Dr. Tom Insinna from Nutrimost Wellness

Tune Into Health
Wednesday, March 29th

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WB and invites you to tune in to help us with the information on how to lead happier and healthier life. I'm here with doctor Thomas in a new to most wellness and weight loss in eastern hour and William tell. Doctor Tom how are you helping people lose weight. Well Susan notre most is the most individualized program on the market today. We have the unique ability to analyze every aspect of a client's health including age weight body count position health challenges even medications. To develop a program specifically designed for each client's needs. Now people can lose a significant amount of weight without exercise and within a short period of time. How is that done. Again this goes back to the same principle this is not a one size fits all program. He most programs retreat at 250 pound man with high blood pressure type two diabetes and high cholesterol. The same as they would treat a 155 pound woman was silly extra reason rheumatoid arthritis. Of course our program will be more successful Purdue is geared specifically to you in your own specific health challenges. We hear about people who put weight back on after a diet program how is neutral most different. You know that most current scientific research today. Says there's five major factors that are responsible for making our country one of the most obese nations on earth. If you don't change these five things you can't be successful and it can't last. Our program corrects all five of these issues what is the best way for someone to schedule an appointment with you you can call me directly at 7166552302. Hoarding go online in neutral most died count. You can learn about our program you could read some great testimonials and see some incredible before and after photos. If you type in your zip code you can even schedule a personal plumbing. To me. Stay healthy and keep listening to tune in Dallas brought to you by news radio 9:30 AM. WD and.