Fall-Out From Collins' Fall From Grace - Rick Klein


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Joining us now is ABC news political director Rick Klein and Rick if you can mentions that a pretty busy week over here wondering what the reaction has been over in Washington said the indictment of congressman Chris Collins. This is that the deal he could count is not a national household name but people do know that he spoke at the convention is president of persons or certificate anyway. Two the White House early appointments and out all of this is alleged to have happened on the White House grounds it's incredible that values in policy making the ball off. A look at it and treating it like it is the peak is a serious serious business on the evidence that's been present that is pretty striking. And a lot of folks are talking about a potential political repercussions not just in. In this district in Western New York but also that this so called culture of corruption the Democrats ran on back in 2006 civil but it could be relevant all over again. You know Ricky says Chris counts as you staying in the race but what do you expect the next couple of months to be like for him will it be getting some. Any GOP support what about the NR CC. Well I think that the national money is gonna flow into NATO party's campaign and Democrats are gonna put this very much on their orders they they're marched or 23 seat belt welcome to take it over. I think for the RCC. I they're gonna be hard pressed to explain why they're gonna dump money here when the guys in the middle federal trial which with a lot of evidence deserted and presented as strong as it is. I wouldn't expect he's gonna get a lot of national health. Striking that the president despite his. Relationship with with congressman Collins is has him tweeting about it hasn't been. Offering up supporter or some pertinent this looks bad and of course it's his own prosecutors president of prosecutors brought the case. You know all over the past few weeks Chris counts really answer run that much of an active campaign mostly because. He really hasn't had to be so far had in that race do you see that changing now and how does somebody go about running their campaign. When they're facing an indictment like this. Well I think it did the president trumpet Cabrera probably offer something a collection audit which is. It to be defiant opted to suggest that south prosecutors are up to get you all of those things I think are are probably the way that you survived. Something like this does. You can't make it about the other side and suggest that that there is. That particular and it's someway president the president used that against his own prosecutors is zoned us the spark that. This seems to me like that politely waited that that that he goes on this dot. To try that to try to play defense but. I think you're right it's just say this is an awkward thing and it's it'd make you are very difficult reelection. The district that that likely wasn't also get a map and some talk about it and it's been close and about but it it really isn't something that that is the top of people's. Possibilities let's. When you look at scandals and candidates in the past. Some candidates have actually won reelection right. Oh yeah I you can do it is it possible and YouTube or to bond with your voters are you you make and mistrust. The information that's been presented all of that is out there there is something good template or but you have to realize that the wind is certainly going to be interface and and I and every argument that you make. He's going to be weakened by the fact that that the prosecutors are. Are there are a look and achieve that they see if it's gonna be awkward at bat and potentially a whole lot worse when you try to hang onto his seat in this kind of circle. How is somebody evil do I carry out their duties in congress well this is going on when there potentially more worried about staying out of jail then passing new laws. Yeah I mean the fact that he lost his key committee assignments and it offers a window and into that now look I think we're at a time in the political cycle where there's a lot of war we got anyway and that maybe there hopes congressman Collins but. You write to me that there's going to be a push poll surrounding this that. That suggests that his entire attention is not going to be focused on now on being a congressman of the people off of. You know he says he's not going to address any questions regarding mess going forward here. But he's gonna have to meet immediate some point right. Yeah I think good luck with that I mean I don't I even prefer things to your your lawyers but I would think it is more information comes out. People have asked for him to be the one that's responsive I noticed that that. A what they've built at a news conference the other night actually what and that is statement without question I don't know how long that strategy can last. You know you mention that tape a little bit earlier on Chris Collins kind of caught in the background of the tape at that exact moments that's mentioned in the indictment. There's also. I think it was the Washington Post and put in. Sometime late last year overheard. In the halls of congress says Chris counts speaking loudly about making millionaires. In buffalo with his company. Are you surprised at all about how may be brazen these actions seem to be all while he's under investigation in congress. Yes I know no doubt I mean it does not is not typical behavior it's not a kind of thing you often see in all the congress. A lot of members of congress have lots of money and are very active and in in making sure that they are portfolios are are up to date net as it is it's sort of hobby for a lot of people but. I could take back kind of have brazen attitude and and bring it directly into all the congress is is new to me. Rick we're glad you could join us this morning that's recline ABC news political director.