Eric Schneiderman's Fall from Grace 930in716 May 8, 2018

Tuesday, May 8th

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Her kids 930. In 716. A stunning fall from grace. Absolutely stunned by it did turn arrival they actually beat the Eliot Spitzer saying well I think that. Pretty much. Admitted. Some kind of current director question will be whether. It's contractual you know they held that term AG stint where aspiring governor. I'm Tim linger on the podcast powered by the Brothers of mercy a five star rated skilled nursing residents offering affordable living in a country setting. New York attorney general Eric snyderman resignation effective at the end of Tuesday after four women launched assault allegations against him. In an article in the New Yorker Magazine Monday. Two of the women both former girlfriends went on the record saying that Schneider men often got drunk. And then slapped and choked them leaving marks and using demeaning language. Schneider men first issued a statement Monday night denying the assault charges. But admitting that he had quote engaged in role playing and other consensual sexual activity. Before announcing he would be stepping down. This happened when they were fully clothed in many cases. Not in a context for negate any suggestion of consent new Yorker author Ronan Farrow says that's not put the women claim Hampton to these women one after another were adamant this is not fifty shades of gray. This was not in an area of great at all undermine. This was assault Ferro says the women deny there was anything consensual about it in one case this wasn't in a relationship at all a prominent attorney. Who spoke to me said very clearly you know he just came onto were at an event. And when she rebuffed him he began calling her some really terrific epithets and slapped her across the face. More than one time to the point where it left to Marcum we looked at that picture and that ultimately it was upsetting to see you in depth insight and analysis now first from Albany. I told you that it's the biggest bombshell. We've had in the decade. Ken Lovett covers Albany for the New York Daily News. So the last time was when Eliot Spitzer was caught up in the Karl call girl scandal and resigned as governor and that was ten years ago. This makes that look quite as it was kind of stunning what was reported what he's been accused of doing and then. These workplace of everything you know the story came out late. Yesterday afternoon and within an hour Schneider whom god it was just really. Fast moving and and static. I Spitzer is downfall happened with and I think a 48 hour period everybody thought that was fast. This was like lightning right. You'll love the kid coming because as far as the world given the political climate given. How old. Supportive publicly. Eric Schneider Lynn has been of the need to movement how he went after Harvey Weinstein that. You know came out in favor of all the women who have come forward. Who lose their hypocrisy angle but then once. Governor Cuomo. Put out a statement saying he should resign and then assembly speaker Carl hasty and senator cute until Brad. The writing was on the wall and ridiculous for him as well and he's. Denied he did anything improper he says it was all consensual. But he recognized that there's no way he could continue to lead the office. But what will the state assembly do going forward do you think to replace Schneider man. Well you know there's a two track thing going on because first you have to replace him in the short term what the term runs through. January 1 you know in the end of the year. So the assembly will look at and some of the names that have been out there. People make. Now states Michael in some so state helipad Kamensky and that I can only give him. And outsiders like congresswoman Kathleen rice and that. Fordham law professor goes effort to each Alec I don't think he assembly will do. But the only other thing is you've got to watch out for is that in a couple of weeks may 23. This state Democrats are set to nominate their candidate for attorney general usually going to be Spiderman. So they don't have to come up with a candidate who they want to run in November. And that candidate is likely gonna face a primary in September. So that you know we may have an interim and then a primary and then the election in November may love the Republicans. Bad guys may Allah Congo who announced he was running yet stay a little known guy that you may see more prominent people now are Schneider and gun get into the race. What about. Pre Peru are have you heard that name and what about Kathy local from Western New York. Uproot our name out there I think that's wishful thinking well a lot of people's private first class act I think there's no way the legislature who broader really went after. Is still appoint him. In the interim. And he doesn't have a political machine can get up and running to to run for office so. I think it'll play named to put out there but I don't think that's real. Hope all the more of them in the obviously that I don't go to like you're zero particular need like someone else's lieutenant governor. But and whether that all happened looming beige things. If you expect whoever is nominated by Ed the assembly to also be on the ballot in November. That's not necessarily though the person may try but the last time we had day and then Durham attorney general's it was a guy out of Capello. Who was appointed. And he ran but he was primary data by I can remember being a lawyer and Bert streamline. And she ended up losing the election to Dennis bako. That was back in 94. So IE you know just because you get it via interim appointment doesn't mean you're going to be the nominee come November. I decided kind of stunning candidacy. Do you have any idea what the state is of a lot of these lawsuits going forward that Schneider rim brought forth on I they would move on with somebody else at the Helm. Mike some of them just speed drop though because the big guy behind them and it won't be there anymore. Linux and draw that parallel lawsuit against. Donald Trump you know he's glad the number of lawsuits against Donald Trump put. And that's what happened there. The governor got to have them to look into the Manhattan district attorney. And their handling of the Harvey Weinstein case. That hadn't really got up and running yet so I don't know what happened there this. Video was going to be a lot of uncertainty and until they name me in the interim and then how much. Power how much that is cruel do knowing that there's an election coming up you know again relating to precinct. Snyderman head an interest in the governor's office right. Yeah we'll be you know they'll go to term AG stint where aspiring governor and that. Certainly no expert who would remain GM. Andrew Cuomo and AG and Letterman was back in the challenge Cuomo. But to this thinking that this is Cuomo left turn it he won and that seat and if he loses so excited room tries poured in forty years so. Obviously that's done. Close to home now some analysis. First. Politically speaking. The job of attorney general is viewed as a pathway to the governor's mansion in the last two. Attorney general lute became governor Eliot Spitzer and their only Andrew Cuomo. Kinesis college political science professor and WB EN contributor Kevin Hardwicke. So the boot that the the big question is what happens now takes their place they think the dominoes are gonna start falling pretty soon. Kevin just react to the timeline last night all of this unfolded within three hours. Yeah yet it. He is trying to rival they actually beat the Eliot Spitzer thing remember the Spitzer thing came out and 48 hours he's no longer governor Pete. He announces resignation actually took a week to actually resign and he has that pressed apropos so this I think set the record I mean it was within a few hours at the allegation coming out in The New Yorker. That he's he's now. At what did you make of parts of this article into one of the things toward the end of its economy kind of kind of stuck out so I now read the quote from the article in The New Yorker after the former girlfriend ended the relationship this is talking about one of the accusers. She told several friends about the abuse a number of them advised her. To keep the story too were self arguing that Schneider and was too valuable a politician. For Democrats to lose. Well it's kind of similar mean it parallels what happened with Bill Clinton at the time and they were all these allegations coming out about Bill Clinton. And the number of key movers and shakers if you will in the in the in the women's movement. Defended him murder or didn't attack in Italy they would have a a conservative Republicans so it. You know it just goes to figure. But parent guy that was developed saying he was a champion of women an advocate for the meat to movement. And it comes back to bite on. Yet any incredible. Again the it hypocrisy. You know surprise. Who the names that I've seen being kicked around so far both very familiar to people here Muster new Yorker assemblyman Sean Ryan lieutenant governor. Kathy local O what do you think about those two names and if there's any realistic possibility they could be in that seat if even just for the short term. Well I'll tell you the short term basis. That the Democrats are very controlled appointment exit. It's done by a joint session remember when Ellen have a seat get in trouble. And Napoli was appointed by a joint session senate and assembly get together. BP intriguing name of course is get the local mean that Cuomo was apparently trying to get her off the ticket ever run against Chris Collins. He can you know signaled that. End and for good reason I mean it was this operate I don't believe she's thinking long and hard about this one. I mean again attorney general is a much better job than there. And then the congressman. You know it's like it's it's the last two attorney general became governor. Also to get the nomination. The democratic nomination GT odds on favorite to win. You would that be the odds on favorite to beat Chris talent that they Republican district. The it's it's it's appearing in creating. Yes you have to get the nomination the Democratic Convention is two weeks from Wednesday it begins. Everybody scrambling. There and I'm sure there are a lot of people staying up late last night plotting their campaigns. You know the other thing in all of this I just I just checked the financial filings per snyderman. Steady at half million dollars in this campaign account as of January 15. Wonder where they had into that's. I think that's you know one of many questions. That people will be sorting through in the mixed couple weeks. What Garrett at what T obligated to do with that money. Ali can hang onto it for a long time I mean that you look at the people around here totally nasty yellow former mayor buffalo still has some money in his account. Gold number of former county executive still has a lot of money in his account thinking it's for things. You know going to conferences campaign contributions. Campaign contributions in campaign attribution. They could also give it to charity or give it to the party if they want but most of them all hang onto it didn't use it for their own political purposes. The State's chief legal officer finds himself potentially on the wrong side of the lawn now. He's lawyer up. Well it looks like there's going to be an investigation. But he. Announcement from the governor's office. WB and legal analyst Paul camber real with Susan rose and Brian as a row ski. Quote they'd be looking into this assault charges. And it's that you career assault charge would depend on the degree in her. So there's simply physical injury would it be any quick act. Our Greg our whatever. It would be assault third of this to me the other had a serious like a perforated eardrum or something like that. It could be a. So how difficult is it for charges to be pressed against somebody one. These women didn't initially go to police and it is one of these things where it seems to be at this point his word against theirs. Well I think that he's pretty much. Admitted. Some kind of current director question will you other. It's contractual. Key. Characterizes. So called role play with her you know our neutral place. Indicated that he's admitted that there was physical contact. In the role played basically the question now. Concern troll. Or as one of the lead that it was. So they'll look typical scenario a criminal. Was she being very careful in his statement last night. By saying I have not assaulted anyone I never engaged in non consensual sex. Fellow clearly clearly that can appears defense. You know we were we were true yeah ever. Two leaders and role play a role I rooted in slapping hitting or what have you. You at all that that's the orbit. Formula. What type of charges could be pressed against Schnyder and if that happens. Are deserted created either a misdemeanor. It's simple physical injury or he's so it's curious that quicker. And the boardwalk and at least it's claiming a perforated Dierker. As yet not show features there's interest. And there would be jail time with him. Oh well that's up to its I hear there's threatens it anywhere from. A conditional discharge broke a true. To try and and prayers are sure. Have you had many run ins with air China run. Well sure he's the principal. In the air Steven pigeon page that disrupt the does that slaughter cities and of course vision as. And serve openly as have others that eat well but. This was a personal kind of retribution about the Irish side of the pitcher for activities since they have. Net debt has been alleged in other cases that you adamant as prop forward what do you see now happening to some of these cases that are just in the process. Without him at the home. Well I think it's a there's going to be any real train trip why are suitors that are at bases for questioner is a new attorney general may have a different. Attitude towards some of these cases. I think we've seen a lot of political cases. We saw the ones that Albany. All based Sierras and others. You know undo attorney general may have a different outlook. There's so what are those cases. Should be maintained there probably should be ample. But these cases wouldn't. Necessarily start over they would just proceed with someone else. Yeah exactly. Have a demo line prosecutors are. Still people who are actually in the courtroom. Whether we overall person who make decisions. In the department. That may have some impact on occasion also I am actually stung by a. Former New York State attorney general Dennis Varco with WP yen. You know they'd be that only the allegations with. Which are the horrible. In themselves but then the that the quickness they've how quickly this move. From the play of accusation accusations to push vitamins resignation. I guessed that in held at the rapidity of how quickly gave up his office. This signal was to how strong the allegations were oh what troop full backing them to be. And also the political pressure. That a guy who long time in a sort of a hypocritical session held in retrospect. Put himself at the forefront of the need to movement. And now he'd find themselves to be. You know one of the targets of me too moment so it did this because it's just stunning stunning development. Might remember. It was just ten years ago in March at Eliot Spitzer to resign in disgrace. All four projecting prostitutes when it was the governor. And we are ten years later. One of the successors indeed this. That is immediate successor successor to that officers caught up in this impart. Of a fortunate that accusations. Have before he resigned he said that this was personal situation did not affect his position as somebody who held that position before. I mean is that it all possible for something like this to not impact your duties as attorney general. Totally totally debilitating in my estimation of the operations at the office and ready to lead the course. You know. Especially given the prominent all the mention a few moments ago that he placed in the guys in the meat to movement I mean that's just it just yelled at the epitome of hypocrisy to be on the but the atmosphere. Yet to be a of an individual who's engaged in the very tired of activities are quite. Holy wood debilitated. Already to lead that office. Ought to be an effective leader tipped had been more credibility. That only was that the public and last. Probably more importantly with the staff. We're speaking live with attorney Dennis Michael this morning about Eric snyderman at Dennis snyderman in his statement was very careful. To not admit to committing a crime he says he did not admit to assault but he he said he never engaged in non consensual sex. Do you think he'll face charges. Well this it's this kind of funny because up. That same thing that Harvey Weinstein is saying the name you know he's he was leading the charge against you like being in looting. Going after conducting an investigation in this spektr's I was certain. The turn journalistic work get the authority to conduct an investigation. To determine the New York starting in Manhattan site edged. Because it is Letterman and their parents. It not to prosecute. Are we went. So he now plans to open a situation where he's using the same words are used to describe in the but that he was one of the chief. A put characteristic it's like and this sort so that he he started an investigation but yeah. Doubt curious where the governor turns to the governor believes that an investigation in these faxes orchid. Which district attorney does the governor turned to that turns slightly hence. I don't know there's any provision of the cooperative partner for special Oscar that might be. An executive or eat in the deep recesses of it but it it is greater than resting conundrum. Force vitamin who once was in accuser now. Of himself. Potentially being a target. You mentioned some of the political pressures of that position I mean you've obviously followed go along with attorney general Schneider means that a rise to this position and he wasn't exactly looking to end. An attorney general either he had higher aspirations right. It's clear that you know he did have higher aspirations well there was. The capital as governor. Or whether to vote in the state senate positions. It its own level I mentioned Spitzer moment though it's really be arrogance of power I mean I think that the general public has grown ordered. Of elected officials who become so arrogant that they're disconnected from the real world that their power when it starts to permeate your personal life. If you believe that you are beyond or coach you're beyond the law because you view yourself as the law. That's when you get in trouble. More as it develops. Deck tomorrow. That's 930 in 716. We're back tomorrow with a net a radiation from the studios of WD EA and buffalo.