EC GOP Chair Nick Langworthy on Bohen win

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Tuesday, April 24th

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Yeah. Fighting did tonight is a tremendous victory. For Eric Bowen in this special election we are proud to stand with him. You know he's true independent and that's what we are looking for at the outset we wanted to send an independent voice in the same spirit is Mickey Kearns. It's someone they could stand up to Andrew Cuomo in new York and some. And it's I think exactly what we have here the voters have spoken and spoken loud and clear. I think it's it nice mandate going in. Two win you know with a clear you know majority had either the results of to be about 5347. Right now with some more votes to count. But we feel very strongly that Eric's gonna hit the ground running. Into a tremendous job for us you know and in Albany here for the last few months of the session this being offered for November obviously we do this all over while the petitions it to street Jude and so you know candidates have to decide what they're going to do when in you know. How they're going to and you know go their candidates. Eric bone will be the nominee of the Republican Party again. I I I don't you know. Presume that time. Except an outline racing and I expect conservative part of stick with a also as we go forward. And our product and Luis we still would have because we felt he could be the independent voice to stand up in Cuomo that we need here in Western New York just like make current home port. Is it that he had to win tonight that he did you know he signed you know in the in the assembly now vs running all over again. You know from from the ground. Obviously incumbency is very important I wish a special election was held months ago because this this district was left about a voice during the important budget process. I'd now what has a voice there's a lot of legislative matters that are coming forward. That we need to go look at. And Eric bonus going to have to hit the ground running. In tackle those issues in in to get independent streak of leadership that he's shown throughout his. His private career and he will take yet to Albany in play for the taxpayers Western New York just like weeds you know he said he wouldn't you campaign. Would you that we should teach your kids on both he and the budget. Well I I wish bits out. Rank and file teachers had more of a say on how the teachers union spends their money because I think they did disservice to their rank and file membership because Eric Bowen is a he he celebrated teacher he's someone that's got a tremendous career in he has it was disbursed by its union today and it was unfortunate the money. It was meant to try to knock him down when he's done nothing but be a tremendous educator of children throughout western.