End of Session For Legislature - Thoughts From Angelo Morinello


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We're joined by assemblyman Angelo Moore and LO talking a little bit about. Everything that's been going on in Albany and and the top of the list Angelo we're talking marijuana legalization with this in new report. That is sick coming out from the state health commissioner are recommending. That marijuana be legalized. How soon do you think that matter can be taken up in Albany. Well. The Walton is technically over which means that it it will Matt commence until after elections in the new session begins in January. I assume and from what I've heard there will be hearings on state. But until we get the final hole report that are able to read it only here giving his bits and pieces leaked. So the owners I believe that could be here is that would be after the first of the year but there will be discussions throughout the summer. Now into you are former drug court judge minter said to get your perspective what are you thinking about legalizing pot. Well I get to see what the regulations that are going to be what first political victimized too harsh statement. The report well oh your votes. Insight into what we should be looking. Once it will report is out. At that then he would that we two would ever discussions. Legalization. Toward badly situation. So it's a little premature. As an attorney and it's a former judge and now it's a legislator. Until I hit all six it's really difficult given him. When you're dealing with the benefit or detriment to the constituents. And the citizens of New York. Sort of go to a little bit of where is that just an. I will not. They act until they have all the tricks warmly and then I can compare the it is vs the budget. When it does come time to act though might be easier for you when day your fellow lawmakers out there to move something through knowing that you can look it. States like California Colorado Massachusetts now and others who have. Gone forward with the issue. Well we know that they're an interest in comments. And I'll give you wanna might frustrations. In the assembly so I've been here. It seems that New York is always looking to California and that seems to be the big one. In their answers to most questions or well California is doing. I think what we need to do is focus on New York State. What is. That step for our citizenry. This session and the and the way is right they've been proved that we do that always looking at the wait. So. You know we can look at failures to and successes and others they. But I really and truly they bridge to wit. Trying to compare to other states we have we are being in many many ways very diverged. We I economic difficulties. The flaws within the constitutional. Confines and how they're interpreted by the legislature. And the administration. So I think it's more than just go there this is New York let New York, New York. How disappointing is the session that just wrapped up for yield. And extremely does support. We hit some highlights. We. Messages that benefit. Western new York and put my district. But the frustrating part is the acrimony that was caused in this rabbit by the departure of one of the majority members. Creator of the situation whereby. Last night was an extremely disappointing. Obsession. And by the end I indeed there were many many things at these computer stretched it did not get the drug test because. Now ordered out bluntly the New York City interest in the senate or demanding serious thing. The that it did not want. The majority. In the assembly. We have pretty much resolved all of our differences. The minority majority and we worked together you'll this. So the disappointing but is there is people like the thirty local. By a majority and minority members that are important to their districts that never made it to the court that the ordered him held hostage. In the senate. Eight the interest of the issues as a oh our number one. Because school's own and be able to cut Peter's. Or photograph. The it is an issue that is close. Concern. Another was. They were trying to cope O they have the deal would have than what YouTube support charter school of music can't let teams of the British the point in the some would hit them at that the employers state. The local those. Local funding bills. So it is the end it was disappointing however I do if the mention. The revitalization. With the lord talks Loews theaters a week. The camaraderie in the itself was lately is tonight they say is that door. You'll grow the majority leader will leave. For congress and Louise Slaughter actually. The these discussions. The two years. It was a very very. The speaker Carroll he's been our leader. Brian Cole. You would have thought that we were all. Pulling together. For the common good which is what is. Yours so. The section of the so was the the ending late at night was very heartwarming but. My prediction will be paired there's too many issues that would let all the on the papal. If the address. And I feel that once we get out of the pleasure of the closing of this and people getting sick to their districts because elections. And you know them election will I think that they took the focus on what I really needed to be here. Maybe that's a good you know. Sign for things to come a little bit later on I have to ask you really quickly we don't know that much time but. If you had a hopefully this is a fair question if you had to pick one and looking at who these hot button issues. What do you think looking at the appetite in Albany gets done first sports betting or the legalization of marijuana. Or read. Our Angela Moore no we thank you for the time that's an assemblyman Angela Moore and Allen joining us this morning.