Erie County Democratic Party Chairman Jeremy Zellner

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Monday, April 16th
Zellner dispels myth of a change in Democratic challenger to Chris Collins

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Germany's all of the originally Democratic Party chairman and Jeremy we are hearing some rumblings that the looks like governor Kathy hall Paul. May end up replacing Grand Island supervisor innate McMurray. In the brace for the seat currently held by congressman Chris Collins what do you heard so far about this. Well it just not the case to date the final day to. For anyone in your state to decline that are petitions for congress and I need to worry running not declining. In congress and we call kept the local ordinance on her for another four years as early Tenneco she's stronger our community. And I don't wanna looser. How much show rumblings to be here over the weekend about the possibility of Kathy local replacing him Murray. Well I mean I didn't hear much out this morning I got a call with a ball that was at the irksome thing. Problem of course you know when when or curse candidates running me and we always you know. Known that the governor has got to choose Cappy virtually and other running. So up to this point you know open that he chooses to keep Campion a ticket because she's a strong partner for our community. We need McMurray the candy how strong do you think you'll be against Chris Collins. Well he's been able to clear the field of any democratic opponents on the endorsement of all he count teachers. Democrat. He's picking up support every day. He started to put forth a stronger. Finance team around him right now and we're hearing every day that people just are not supporting Chris Collins and want utterly. How much the challenge do you think they McCrory will have as far as name recognition compared to recap the whole. Well I I think in the district of either people know Crist now so there either gonna. Support the fact it is raising taxes taking where helped Aron. Making his friend millionaire program and I I mean I don't. Don't much you think people care outlook on it and at some point it to what structure this community and I think that they are.