done more than anybody ever thought possible in its not even two years so thank you very much for. Of course in this next week will open Monday. 930 and 716. We're back tomorrow with a net irritation from the studios of WD EA and buffalo law.