Donna Alessi 45 year employee and Neonatal ICU RN

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Friday, November 10th

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You there's so many memories here and it's it was wonderful working here but I think the biggest thing is that removing. To a bigger and batter hospital and it's so good just not for buffalo bush had his stance from the patients. Marceau the patients. Then the staff because we're gonna go to single runs so it'll be easier for their families and the baby's going to be quieter for the babies which is good. For their growing in nurturing and everything. You said in there it's bittersweet with what's the bitter hurt of of walking out of this place for the last time. Memories and just being in this building I. Then nursery I'm going to now in the new hospital will be the fourth connect you that I worked in and Children's Hospital. So starting back 45 years ago. Meeting have attacked Valentin and what's happened over 45 years and the babies it has Benny the Berlin and I have one in my primary suggest. Stared at first grade she was 24 weeks since the great one pounds or ounces and she's aware. 45 years ago they went ahead and treat efficiently they wrote this I think the way they rolled everything out today we have these mock movies. And I think coast there drove us out a little crazy nervous but when a week act to the point of doing. Tick date it rolls and when lake teacher cabbage said when they needed to we stocked. You know we took a brat OK we gotta stop a little bit. And everything went so smoothly and I don't off we all thought it was gonna be get bittersweet it just rolls like. Next patient next patient and you just did it. Under twelve hours. Amazing we have that we be here at 101112. O'clock tonight. And we're now we're going home when we're supposed to. Each each of the patients obviously important here and offers. Twelve year old girl came out and it seemed like a straightforward transition of the patient you work with these these little babies and in the Q that's not an easy thing to. For it for them for you in a bit from time. Right. At them or we're very sick so you had your honor seeing you had your respiratory therapist and and you had fewer. Trance partners that takes the babies so it's a train station and and they everybody works together. To get him where they need to be and then we have this team for the fielder children and pediatric thanks to you. When your first shift overdose. Start working there on Sunday. And no I'm not ready to. Question yeah everybody says when you're ready to leave and readied me. And I know when it's candidly about. I'm ready thank you so much.