Emily, Former Ridesharing Driver

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Tuesday, May 29th
Emily talks about her experience as a ridesharing driver.

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Emily you have been a driver for right sharing. And how long have you been doing it. I started doing I sign up for instance is weak at the news it was coming in buffalo. I may sign up for it so by the time it was ready on the road ready to go well the first day's start. And what they are being your experiences as a driver. Well it was a great way for need to get to know people said he. It's unknown erodes because I've only been living here for less than two years so greatly for me to do. It's no different parts of buffalo and Niagara Falls and my accent I've and that people from different walks of life. That I normally one day you know at work are my home. Emily as far as being a driver. And what is the overall experts like have been positive as have been negative. Overall positive I think the hardest part was when I first signed up and we are all ready to Gallagher one that did sign up it first. Business was to make. But then as time went nine and people heard about how great it was strife for right sharing more and more people signed up and there was an cap. So there is more drivers than it was demand. And after a while there just wasn't enough work no wasn't even worth that after awhile I discontinue writing. How much money would you say you made as a driver. As a driver. After taxes and everything a public made about 600 dollars let's let's Uga is not too bad for how little debt. What was the experience like as far as that the drivers the people you were broke that people riding your driving. I'm they weren't normally play that day gets a little hairy when you're picking up people from buyers at night on the week and but it was mostly a lot of people it depends where. You hang out to find people that that need rides. So you know if you're in the suburbs to get a lot of people that don't have access to the car at their work is far away so you're driving them to work and some of them. You know getting on a bus and we are really long time. To get to work those taking people work I was taking them home Sunday mornings are taken into their cars Sunday mornings. Because they ticket in her home after being too intoxicated to drive home so that was really neat that I folic I was helping and a way. To keep people safe. With our rights sharing do you anticipate expansion as far as rights sharing do you anticipate getting back as a driver. I'm not really sure how it would expand I think people are looking for are cheaper rates. And I think the writers are struggling to get enough out of that effort and how much Wear and tear you put on your car. Because it's a lot of mileage. The 600 dollars you made the time you were driver when you consider how many worth it. I think if you need. Money immediately. It's. It's a good option for you because as soon as you make the money from the Ryder you can have the option to send it straight to your bank account. So if you're in need of money right away it's great. Buy it if for how long term thing. Not so much. Did some of the money you make as a driver to that end up going into the rear end here here here are. It may be more responsible for her. The cleanliness of my car I don't think my cars and Ervin so me and clean it up I was always at the car wash. He watch any. Now there probably five coats and six bodies playing my car it's. It's not as clean our. I was actually do all that stuff because the clean it is that meters it is higher points. And I. What in your driver more perks as well and keeps. I think buffalo is as said he heard there people others struggling financially. And they're looking for an option instead of having it carve it sometimes right cherry still feel it. Expensive for situations like Sam it's add multiple children. Am BD is ads are trying grocery shopping and they can't forward. Excels seller you know. That right shares. Are bigger portion and sometimes it's too expensive. It's I think it's still leading. He. Lower class.