DWI Impact On Canadian Travel - Jamie Fiegel


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We're joined on the line by Jamie feet eagle partner a fee going cars law firm that's talking about DW line part of our focus this morning a morning things that a lot of people. Probably don't realize if you are convicted of a DWY your access to candidate can be revoked for up to ten years is that right Cheney. That's correct if you have any drinking and driving conviction. You can be eliminated our art and street from Canada slack up to five years that you have won if you have multiple fashion you're fired her life until you file for some sort of released from the Canadian government. Okay this isn't just for driving in Canada this is entering Canada right. Abstract even if you're a passenger in the vehicle. If you're a visitor for a day or an where it does not matter eastern that you're Telstra and street. You show up at the port of entry for inspection and this is what you could be faced it. Now this is Canadian. Law but it impacts people here in buffalo because we travel to Canada quite frequently being a border city. How many people come to your office looking for helpful whether it's to like get over across the border once surges to find their options. There are many people from our. Very local area that are coming to us on a daily be that asking us for that information out. Whether they're convictions and their TW I renders them indeed miserable that their turn to Canada. And if it is how can all overcome that he be able to enter without family or for work purposes. And when he tellem. And if they have a conviction that it more than ten years old. And we can show that they've completed all the sentencing and and yours that app. Then we can help and use that Mitt as people applications to the border say see I really wanna be able to come in and you're its app I've followed your rules. I can you please lift that it in the stability. If they don't qualify under that and it's been more expensive filing that require a few. Submit an application to actually the Canadian consulate in New York City. But how long does that take and you can't just decide today listen I wanna try to go over this weekend and and then contact you right. Well I don't know I'd be an AD and is a quick read yes you in on you and you you can if you have that Spaniard hacked. There are immediate relief option to be able to go and seek entry but that burden is you provide that's true. If it's something where you you looked at violet can't let your correct that the wheat and could be up to twelve mark. Up to twelve months potentially but says could dampen quicker than that missed all low what you're describing is kind of adds to the cost of a DWI right. That's correct it you have to keep in mind that if you want to do and you pick lecturing going to attack and that the thumping the important here especially for work purpose that it. Very government filing fees they're the legal fees that it's going to be a costly process after that is after the conviction records. Does this automatically come up as you're going through inspection funny your test for your enhanced driver's license. Not necessarily when you go to primary who does boost when you first strike up. They will wipe your passport connecting people who has been answering you know that's for. 2030 years with conviction on their record and it's not coming up and in that first in action. What's happening is more and more information is getting in the that primary we call in action. And one that diet and that comes not you'll be spent in QB larger building which it noted secondary infection. And that will not be able to pull out all of your record it eat it you are criminally inadmissible. Aren't so was a lot of people not realizing this it you get calls from people who go to that secondary inspection and just wonder what is going on there were told. I contacts or somebody like you. A lot and their officers on the Canadian fighter very helpful and they will say. Are you are inadmissible because we see that you have a PW life for five years the and they'll be turned around and given what's called an allowed to leave. And then at that point they're told you need to look in view remedy that drill. Our rehabilitation. Or deemed rehabilitation go to their queue option or. A temporary residence term. It five years hasn't passed. There's another relief option that allowed someone who has yet to comment port purposes that are compelling. All right another consequence than a DW I Jamie thanks so much. Jimmy Siegel with Siegel and car law firm.