Dr. Scott Westermeier from Westermeier Martin Dental Care

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Wednesday, April 5th

Dr. Scott Westermeier from Westermeier Martin Dental Care on sedation dentistry.


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WB EN invites you to tune in to help us with the information on how to lead happier and healthier life. I'm here with doctor Scott question Meyer from west to Meyer Martin dental care Scott replacing teeth. Can sometimes involves surgery which is scary to a lot of people. Or yes some people just hate going to Dennison to mention a word like surgery is like whom. So one of the best thing we've ever been able to provide patients is sedation dentistry which just allows you to take a pill take a little snooze and wake up and I don't care is handled. So if you're one of those people that gag easy or couldn't get numb in the past or. Just have terrible memories of chemistry in the past. This is just a great cancer every single day in the office we have somebody saying I love you guys thank you so much it was so easy. You may just so easy for me to do this whether is can 12 fixed. We're in the whole new set of teeth. Whether it involves implants produced more traditional ministry. People are able to get their don't care because they can take advanced sedation pastor you know we do it every day and we are one of the first to do with the area. We kind of lose sight of the fact that how special it really is but I spamming of our practice grows and grows and people come along ways just for that special care that they get. And you different levels of sedation dentistry to you know we find one size doesn't say at all. Some people just like to have the edge taken off other people kind of need to be put out a little more have been worked on some senators are coming up arms to not only do we talk about the implants naturally at at this summer as we discussed or about sedation because people choose at. So tonight and erased her location and 915 main street 630 and tomorrow night at her Amherst location 3500 Sheridan drive. At 630. And defend afternoon time works better for you. Then 2 o'clock on Friday will be back in storage and do some are done reserve your spot by calling 6555000. Or register at W comes smiled dot com more pins are always welcome. ALC and keep listening to tune in Dallas brought to you by news radio 9:30 AM. WD and.