Dr Candace Johnson and Marty Biron

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Sunday, July 15th

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Doctor Johnson made the right maybe I did this is just an amazing undertaking last year we had the beginning of it in now where you're number two what do you think a year after closing. You know every time I've been down here all week. It's just so I'm just blows the way I mean hockey. Who would think that hockey would come together with the cancer center to try to fight cancer. It's just remarkable and so I'm I'm as proud to be part of it. Marty what. It was a play like out there really pretty good playing Lewis says a struggle as like the ducks on the pond right above the surface everything looks Don but underneath that's like. Paddling and trying to stay afloat so it was amazing to those three teams that we got to play against raised over a 150000. Dollar together. I mean it's amazing that that that dot raising team was. Over 55000. Dollars in on that's an amazing group of guys. You know so it was fun it was fun to see. In on the buffalo viewed sabres allowed nine. And even Alex stuck Grady easy and always by the community now he's from Syracuse but. I his brother playing here what did you sabres last year living with Andrew Peters. Is just amazing that we're branching out even murdered and just Western New York we go to central new York and and more and so. People coming in from all over North America just to support eleven partly. As just an amazing feat an amazing community it's pretty remarkable that a game that was your career game that was really your life is your life. Can do something so remarkably. Reward yeah and then you know what I think that in post career is when you get to really feel. The does support and what she can do and how you can change people's lives we're just like in right before an interview little Isabella got that shaved my head this year for bald for bucks. You know we got to to meet her get to meet her family at data stayed in touch with a Stanley. On the she's got to get that treatments later in the month of July and hopefully this is gonna help her alive but the support that she's gotten from. From the community from the doctors from all the support system around here is amazing so when you play. You know you meet people but you know you always have to consider that. You got a game the next day they got a game the next week now in in retirement. I've got a little bit more time to be able to appreciate and enjoy these human and I interaction that you have those type people. Actor Jonsson cancer takes a lot of money you know the play this the fight is still on and it's hard to raise money. But it's great when something like this sport can and bring it all in the isn't you know hockey is hockey players are different. They are I mean. They just have an energy about them. Cancer touches all of us all segments of our society. These hockey players are really embraces their families that come what I mean it's it's a movement and it's so exciting. Your hair looks great. He's about ready for another shape and yeah. I don't I can't figure out if that's your people have said hey this is not like. Shave your head to add to move a budget they both a bike subject to grow it longer so it makes more they I have friends as a statement. Is this not an MSG this is frustrating. They get thank you thank you so much of it is so much.