Erie Dem. Party Chair Jeremy Zellner- McMurray Endorsed To Run Against Collins

Sunday, February 18th

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Let's start with the big local event I think on the political scene this week. Democrats and several counties not just Erie county but Erie Niagara and a couple of others Genesee Livingston Orleans Wyoming I think I got them off. And I met and have picked naymick marine the Grand Island supervisor as their candidate come up and challenge Chris Collins in November. Erie county Democratic Party chairman Jeremy sellers with us chairman thanks for joining us. The more he gave IYY name. Well about a year ago we put we realize that. Quality activities changed. And perhaps it's needless and coalition partner. They're eight counties in that district including Ontario epic that. We we asked. Let's leaders and our collection and you know begin the search. Candidate that was all that represented the values of the district. A home Beckett take out the problem. I believe we probably candidate and he animals all. And elected him and Republican column a home and he results. Working class people which are the people who live in the twenties. Now you had five different people who said they wanted to I know there was that form that included many of them. What makes him better than them especially in light of the fact that they live in the district and he's going to have to move into it if he wins. Well that's not the case you don't want a vacation wanna not even mr. Portman a lot of engines and reconstruct and we have public forums around in these districts and then there's the district to hear the candidates and we spoke to a number of our electric power of the leaders in Erie county home and our people from throughout a major stroke that they would have stronger candidate someone who shall strength that the other didn't have. Talk a little bit about the others I know there's been speculation. That they may end up moving into other races in a year when several state legislature seats are up. Well there there are some really good people and quality is really good person and a strong candidate who aren't able. A home really excellent supporting constructing. He lives in a war he was indeed DiPietro district but but he's still running for congress they've they're they're maybe your primary here. The candidate that after wheat options what a lot of attention on the ballot. Of which is ever want to write them down which you have. As a chairman I imagine you don't want to primary do you get to dangle these other races as an incentive to. To get good people involved in other ways. You know it that the shame of it is we you have five. Good people who work community much better from the electorate that they they have in and a number of all. District senate on Utah. And I I just don't want people to go away with a bad taste of what they've worked so hard for this and you don't believe me out on staying in the race for congress this district just over well Republican. But I think it would be. Not oh hole to have all. But get it democratic also equal and Haitian people get on the sale. And I will have a June. So nothing has been decided yet about these people moving into other races. I don't know pulpit blown. It and all it would negate this week. I'll McLaren didn't call this week just chuckled and on the innocent they're great people who or has the best interest of all the time and sort of give them all the. How many of them have said that they would go ahead and primary you mentioned John Bunny. Obviously name McMurray as your choice will be a two way primary or if there is one do you picture more. You know I'm not sure that that we've hit forums interviews we get. The acute that it we are gonna be an update at. The Democrats and the police and it is lol you gonna do all it can't be. And we didn't like. Age and police and all of them or want it's a huge ancient. That he was going to primary now I don't know who who is going to do it or not again that's a team they. Armed supporters who were obviously you know very supportive of them that they wanted to run. Family members so they've got to make that decision out. Is there a timeframe when would they have to have their decisions into create the primary. Well petitions are start to certainly march 6 which is another reason why. This group made the endorsement. We've also have. The working families party had to do reviews and excellence as well and two world you Rebecca. All right Jamie Zoeller thanks for joining us this morning. YouTube that's Jeremy Zeller chairman of the Erie county Democratic Party. Again their choice to run against congressman Chris Collins is Grand Island supervisor naymick Mari. He would have to move into the district there has been some back and forth in recent days about that. When this pick was initially announced. Congressman comes out with a statement basically calling McMurray carpetbagger because he didn't live in the district. The response this morning came from Mick Murray. Yesterday it came from the party. Regulars while. Both of them out with statements basically saying hey back when Chris Collins ran against south files he didn't live in the district either so the issue is one that they say points to hypocrisy. But I'm sure the issue is going to be part of what they discussed and especially you'll see a lot more back and forth if there's a primary.