Erie County Sheriff Tim Howard- Running for re-election

Sunday, November 5th

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It's hard right now and is ready and I'm thirty WBM good morning this baby go what are we can just about talk politics this is the week well then Tuesday. Everyone gets to vote. And in the press as well as Ozzie register obviously. And the process all the Erie county legislature's seats are up for grabs there's. Mayor's race in the city of buffalo even though the primary pretty much made that move with the only major party candidate on the ballot there. Being buffalo mayor Byron brown. There's also supervisor races and Amherst and in Hamburg. And at the top of the ballot three countywide races beyond the legislature seats in Erie county three countywide races. Involving the county comptroller staff on the hi Lou being challenged by Vanessa Rusedski. County clerk Steve she's so I'm going against Mickey turns in that race that's no incumbent there. They're replacing state senators Chris Jacobs because he went off to Albany. And there's also a race for sheriff. And that one has attracted a lot of attention so we're going to focus on it for the next hour here. For the next half hour we'll have with us incumbent sheriff Tim Howard. Followed by another half hour one on one after that with challenger Bernie Tolbert sheriff Howard thanks for being here. Oh gimme gimme the those that the pitch I guess what is the biggest difference in your mind between you and Bernie Tolbert. Well I've been consistently involved a month course that 45 years my opponent has been gone actually detonate a digital packet since the turn of the century. Unless and he was a police officer of the World Trade Center in the Twin Towers. Well we're still standing but my experiences and local policing federal policing is it federal law enforcement is completely different but it in his. A local law enforcement. To what degree and I don't mean this is a criticism but I wanna get your sense of the office. To what degree is yours a law enforcement position verses and administrative one. Lou well it's. I wish I still Wear uniform I still do patrol work timeout and every stadium. Detailed bomb but but understanding. The terms of the difference between law local law enforcement federal. I have been involved in the budget process I have been involved in and I'm making any decisions and how to. Distribute that it is sufficient resources. On the federal level I think we've seen at the federal level they need something that just the racetracks as the and they get elevated federal law enforcement never suffered. They need the slings and there was a budget problems that local law enforcement. Administration aside and we'll get to that because your opponent is greatest as you on the way to administer the the department. But administration aside from moment let's talk issues what do you see as the issues. You know law enforcement ray sec I can almost tell you I think that it's hard to raise issues because everyone is against crime. On wall I mean it's certainly a supposing issues that have been raised by my opponent and we opened up they its campaign season. People saw that I was the first to go negative it must beat it or looking at electronic. On the media but but here is criticized me for. These these deplorable behavior. I once went so much energy he's been ordered but I kept used to these are still. They're training every deputy we in a part we did have a problem not having enough deputies but every deputy we have is meet or surpass. Every state standards. Is trying to. Or at least talked about the terrible morale on every union that represents employees and the shirt as. It endorsed me so pretty pretty. Morale problem I think they're very or unions would recognize that he criticized it will lack of corporation on the on the on the part of the sheriff's office while being beaten myself included we received national award. Or pretty nationally recognized for having the most operative. A law enforcement to various government orders from Bert government wobbled in and probably in the entire country that were constantly working together and accomplishing greater. While indeed because of that so. I think though each one of those as is our issues related to the way you run the department may be more than. Then issues of law enforcement and crime on the streets let's talk about for example the OP Lloyd problem is there something that you can point to. That. Is a matter of policy for your department in regards to that. Or something that these be changed or done differently. Issues rather than the way the department has run because I think that that in this race we've kind of got a but for Kate those two now. A humble yet but I mean he just sees certainly has has great the criticisms that we haven't done a lot okay and we will get to that. But let's just say what we haven't gone what we go with the expenditure of very little resources on we will let me. He's here Kelly Nolan has more of the drug dropped faxes. And we do we actually train neared them through our process. Politically at twenty of them now what various locations around accounting. And and have actually taken and in this continues the Shaq little more than twenty tons of unused unwanted. On the other than that otherwise would have been let me be in medicine cabinet to be stolen by burglars or worked for for children have taken and that into the other friends. Or or environmentally can be dumped on during. While more place in the septic system took that into the lake quarter through on the days that not being tilted and sanitation but put them at their district that we have. But merely made requests and then had very responsible. Response from our legislature to add additional narcotics people. This year we live action consistent 2017. More than a hundred search warrants and brought back on the considerable amount of bull on until all. From heroin and other drugs. As well as suggest resources that he drug drug dealers have accumulated. Is the war against DWI winnable. Correct me if you'd you'll hear from the DEA's Kabul isn't the most frequently indicted felony in your company uses. Suck it up and speed up the like are we need to have stricter laws there we need to actually be ceiling. Vehicles that are involved in this in they'd follow me on DW well basically the system to look for more on enforcement. And that's not law enforcement mr. probation but more enforcement of the ignition in Iraq systems so I think yes with the proper focus. Well it is winnable education. Well well people about the dangers of drunk driving is working so we're seeing. Unless first time offenders could further increase in the number of people can't have learned from the first states. And continue to drink and drive deadly consequences. During your twelve years in office what do you see as G emerging problem. That may be can't be beaten back or one. Well my opponent seriously playing a role that the net itself undermining the effectiveness. And deeply concerned the commitment. Well law enforcement to make to communities and personal every time once horsemen attacked in the end been. But other elected officials have done it very well on each attack on law enforcement each loss of faith. In in again our commitment to the entire community make it safer excess let's look at sentencing upwards spirals downward spirals. When the public trust is certainly cooperate with us and they a provided in share information. Were more successful or what we've got others undermining the efficiency and a commitment. The dedication a month course we have the opposite on my opponents actually contributed to that. He on the campaign trail even wears Barton basically with the number 22 on that people come up and ask must say what does that mean is responses. That over the tenure of chair Howard drained. There have been 22 deaths and the jail and the holding center. When you average over twelve years that to my math comes out to be one point eight deaths a year. Talk about that put in perspective. Is. They use that statistic accurate B is it fair of him to raise. Well wolf first of all you you have raced at more accurately and she just because he she continued to thank in the last summer we yours so. I would have put anybody to take she did calling to mind what does. As that term. The last several years I mean. A new more accurately stated it is as twelve years and end. Public to be averaging in the dust right now in the United States and people per thousand or trigger. From the court that trade again but it never got a 16100. Inmates was significantly. Lots. And the national average not not five times more this year in the supporters are alleged. Some people bank Christ Erie county everybody who let it be unattended death. Our deputies I would take insert at least one of those some thanks to predict from individuals that that or even under proper medical care. On the is that you know nobody knows what they're going to be called in sick and they'd on this saying what sorts if the deputy ever criticized the elite. Most of the person that committed suicide I get asking questions but the place the blame. I'm not so person you know the integrity of the this year regulate where when you don't see those suicide. Calming and Coca we clearly expected it's increasingly jail but could come back to what. Additional things can be done there to prevent something on the better interviews. That the Anglo gold the commitment to the jail. On the interview was done by medical and mental help people those are all things that have been initiated in jail. I'll lose and people continue to ignore that until January of this year the medical. Treatment and their children medical services in the jail where under the direction of the company that is not under the share shall all political. Services and all mental health services. On board learned in the local health continue. To be provided by individuals appointed by the county executive not by the sheriff's while most of these dots in the jail. Our worst suicide they're very unfortunate. But I continue to hit a terrible. Feeling about any individual that would capitalize. Let someone else a strategy to reduce their starting position and that's exactly reported stolen not looking at the truck in the jail. He's twisting it or guy that claimed to be. While transparent piece just the opposite. This past year the state commission on corrections basically. I goings were chastise and I don't know the official term. But basically they criticized your administration. For failing to report serious inmate incidents to the state your response. We have an ethics. Problem here on the. Weary city or manipulative jester. We're one of the future in this state and maybe even the only jail this cat 24/7 medical and 24 supplemental help. So before those reports were covered with this state mental call had thirty evaluated these and talked with individuals involved. And declared there actions to have not been suicidal. There was depth forensic medical journal of opinions of these things were not attempted suicides of the stake could fix this. I simply including manipulative gestures. On the within their reporting category the other incidents in which aid in action and an incidence and soften it make which reported that connection was reported. Within the required on the Indy mandated trying period. On that that time period of 24 hours. It was after the it was probably reported as an excellent. It was reported by the inmate that they continued investigation. I'm my own steps determined that that was an assault. And and not an accident as reported by the inmates at which point we notified the state and it was in fact in and the heat and assault. And the individual responsible and arrested. And was being prosecuted. He estate acknowledged in the media other media ignored the fact that once it was entered in the computer. In that category is could not be changed. Oh so we had numerous calls. Well with the state of about that I don't know yet if they've changed the computer program to allow for the change the title. But that was not missed reported was reported according to which reported to known and gossip but I am and this was a good then. On the other person well what I encourage job like distant going to make judgments. And in suggest something and it's not for there own advancement is not the type of person that belongs in any month. Isn't that a black mark that when the state basically cause your administration on the carpet. Com well they they think the race issue and it's like saying a lecture anybody actually have to report. It is it's embedded as it's being. Portrait to beat that term but Jessica and it just profession don't be willing to take a couple of black I don't change. What's right we continue to do it straight I have inquired cause some food some other professionals in the community that a quick I'll attempt at suicide. We filed an incident ever that the suicide. That wasn't the debate see that is it's about the Horry is doable. Violation they should absolutely beyond network and sort gotten the state and stop being bureaucratic. Expanded reporting guidelines to include something that was staged to appear to have our. And attempted suicide it should be documented that should be in the eight inmates' records put Gingrich should not be. Marked for life is being suicidal. When effect he or she was just trying to be manipulative. To encourage European with a built out of jail. The state commission on corrections is also involved in the Richard Metcalf case of violent death basically. One sided has been set it was a preexisting heart condition. But the state report basically says he was a severely strangled by county corrections officers. His feet were shackled his hands were shackled and something called a spit mask they say was inappropriately applied. And that is basically how he died to the degree you can address that talk about that case because that's one that's also been raised on the other side in the campaign. Brody of the person and actually wrote that report was not a doctor on issue after read that report she is since some diapers oh. On there's a new medical director there but there was this thing continues to be settled in court prestige. Commission collection is another judicial agency state regulatory agency on their opinions are just step they. I believe it's run by former Niagara county sheriff John Beilein is that. That the district but that was that was to be wearing their several that record was in medical it was a century it was still ahead of the medical component of of the commission from the gun was not a doctor herself Poole who rented that opinion without ever hurt self examining the body. Because without the questions regarding the content that should be addressed very calorie medical Examiner's office on the again that's under the current executive not this year. Well I believe in my heart. In in in in every respect I believe that my deputies on that incident we're talking to save debt in place with the engaged in. In. This isn't in his own destructive behavior in my deputies entered this soul to to to prevent them on from continuing to injure himself. All the other questions position be answered in court and anxious to see that happen. All right so so to summarize and I don't want to belabor the point is there's one more thing we have to get to hear you're basically saying if we look at these examples in total. And that the state has run and the problems are overstated. But maybe this will mean that in this in this particular question and and in part I also have to say it and it. That and seeing this too many times other people will take a report. And not use the whole report but we'll use proportions. On the report to mislead people saying look statistics. And I think in large part that's what's on here. All right we we haven't taken a break here we'll do that rep for the news one more item I wanna get to with you though. Your opponent is running an ad against you let's listen to that get your response. Tim Howard has distorted an NBA lawsuit. That was a dispute over cellular promotion to suggest that heavy sexual harassment problem. I do not. We'll share colleague does there's an ongoing sexual harassment lawsuit when this power and his office. Federal court now but how would have distorted the truth. He's done so for years with your roll out of extra pride and professionalism in Erie county sheriff's office. Together we'll be stronger and safer yeah. It's a lawsuit so I'm sure you're limited but address craftsman verses Erie county. One of your officers suing. The county and you and other department members. Over sexual harassment in the way she was treated saying that some of her complaints early on more responded to and a timely and appropriate manner. First two parts is that anybody wants to know about Bernie Tolbert such or rest the last two Google. Bernie Tolbert slash NBA a signal about mr. Colbert. He didn't in the Pyrenees at the Buffalo News indoor in New York Times so so on all of that is there. So does the rest this mr. Tolbert has once again himself. On the stretching or or misrepresenting the truth I was never accused of any personal contact. Kind conduct. I'd turn through the keywords accused of. But you are named and craftsman vs Erie county is that it. Some unfortunately. The last group has actually been resolved it is not an ingredient was actually you know finding any sexual harassment. The police it was a cultural discrimination case but that was also on the phone to not be true well in the last. All right closing thirty seconds you're sheriff Howard again make the case. Why should people vote for you. Almost have done the best that anyone could do with the resources available to offer it how many of supplies and resources. When the telling more than it increased our workforce by what 50% from 800 that we had in 2000. On the list who are significant increase on the issue of both the list that are. And I just. The ability to do more good tension in the community increased with the resource that the company made available. I chef Tyler thanks so much for your time. Thank you that's Republican incumbent sheriff Erie county sheriff Tim Howard on the battle on two.