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Thursday, November 16th

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Give a warm welcome to be mind this. And. My last time I eat at him apart and it. Today I think Governor Cuomo when it didn't help my practice succeed. This but Pratt school is especially important. That's who thought it was a great opportunity because he's likely to get help quite a Hummer that we take. If we can't understand something hats are not public teaching an after school will take their time to help doesn't see it. So on behalf of some of student backhand I get it I decided to look he's he's governor of New York governor and do well. Okay. That's commitment model. Blog that minus buttons UK. And hope. You'll great mayor of buffalo Byron. Buffaloes don't need the government doing extraordinary job kept vocal. We're. There's the people so we're gonna change their title not just the post mastered the postmaster general was. Paul. There's. Nicole Wallace who's doing a great job diligently with urgently. You have gone Ryan witnesses also rated them remember let's get him. They're both sides there for. Our proposals. So happy to be here today. Yes we have good news. And you dessert we do a lot of great things involved along. On a lot of levels this day focuses on buffalo with real intensity. Some of the other cities get little jealous frankly we spent so much time and resources in buffalo. But that's okay. Because buffalo had needs for many years. That all but he didn't respond. And I have no problems and a week giving help to buffalo because buffalo needed help at buffalo was ignored and buffalo has great potential. And we've seen that potential explode. Over these past few years you've been the good work you've done. A lot of the work we. We do is about bringing jobs. To buffalo why. We want young people have a future we wanted to stay here. So we do transportation work roads and bridges down and development. Do attract businesses back to buffalo to grow businesses in buffalo. And you know the smartest thing we've been doing it took them off a little bit statewide. Investing. In education in. We can best. More ma. I was a state we invest more money in education. That any state in the United States per pupil and we are. Proud of it. Those smarter about it package. We can learn. We are we we happened to more comprehensive approach where it hit. Where we. Have. Just the pupils did that it's about providing people the service we call them community school. Like here. And they'll work in France active units given. That. Developing our teachers with math teacher programs and giving them more training and moral war. Because they deserve it because education. Is about the teacher at the end of the day you'll want to change education improve its. Teachers and give them the help they need. I've got. And now we're taking it to the next that. Education doesn't end at 3 o'clock. Education now it is a seven day a week. 24 hour day today exercised. You have some countries. Where they go to school ordeal and now. And they could stay until 7 o'clock at night. Because they understand that it's competitive and they want to have the best students around the globe what we want to have the best part of students on hello. And we don't want students going home at 3 o'clock. Going home. Accident would have to figure out how to take care. But we don't want them. We don't want them getting into trouble. We don't you want them doing video game. My father. Who passed away and I'm just very much in my. I was a big guy. And he was a little scary thought. And he it was a little tough I thought. And my father would take us. Video games mailed your grade. And we he'd talked to my father sounded like it was. Coming down from head. Video games melt jewelry. My younger brother. Charlemagne. He played video games all the time. And I would walk up to him and I would feel his head. And I would say it. Your head getting soft. I think you upgraded about. A you know what he's bringing out. You see him now you know he blatantly video games that you know my father was correct. We don't want to blame videogames they don't want how we want you to learn more. So we don't fund. Afterschool. Program. So it doesn't and did you plot. And we can provide more services more out for them. With the body could stay in shape to work through issues despite all this. And this they made a big investment in that state line. And then he says. And then we sit through districts all across the state. You tell us the best ideas you pass. Or after school programs. And buffalo came up with some great ideas. So of the 35 million dollars that we have state line. Buffalo has blown. A 50%. Increase in the number of our. Long. And our approach is working. We know it's working its graduation rate is going up statewide. Statewide grabbed the graduation rate of over 79%. We've seen a race in buffalo. We've seen the rate in buffalo roam. Dramatic increase from 53%. And 62%. Graduation rate. Involved. And we're continuing this all the way through the education system. Because you know the goal of located throughout my eyes as to get to the cop. You don't need to go to follow. More than. Like they needed college. You need college. In five years 50%. Of the jobs are gonna require politics page. You know the wanting businesses that we're trying to get the ball well. Do you have educated workforce. So don't like they had to prop up. And I'll yeah in this day. If you do well. And you work hard and you start and you have good grades. You all won't negated to college because we have eight free college program. The question is not going to be. Whether or not your mother your father your friendly campaign. For cop. It is on stay ahead to what we are all about this today you can only go to college if you can afford. That's not equal opportunity that's not America that's not New York. If you're aware of the Braves and you can get in it we're gonna pay your tuition and that's the way it. If it's that. Why are we doing. This to create us. The first reason is because it is Smart to do. It's mark the date mark ball below. Its mark for the employees it's more for the employers Smart. The person. That is what is the second reason. Why you're doing this or you. And I will give you hate. It is a four letter word. And whoever. Guesses that four letter word. Which is the second reason. Is gonna get this thing that I am aware. I have a rock. What is this act read. The four letter word why we are investing and working so hard. To make you a sense that. Love them out yeah. Well congratulations. You win that bit. We do at all that's because we look. Congratulate. Not that aren't really need to be said. My name is trying to catch the superintendent of schools with this race. Buffalo public schools on behalf of all the beautiful children. All the children throughout the buffalo public schools not commit this act. Our esteemed guest this morning are beautiful and dedicated teachers we wanna say thank you governor thank you so much. What you're continue. Or buffalo. In the buffalo. The governor. The walled off. Active faith. With them both educated. And better still work force winds. Came over. And buffalo public schools is contributing to rent we are bullying and wind and hope. And we thank you so much for your concern you support a public education. And pop up. I'll let that want to have a great great thank you.