Emily Pfalzer Playing For U-S Women's Hockey Team - Craig Muni


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The US women taking center stage at the Olympics and pee on Chang this morning the action is in hockey. They're playing right now against Olympic athletes from Russia with a one nothing lead for the US and we're focused on Buffalo's. Emily falls or Craig Muni is joining us live is a former sabre and head coach of the buffalo Butte and Malia some abuse and it Craig good morning. What does annaly falls or bring to this team. Well I'm only is low on the special player to player she's. She's. Not very tall stature but she's very big and talent than Serbian part. Smart player breached here. Dedicated keys as Sloane she was the captain of the powerful means for the past two season. Now wondering what the mood of that team is being able to see a teammate at this stage on the Olympics. They get that straight for the for the girls to see that it's the thanks a closer to home. And also move the girls are currently on the team how restorations to make future Olympic scene. And they see someone that they know and somebody played with who who's reached that ultimate goal. And that that it gets the cut there are a little bit higher and play better and hopefully get most for the future. Did you see the first game that the US women play. Yeah I saw it through two periods of a tree and she had a lot of ice time. Yeah actually this. For march core vacuum up our foreign. She kept up on the brakes up on the ice on the Russian very well. First evening ability it is it's great. And just sort of start to move hold him to have a problem with scoring chances. Now it seems like every time we talk about the Olympics and talk about women's hockey at the Olympics because the US always seems to do. So well that top comes up about growing the game and do you notice a boost. From the Olympics and is that league video women's hockey league in the buffalo view it's kind of hoping for and expecting. May be a boost in. People paying attention after this tournament. There I think character of this wonderful patrol where it for years there's little boost in certain sports and when talkies is. For sure one local sports. What the leaky in this third year that the existence and that the Olympics. Going on right now. Thank you seal of boosting mean girls participating harking haven't more interest in hockey and let's see local stories. Around the USA or Canada for that matter. Little girl she's suddenly felt or she you know she's from buffalo area. May take emotion and lot of family and be just let her. We're talking live with Craig Muni at this point coach of the buffalo feuds and about the US women's hockey team which is playing right now in Pyongyang. At John Chiang I should say Craig what do you think of the strength of the US team against their competition over there. Looking at stake is very. He let them play team concept. Parole could skiers. Park who they're really good. And then that's probably the difference you see what sets them apart. Accusing a two horse race for me the woman's all the parking. Gold and silver medal but you can see and from the other countries. Actually started to get better. Every every Olympics. And that's great for Mottaki I think it just hurts either adding two more teams to the next Winter Olympics which is it is great for. We can't export to form talking opportunities. And it has to be good for the US swimming too because you watch some of these games and you know over the course of the years a lot of them just aren't competitive unless it's the US and vs Canada to have some more competition on the international stage. I'm sure the players are welcoming event to. The an athlete you that's when you walk away and put you don't wanna when it came time I think all the tools off the ball. You still want competition. And and I think that's what we're certain to see if not quite there yet but you can see is going in or production. Have you heard from Emily at all since she's been over there in Korea. No we haven't heard it's just been over there of structure just before she went over just that we're reluctant. And talk a little voter voter game. And the rest of the team I'm guessing most of them are hoping she comes back with the gold medal no ready and willing to show welcome her back with open arms. Well actually neo long vacation they've been training for her for a whole year this just prepare and get ready for the self. There definitely dedicated athletes and as we put the work into it. And it's a big difference because I heard just. Over the weekend that the US men's hockey team were practicing for the first time. Yeah or the demand side of the little different little potential players there and I think. All the all the countries sent this to your whole verbal insult their rosters and where the players when it comes from a who's eligible even. If you were playing in the NHL if you were in an American League you have to do not be on an extra contracts so. They haven't put from the good team together last month so it's going to be and the anybody's guess and any of that opportunity one would not Alter. You know what what do you think about that not having the NHL play on the men's side for hockey in the Olympics the does it hurt hockey in general because so many eyes are on usually this Olympic tournament. Model for it hurts it'll give other players. Our opportunities and forces and pro sports is very much trouble have an opportunity financial opportunities so. You might see a couple different players promoted euros or picture girl's throat next few weeks. And that might give them opportunity to translate transfer that into may be approximately in the NHL and actionable. So it is so good be good hockey and the best part about it is you never know who's gonna win now. Craig are you washing a lot of Olympic competition not just hockey but just overall. Yeah I'm kind of luck Olympic junkie while watching the competition. Skillfully athlete Scioscia the sports you know you you have not more than you'll probably do it. Like curling I have no idea how they do it you know they take the ice they're warriors over there curlers. Well let's let the film sultan sultan but I don't have either. Hey Craig fund talking with you this morning thanks so much. My pleasure have a great take. YouTube that's Craig -- he's the coach of the buffalo. US women's team playing right now. Against Olympic athletes from Russia.