Eyewitnesses describe fatal fire scene in South Buffalo

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Wednesday, April 25th

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Him I tell me when you get on here overnight what what did you see discredit former while my husband and I saw smoke in week classes. Jan. We watched. With smoke. And though we stood for awhile and that two people on stretchers. And then we headed it toward the house and we again near the bed we saw. Flames shooting out of bed the of the hour or. We're night around 1:50 AM this morning I saw that he top that beyond TJ at coffee bar was like in golf and planes. And I saw that there was a guy being pulled out this action they can meet that demand that died. Within the fire. And it's not a hobby about six times it contain this fire. Was I one of the worst fires that I can ever imagine when you live in this area tell me about this this place. Pretty much one of the many cars that this neighborhood they're this they're going through the Cuban nation process not the whole neighborhood. And it's a shame that a business have to go this way. And it's going to be Dan mote out I don't know what fans are going to be the future.