Facebook Security In For Changes - Arun Vishwanath


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We are joined on the line by a rune visual wanna through of EU would be Harvard a cyber security expert. And their room we know we're talking all about FaceBook as they'd this morning unveiled some even in the Newark. Security updates trying to make it easier for people to adjust their settings before we get into that's. How many people. Just had no idea before a big news broke a couple weeks ago about Cambridge analytic cut. About how much of their personal data was on FaceBook and being used by advertisers or other businesses. Good morning Susan vine could be they're. And I got to I don't think anybody neo. How much data about themselves without there. And I'm not just the fifteen million people who's data or you know compromise that eventually end user. No one realizes how much FaceBook has gone. And that I think you know now people assigned to realize them and it's a little bit too late because the cat out of the bag. You know an hour around the FaceBook is giving users more control as of this morning over their personal information their redesigning the settings menu and making it easier for you to download your data or delete it. But that doesn't mean. You don't even if you change your settings it doesn't mean that your dad is not gonna be collected and shared right. That's why I mean the data it already with them in the old FaceBook which is a week before this whole thing broke out. Yeah yeah if you wanted to get out FaceBook look like although California you know you could check out any dynamite into the Beverly. They would take months to get the data out of this servers they would never really get their servers we don't even know where to cast it. Oh yeah you can now you know go to some of the setting themselves catalog without actually had a look at the senate majority shares the last somewhat fifteen years. I don't go away. I was just about to ask you that you know say you can now delete all your face with dad and it only takes a matter of minutes. All the other apps through FaceBook has been sharing your data with or advertisers or whoever it may be. And all that's still around the openness and. That's it that's right an investment Facebook's well I mean let's be honest I'm building block called the data breach this whole and we got a lot of good thing but it other data breach. It's safe you know privacy violation. That FaceBook. They are sure to have all about and did not gonna back they were in a the FBC went after them a few years ago where exactly the same pin code party apps getting too much information. I think it's got a philosophy which is you know move faster and break the and so they would move really fast and do could occur party market and are opening their almost all the people are moving in and this is how we got into the last begin. So you know once your data out there is some some sobering Indonesia saw. We it I I ask people to. Just go online and download via FaceBook data that she. Like now that made a lot easier to do that and question to that you feel like number one how much data they have you know. And number two how many people have seen here that's how the advertisers how many apps. And what these people are your number eight and quite happy product companies out there and other like name that you had ever heard. And it's not like it was a breach like you said. It's like they got caught. I am a bit of this is just something that they caught I've got caught doing them in the third this is something that should have seen coming and they've already been quite public in the past for exactly the same thing third party apps having too much. Got on here. Really easy to do it and my pocket must fifty million people I can put money under but a lot bigger than that. They should this be treated as a wake up call because at the end of the day you can blame FaceBook on you want for sharing your data it was. All of us right who shared it with FaceBook in the first place is this kind of a wake up call the most people who. You know thought maybe they're just sharing some pictures with friends. To realize you know you're sharing pictures with everybody. All right have a good for the wake up call to realize that accompanied that we see you in this case FaceBook. You're not just a product. You're not they're quiet and Abbott I certainly their client. And so you know a lot of us who care about them. Even a few of the people on a show about bad and said you know let's keep this wanna read what they did realizes that little compliment of saying hey this is climate. Then the next and two FaceBook and the advertisers if that's the scary part of this thing you've talked we're just between you and let there handful of your closest or. FaceBook is concerned that's still their data that they sort out. Who do you think around that ultimately FaceBook and while Twitter and Google but they're gonna come under more regulation. I would hope so you know I think the big that some of the big guys you know it's not just FaceBook it's Kugel at Amazon and and some would never talk about. I mean between you know it's so look farms and all the product I mean these companies are the two of them have more data on everyone applauds. In the world. Who didn't become concerned about and I think the Europeans have been a little bit much there I am more clack the robot that they're put in Alton a bad restrictions in place. But now we're starting to pay attention good and and one way to do this is that would perhaps a congressional hearing so Mark Zuckerberg has finally they'll talk about it. I'm going to be enough we're gonna need to have. But restrictions on where the data and they're getting sent who's got active. To the data how can be limited data from being sent to other people when they are really important questions and I couldn't come at a talk about it. Interested to see where it goes to root thanks so much sets are ruined issue one at the cyber security expert dude does work it both a UB and Harvard. University.