Erie County Democratic Chair Jeremy Zellner on 142nd Assembly Special Election

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Tuesday, April 24th

Zellner previews the special assembly election.


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First off how close do you think this race will be tomorrow night. Well it. It close object that little jerk out ever. Election. Probably. To pick. Out. I expect out there irked. What do you think makes pat Burke stand out from the competition in this race. Well Berkett record of accomplish in the legislature or. Not there it. Propose. Be legislation that market forward. I bet bump each. Dot I don't know that. Much about it up and that there. Had pepper also worked hard at our order order or are people in their communities. And so I think it's rapidly. And day where I have to has a very tough challenger in this race. How tough is it to get out the vote for a special primary race. It's very difficult many people on election would at general election time little special elections being called in April so. And I don't have spoken the weekend with a lot of labor groups. Are talking to voters are people support that would make sure ago. That tomorrow couple. Extra night. The fact that a ball on the par was a Democrat now running on the Republican line. And how. How to opposite for those who were registered Democrats say hey maybe I'll go probable for bone as opposed to where Patrick Burke. While both people both candidates are well. Go in you know one. Of our. Ater. But I got it a lot of people look at here all. It. And Republican aero try. They think right. Like I think art urged.