Expanded DMV Service: Erie County Clerk Mickey Kearns


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Well good morning how what a beautiful day out to be here today at the Sheraton plaza. And I wanna think got legislator Kevin harder for joining me here today for this exciting announcement. Back in April this year I asked the Erie county legislature to approve the hiring. Of eleven civil service employees to help expand service at the auto bureau. One of the first things I did ask the Erie county clerk as I have done and it's not meant. Of all of the audit bureau is to make sure that we can bring efficiency. To the office. I am grateful that the legislature. Are approved these cars and with that I'm excited to announce that will be opening up. For Saturday service on July 28. Of this year this month in this year. This audit bureau Erie county will be the only audit bureau that we'll have to Saturday's. That will be open we are now in Cheektowaga. From Ivan to one. On Saturdays and if you go there you'll understand. Why we are doing that we have a tremendous amount of transactions. We're approaching nearly 1000 transactions a day. Our satellites. Are also overrun additionally. We have. Satellites that we normally I can only between 100 to 200 transactions a day. There are nearly at 500. Transactions a day. From 2017. To 2018. Our license renewals they have jumped nearly 300% going from 40000. 2134000. License renewals. That's a positive. For Erie county in addition to that we know and we're gonna hear from our legislator Hardwick. With his great leadership. Along with all of his colleagues in the chairman Peter savage they were very supportive in this effort this is going to impact. Many many people it's gonna have financial impact on the county a direct impact our people and tunnel Wanda. Village account more. I Amherst. I'll black rock north buffalo. What a great great thing we are expanding service in Erie county when other county clerks are contracting service so with that. Without. Any type of victory you can't have a partnership. You need our partners such as the Erie county legislature and I want to thank the representative Kevin Hardwick who represents this area and ask him to come forward. It is a few works that you got it. I just before I start. A will be entertaining no questions. As to Mickey's performance in any in my classes during his damage to these talent. It's it's nice to see that somehow he succeeded. The with a particular here of course of course like to admit Mickey is making is that it has a look. Every every. Along with the rest of the legislature along went with Mickey I'm glad people are performing more transactions here every every dollar that is spent here in renewal. In the in new license here is a dollar that we don't have to raising taxes because a lot of their money stage here locally. That's important to us it's important all taxpayers Erie county and I wanna commend. Clerk Kearns upon his leadership in this area I think he's. He eighties. Made it taste the legislature. The legislature considered it and that it made a lot of sense and we there though sort of bet that the color. I. So in conclusion. July 28. Uh oh we're going to be open from seven to one we wanna encourage as many people as possible. I know Mike I was. From Niagara county is gonna get mad at me. But we're very close through Niagara county if you needed to a transaction from Niagara county we're going to be open and as the legislators stated. We want people to review local. Something that's very interesting. That we have done is able to do we are now talking to car dealers who have taken their work. From other counties. We've been able to bring that time down. That you. I did that work turned around asked her to work our viewers. We now are getting more commitments from target list. To bring their work from other counties to Erie county and what does that mean that means more revenue for our taxpayers. And it's a legislator David. This is the only this is our revenue. Generating. Office without this op that unfortunately. We may have to raise taxes but because his office is run efficiently. And we're going to bring more people and and we are gonna bring those lines down like we did in the pistol permit this increase more access the full time. And the other thing I think is important is there hasn't mentioned many schedule changes since the red and green budget. And people's lives have changed in the past thirteen to fourteen years. And we wanna get that convenient time to people who may be your goal with their kids to practice after. School. Or during the summertime they can't naked here during regular business hours so they need that Saturday in order to complete that transaction. So we want to get the word out there and we'll hopeful that more people over to local. And we're hopeful that this will be more convenient for them so with that I'd be happy to answer any questions. I. This one there will be two. We'll have the Cheektowaga office that will be open from seven to one that's handling nearly a record number of transactions nearly a thousand transactions and on Saturday and then obviously this one here in Sheridan plaza will be open so we'll be true now and remember we will be the only auto bureau. In the native New York that will have to open on a regular basis some you'll open maybe once a month. But to have to open that is going to be a very positive thing for our customers. Thoughts while point 75%. It at every one renew his locally it's about one point five million dollars a year and as I stated earlier. It's the car dealers through some woman go to other colonies. And we want them to come back and every dollar that comes back goes back to the general county farm. And as the legislators say that it keeps taxes low so we are revenue generator for the county. And that's a good thing but some people have the option to sounded in through the envelope to the stated here. And we're always in competition with the state of the art it sounds somewhat sad but we are in competition with the data to York to get people to renew local. That's. Joseph is not gonna like that answered by I love you always a great friend of mine he's a great leader in the clerk's association but absolutely. Our proximity to Niagara county I think we are going to see additional business and there will be a QB it's there for people from not accounted for a that is Iraq. We get we get people I was in here once Saturday. In Cheektowaga. And there is not someone there. That was visiting from the Bronx we get people from Rochester. Syracuse and a dot accounting and keep people calm and if they need to get a transaction done. And they need to get done that Saturday we'll travel as far as they can. In addition to that one of the things we are doing with our Cheektowaga location is that currently. Is open up three days a week at 10 o'clock. 'cause of the number of people coming in in the morning we're going to choose those hours 2:9 o'clock shall be opening up an additional hour and in Cheektowaga. In the morning. How will be go from time to 9 o'clock. Sure. Well we have we have a satellite. Did you. EZE. And that's satellite. Is it was built for between 100 to 200 transactions. And now we're looking at possibly 500 transactions a day. I'm gonna say it I am in negotiations with the McKinley mall. To expand our our lease is up at the end of the month or at the end of the year and now we have been in negotiations. With the with the particularly marked expand services there I'm very interested in expanding services in the south towns. I am gonna be going to the legislature with a request. For equipment for our north counted us out towns so we can encourage people to renew local. So yes we are we are looking at. Many different opportunities. We do you have another satellite. It didn't sound. Risen at a satellite. Is not. Spray dogs are. And so what are because of the 300% increase in transactions. These satellites were never made to be full service offices. So having this additional Saturday is going to be a great great opportunity. It's positive for convenience for our our our customers. All you'll ever gotten. Walter in the week. That's the other thing too during the week they will be at all different audit bureau's and then obviously on Saturday they will be here they were hired. We got some great employees. Civil service employees. Many of them scored 100 on the exam. And they did a great job they're the entry. On a daily basis and we feel as though. The will be ready to go on the 28. What gas they'll be working here on Saturday with out the legislature. There has not been any new hires at the audit bureau and the last ten years. So that's a big big deal that's a big a big opportunity for the customers and we know this is revenue neutral that is not gonna cost the taxpayers any money. Because we sent almost nearly nine million dollars to the county every year. To pick up where revenue generated an office in addition to that. Would look into expand our passports are creatures with you. And slightly from 41. That's a revenue generator and just recently at the forest for the much safer with certain tasks we were pro active working. We generated nearly 7000 dollars additional income within that. Good going toll so where we're being at war and customer. Continue to do that as long as I'm where I've worked my goal is to make more efficient and customer. All you. July 20. Reporter for the legislative. Employees where he's retired and complained that. So we're excited about that and we'll be ready to go and things go right to life when it and went straight and you know we're excited they're very excited. Created such people and I could tell you I've been here for workers and the people were working in our auto bureaus they were very hard and diligently in a stressful situation. And it's it's a great opportunity. It. July 28 and we have. Her here France's. All of our business here. Absolutely it's gonna speed up the service.