Donuts and Taxes 930in716 February 13, 2018

Tuesday, February 13th

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Her kids 930. In 716. There's two things will get into on the podcast this time really couldn't be much further from one another. Punch keys. And so punching is actually not too difficult you know it's practically your standard dough recipe. For a donut. But we'll make some truly particulars the good as they're they're not as KT you know you don't get that crumbled there morrow lake a street fall apart down and taxes. I can't think of somebody with remain up and didn't know out the information. Or are prepared they are using a software package and they know that you could take a week ago but now you can't. No relationship of course both interest stings so here we go on the podcast powered by the Brothers of mercy a five star rated skilled nursing residents offering affordable living. In a country setting do we start with the fund or the taxes. Are able to get the taxes out of the way first I guess the folks over at EG tanks were shouting wait wait wait before you file this week. As some changes were made to the tax code. So we've been filing to confident that our outlook on how. Andy geez Tiffany Fabian tells Susan rose some important changes are worth noting especially. If you're filing or have already filed. And we found out over a week and ethnic question and need a Jack meant. Our bank put back into the crawl same way the mortgage insurance rates people who came or Egypt. At that point it to twenty by her partner value. I'm equipment market nickname mortgage insurance and so it. Or it insurance that was something that wasn't in the code a week ago but back back and the collar at the itemized deduction and also energy credits if you get new windows in front door garage door hot water expert at all the elation. That want them in the court a week ago ballot back in college. And I had it won the governments are occur hot or go back and forth and make banter. And so I'm aching arm medium mine I think that we can quickly back. Or have a deal we want shut the government down now. These are these pigs right communities that are very picked up out there wrong what is the biggest. That the wind would likely and more parents like you about 2000 client here. And height and arm pain market and our primary done about hunger that you return but I couldn't take them or insurance. Well back bearable because like it it in action because it wanted a code itself subsequently. Validated our people. I have to notified that are hopefully they'll hear you're the practice. Make out what insurance off complement their return. That get them a couple of hundred dollars back. And that affect the ambulance skate for probably the mortgage intern in the market back. Would be the energy credit and so people what I like our tactic that we don't keep that energy credits that they expect I'd want what's available but it wasn't a week ago and so I would topic now. Subsequently it now a call and make it take you energy credits so. I have to agree that my name mortgage insurance energy credit and then switch and see. That was an adjustment to income and so her yelling for American opportunity tax creditor like primary. And though it didn't work we would lie and it was Nancy. Situation in credit without our back pocket with apps and what their week ago by Alec Eric. Okay and for anyone who's already filed. But he said he your plane ticket to go back in and amend their returns but anyone else current just need to know about the cynic could amend their own return. Well I get going forward if you haven't I accurate are out take that high. Now you're like that for error count or you're a software program we're thinking you couldn't think mortgage insurance you couldn't take an energy credit. Or you can point to it and need. Now it happens find out each hand naked and I think it but it would remain in good dole out the information. Or Parker that they were using a software package and they know that you could take a week ago but now you can't. So people who of our file they're gonna I met people who happens file they're gonna happen Powell RC that are available land. The media and Howard are telling me I couldn't take it. Now I can't take it you know makes her that you take advantage of the market insurance now that deduction because mature period. Going forward and it's not an eighteen that tax reform are going to be harder I I. So that there are currently under itemize reduction. Makes sure that you'd that this year. And then you don't want your market it you're our property taxes and your interest that you can't your market outlook other bank so. Stand be diligent and get all of the money that you know at the type of fear that's about it. All right some fun now or at least some guilt donuts. Big donuts Penske days as on the day right before the left and season begins okay punch key day Austin clink marketing manager of crushed Dickey bakery in buffalo. Gave our Mike Bagram in the 411. On these massive donuts. If pretty much originated as the people in Poland used to use up all these the fast and the wired and the weeds and on the bunch of different ingredients and sugars that they couldn't use during the month and season. And so they got rid of them all by making these delicious puns it's. So that's kind of how it originated more. It's so I'll hear crew chief he bakery punch keys obviously are a huge deal what's been history between on skis bankruptcy estate. Yes so when my grandparents originally started the bakery back thirty years ago when they came over from Poland. It brought all these plus recipes with them so ever since then we've been making enough on skis. And providing with Penske day. And everybody comes for so. Iverson's thirty years ago you know we've solely by and doing on ski day it's close so we got more popular over the years from now as you can see in buffalo there's a huge following for months he's. Because of extra polish community what goes into making a punch ski so punching is actually not too difficult you know. It's practically your standard dough recipe. For a donor. But we'll make some truly particulars the I'm good is they're they're not his case he you know you don't get that crumbled there morrow lake a street fall apart down. And you want that nice white line or on the senate to show that French Fries and then you got that nice feeling on the inside not too much not too little suspect and a perfect amount. And a variety of flavors now you know as times change. We have flavors for everything so it's not just that typical current owner at the rose. Rose pedal gently that they used to use but you know. Raspberry Bavarian chocolate everything like how he punched PC think that you may confer Tuesday. I would say were making the rounds ten to 151000. How long did it take to make typically palm of one backs in the Fryer takes about eight minutes and you put every one minutes that's tedious work that went excellent. I think we were talking earlier this morning and you were telling me that. The staff and makes it early in the morning Nike's that you're looking to make it about 101000 for Tuesday. That are in their super early right they are they are we do a little bit of prep work but everything starts happening early in the morning from about one to 2 AM is when the makers get in and that is just nonstop all day you know constant prying cuts and preparing everything. Where people get on skis. So you can get a man author of our locations we have the one here in Lancaster. Eight west road there's one in the Williams so which they're College Park we location. Write up of young somewhere. And then add the original location of the private market 99 cents a it's kind of a time a year work she he's bakery really hurts pick up steam not only would it. When he Dave Ash Wednesday is coming up and then Easter twos are things looking for you guys when it comes to having the big celebration of probably mark the end. Yeah I mean punch it is pretty much the kick up to Easter that's how we know things they're really star and again high gear here. They. Are you saying you know more and more every day in preparation for east they're more people are coming and it's definitely super popular time of the year so. You know just for hands on deck. This is secret but at any time ever had a punch you know that I didn't stuff for the rest of the day how many calories or more of these entities. Honestly I wouldn't want that even if I hit that. They're definitely for indulgence you know. But it's definitely nice to have one or two word mystery you know on bonds today it's it's the tradition. You know got specific favorite that any person not should gay Yang and he mentioned a few of them earlier quarter. The ones that you recommend yet definitely on the number one most popular player has to be in the raspberry filled with a please and thank. I'm that's hands down like everybody loves that one. But really you can try any of the players I think there really great we have chocolate Bavarian. Cream. Current generally for a club. The raspberry and then London and those can come and they're glazed sugar departures so you really do have a lot of options. You know a lot of people come out to get these every year we do it's crazy amount of people that commanders I mean they'll be you know line getting ready once we opened at 7 o'clock tomorrow so. We're we're excited that you know we'll get there. Well you know what he's done. There's a lot of putts he's out there I mean everybody kind of has their own take on their recipe we try to keep it separate traditional. So definitely come by and travel we think is the most traditionally you can you get in buffalo so. For your personal that your your. Correct yeah that is my mother and when it comes. Yeah I actually came to America and EB seventh or eighth and believe I'm around the times was twelve when my grandparents brother very with her sister. And she's been here ever sense how often you know back in the eighties the record Kiki at their house you know before we had a big bakery. And so mavericks have since been super test of the business he loves that she loves it really pleasing the giant polish community we haven't buffalo. I'm extremely is really special thing that we. So what are you giving up for lent a we're back tomorrow. That's 930 and 716. We're back tomorrow with a net irritation from the studios of WPA and buffalo well.