Erie County Water Authority Discussion - Kevin Hardwick


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We're going to talk about the Erie county water authority for a just the next couple of minutes with Erie county legislator Kevin Hardwick. Kevin their calls in the legislature for Jerome shred a chance to resign is there a chance to think and real reform here for the authority. Yeah I I I I think there is I think there's a critical mass of criticism now coming from all sources from Albany this this recent audit. And the censure of the the commissioners. Two took thing a lot of discussions going on locally infect. There's an interesting blog post by Ken cruelly. On his Pollack politics and stuff that town politics and stuff back come. A post that says we don't need special state legislation week we have the ability and Erie county. Two rolled the water authority into a county department make it like yeah. I county special district because not everybody is serviced by the water authority a fraction of people in the Erie county are. And interestingly enough I've asked tend to come on my show hardline on Sunday he'll be on Sunday so if people are interest if they want to talk the ten. They want a call in and talk about the water authority Sunday between ten and noon would be the time to do it right here a news radio 930 WB and I'm sorry again in this matter. But I think there are a lot of discussions account executive said yesterday that he's doing a lot of research and he's gonna be coming out soon with recommendations. I'd like to see what they are I wonder if they're similar to what can cruel these recommendations are. Again anybody that's really interested in looking at the yeah at the tax. Should go to politics and stuff that camp. Can crew lease website and then you know you can talk to Ken and you can talk to me Sunday morning. Now in the meantime for the next six days seek you're still taking applications for Erie county water authority commissioner the script I was telling Joseph maybe he should apply idea Alan Harris maybe they should apply because there's only usually a handful of people who apply in all seriousness though. What would you be looking for in a well qualified commissioner of the law water. I I mean I think I think he needs some administrative experience there there's some people say well you know you should be an engineering you should know how waterworks and I'm not sure that's the case you know. You look around and arm major institutions are hospitals in the people who run hospitals for the most part are not medical doctors their people the other bean counters. They're people who can who can make a hospital work. I think he's you'll you want the same sort of thing for the water authority you don't need someone who knows hydraulics and how old you know the pipes connect and everything like that. You need someone who can handle the staffing who can handle the contractual issues because. There are labor unions involved in and and you know make that make the place work efficiently. In the past you had to have the right stripes to even apply of course he did yeah I mean it's let's face it everybody knows it's very very political. Hopefully that'll be changing well below hope springs eternal but but certainly the idea. You know there there are serious discussions now ongoing and again I would I would invite anybody to talk to me talk to can cruelly about it this Sunday yen on hard line right here on on the station. Our place to have the discussion.