Embarrassment in Baltimore 930in716 September 10, 2018

Monday, September 10th

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It's 930. In 716. Bill's season opener of historic proportions. And has done by predominantly equipment is intercepted. At the 45 yard line picked up by Jefferson. Start with me in our second I can have better ball location I can do better you know and that's the thing you know starts to me and you know there's a lot things I can do better. We didn't come out intending to play like that conflict that we. Go out to learn from absent from the game look at the tape and got a lot of work to get back to work instantly. Good luck. Ready Josh not my call that's the coach's call we're trying to. Burn this game tougher focus on our next one so I'm actually on board about. I'm Jim Wenger 930 and 716. While the Baltimore Ravens harassed in embarrassed buffalo quarterback Nathan Peter men on a rainy Sunday afternoon. And Pete the rebuilding. Bills 47 to three. Making his third NFL start Peter Mahan went five for eighteen for 24 yards in two interceptions for a quarterback rating of zero. Rookie Josh Allen was six for fifteen for 74 yards and Buffalo's most lopsided defeat. Since a 56 to ten loss to New England in November of 2007. Baltimore had six action limited buffalo to. 153. Yards. Well we'll let the players and the coach do the talking from here on out. Have to go back and you know fix you don't start with me quarterback decent Peter mentioned in our second I can have a better ball location I can do. Better you know and that's the thing you know starts to me and you know there's a lot executive better. Instances where. Constantly from person or people. Same age. As. No you know I think you know we did a great job for parent. You know there'd. Similar you know it's what they were last year all the tape the racing due to pre season and you know I don't think there is any major surprises out there you know just the lack of execution OnStar with me so. Well again you know go back look at film get better and be ready for her whatsoever and whenever the next. Stay on schedule. I'm yeah. Yes that's the second and papers and it's sad for loss. Yeah you know that's a big thing we always focus on every week I've seen throughout preceding year we saw some of those things happen. And you know that's what we're trying not to do and you know forcing went that way but he can still overcome those things you know obviously it's not. I'll smoke but you know that's the job quarterback in office to overcome adversity and I was gonna do better job of that arm. You might not get the opportunity started and we increased. Yeah I'm not sure you know again commentators their approach I have been off campus. You know all off season my whole life is his control like control semi lane. Trying to be the best search for this team. Wherever where that happens and just don't gonna working hard again. And it's a tough game to start out with you know fortunate enough. The NFL has won games one mosque and yet 1515 Watson is about them but while now Joshua Allen stern in his words situation where centenarians and Watson you know the team do that and an amnesty defense on the field and it's situation a football you know if you can move it. Move the sticks one or two times and get the defense off the field that's when when teams do well then that's a Baltimore did really well tonight and you know forcing us to go three now in their offense down affect its heart out within a minute drive start the game. To do that to defense is top man. Now they just they came out they wanted to. There were a couple couple runs yet quite if you actually designed runs things solid what was the process of you you know they're running. I mean I cut down whenever I was able calls I try to go on next few exits and those that. You know coming in this period if you designed runs in the game plan but. Then. To put him in the use. And so we went out there and try to do it in the lord now going to be this team's starting quarterback moving forward. I mean that's not my call that's the coach's call or. You know trying to burn this game plan for focus on our next one so I'm naturally on or about. You ran for a couple of first down that's easily and you. Hope you get. And moved. To green. Tom. You know they they came on the plates in medical sons and open up some running in the quarterback. That's a demands on time in I don't know if it's on again after that so maybe. And I think they were still just trying to follow what they call. And can play their name defense and you know we're trying to that's an attack them. It's getting into that drive out got down to the degree twice but. Number of areas hit back. I mean axis. Four decision by me. Michigan should get the ball they're probably gonna walk in touchdown. In then you don't do things right the first time sometimes comes back to get you so that's that's what happens when those cases where. They got us there but it is our next because you're both first round picks in the same draft what was it like to see him. Also on the field make his political. You know fortunate which you know we were in a different situation. You know he. I want him to play well you know I don't want anybody to to not play well this was it was an against us but. And I mean now will be forever linked now and that's just chemical that I had a little rivalry that's going on I guess people's minds. To me it's it's really nothing. You know he's an excitement watch. It on the field and regular season game and the actions that you perceive these six it's still football you know the still hasn't changed you know Baltimore really good defense and not fortunate throughout the tendencies and stuff but never seen before and it's and terms of how the game moves. And then to see some really good situation football tonight. Now learned a lot of lessons and knows going to. Progresses from there we got. Up to look forward to now what can you when your assignments in the comes off and things are going well real particular your rookie your personal game what can you help him out way. You know just trying to just keep them up you know just trying to see Tom what I see. Now sit down with them. And talk through things with them. You know it's it's tough I mean that's really good defense we displayed and another and give a lot of people a lot of bits but. You know as far as him come off the sideline he's trying to talk to and just trying to help out process. Streets in here sitting in on the sidelines in the first half when your watching the and struggled to the point where they. Doing it at birth. No not at all. I want everybody got there obviously they were on our team you know that this is football there's situations where. Now things don't go the way you want them to me it's how you respond and we've got a really tough team are resilient team I really great locker room. Cited be part of this team and you know on this and this one game or not define who we are as a team so I'm looking forward to getting in this week and folks in on nor next on. If you are called upon and we did team's starting quarterback already you're. I mean who's gonna continue do whatever whatever I've been doing in and gotten there early in the studying film and this John MB. As ready as possible you know not not and taken a different approach to a. I thought the game got away from us. Really early in the game you know just from a series of plays you think so coach Sean McDermott and give credit to the ravens coach Harbaugh. But the game got away from us because of the series of plays early in the game be it the first or second quarter in the right before half as well. So but we got to go back and look at the film and and the critical. And the objective of what what was going. Penalties can't have penalties and yet when you do have successful first down thought offensive that was hurting us first down success and we did have success. We had penalties and you can't do that play winning football. You we're next week. Helping a look at everything just. Everything's. It's too early yet to go long or the other room look at everything in and be objective in nature. We put ourselves in position when games are. Well you know hello overall. Obama felt we could have been better on the number of positions and I've got to look at the tape. To be announced that the to get a better feel for exactly. Making sure we are in the right spots for him as well before I gave yet. Battery out on the. The quarterback needs help you get much help. Your mind without hopeful but maybe even more initiatives receivers. Just didn't seem to get open. As the white couldn't hold up and that would result silence. You know there is there's a lot of different people involved in that. You know there is times are where I thought we could've been better. Brother's house room we need to catch the football or touch rehearsals penalties. So it's it's not just one guy it's it's a full. Total team effort there. Paul. How concerned is that. Again we've got to look at some things anytime you put up. Forty some points that's concerning. When there was a stop the run and then and then Bibi advocates of the quarterback in and so they'll look at look at the film and and be objective about what happened today like a set a fighting game got away from us early and they made a big play on second law. Momentum you know just shifted. Pretty drastically there and we had a hard time getting back. I thought our defense did show up at times with the short field field position a little bit out of whack early their. But I defense that stand up and and that is some good things was. You know just we managed thought drew Russia Kaman didn't get a good job. Being ready to go. It's an ideal situation that happens in the course of the game next guy's got a step and that step up and I thought rapid entry jab that. You you put him in obviously that's that's afforded enough in the circumstances are horrific for any quarterback in that circumstance. What could you glean at all from what you watch yourself from Josh down through the remainder of the. Well you know really I thought. He made some pretty decisive chosen there Anderson tight windows. He used his feet at times as well. That body is pretty good command of the huddle on and I and the offense with a lot of scrimmage so you know other than that generally speaking Beckham will go back on the film and and an indictment. Does justice to this point absolutely one way or government or less next week. You immediate decision this past Monday on human spirit is a dead. So now I don't hear these are you considering going down to start. A look at a little look at the tape. On the look at tape them and look at every position every position and myself having this team ready to go. Doing my job the right way as well so that's that's the first goes along look as myself. And I'm a look at every position making sure we're doing the right thing they were put the players in position and be successful in their be that they're doing their job. There's. There. That would play Josh right way for the simple fact you want to expose him if he wasn't ready now clearly did play today so was ever a theory that. What is logical that you wouldn't play protective he circumstantially under. Olestra followed what you're out in the end zone that you wouldn't play Josh first you. One. And were silence that you ever consider that. Doing. Right yet consider a lot of things that make decisions for the football team in particular that the quarterback position so so I'm looking at it from a lot of different angles and not only his plan to position who's around them. And then. Try to put a football team is doing games as well. It looked like he was right around that was flatter around Mason plays guys in and out of the huddle on defense they ransom no huddle. A look like you manage that and it communicated well so. This young players out their plan and this is their first taste of for the regular season NFL game so there's there's a lot to learn from the film. Certainly a lot of room to improve and and we're gonna go back back to work like like I mentioned. Since in the locker at all. What you made you decide to this to leave but it is an active and ongoing of course Philippines as the starter the other course. Yeah I just you know Phillip. Yeah I do we can practice and to this point we felt like he was the right man. For the job bills home opener sun day Hulu. Were back tomorrow. That's 930 in 716. We're back tomorrow with a net irritation from the studios of WD EA and buffalo law.