Eliminating Cellphone Use At Concerts? - Don Tomasulo


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Is at the end of cellphones at concerts. Jack Weiss concert coming up this summer and our park will be phone free and anyone buying tickets is being worn the phones will be place in a pouch. They can only be opened in cellphone free zones. Or at the end of the show Don Thomas solo is what those of former concert promoter around here for years in buffalo and he's also an event then Hansel he'd done what you think Jerry are you in favor of this. I am in trade is an old school guys who hate that everybody is addicted to their fault I just it drives me crazy. I am really intrigued by the idea that you would actually go to show. And maybe pay attention to the side it's kind of an interesting concept. End to think that the artist is the one kind of footing the bill for this right because it doesn't cost act strode you know supposedly who knows if it's built into the ticket but. Not really an extra fee to put your phone in the bag how much does this matter. Its artists. You know that's a really great question it's it would drive me crazy. If if I was on stage and everybody was not paying attention now I get that would want to take a cell phone picture. But the fact that you're not paying attention and you're not enjoyed the concert I think that's one of the problems of the world right now. Is that people go to events and they spent so much time on their phone instead of actually enjoying the show so I inject got an interesting idea. I have not experienced that where you're gonna take my phone away at a concert how they're gonna do that but I think it's real neat concept. How those concert experience has changed play you said your old school I mean you're promoting concerts. Beck before cellphones right on. Back in the eighties you know the words there were also bought we would go crazy taken people's cameras away. I know that you try to sneak in him and went through elaborate bank to sneak in recording devices or self taller that cellphones and cameras. And we would it you know take them away from the day but people enjoy the cut you actually enjoyed the moment and stuff so it's they can describe it is different in the gonna do that. So people way back when they'd still try and record things but it was on a device that couldn't text all their friends to. Correct you know I mean outside of the grateful that let people record shows which was kind of cool. Nobody else was paranoid of it I mean I got so much trouble with some nubians not. Tactic and how people list. You know cameras and things so it's just it's just changed so much in the last thirty years that. You know it's it's it's I think it's time I went to the PGA event. Up at Tokyo where they were mature phones and I thought that was pretty cool also I've got to experience a concert where the person next to me. Wouldn't spend the whole show on their owner texting or taken pictures. Yeah that's what to say no phones its another to see it actually happen I mean. You're asking people to give up their phones for three maybe four hours right. I don't know I haven't seen people give up their sponsors three or four minutes. I know that there are enough and I also see people saying pay the phone. When they really do right. Should probably take their volatile and and in some xanax because I think when the panic mode so I don't either gonna do it but I'm willing to experience it and I don't understand the technology yet. Hope goes into Baghdad you can use during the show so I'm interesting to see how that works out. Hey as a promoter would you be nervous at all putting this out their do you think. There are people out there who would say no phones. Sorry I'm not gonna buy tickets year's show them. You know I think there's going to be some but if you're fan Jack White and you're gonna grow. Yelp from veto be two iPhone away for a couple hours on court that now my son is 21 and and a great rock starters all right. I don't know if he can go look like that three or four minutes without a phone Michael and a packed clothes so. Some kids today I mean it's part of their experience. Is and other phoned in to see what they can do with that with the videos and everything and they're putting out brain. Keep in you don't experience that I don't know if they they've never experienced a concert or an event without a phone in the hands you know worried they actually have to talk to each other. Watch the event and it's it's. You know I don't know how that experience. Are down thanks so much for your insight that's Don Thomas sue Lowe always say you know multiple hats here concert promoter from back in the day so he remembers all those things. Plays and a band themselves so he kind of experiences it on both ends of the spectrum of what everyone experiences.