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Wednesday, June 20th

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It's 930. In 716. Fact or fiction. In the media obviously we've seen a blurry. Facts and opinions because that's become the standard the opinion journalism which fox has done very successfully everyone else's copy monkey see monkey do so that's the problem until become opinion journalism not just hard news the way it's supposed to be. This one is pretty close to my heart I'm Tim linger on 930 in 716 powered by the Brothers of mercy a five star rated skilled nursing residents offering affordable living. In a country setting. So the pew research senators completed a survey based on a quiz that shines. A spotlight on the seemingly difficult time we as American Media consumers. Are having an establishing the distinction between opinion and fact in the media in news. You can read the whole studied questionnaire all of it at WB EN dot com but the bottom line is the chances of us figuring out what's truth verses what's opinion. Is about the same as a random gas. It frustrates me for sure. We moved so quickly in life these days we consume media in a flash out of context. And because we hear it we assume there may be well some credibility. What fascinates me is that oftentimes when I challenge someone who. Says they heard media bias in the news they heard it from the likes of a talk show host and commentator not a news person. So part of the problem it does seem is the media's lack of blatant identification of what's news and what's opinion. Take for example CNN if you watch Anderson Cooper news anchor you assume fact and news right. Not the case really by design its opinion. Based journalism. That's the root of the problem. You know what I started as a consumer reporter in 1980 resettle expression it sounds too good to be true it probably is Susan Rosen Brian as a route ski sitting down talking it out with former broadcast journalist Mike guy go and host of hardline and political contributor Kevin Hardwick. Pretty interesting stuff that's still true but the big difference now is stuff gets re posted re tweeted so much it almost becomes credible unto itself. And that's the problem I think it's like the paddles dog syndrome if you hearing get a pound in June or else it probably seems like it's credible probably seems like it's real and that's the real problem. Kevin what about you. Well I think it's that I think is a huge problem and I am I surprised like I guess a little bit actually. You know they had five factual statements by an opinion statements and 26% of their respondents and there were about 5000 people they talked and point 6% of them were able to turn to nail the fact statement to say that's that's a factual statement. Whether it was writer whether it was wrong to me one of them was right off the bat Barack Obama was born in the United States which a lot of people there's it didn't jerk react for live people. Including. Formerly at least the president the United States is no way well and that was still factual statement he made the wrong factual statement that was a factual statement. Then they asked opinion questions I've been questions only 35% of the people were able to get the opinion questions. The interesting thing is when you get into the crossed him some breakdowns when they break it out Republican Democrat everything and and they think the key finding was that people who had high trust. In the national media were able to get 39%. Of these statements correct whereas people who said they have low trust they they they don't believe the media. Only got 18% right I mean I think that's that's the biggest differences I ain't going through the survey I found. We're with our round table talking fact vs opinion in new pew survey says that most people. Can't really tell the difference can't correctly identify. Factual statements. Verses opinion Mike I go Kevin Harvick. Joining us live in studio. Mike you know a lot of this to me when I look at some of the questions being asked that look at the results from the survey. It comes down to not so much anything about politics or the state of the news media but instead. Reading comprehension from everyone who's looking at the news. Listen you know book called how to lie with statistics and depending how you asked the question and so on Sony to put any kind of spin you want to you know just like deal questions like how long you been beating your wife you know crazy stuff like that you get the response you want depending how you frame the question. It's a you can you can spin anything any sharp right now you guys both teach college students. Kevin you teach it contentious Mike expert Sonia. What are the college students like in in your classrooms are they. Do they seem to have any kind of trouble with this distinct distinction here between in a fact and opinion. I I think many of them were like the rest of us I think they probably do a little bit better at least they can nieces because we have the cream of the crop of course. But for known in Mexico and everybody is right up there are going one anyone beat. But but yet they have a little trouble and I'll tell you the bigger problem and Mike mentions how lie with statistics that is a huge huge problem I see it in the county legislature all the time. People coming there with their when their backs or their facts or statistics. Mean there's the old joke three ways the lies lies damn lies and use statistics. On and it's it's true people can be in there with their with their facts they'll say well you know the the that the cost housing inmate is 3030000. Dollars a year at the big county have facility and so if you take this programming you get to inmates out of there you'll say 60000 dollars well not really what they're doing is they're making. They're they're they're they're blurring the the distinction. Between average cost in marginal costs if you've taken micro economics you would know the difference. But just because we take one he made out of out of a jail or one student out of my way X class doesn't mean we save 30000 dollars or pull one in that doesn't mean we. It costs us 30000 dollars it's ridiculous but the use these facts. All the time it's it's everywhere. And and they eat these day he does it day influence policy and end my students need to know the difference and that's why teach. Eight a segment denial college underscores entitled lies the lies and statistics. I mean they're out there every. Buffalo is the third doses of the most impoverished city in America well maybe maybe not depending on how you look at it what you're comparing it to be your cities like San Antonio Texas. Can attend the next their suburbs you know how buffalo could become less impoverished get off the top ten. Of the most and conversely they could the next in Amherst I think it. They can't do that in New York if they can do they taxes secure Texas if you're Dallas if you're San Antonio appear Houston you can the next year you know her so the world and become that not in poverty and that would make any fewer people in poverty it would make make them the plight of people in the inner city any better or worse. But it would change this statistic and that sort of thing is done. All the time every day I see yet people try to influence music county legislator people try to influence their congressmen or senators it it's there. Kevin you're talking about looking at statistics are wondering might get when you're teaching your students in journalism and communications on how do present statistics does that ever come up with well what are your thoughts a couple web sites like kind of stress in my syllabus is that the use one is reverse Google images. When my favorite pictures is during a time he used in floods would Donald Trump was supposedly rescuing somebody putting a hand out. There's a function on your Google bar there if you go down to the camera and either drag your religion they are opposed URL. You can reverse a picture in find out if it's the real deal where it came from and who search of that. Likewise couple is a uses snow stuck Condrey good source occurred it was a lot you can do Google surged there's many many credible web sites which actually do all the work for you. But the nice thing is I think my students are generally pretty skeptical. I don't what's the basis of what the teachers bounded into the more right but I have to say if you don't students are gonna say suspicious should you rader be out and shouldn't take. Almost everything with a grain of salt until you're absolutely sure. Well well you're sure you eat you should let you know this is this is just like buying a car or anything else you believe what people tell you when. You end up with something you probably you know two days after you Bonnie is a good really one of Ibis. And people who should know better sometimes than I was telling the story yesterday when my colleagues when they and the woman's work march on Washington about a year ago. When my colleagues outrage because Mike Pence supposedly said those Roman should be harmed cooking cleaning and husband are marching out of things. And I set a whole world that's it's that's a web site the onion it's satire it's not real but she had bought into it so. He'd eat you know it's the same way every remember when though when Sarah Palin was right for vice president. Most people thought she said she could see Russia from her house which was actually Tina Fey on Saturday night I just really I. And that is if you don't you know something to art becomes I think yeah tennis no. Draw as they go on and we're talking about that with our round table Mike I go Kevin Hardwick joining us live in studio you know have we as news consumers say generally in this country then maybe. So low to adapt is that why we find ourselves in this problem today you know Mike it used to be you'd turn on CNN and that was the news. Now you turn on CNN and it's a million Talking Heads with a million different opinions. And they're leaning one way or another you turn on Fox News they're leaning one way or another. You don't get that straight news anymore but maybe you were still expecting it exactly right. Because that's become the standard the opinion journalism which fox has done very successfully everyone else's copy monkey see monkey do so let's have brought it'll become opinion journalism not just hard to easily it's supposed to be. That's Anthony always teacher Michael decision. I don't want your opinion. Says who I read my paper started to dimes says who the big question argue got attributed to something and that's now or boxing and mainstream media at Camden your thoughts on his tail. Well I mean I mean we've seen obviously we've seen a blurring. Facts and opinions in in the news not just the news consumers but the news producers. You know it they that they have Walter Cronkite being the most trusted man in America for a long long gone and if uncle Walter growing up at uncle Walter told you. This was happening then that was happening. Now even that and that's just the Talking Heads not just the people were fighting with one another the people who are supposed to beat presenting the news oftentimes. The lying between. Fact and opinion is is blurred there and it's it's disconcerting. Well where is in the past you didn't really have to search for your hard news now you kind of do you have to dig a little bit to find something that's unbiased that is. It might as you said. Attributing this and the irony is that there's so much more are available right me when when Mike and I were growing up you had your three choices right and maybe. Radio station to get low maybe maybe the PBS station but he had yet you know he had three or four choices and had like half an hour of national news today and then you have to wait till the next day in and in newspapers. Now it's 24 hours it's the Internet there's so much out there as a slower and I Canada's contributes to the problem because that that it it does all Hitler. It's like an overload you've got because of Twitter Brett and the Internet and blogs and everything else we have to sort threaten anybody can you journalists bodies of course steer the citizen journalist but that's the problem you ratings is what's driving the engineer because these things are having ratings success. Everybody's jumping on the bandwagon for opinion journalism as opposed to fact based journalism and that's the basic problem and have we not caught up to that you know you mentioned the EU only stabbed those threes are now you have so many different places you can get the news. To people maybe just not do enough digging I'm in the. And here's the other thing here's the other thing is as it is a difference between. Maybe my generation and your generation. Brian when you win again when Mike and I were growing up if you want to be around the latest in technology right. Did today what what today would be the iPhone or whatever. You let it bask in the glow of the TV and you've got that news every day what you monitored. You must be near the TV and you heard uncle Walter or whomever you can reduce wind might. My kids are growing up when you were growing up. You could avoid use entirely you can just MTV herb you know sports channels or whatever you do have to be near there and and then you've got your video games and here your iPhone you can stay away from the news and there are a lot of people. Especially younger people who don't know anything about government. Because you know they weren't exposed to it might get eight you don't if only to less most of us we couldn't avoid it at the TV was on the from 630 to seven at night you were get this national news finding out about the war whatever else. Mike maybe that's part of the problem is if you're just all of a sudden exposed to it say when you turned 161718. It's a little bit of an overlook. Yes the lines are deathly blurred I think we postings and other part of the primary let people see stuff on faith is it's gonna need assurance of friend regardless whether it's credible but just think it's interesting and so it goes in and so much is all is well. And kind of becomes true because he keeps going and going going going. So it is indeed a double edged sword we in the media need to clearly identify what is why it. And we as consumers of media while we need to start paying attention carry on everyone's. That's 930 in 716. We're back tomorrow with a net a radiation from the studios of WD EA and buffalo law.