Erie Co. Sheriff Tim Howard- Body Cam Test Run


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Erie county sheriff Tim Howard is joining us live this morning as body cams are getting a trial run by a group of Erie county sheriff's deputies sheriff good morning. It will reveal our they're coming into Erie county a small group trying to enough for the next sixty days. Are you going into this I guess kicking and screaming are you excited about having body camps. No I don't I'm. I played opened I know there's a lot of concerns so let people from one wondered why we don't have a lunatic at same time we're gonna have a number of people. I'm objecting to it in it concerned about what's going to happen with the data that is I guess the good thing about the test period. We've got a chance to figure all that out. Well can you tell us so what is going to happen with us some of this data on how much of it do you expect to be recorded and how lippi refute. Well the medium all of it yet to be determined but eight and again that's one of the top courage. On the beat the individual officers in the EU public. Expect U's gives them an applicant of earning it and turning it up I think it's a very important option on the certainly concerned that. He's the threat that it can pollute doesn't the nervousness but I'm being recorded. On May surprise. Conversation return and what would be a casual conversation to a formal statement from that that's not a good thing. Holm but yet at the same time somewhere there's an allegation that the officer engaged in this conduct. We want to be able to prove that it did. On the bitter did not happen I suspect in in the long term or long run you'll find out that whole lot left this happened. Then people suggest that the. Sheriff in some departments around the country we understand the body cancer automatically automatically turn on. But the ones that your testing have to be manually turned on that that's important to you. The lone wolf that there's it's not completely true meaning we are critical of him. This is nervous at the end of the pick and these are certainly going with this company when they choose to task. From her mother called solar companies as well while we have several different cameras on different that's one of the cameras will be tested as. It cannot answer gusted to draw his or her weapon the camera would automatically. From beat begin recording. On them and certainly there's other cases where are simply by capping a certain place under your former knowing where the analog switches. That they could turn the camera off. From what I think that's very important particularly. If an individual can opens the monetary to provide some confidential information and some anonymous. Information and now want to be recorded. It's a tricky situation because on one hand day exactly what you just said where you want to be have people be able did. You bet confidentially without being recorded and and having people feel comfortable. Around officers without being recorded then you have on the flip side. People saying well if officers can just turn off the camera what's the point of having them at all. That's an I think where well where there would be an expectation that this information would be recorded. While it is true with a lot of statements formal statement. That are taking note the absence of the recording. On who it is is closer or at least two and the jury the judge. Being in order to the absence you can read something into this you can be more suspicious. Because of the absence of recording that'll unfortunately. There could be a situation in which. I thought I was story and my camera wouldn't affect. I would turning the camera off. In emit something it's very important to the outcome of the investigation. The latest Eskew out quickly this is happening just a few weeks before the election does this have anything at all. To do with the campaign. Don't home which I think we actually started inquiring about this last February whom we know we've asked. Around the country from any input of overload of resiliency. We're doing at home we sometimes do take a lead. And certain things then in trying to beat and that sort of the first but broad jump into it quickly from in this case we see that this is rather probably had a in we've benefited open. In an additional improved technology having more options. As well as so letting other agencies and the players playing here loaned through the early days of this and got Welch. Share for the lead you to join us thanks. That's airy county sheriff ten hour.