Drew Cerza, the Wing King on Alton Brown

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Thursday, April 26th

Cerza invites Alton Brown to the Wing Trail to check out wings for himself.


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I am withdrew serves on the winking to rule you have heard what Alton Brown had to say about buffalo wings. And you are. Not happy to say the least. It's unbelievable I'm I'm I'm disappointed shocks. Or diet is cal or. Persuasive disrespect cities in the regional foods especially seeing what buffalo. Which has some great pride in the past when the oral so. You know. We discreet spot what we are on the twelfth place with a combination of past week and past history. In united we are so so part of these policemen and the wind and the quality. Armed. I think he's just not ones but you know. Really come to buffalo experience. When we write our group wouldn't it be because we. Wanted to work instantly Q2 net so. You know I challenge come on up the ball well we'll take you out war and experience real ones I don't Shockey that we sent. This this is coming from the winking at them in the home of the buffalo wing that. All brown said that you don't get wings from buffalo I mean that's like not going to Philadelphia for cheese stake. Yeah there's like maker on somebody's kid you just don't do it. You know they were probably one of the problems are problems with the you know America the united. We really do not want to wait and would find good news. Elsewhere in the United States it's usually a transparent and Koppel that brought them there and it's. It's just story despite reports. But we're not point without. The appointment of walker quite young so he can turn his work around. Now you say that a rookie mistake is getting wings to go what do you think is there between wins to go. And getting wings hot fresh outlook prior. Knowing very black and white it's unbelievable. Who would you when you take into permanent starter for computer. All the moisture goals not stop its distinct changes the whole. The whole principle pile when the whole texture he just didn't do you know it sometimes you have to block. There's nothing like fresh we weren't are. And how soon do you hope to hear from Alton Brown as far as your challenge. Salute Barrett who slept sentencing report.