Erik Bohen Victory Speech

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Tuesday, April 24th

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I want they could to share friends who believed in me but chairman Mitt landlord in Lal holy. And. Thank. You know. Good that people. Yeah it. Okay. I couldn't do this alone. I can't three families tell the meat and the Golan Stanley let's hear for the ball. We're. But yeah that's molded me into. And here's the hard thinly. Okay. I'm January 18 when gather in the same room. I share the Braves. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. I toss the ball security teaching and mentoring. And community service. That led to seeking the candidacy. For the position. Of the assembly men and hunter 42 disk. I imagine my pin was. However. I wouldn't be here without my friends. Okay. It's. IPad it's wonderful. Wonderful. Friends. I want to. What a family member of mine who is done almost everything is we're sick of me by now. If my cousin Danny well. Okay. Secondly. I like to thank. He's also sit here. I talk to him every single day. Jeff Connor. And I have had he. Overwhelming. Support of the personal stand and Bryant. And my driver throughout the day mr. Peterson herself back. And so many others responded with overwhelming support. And encouragement. That was unwavering throughout this campaign. Please know that I'll never forget that I will never forget that. There are not enough words to express how I feel right now. I am blessed as you can tell in this room have such a beautiful beautiful family. I have friends. Colleagues who are teachers. The contrary of what what you hear. Above what he thinks yeah. And I have many great community supporters in my life. I sincerely grateful for all of them. I am very proud of the positive campaign that we. It was. The real issue. And they weren't poor issues are community. I'm indebted to all those who helped me my message and respected. My record. And if room and through this district responded with their votes. The voice of the people have banned the future that we have in this district. And we're gonna continue that success. In this region and I cannot wait to be yours sentiment they.