Extreme Cold Moving In - Meteorologist Jon Hitchcock


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Let's go to Jon Hitchcock over at the National Weather Service John. When you look at temperatures throughout the day to day I mean might we be feeling by the end of the week like this was. Yeah yesterday and last night it's this morning in the warmer sort of beat and the parts they don't want attention to right now or to be following through today. Beat all I can repeat this morning to the high single bomber by late in the afternoon. On our way too low but probably you're minus one but are born in buffalo. You know John listen to the that storm that's bearing down on the entire eastern seaboard. And get a feeling lucky that we're just going to be dealing with cold and and not the rest of it. Yet it's as we are lucky that storm and Altered Beast noted an impact mainly be immediate coastline. And a priest know all the way to the northern part of Florida which is quite amazing. And up along the East Coast and it's gonna slam especially coastal in England or places like take side were violent long islander. A lot of blizzard warning is fair but where to miss all that but that strong storm is gonna pulled out a lot of cold air starting tonight going great through the first half of the weekend. How much snow should be expect to see in addition to the coal over the next few days. Well gonna have quite if you lake effect snow showers around both that is gonna be northeast of buffalo and also well south of buffalo. Down in the third here in parts as she talked when Carol good counties especially this operation might be sixty and it is over several days. And an area northeast of buffalo from eastern tiger county Q or lead county. ITI data into the snow from today through Saturday morning here in buffalo and Niagara Falls probably key which is. Spread out over several days in this period of late those hours so. Not a big deal no life to keep in mind it's going to be so called assault really won't be effective. Once we get it at night and Friday and Saturday so even with just a little bit just know the road to the states slippery entire time. Not to that point. At John what percentage of the lake is frozen and how much open waters out there. They're still plenty of local Water Cube pretty laid back and actually a lot of lake effect those connected the summiteers could be coming from week here on which is still. Pretty much wide open it's a much deeper lake so. While we total weight together frequently serial although that's it COLT shot that's coming in the next few dame did do quite a bit of trees and up. You know another wave of cold on the way temperatures Friday Saturday looking absolutely frigid it seems like we've been this way. For the past two weeks Ers so how long is this stretch Ben and how much shared I guess record territory are we imam were talking you know consecutive days below freezing or something like that. It has been exceptionally cold and in the stretch of cold weather it is pretty early usually want to get of these long stretches of very cold water it more. The second half a winner in late January and February creates a very and uses that haven't starting this early are going all the way back to their Christmas and we have. But at least five or six days this is gonna moderate early next week back seat on your normal looks like by Monday and Tuesday. But that might be accompanied by some general snowfalls well. In what I think John the the winter storm the big 1 for the whole eastern seaboard it's called thumb cyclone or something like that. I never heard that term before. Yeah that that term has been around a meter out for a long time it Obama Genesis and all need is a low pressure system that he'd been fight. At least 24 door bars and 24 hours local bar to a major pressure. Open to rapidly deepening over 24 hour period because that public Genesis so you'll occasionally you're got an amusement of the meter all this talk about for a long time. Well hey I have to say the name is a lot cooler than the description of it. It's Jack over at the National Weather Service John thanks so much for joining us and filling us in.