Fallout from Florida School Shooting continues on 930in716 February 26, 2018

Monday, February 26th

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Her it's 930. In 716. The fallout and reaction to the Florida school shooting continues the president has been telling his people his staff. That he is serious about raising the age for Perot rifle part 221. He is talking about universal background checks those are two things that the NRA is the game offset against it's a storm of proposals. Accusations. And please honestly. It's just disgusting this may act like they don't own means politicians they still do it we have somebody that has gone through the training. They're properly licensed in committed and they're called and they are able to carry a weapon in this thing. I don't know I think that there should be restrictions including in school ground. I'm Tim Wenger on the podcast powered by the Brothers of mercy a five star rated skilled nursing residents offering affordable living in a country setting. Let's begin with a round table discussion that was aired on ABC's this week broadcast. Chief White House correspondent Jonathan Karl Washington bureau chief for the Associated Press Julie pace Univision anchor Jorge Ramos. And Lenny he chin a former policy director for the Romney Ryan campaign. Join Cokie Roberts for a sit down with George Stephanopoulos. To discuss what president trump may do on gun reform and what's next in the gun reform. Debate. Let's talk about the gun debate to begin to sort of to begin the program dressing is it different this time I was struck by Dana lash suggesting the president trump. We may not know what he's gonna end up and this debate she's probably right and that's the thing is different I mean we've we've had outrage after these. Shootings we've had victims who were burial and look what happened after Newtown and now we have these students clearly a lot of momentum there. But we've had that before what we haven't had is a president that nobody has any idea what they're gonna do and I will tell you George. That the president has been telling his people his staff. That he is serious about raising the age for for our rightful part 221. He is talking about universal background checks those are two things that the NRA is we gave offset against. The question is Willie actually stick to that. When they when they go forward I think there are reasons to doubt that he's hinted he would do something in the past and not done it. But right now he is talking about adding to the NRA is dead set against us. Fact that he is not reliable and it means that Republicans in congress can't figure out where to go out. Because they sit there and say well if I do this I take the stand against the NRA didn't does the president have my back. And they don't know the answer that question but I think the other big difference now is not only he's fabulously articulate kids. But the fact that a lot of businesses are cutting their relationships with the NRA first thought Goodman they all have these little you. Hey art I ask every so as a sort of make me wanna become a member you know you get all these discounts it. The big what I would better there would be if the banks actually gets serious but what they do with the manufacturers we have not heard much. From the Republican leaders in congress we have an and that has been really striking over this past week congress was out of session so we didn't have Republicans that were on Capitol Hill. This I think is going to be a really important week they're going to be back in Washington. They're going to be asked about all of these proposals that the president has been floating in cookies right. Yet the Republican Party is really nervous anytime trumpets involved in an issue because he changes his mind so frequently they do not want to be in a position where day. End up backing some theme that would put them at odds with the NRA potentially some of them putting them at odds with some of their constituents. And then send something to the president and he backs off and I break I was in fear of. That it seems to be a disconnect between the kids that we are seen. I mean I spoke with some of them obviously you insular it's up to I've been talking to them and the sense of urgency that they help. We don't I don't see it in the political class so there's a huge disconnect between between what they want and what that lets you didn't hear governors made a bit of a move I think cause for racing and not put malicious and mean it these. If the same talk that would help him for the last twenty years that the problem is incredibly clear we are leaving a country where there are more bombs. That people according to Washington or face it was estimated three years civil and we have done nothing about it just in support incidents syndicates. I don't see that pulsating to the Blue Line like is there a danger for the Republican. Party holding the line completely within her and she sure now. Or think there is I think you begin to see how untenable what's going to be I think the danger we ran into George. Is that we're going to engage in policy change for the sake of policy change for them really evaluating what is actually gonna get to the heart of the problem here. I agree look we have more background checks we have to do more on on questions about. The kinds of weapons that are allowed who can purchase and what angels are all great questions to ask the fundamentally what I'm worried about is. We engage in this practice basically doing something to act out. Rather than really addressing the problems of fundamentally an out of their political systems capable. By the way way of getting to an extra guy does it may be true bidding in re in recent years coach who we've seen is actually. Why did things right just waiting this Abbott but I think that aren't as I did the kids are so angry. And they they don't wanna hear I cosponsored a bill you know god political gobble you speak. And I think that that's for the political image he's going to be so even if the policy doesn't change I think affects the power deals and then you have to look. Two factors of energy this year this would now and the web. And the two of them together and they got together absolutely. Moms and and I think that. That that's gonna change the political calculation I. Been covering these debates since before column Bundy the Paducah and coral shootings. And what we have seen since then two decades. The weakening of gun law applied steady weakening straight through the NRA and by the way it's the Democrats to 2013. Absolute hormones after. What happened at sandy hook and assault weapons ban came up fifteen. Democrats in the senate. Voting no doubt only forty overall votes. So the question is is this different than what I can tell you was that talking to Republicans in congress there's absolutely no sense of urgency on who they think that this can be waited out. This if it's gonna happen it would only happen to the president makes it. And what about that proposal to arms some Wheeling and trained teachers and staff members inside schools. WBN's Mike beggar man talked with New York State senator pat Gallagher and about the proposal. He is a former New York State Police in Erie county sheriff law enforcement veteran that a way to prayers I'm not opposed it I'm a believer that. If we have somebody has gone through the training. They're properly licensed in permitted. Their old and they are able to carry a weapon in this thing. I don't know I think that there should be restrictions including in school ground. My preference and schools. Here at the school resource officer is something that we focus in school resource officer is. So the first line of defense in the league Jerusalem anymore. Some are so many more things work with. The school's administrators to put security Clinton's plan in place. Take many pre and the nation measures they were with the kids establish relationships with community. But if a teacher has pistol permit properly trained and licensed. I'm not opposed it teacher carrying school under current New York State law the air prohibiting anybody's prohibited from carrying a weapon on school grounds. Without the permission of the educational institution. So. Schools in New York State right now things don't choose to allow teachers with permits to be armed and schools each individual's school district could make the decision. To permit to do you think that in the aftermath of this shooting important that we're in New York State there's going to be any kind of proposed legislation whether it's proper. Republicans Democrats anybody do you think anything's going to be introduced. Well we always have proposed legislation. Dealing with weapons are many people. Want to take weapons away and not seen any guidance on the street now obviously that's something that I disagree with but no doubt whenever we see. Something nationally we consider the this year corresponding introduction of legislation. In this state that doesn't mean that's going to go anywhere we have to remember that New York State has among the toughest unwise. In the country. And who will what's discouraging to me is that we've elected officials in New York State when things take place nationally they see fit to talk about what should take place nationally. A focusing. And making our communities in New York State that are one of the ways that we can do that. And one of the ways we can make schools safer and actually do something this. Is provide additional funding for school resource officers. Finally this time survivors of the Marjorie Stoneman Douglas high school shooting are demanding changes to gun laws in the US. David Hogg a senior. And Ashley Kurth a teacher there who sheltered 65. People in her classroom including David. During that shooting discuss the national rifle association's response to calls for gun reform with Stephanopoulos. And RA against any change in the minimum age against universal background checks against a ban on semi automatic weapons honestly. It's just discussing this they act like they don't own these politicians they still do. It's Republican controlled house senate and executive branch they can get this stuff done they've gotten gun legislation passed before. In their favor in favor of banning that manufactures and what I want people to know his. The container. Look what she's saying issue actually saying any journey or is that it just a tone to distract the American public infrastructure and remembers from the fact that she's not serving them. She is serving the gun manufacturers but she's not certain people of the NRA because the people that are joining me interact. 99.9 percent of them. Are amazing people they just wanna be safe responsible gun owners and I fully kids how do you convince then to convince their leadership that we need change they have to do that. And the same way that this is a democracy that currently broken the generate as an organization that's completely broken. Testing your teacher. Comes in the classroom. I would Def. Really see NI you know. IE it. Have no problem having a concealed weapon are being at home and having it in my home I do not own one but my in laws next to me do. And you know yeah it does make you feel safer and and how that point of protection but in the classroom. I don't know there's so many fights and I've broken up with a different schools that I've been and this school I'm currently ad and it's these these are kids that have passions. Very raging passions. And when they get into fights or arguments over something on Twitter instead grammar just how their day went and having a bad day and somebody just reacts to them wrong. Having something like this in the vicinity is just not a good idea I mean I have seven year old and I would not feel comfortable with him. Going into a classroom knowing that there could be a potential weapon in their whether it's loaded or not because some of the people of made. You know comments in and I've had conversations with. Friends of mine is up saying OK well you have a concealed weapon on you and so you know it's doesn't have any ammunition in it it's gonna have to be locked in a separate area and I mean these kids get into. Everything that they can at a high school level I can only imagine would be. Adam Miller elementary or middle school level so. Did here's another point to do is making that the Broward county sheriff's office do you feel let down. I them. Honestly I know that the people that work in law enforcement are some of the hardest working individuals in America I know that they write it every single day to protect the lives. And. Just innocence of American school children in America the American public in general. Where their mistakes made absolutely. As anything in and change. I hope I certainly hope so but this is something that we can't go back and changed now we just have to what's the future and fix it. From what before like these investigations come on everything I from what I've seen and I'm sure Scott Israel is a good man. Because both people I don't know what's happening this organization I'm not a sheriff I can't speak on behalf of them honestly. I just know that I support anyone that's trying to protect the lives and the future of America. You were talking before when I'm on the they have many family members have experience with weaponry with things like semi automatic weapons you heard the NRA right there saying. Absolutely no ban on semiautomatic weapons what's your response to that. I don't understand the need. To have them one of the things I've been thinking about a lot this past week especially is you know we have the officers who are on campus that are armed. And you know if you had a person that didn't have this weapon that came on to campus and maybe they had different type of weapon what we need to fight the same weapon with the same weapon. So for me. I don't feel the need to. To have that specific type of weapon. But it's more important is that what I went through it since the capacity the amount that he went through and that seven minutes that we were in there. His is just unreal with the kids that were running from it and yes you're gonna have people that are going to be making mistakes. Like the BS so or the FBI and all of them were human humans make mistakes. And yes you have a lot of things that you put onto these people that's what they're trained to do just like we are teachers we are trained to educate were trained to. You know in light and we're train to get the best that we can out of our kids and to challenge them to do new and and bigger things for themselves even when they don't think that they can do it. And you know. When it comes to a weapons fans that the capacity of damage that they can do we need to really sit down and say okay this is society it's not like David says it's not a Republican or Democrat type of viewpoint is more up. What do we need to do for our kids specifically in our schools. Act. Tomorrow. That's 930 in 716. We're back tomorrow with a net irritation from the studios of WD EA and buffalo all.