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Domenic Cortese
Saturday, November 25th

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By people to defend this archaic law to say. That our cash you're gonna repeal safety provisions can't don't you care about the safety of workers well of course we do. And the ironic thing is and you gotta really kinda drill down think this through. If presently. In employer. Is. A 100% liable no matter what. And the employee has no liability no matter what what does that do to. Any sense of responsibility. Learning you know again not suggesting that I don't want to get hurt compensate them are kind of covers that. That's right there and there didn't I'm glad you mentioned that there were two. They're two. Two ways to do reform. One is and this is embodied in legislation is too is to repeal it. Answer simply allow workers compensation loss to apply and makes sense. That that's one way or the other way. Is to. Reform that. And to say that ordinary rules of compared to liability applies so that. If the workers 10% liable to 10% liabilities and carriers which see what sounds fair as well. But what is what we knew what we know is unfair. Is this system we have now in which. All of the liability rests with the owner of the premise or whether that owner. Is the owner of a skyscraper being built. The owner of a bridge being constructed or the owner of a home in which it has an addition being put correctly. And like in any any so many of your listeners exactly and understand that this scaffold law increases the cost of editions at that put on them. It increases the costs of an automobile and increases the cost of everything we buy New York State and the reason why is. That liability insurance carriers find it hard to do business in the state. So therefore the pool of those carriers that are selling their players in New York State is small. And because of that their prices are high here so everybody pays more for everything in New York State because this careful and that is really where the rubber hits the road. Is the issue that the cost of liability insurance is almost becoming. An unavailable to us because of the cool things or small. We'll continue our discussion here with our Robin Sharma here you are a free to chime in if you have an opinion I mean we can inspire around into. Health move this. This freight train and are in the right direction and he sits I know he's in favor of pro repealing Avalon. My name is unknown. A variety of reform and repeal scaffold law builds. And I I'd I'd bear the scars of of that fight but. Now we need more allies and ideally something of this magnitude you need the governor to weigh in okay. When we come back we'll talk to arrive in about that very fact as to why this loss still exists in life it's just so difficult to get it removed. Participate in the program 8030930. 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His name is Robyn chairman Jerry here and he is a good friend and ally there and he does indeed support. Scaffold law reform however. The bot relies been on the books for some time and are some time off and on and an Albany pal but that's a that's the testimony unto itself. We've got a text question that came and it seems appalling that this cakes capitalized on the books. Who specifically is opposing getting rid of it and why it is it it's so the incentivizes business from doing business in the arc. Let us know who benefits the most with a slot. Most likely lawyers that statement it's so in these sent in the end the incentive prizes businesses and doing his New York is absolutely dead on the money. It's probably my biggest pet peeve rabid about the law and that is because the line exists. Liability carriers. Find it difficult to do business in the state. Therefore they don't offer their insurance is in New York State. And therefore the cost of those that are selling insurance is is substantially higher. In addition to that no not only that there. And and because liability insurance is more and the thing that's associated to liability insurance any product that you purchase. It's more expensive because of the law. But in addition to that as dimension to during the break. We need to dot every I and cross every T and hold our breath that we will be renewed by our carrier because of this law. So cool benefits from the law he mentioned trial attorneys we hear that kind of almost like it's a cliche. Trial attorneys but what kind of power to these trial attorneys yield on Wednesday. Well. Obviously. If you can now. Go to court and wind automatically because there's absolute liability. That sits on the shoulders of the premise owner or his agent. The contractor. That's. That's a sure win here so. It's it's. It is that provision in law which many people like if there on the side always. The plaintive. Bringing an action under this labor laws section 24241. It's a sure win if you can prove. That its gravity related and that it fits under the statute. So people that win. Obviously like the law. The losers of the people who have to pay the higher insurance. In order to. Get the coverage we'll Huckabee don't have a voice other than any other new which you seem you seemed to be. Outstanding in your field. Alone it. Thank you I guess Africa. Well you've you've got to do it. There are. Bills pending you got to take take a look and see whether or not your senator your assemblyman has put his name on that bill and been willing to sign on the dotted line and say I support. Scaffold bar reform as embodied in assembly bill yeah idea idea that's available online for our listeners to ego in check out the C insurance reform sure. Actually think the he think the population of the state and New York gets that I I. Mentioned to you that I think there's going to be very little phone activity about this whole race they Soviet era coComment. I do you think the state gets it on a population gets in on how important this reformists you know I don't. Necessarily think so but as we were on break if I can just. Diplomacy this till after we talked to the call ethical Augusta right to the caller let's go to Rochester and say good morning to Jan Jan thanks for calling and it's important subject you know and double B here. They definitely were I would hi John good nice to your voice again yeah yeah yeah I remember you. I. Guess I was just thinking probably UB I think you start in the subway get in this case companies are you really do any amount. I never dated him. A. A good guy I was first elected in 1976. Yeah. OK so I just last few weeks three years before but anyways I think you're doing a great job blocking all we have been following your career thank you. We have had data by the way. Yeah. So it's your comment I am. The like cowardice see Illinois. Repeal. Collins yes after the repeal wolf well their version history of law are safe workers sixty actually why not. The question I get free rather asserts. The scale the scale what law. As well. It's created so low interest these scenarios like I heard one case where. Actually. Yeah worker at the end of the trial. After all the sort of recent aid and every take actually does you know located some fault. Well initially. It's 100% reliability and Patrick juror property owner what are the trial went on to what you conclusion. There is already. Mediation and they're good person judge's discretion to law OK I like it. John hull hold that thought because it is the bottom of the hour and it's time for the top and his will be back to talk with John and get Rodman's comments and is a question. Right after this 1030 news break. 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Look the governor makes many initiatives. It is thought that the governor wants to run for president. How embarrassing it will be if it is highlighted that there's only one state that still has this circuit provision that's been on the books since 1985. Holes. Back progress in New York State by adding costs. To every single project from. Building a garage behind your house to putting in addition on your home to building a skyscraper. To building a new bridge. The cost of the scaffold law. Mounts up on every project and in many ways it's it's it's a it's a progress killer but yet. It stays on New York books so hopefully the governor will make it part of his agenda. And he's very muscular you know but he is a leafs who you've led me to believe that he ever he kind of like scoffs at aside when you bring it up. Well. He should hear from his friends he should hear from his friends and the construction field his friends in the business community. Ordinary people who if they came to understand that the cost of a new home that they're trying to purchase. Has a big component in it of scaffold blog costs. Would think I heard that percentage of 8%. 8% and on their scaffold lower cost and it in a new home built. It's like a sales tax. All across New York State. And you'd itemized that earlier in effect. Everything here and he can't even though even he even running a dare you gotta you've got to build a place with a cows. Do their thing that a liability insurance and every business has tried so. This is is a unique provision on the books in New York State since 1885. On the governor's not responsible for an acting this. But as the governor and looking at a third term now he should certainly be all about getting rid of what would it take. Well what did it take to get the safe act through what did it take to get his minimum wage he was trying and what did leave him. Right well hopefully he would believe in reforming the scale polo on repealing this god we've holding item we're holding giant in the other John. Plaintiffs. You being held responsible at the end of the trial explain that again. Yes pardon my interpretation and I've debated this subject of a member of an issue there of independent business and I. I talked and the subject to people like Jerry Bronson. All all of the last kind of a left wing guy in assembly and David can't whatever and we debated this and they brought out some of the access. Well at the beginning actually try and trick your property owners hold 100% its liability whereas. BSE. A trial in the case progresses. It's a certain point situation Cirque dismissing a 100% liabilities are allocating blame. That's what I've been told. And had issued the other issue too is I understood. Again by either argument stick to me this is single family homeowners. I'll get a cash. It's only because the only one you start only. Two fairly recently since sat through many many people do many up all hold we're still. Own. Too well let me tell you this John I only workings on single family homes and my liability insurance renewal is tied directly to the cost. Related to scaffold but nonetheless he whether I'm in involved in the law or not my costs of insurance is still affected by it. Yeah yeah I Dominic I'd say yeah I'd believe and I know that's I'm just going back to a TARP the property or themselves. Are sort of limited and reliability of your singles simply homeowner had been told by you yeah you're on the hook. There there are atlas thinks you're sharing your comments and are in bringing up that important point counts some sort of picked. Yet so I pay I think there's a little bit about controversy on this part of Milan because they've gotten it from both sides have been told. That what he said is true that single family homes are not part of the lot of them had been. I've been told that's not indeed the case that they are hard line so I don't know if you have the interpretation of that. Now I know of no exemption guessing on campus that I homes iPad. I am that's ahead scratch your for me and as of the other point that he was making about how in according to Harry Bronson and David gantt who assembly members. That he works with out there in Rochester. That a judge can come in at the end and somehow adjust alive well. Even if that's true even if that's true. The initial hurdle though even if that's true the initial hurdle though is still the scaffold on the presumption. Of full liability on the part of the owner. Of the premise or his agent so even if that's true it's still dad. I'm not sure it's true as it we're dealing with that only a lot that's unfair because you cannot defend yourself. And then we're dealing with that effect on top of the fact that everything is more expensive in New York State because dislikes us. In viability carriers do network and through the state because it's like this so we lose on both sides as a consumer. We do. Eagle three on 930 participate in the program here and double B yen ravaged imager was nice not to stay an extra hour. He actually said half an hour turned into a 45 minutes to no avail on me now are gonna finish the hour I'll do whatever you say I do whatever I say that I think that the shackles are yeah moved here if I'm very freedom though you're playing the shares very comfortable and say these are good chairs now here's a text comment that I don't agree what it says insurance companies must make some generous political contributions. I think that if that were indeed rule. That they would be hurting themselves and supporting Islam because. The lie that makes the the the conditions for insurance. Knew more and more dangerous for the insurance companies so why would they support the yeah. I I don't know that in insurance companies that I've heard from point out that this law. Makes it difficult for. Them to insure in New York State because of the absolute liability understand now that there are there insurance brokers or insurance agents weren't for the brokers and under the big companies. Big companies are gonna to go insurer thanks. And what do they care of your paying a huge premium in all of this has led to take my premium dollars because I'm I'm no risk yeah and end the broker and agent perhaps acts on your behalf. After your interest and perhaps advocates for yours that I each own it depends what you would meet what you mean by the insurance. Industry at what level what what. What level right now. And everything I've heard from them is that this it adds to costs. It makes it impossible to find an insurance company a big company that wants to insure. And in New York. I would encourage you to look into that because I can tell you that in in the them in my level of construction. We only had two companies willing to bet one was so prosperous preposterous Lehigh that we would even be able entertainer. The incumbent is the one we always hoped would be you know reasonable and they generally are. And so its main street America is that the name of the company that then insurers us. And think god for them because they get it that we are low risk and we give them what they want you know the you know the hold harmless agreements from any subcontractors. Signed and sealed copies of their certification to show that there are properly insured. So that they're minimizing or mitigating the risk. In 8030930. Let's go to target Wanda and chat with Mike good morning Mike you're next on W yeah Aaron. Good morning Dominic thank you for taking my phone call. Dominik I believe mr. shim incher is misinformed. In terms of the liability of one and two the only owners. But structures and buildings under the label and it he would go back and actually read the statute is that. OK let what's what year give me the site might come gladly do that. Isn't it hasn't dipped under the weight of missed. Stich has been written since the 1980. What's what's your point about what he said in correctly could you point to me where the exemption is in the law for the single and two family houses. What a chip or put up the book I don't ever rate at which we are sitting together. I would open it up for you and go through the sentence by sentence. Okay I'm in studio now I don't have it with me. While there is an exception occurred 240 for wanted to be able homeowners. And it does is correct. Mr. shim injure I believe you have a responsibility. To tell your listeners and your constituents. That the statements you made today have been incorrect. OK I think it could could could you identify what. Part of section 240 this is in. You get section 240 in front of you can you can pull it up and a computer. No I don't have a guy I'm sitting here in his studio right now. But you but you're the attorney who worked made the call and you seem very certain about this and I'm just asking to. You just tell me exactly where it is so I can see it up this. OK we will we will do that but I think there's something else that's being missed here Mike in May be in the tell me if I'm wrong about this. That he meets you may find there's an exemption exemptions to single and two fairly homeowners but not to the contractors that might work on those homes. Well you're you're making comments before I went into similar homeowners are making comments about putting up a righteous if I hire contract. To put up in addition to my house. There contractors cannot be sued when one of his own workers. Would be involved in a workplace accident is that not true mr. Shimon. I'm well if if I see in the exemption that you're speaking of my answer would mean. Be one way and I don't see it I would stick with what I said before that's why I'm asking you to give me the specific Michael what what did you call into my office and give me that specific site which you can't argue with Mike is the fact that as I mentioned are ready that the cost of liability insurance. Mike what you can't argue with is that the costs of liability insurance is still an issue for all contractors. Driving up the cost of insurance. Drives down business in the state which is another another primary reason to reform law. It would have broad statement of your premise. Okay good it and stand up by the way is MI correct. I'm mr. Cortese is that you are sponsoring. This time NW the end. No sir I'm an employee of the station. Europe your employee of the station and you also have a business as a contractor in Europe promoting. The repeal of the scaffold off I'm I'm this time is that correct. And I don't like the nature of that question what what are you trying to get that. Wait a second hit it either either either I don't care whether you like the nature of the question and you are involved in and a construction business that's correct and you're using this time as the an employee should told me of WB CN. I have I have editorial control of the of the show if that's what you're getting yes. Editorial tension over the show. Yes. Absolutely. Mike can I contact you on Monday at your law office and get the information. There's propaganda that is favorable. For insurance companies and construction company. As opposed to workers. Connect cut eye contact you that your office on Monday to get the information about the exemption for the single families. Old sick we are opposites and share and drive mr. Shia majority. What's what's your opinion Mike about the redundancy. Of the scaffold lot to workers' compensation insurance. They are not redundant. It's not redundant. So full if aid if they worker falls from the white greater than three feet under the workers' compensation insurance while he still has a claim against his employer. So that's not redundant to the scaffold far. Claim is for payment of in percentage of wages and his or her medical expenses only. Right but then that is indeed the same argument on the scaffold. It. Okay well I'm confused on that point. But time is that not allowing us to continue this might but I do appreciate you participating in the program thank you thanks Mike your great American think you. 8030930. I'm more confused now than it was before or what about you. Well if he can send me that 240 provisions that exempt the single family can start from there I'm sure you've read it. Yes but I don't remember seeing an incentive and right but many times many times many times. There are exemptions set out in some other place in the law that refers back to forty and so I think we were hitting Mike in his pocketbook programs. Well. Didn't want to mention that you an attorney but if you did say it but three times he's an error out of me. 8030930. Participate in the program if you well here on WB I will be right back after this. Heated discussion we're having this Saturday morning here on camera time about this scaffold block. Talking about heat yet he travels through your duck or care and that are quirk perhaps may be dirty. What does it dirty west while dust mites dust mite feces that animal parts may be lasagna tray. You never know until you get it cleaned out what's lurking deep down in your dock work. That's from my friends and indoor air professionals can come out and help you by thoroughly cleaning and sanitizing their dark work with the patented. Column duct cleaning system they will blast all of that gone out of your Duckworth and suck it all out and then leave you with a fresh scent. Of Canberra Zhao happy Thanksgiving and good morning mr. Gordon. Good morning everything pimping. 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A couple of minutes silk top of the hour in his time here on doubly whammy on special thanks Robin challenger for spending the extra hour. If we've inspired or listening audience to affect the summit degree of change by getting involved how would they do that the best advice the best way to do that. Well my local office is at 3514 Delaware avenue and can more 14217. And the phone number is 8732540. Got an email address she him. CH IMM car sham are at assembly spilled about that states though about that in mind that US. And I'm also reachable for our friends like John and register. In Albany at 847 legislative office building Albany 12248. Phone numbers five when he or. 476. You mentioned that our listeners should guard should definitely can't take the governor and can share their opinion Imus and the governor mark capital the State of New York zip code. 122 story and I'm sure he's got an email address about. Privy to it at the present moment sitting here at your table. Well I -- are again and appreciate you are spending the hour with us talking about this in encourage everybody listening to get off your butt in and do something about it like protecting. The governor and given your opinion. Look forward to seeing you next Saturday same time same place where we have been since 1989. Right here on WB and enjoy the rest of the holiday weekend and remember life may be hard by the hired by the bench it's the same. WB GN buffalo WK SC HD three I'm. I'm Scott Goldberg who is in charge there is confusion at the top of the federal agents.