EC DA John Flynn on EC Water Authority

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Wednesday, June 13th

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So this morning I got a copy of the off for his budget office report here. I read through it. You print out extra copies I gave it to. The bureau chief of my special investigations bureau can't be able to ought to look at to investigate. She are called all the stories budget office and spoke to all Michael Farrar. Who is the deputy director. And then we had a shot in conversation with Jeff Perlman who is the director all of this office. V they told me that that they had. Well founded no criminal violations in their investigation. They told me that if they would have found. Any criminal. Matters they would have afforded that to me immediately that that's her policy even before. They need to support public sold it they told me that they would have thought they would have done that. They did not do that so. They they found no. Matters rolls to a level of criminal nature. So what that's shadow on I'm still gonna just get it and our second set of eyes so I hope I'm still gonna have candy. Again no goal for report here. I'll go through all the penal law of possible violations. And Josh again and make sure that there's no. Our criminal matters here bought on the surface wait now. There does not appear to be any. Criminal charges. That are. Well that day it anytime anyone mentioned that out. Laws were violated and in this case. There were apparently different laws that have been filers for example there is saved. There is your Freedom of Information Act. That law. And if you violate the Freedom. Of Information Act. Then that results in civil penalty. I so well so. So so so so what sort of of that mess is one is right there that are there is a there are laws regarding. This. Acknowledgment of fiduciary dues responsibility which is a law. That governs. On your obligation to file the correct paperwork. Well with the State of New York. Either you'll. I don't off top ahead I don't know. If that's criminal violation or civil violation so I'm still mr. check anyway just to make sure that as a civil violation. Seasons. Crack. Track that that Daschle in that old look at just to make sure that there's no criminal. Remedies for violating outlaw voice civil. Here. Crack on the servers cool front. Andy is. Of course you and they didn't. Forget. They thought it was a violation strikingly. Certainly it doesn't hurt you to think of her life. Doesn't doesn't hurt to have had a second set of eyes were scattered along. She's not gonna spend an enormous amount of time in the trial she's just gonna just like I sexual just. Shall just again go to report here. Think people law book out. Check out make sure that there's no penal law a law correspondent statutes that would affect anything here. And most likely within a couple hours later there are here. Oh. At this time I don't expect probably mean again you know it just it it doesn't hurt to get missed his eyes. You. Well the the most glaring thing probably. This fact that. The water for apparently. Did not provide all the documents. To this agency that they asked for. Seoul whenever I see an entity or an individual who's subject of some sort of investigation or audit. And not provide all the documents to the one who's doing honored. That obviously raises a red flag to me why you withholding documents why why not being transparent. Are you perhaps trying to hide something. So. That's my initial reaction when you when. She. And again it again by speaking to the director and deputy director of her that her third doesn't appear to be you know any criminal problem. Laws were violated here bought again just like I said give it. Get a second itemize injustice you know make sure. Oh. No one or two people talk to the director deputy director of this story office. Presumably. Perhaps that. Him. I'm. Do it today it all all. All the wrong. He hears what happens when you when you when you. Make your freedom commission. And you know if you make a request. And if hey cool you often just don't get back to you that an automatic. Right so. Then you have the right as it were crushed her to file proceeding in the states Supreme Court and calls for. We know making a judge ordered them to respond to your request. It under. If in the course of all of that proceeding. The George determines that there was a failure to abide by the law raised. Either that you get refund or you respond appropriately you're view purposely lie to. Then and then there are civil. Penalties aren't sure. Know. And that's that's the only one. That I really knew how my head on. I could be in the former counter and I want idol forced off so I knew before rules all time. These all the rules and here while the public officer law this to you sure do his responsibilities. I don't know the old rules of top that's what it's like a look at this picture. We look there there's. We like classified as. One Q is on the line. Well I'll back that if if we. If if that ever happened comment then that would obviously. Com. Rate first ball raised my eyebrows do more sonar because now they have. They have not comply later. Where the initial request for the paperwork. And which again would lead someone to believe that you know maybe maybe not they're trying to highs. If Albert destroying potential evidence. That now raises a whole Mulder spectrum all. What their potential crimes there involved so does. More or less. And I'm on and what not not good don't know because no because I I don't expect anyone to destroy documents so no I I don't I. I don't but I your white blood blood blood blood blood you don't destroy documents though is. That that that is a drastic measure OK so I don't expect that. Oh. Well that that's that's tangentially. And offshoot of what I'm trying to do I mean what what I'm. What what I'm trying to do here is there. To ensure. That. There's no violation. Creek and criminal's actions that that that's my main goal. To ensure. There's no violations an criminal action and in my doing so. To ensure that. That obviously who leads to. Your question and your and your this opposition after question with yours you know the preservation of documents the preservation of all of all of potential material. That that may your main outlook that that may or may not show some sort of violation. It was too late our if it okay. Picker they're with. So. When you look in Sierra. Us. Audio out route that. But it will go on another another law. Off shoes as well it is. You know the whole the whole point of this report. Which is. The apparent lack of transparency. You have a situation here. And if you were graduates Qaeda that the species of this report. Is. The lack of prepared transparency. And by. By that GA. Shane. That. I have spoke to people who didn't support. And I'm just going to take another look at myself. That shows the public. I'll hopefully. That there is someone out there who is not trying to hide. Authors there's someone no matter who is ensuring. These people. In the future. Shall some transfers. With the girl shoot this well. Calls. That. That that's I'm not gonna go Jim Courier okay I'll I'll. I'll stay in my Iowa and her first time in all Alla. You know I I'll I'll leave I'll leave the armed the ramifications. To the managerial decisions and the administration. All of the management of the water authority to the powers in cedar county who have backed. Authority. That's that's not my point there's Oscar our. Owners. Yeah. Not not not for me I have bombed. I have V. I have a responsibility here too. Prosecute. T laws. Of the state of new York and the laws of of of Erie county. And IE. CE in my iron obviously fall an elected position and obviously. He always 80 so what part of the political system because I am an elected position. Bought IE I firmly believe that. I I hate that. Political hack off. Once. I step in this office on January 1 2017. And I. Don't care about all politics I don't care about all parties at all. I don't care about who's in charge who's not a charge. IE if they're afraid if it is afraid. Biffle long. Has been broken. Or has alleged to be broken. I'm a look anyway no matter who is the alleged perpetrator.