Dyngus Day 2018 930in716 April 2, 2018

Monday, April 2nd

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Her it's 930. In 716. Yeah up. Its biggest days. But really what's that mean. That will determine the fifth shooting which means wet Monday and polish I knew was something serious but how serious is it. Think probably much like I think Patrick in which I think is bigger in the United States that it may be in Ireland. I'm Jim linger. Polish podcast powered by. The Brothers of mercy a five star rated skilled nursing residents offering affordable living in a country setting. Hi yes stink is day that polish holiday. That had CNN's Anderson Cooper all giggles several years ago and got him in a bit of hot water with the polish American community locally we were right in the heart of local Polonia this morning. As the festivities began to unfold. The real term is being this shooting goes which means wet Monday in polish. And that's the use of the I'm a Smart guns and they cheap perfume. If you wanna know anything about doing his day just as Bernadette pub luck she heads up all things stink is in buffalo and was speaking with. Susan rose and Brian as around ski from the Broadway market. First I you have to you have to be ready to have a great time it's you have to be able to party you have to have. If those you're sparked have have some great polish listen to some great polish music. On this there's so much to do. And you don't have to be polished do it assume those pictures are saying come on have a great time. Buffalo has kind of positioned itself to be the polish capital of the world today right. Oh definitely we are we we have a bigger celebration here than even Poland. Now there's a big parade day in the early evening hours but before that all day long. I'm sure if you stop by the Broadway market it's gonna be bustling. At the market's opening it eighth and there's caballos making conscious at twelve. And at that there's sat several different venues that are going to be open all afternoon you can walk from place to place experience different kinds of different kinds of music. And then stick around for the straight. Are you are telling us last week about how the parade it's kind of I work in progress right up until parade time how many. Organizations. Do you hand listed for the parade today. Well entries is what I call. Trees can be anything from a single person to a number and individuals and number of vehicles and floats. Com the current count is somewhere between a 13850. Who that's a lot of people where's the best place to watch the parade. Well I can probably one of the best places along Fillmore avenue. Traditionally the areas. Around but we market and around opposite all Parker for thankful so proudly goods that would be apartment a side street off Fillmore and hang around on film or have a great feeling stop putting what is the root for the parade where does it start and where does it finish. It starts on the corner of Clark and Broadway those. Grows from Marquette to fill mark felt mark to pack pack two memorial and at the circle in front of the terminal. OK so I get the parade route down and there are row what do what do you bit off to this morning we see the polish dancers out on the day is it all. You know. Traditional polish festivities you've been looking at this morning more you see a little bit of he had the new school and their two. All that the traditional dancers are out I also have some mom and some volunteers and sun com prayed for is very very participant hanging out with me. And I'm like. One great thing is one gentleman crosses his seven year old son and he wants to be part of the festivities. As though I've got old school in the school. Eight and if you go to the parade people should not they haven't been there before that you know it's kind of an active parade route and he could get hit with something along the way right. Yeah better better be prepared for everything trust formed better pick. Losing. Be prepared to catch can't end and being at all kind. Ari and the official drink a dig a state is. All. Because the nice thing or and at the shot they keep it normal afternoon. I'm right in the center of the epicenter of the things they capital of the world that is true. That's buffalo common councilman de Francais he lives in the dangerous district inexperience is doing his day events firsthand. Gets pretty crazy of course but not quite as crazy as Steve says. He could get. Well I'll tell you one thing that the common council will not do that happened in Poland in the thirteenth century. When the local officials. I'll lauding his state because it was written too frisky. And two people having too much fun so I can promise you that's not gonna happen here in buffalo and maybe that's why it's. You know a bigger deal here in buffalo that it is Poland I think probably much like I think Patrick's day which I think is bigger in the United States that it may be in Ireland. Yet these same thing maybe the feathers in the caps are too big gun on some of the guys. It's not like back and think estate you know it's sheds a spotlight. On the east side of buffalo every single year. How do you keep that momentum going I you know passed just this one day year. Well I am sponsoring a cure about the contest that the twelve new sold those chefs have to cook all eagle property police supply food for people so. They're going to be having a lot of polish sausage the samples folks are invited to do that. But you know people you know practice their heritage regardless of their ethnic background. In many ways all throughout the rest of the year and we have a new immigrant population coming into broadly Fillmore and they're buying the old homes and fixing them up and moving them and moving into those houses. So yours start at C kind of a resurgent new businesses being open so I think there is with things there are starting to happen. There certainly is a lot of excitement and in that part of the city now. Now this killed classic contest we got to know a little bit more about this. Well. We started this through and yellow body in my office my assistant you know he's the sponsor a luncheon insist that we do with Cuba the contest and most of these. Participants is about 1516. Participants most of them are amateur. They are you know mom talked about some makers that don't have stores there are some professional. You know stores that do bring in submissions. But most of the people are just if they make it at home for the holidays. And it's boring. That's facing you have a whole panel judges include people like mr. Jonas was well known known of these side and and many other people sources a lot of what did you connect you're gonna you know have your full polish sausage that's for sure. It do you like get extra spicy. I like it anyway I can get. A perfect are you one of the judges still aren't back yet I would of agreed to it. You know I want wanted to judges absolutely hate the you know the probably market the central terminal where the other hot spots that people have to hit up on did you stay aside from the two big ones. Well the the group that kicked off I think if they after the show opened things society. Left. The fact about what was the editors skittish library dramatic circle. Until more they kind of revive thing to say after social and things society originally kicked it off in the 1950s. In the club. We restarted it about over twenty years ago and you've got all the churches in Spain in Corpus Christi. Was he will and and the central terminal has looked. Connect probably have 4000 people there and all the local. Bars and taverns in the neighborhoods for the whole area it's all going to be pop and. This kind of like a spring awakening right. You know that's would think if they kind is this sort of like a you know like can I in the United States congress Sadie Hawkins you know it's like young people are kind of flirting that's what this work on it and be. The fuel all about it's sort of what are worried spring. You know CC Hawkins. Hey let's look up. There's very in no way that say exactly what it's like David got askew you know we've been talking a little bit this morning about you know obviously the east side of buffalo it's in the spotlight today. Cell service and not Internet connectivity. On the east cell ID we've had some residents saying that it's just not as good as it could be. Now what are ways that the City Council. Can look to improve things like that or is the scope of that body kind of limited with. What they could force maybe cell service providers to do. Well there are about 77. Oh Wi-Fi hotspots this city bowl pool where you can get free Wi-Fi. But somebody's got to pay for. And the council can you know we can make recommendations. That like whiter areas of the side to have that Wi-Fi connectivity and freeing and cases work and happened. But it's good if the end of the day somebody's got to pay for we've got to find you know sponsors and providers that would be willing to do that. I think that awful these greater connectivity. As you know people. Are utterly and completely dependent on at their wives are dependent on. And activity you know just looking for jobs and contacting people so that's we've vital. Do you think the east side there has been. More underserved than the rest of the city. Well let often the case you know people had to struggle and work a little bit harder to get some rather you know basic services but. You know it's something that's worth fighting for and if we can get writers for his providers and or sponsors. You know mere mention that Jefferson air. Providing that kind of at least it's free Wi-Fi there which should be happening later responses. That are underserved in the city awful like I. So grab the pussy willow hit the parade be safe please and of course have fun this German guy will be back tomorrow. That's 930 and 716. We're back tomorrow with a net a radiation from the studios of WD EA and buffalo law.