Dr. Scott Westermeier from Westermeier Martin Dental Care

Tune Into Health
Wednesday, February 8th

Dr. Scott Westermeier from Westermeier Martin Dental Care on dental implant technology.


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WB and invites you to tune in to help us with the information on how to lead happier and healthier life. I'm here with doctor Scott western Meyer from western iron Martin dental care. There's an implant seminar scheduled for tonight and doctor west Mirant these have become so popular they've been holding them for years. We know we've had a lot of success woman because people like him so much. When they're kind of in that mindset they can about implants but they still a lot of questions there's probably no better place to go really get your homework done about it. In a listen to a nice casual friendly. No obligation presentation about how implants work how much they cost how long it takes all the kind of questions. Armenian plants vs regular implants in the different uses of them. He doesn't hurt and what do they look like can. They get to meet the team to see the facility. He'd some snacks and I'm just have a good time we've. Laughing you always through some very casual presentation no obligation none whatsoever. People say what's the catch me there's no catch whatsoever some people just come get a second opinion type of environment from a us. Other people just literally wanna know more and you know what everybody has a question about their own case. And we don't want anybody to leave without him that question answer that's our commitment rate there. Such that everybody gets an answer you want people to reserve a spot so to sounds like something that's interest in you. Give us a call on reserve a seat at 6555000. It's at 6:30 PM both tonight in East Aurora. Tomorrow night and are and immersed office. And then second story on Friday in the mid day seminar at 2 o'clock and you know we always welcome Watkins the last. A healthy and keep listening to tune in Dallas brought to you by news radio 9:30 AM. WBE and.