Domenic Cortese 9-30-17

Domenic Cortese
Saturday, September 30th

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Summertime begins right here right now. Celebrating more than 25 years of home improvement advice on the radio this is hammer time on news radio 930 WBBM. Which Dominic Cortese from court T incorporated construction contractors. Now here's Dominic cork tees on news radio 930 WPE. Good morning homeowners and welcome once again hammer time here on WB NS some expertise in studio with a very special guest. Who stepped in to say hello. Here to promote an event that will be next Saturday night at the buffalo convention center. And it is Mercedes wealth in the executive director of the organization called. For our daughters the sixth annual gala is next Saturday. And good morning Mercedes good morning thank you so much for having me it's a pleasure. You may recognize Mercedes from her daily. Television appearance I met the television show called the daily buzz 716. And the WBBs. Do you mean dvd thing. It's just didn't wanna come out. You do that every day and of course you're the executive director for our doubters let's start with the highlight as to what for our daughters is about absolutely four daughters was parted. In 2012 after my battling breast cancer when I was 28 years old we actually started out going into schools and talking about. You know encouraging young women to go home and learn their family history because I was going to breast cancer myself. When when the doctor started asking me questions I couldn't answer. So we started I'm going into schools just asking young women to go home start the dialogue with their parents to learn their family history and we grew from there. What we found when we started going into the schools today what was that young women had. More or that they wanted to talk about they actually started to give us the reasons why they don't. Speak when their parents so we took those issues formed a curriculum. And now we're doing it in over seven schools across Western New York. And what happens and that dialogue at what are you educating girls to know about and. What we're actually doing workshops so we're we're showing them the communication process. Where you were getting information from them on what that looks like. And then we actually give them tools on how to communicate and then we encourage them to. Go home have the conversations and we know that the conversations are being had because we're starting to hear back from repair and so we do different workshops on communications. On the issues that stop young women from speaking up about their own. So the point is that awareness brings. More awareness would bring. More medical intervention and therefore higher rate of survival. Yes exactly yeah exactly we want to set them up so that once they leave high school. They're comfortable speaking out and making those doctors' appointments or telling someone when something isn't quite erase them. So the event next Saturday highlights the work before our daughters and it's an annual gala that you hold. And we're going to be doing it live auction for. You know you be doing or how hot I love it I'm so excited we have some great donations that come in from so many of our sponsors. And. I'm excited to see what you do with them. I hope it goes to prison if you're set me up here. The tickets are sixty dollars for adults thirty dollars for children twelve and under and you have tickets available for survivors. Yeah what we tried to do is from year one is because breast cancer and I story. We try to get people to sponsor tickets for survivors at every year that we've done for the last three years. I we've been successful this year we have about fifty survivors. Tom all of their tickets have been sponsored by folks in the community there's clauses yes it's been amazing. So how would the listener who might want to embrace your cause while participate in the event. Absolutely all information about the organization and app purchasing tickets which they will be available until this coming Wednesday can be found on our website at for our starters ink dot. Board of paying for our daughters ink. Hi Nancy dot ORG. In the phone number 9309345. Yes. 9309345. The event again next Saturday the seventh of October at 6 PM at the buffalo convention center on Franklin street. Again tickets are sixty dollars for adults thirty for children what are we gonna see other than my AO live auction. We will see we will have dancing we will have a live band we have Ameen and the empress singing fours. We also have raffles. The silent auctions. Is going to be so much fun to sit down dinner and and just there's and there's moments throughout the night where you'll see we can't give away all the secrets but we do have a survivor tribute. That we've done pretty much every year. That that is a very it's it it's one of the highlights of the evening so we're really looking forward. Okay Mercedes both in the executive director of for our daughters again the big gala next Saturday. Join me and supporting this wonderful organization. By being in attendance sixty dollars is the price for an adult ticket. Thank you Mercedes for sound and I think you Phoenix Saturday with the court to. 803 on 930 that's a number for you to death here and double B and anything around the house I can help you with open lines with the your name on it 8030930. Outside the 716 it's a total free at 180616. WB insult cause or welcome next hour 930. Text me at 30930. Email me hammer time match court he's gotten that check out the court he's website everything we do is there room additions kitchen and affirmations are handyman service including. Handyman for a day better living sun rooms solar shades retractable linings all of their free you at court t.'s dot net. And we come back I'll tell you about a new addition to the Cortese Stanley. Good morning come down and expertise and before you pick up the hammer before you pick up the drill pick up the phony gimme cause of the talked. Before we talk to you though what you say we traveled to you portrait cart. Union and Michael Rhodes on the corner right there yet lake shore savings bank. My good friend salie tying the manager of the Orchard Park branch good morning Sally. Good morning congratulations grandpa yeah yeah you beat me to let while we tell everybody right now Francesco filer court he's born on Monday. Yet six pounds ten ounces twenty inches long. Francesco named after my father so the the name stays alive in the family and a Francisco's little sweet little boy. Born on Monday thanks for mentioning that cell. And thanks for mentioning too that lake your savings bank has the unbelievable 1% interest rates still available. For money market accounts. We deal with our lake shores savings bank ultimate money market savings account to earn 1%. And that they mean Belgium is no limit on that. Many many accounts at a certain. Limit but there is no limit even earn 1% on all your money in the account with a minimum of 101000 dollars required to open it. With a qualified checking account but it's a great great very very wonderful account for our our listeners out there. We've been busy sending people relate her savings bank all season long saline for the home equity line of credit. And still the best place in town ago for home equity loans. It sure is only all of our originators are located every one of our offices to to help customers any questions they may have I'm home equity it's wonderful great. Maybe we make it easy for for the customers. We were just talking to Mercedes about before our daughters gala next Saturday. And to post two Saturdays from today. We will be at the 21 bricks winery for another live auction that I'll be doing. That's correct Saturday October 14 a major fund raiser. For lake church savings bank the Mikey wait foundation did a wonderful event. At the winery chefs food truck is going to be very mean who doesn't wanna have a mile shaft strike Philip then there's a live auction that you're gonna be. Conducting forest again and it's always goes successfully we have tickets available at every one of our offices so please support to Mike Easley foundation. What were the ties that I was auctioning off last year they're famous army portage portage ties Mike and I think I got 200 dollars for a high. Packed app. What if they regretted that in the morning. But of course now for the cause right right my keys when had a chance Sally to go on Mikey today. With less Friedman the father of my key. He has his cart which he wheels through the hospitals. He lives in Connecticut but he travels to buffalo to go to Roswell. And I have a chance to ago. He day with him. Traveling around the rooms hand having the children and young man. Pick out electronic item to help occupy their time mother eating their chemotherapy. Very valuable. And fulfilling. Opportunity ahead. Absolutely and I alpha participated net. And it heated smiles. The children's faces all the challenges that they're going through yep it's a wonderful wonderful fundraisers. Amen to that so the event is the fourteenth of October and there's tickets available at all of the branches corrected a case of come on out to 21 brits it's about. Not even an hour. It's a really neat winery. It's in newer winery with their one is actually very very good and we have a lot of fun so join us on the fourteenth when we started around six. 5 feet by 8 o'clock and OK I guess just that just very coaster for donors that the beautiful drive out and a nice very nice nice. I get away. Okay we'll look Pharmacia next and that's and that date Sally and the phone number there at the F Orchard Park branch. The phone number is 6742. Million euros six. Repeat that for 67420. Expects. From 100 in that 26 years later savings bank. Putting people first. Yeah I. Show actual game but they its buy hourly fifty years fifty years Tressel won my friends a job like air conditioning and heating. Have been serving very heating and cooling needs of western New Yorkers like your humble host. I'm used John Locke for half that time myself may be a little longer will listen there's the people at John Locke are happy to give you a second opinion considered John Locke to be your heating and air doctor as they've been mine and my families and what's more. John Walker will match or beat any written estimate you've received a lot more if John Locke can't meet. Or beat you were written estimate. They'll pay you fifty dollars just for the opportunity to serve you. You've got nothing to lose are these kind of people you'd want to do business with the course they are. 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Begin your thought cleaning and get a room cleaned free but you need to call now 706. 0003. That's 706. 0003. For peppered care services. How. Every time is 10:23. Good morning it's stamina court he's in studio for you know an 803 on nine trio that's 803. 0930 outside buffalo can call me for free at 180616. WEE and so because it's starting thirty or text me. At 3093. Go a text her. Writes I've spent some time patching in repairing sidewalk very old. I applied several layers of hatch. Small. Area small square yard area when can I feel that in what is best to use. The last player was applied about a week ago if I do have a concern as to the longevity of any kind of concrete patch. He and feeling it might help extend its life but I will be honest with you. I don't see that holding up indefinitely. Most patches are gonna have enough density. To be have left porosity so you have a built in big advantage to the seal the problem is the coherence giving it to really truly stick. Is that is really the challenge our you can buy a concrete sealer. On an acrylic sealer. On look for one that might have a saturating component to it in the the porous. In that'll help hopefully extend the life of the happen but frankly I don't see the patch. Lasting indefinitely. And other text her rights Dominic let people know the bumper stickers that majestic pools won't be handed down until noon. Different from earlier report OK I believe these are bumper stickers that are in relation to the National Anthem controversy so we'll let that sit right there. On the table on and we won't entertain that topic today it's been over talked I think. Go to the gains in race stands and hand them believe that there. Let's go to the phones and the island of grand can Marty pol where it's your house and double B yen. I am record or. Yeah my daughter. Is stirring up a cockpit and in her daughter's bedroom. And found a what looks like like a linoleum on nine square tiles. And she went institution wanted to paint the title. Is she wanted to sing and the trials are playing tape that you went to make sure that it's not as fast. How does a house call. It is dispenses. I think I guarantee you sure as I'm sitting here. That those are spouses style. I would not send them. I had scheduled a so. Pinning them will have limited. Lifespan too because you'll find that. You know getting paint to stick while it will work it just won't last. So in that if she was going to. If she was going to remove that tiled. We need to do that with care because. We could write with the fri eight Pete may make a tribal condition which is when the asbestos fibers become airborne. In ingesting those are the hazard time by breathing the man so protecting yourself from congestion would be the key. That would involve respiration. Protection so mass that has hepa filters and a I type next suit that you can then throw away CNET laundering. Old auspices fibers in your laundry. That's a little involved. So and so yeah it might be better for her. To leave that in place. And 200. You're exactly I would say she could do laminate floor right over that when they with a pad on top of the this best of style. If it's all intact in tight end and not loose and there's no missing. Tyler's our spots where it's capped I'd say that's what I would do I would just later. That's one area where we always find that it's better to take that approach just for everyone's health and safety. Okay. Got second. And and yeah I mean as far as it would just be preference what you do over us. Exactly puke you could go from. Let's see we'll be choices you could easily carpet at you could auto laminate floors down over it. You could put a layer of vinyl flooring over it you could put finals title over it. There's a new for a newer product now knew but knew where product called luxury vinyl. Which is here Erden and routed so it looks like ceramic. That is where it looks a lot like tiles yeah. It's not cold and it doesn't break. Exactly that styles like like vinyl tile but it's crowded. Let's see what else could you do you could put ceramic tile over it. Depending on the look she's after. If there are some ships in the trial. Com. What what what was the issue is. Depends on what that he put over that over the it's the especially style on the foregoing to use a laminate floor. Then the question that's put underneath the lamb and it. We'll just fill the gaps and you can just go right over it would out concern. If we're going to do you summing like vinyl over the over the Spezza style. Well then you put an under layman down so that'll fill the gaps. If you gonna do a ceramic tile over. The lamb over them as best just having you put a concrete poured down over that so in most cases you just go right over it. Okay that wouldn't you wouldn't be feeling it was what our floor filler. They don't need if you're just gonna layer something it hasn't under layman to. Then you don't need to. Okay I guess the church Ehrlich from pulling out staples. Yeah and that he had wouldn't worry about a little worry about that. You know that would be that would be easy to camouflage and hide with alana layman that would be whatever. Be used on the finish for. Okay yes first what we're entering a new carpet. Then that adds up whatever petty put down the left and reduce subtitle are both bad and that would be the same thing. You got it. Yet tell our not to remove it unless she wants to. Really go through that extra concern about her safety. I mean it's certainly possible don't get me wrong but that was need to make sure you need to take the right steps. Unless you gonna do professionally. And that's pretty costly. Well yeah that gets very costly I can walk you through residents said you are ready and an outline format what he would do step by step but you need to make sure that you don't miss a step because you could contaminate yourself. Yeah. Hey Paul thanks for the call. Pol hangs up and that opens up alive for you here on WB and you know the number it's 803. All nine trio that's 8030930. Outside buffalo 180616. W and cell calls that start at 930 text meet at 3093. L it's the bottom of the hour and it's time for the top news. Michael Bagram and standing by. With the latest from the WN newsroom good morning Mike. Good morning at 1030 from the WGN newsroom I'm like I mean here's your top stories and traffic and weather notes to pass along there's work going on the buffalo skyway today. Refined inbound rain to the northbound 19 the and to pearl street closed until 4 o'clock. And the northbound north Grand Island bridges closed until Monday morning at 6 o'clock because of construction. They're singling traffic at the southbound north bridge all this weekend that's part any point four million dollar project there's also street paving under way at the buffalo Niagara medical campus. Michigan avenue Carlton street and high streets our streets being worked on and the National Weather Service has a frost advisory in effect. Overnight for southern Erie and Wyoming counties additionally there's a freeze watch for Niagara Orleans cat or August and Allegheny county's. John Rabe and regional director of FEMA gives an update on Saturday. I'm recovery efforts following hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico they were seen by barge almost. Two million a little over two million. Meals and probably about a million and a half liters of water. And at the local level buffalo mayor Byron brown urging western New Yorkers to continue the hurricane Maria of relief drive as he said there's still people without resource is on the island. Please do donate things like batteries flashlights candles. Paper products matches lighters can openers Manuel can openers canned food. Dried goods protein bars baby formula pet food all non perishable items. Brown said don't donate clothes or any perishable items you can find drop off locations in our lead story at WPN dot com. UWB young for slower forecast calling for some fall like temperatures today high of fifty for your Saturday. And it looks like the sun might be peeking outside of some clones are outsider and her studios tonight's gonna get pretty cold you'll definitely want to keep the window shot lower 37. Tomorrow it warms up the high of 65 with sunny skies. And more of the same on Monday high of 73. Right now it's mostly cloudy and fifty degrees in buffalo now Mike Ackerman. News radio 930 WP yet. Hw brick and sons are over thirty years now they have been the experts in the plumbing service industry HW brick and sons is in the game you can trust since 1985 they have built a success. 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If you call them right now and tell on the down an extension you get a 10% discount on a standard installation of a watered power back up sump pump. Everybody should have one of those. I do and I recommend them highly HW brick and sons that their family take care of all your family's. Plumbing heating and cooling needs here's the number write it down if that 10% discount. And water siphoned backup sump pump by calling right now 297. 2901. That's 2972901. Tellem Dominic sentient HW brick and so. I'm only again. My thanks tonight at ten. Buffalo's number one haunted attraction is back bright world today's deal of the day from my buffalo approach that sixty dollars it didn't get good for a two dollar price won't pass for just eleven dollars choose any two of the five incredibly spooky houses keep yourself quite bright world owes America scream park. Go to my buffalo Brooks dot com. I'm gonna get my facts I heard that. 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Foam in that gap between the door frame in the house frame. Where I wish him the door is that good or should I use something else for better insulation. Thank you for that question proud to stand in Cheektowaga. He. The use of of great stuff could be applicable there however. Be aware. That you could actually get deflection and movement in the frame of the door. From the expansion of the great stuff. In that you have an open cavity. What will be easier and as effective. In would not create the problem of possibly warping the door frame. Would be just simply the use some on faced far progressed insulation. With a screwdriver. In just pack that in there that'll do the same job and you won't have to worry about the expansion issue. Another texture rights. Dominic thank you for the replacement drier tips last week we decided and in new speed queen drier. Like one we've had that lasted some forty years. We looked at some other with fancy electronics but ultimately decided on simplicity durability and longevity. We're getting new venting is well after 25 years so yeah simplicity sometimes will be the way to go to. He have the any problems with the electronics. Have a FaceBook lives question coming in I have an old concrete driveway 1959. Inch it has a crack. I his crack in recent years some cracks are minor in some are rather large. I can fit my fingers in between the cracks. He the cracks can be failed. If you do that here have a a level and even driveway filling cracks is really kind of not worth the time if it is level. In just filling the gap I would use an epoxy crock Billick I cracked felt solid. And that'll help prevent water from getting down in the in the concrete below the concrete to help prevent any expansion and therefore from doing that. It'll help that look a little better although effect and hide the crackled together. Before we go back the phones let's say good morning to a friend Noelle deal calling us from clan contain all good morning. Hey good morning Don it's great being here with the. The and it's great to be able to mention that we have an event starting at 3 o'clock this afternoon along with the slower roll folks. Well going on a ride through Clarence tell us about it. Yeah it's gonna be declared spikes Ciampi is the second time that we brought slow roll out here that means street Clair can now. It's going to be great paper ride back in the ninety degrees like a wise. Last week but it'll be about. Sixty degree to good writing a lot of for all right. We're gonna see a lot of mainstream really go up to the fourth quarter has declared seven of big group right with. You know let and we had over 500 riders so yeah the ball so what they have this city but a great group to get together and a lot of excitement. We start and stop at the west shore brewery a brand new brewery that's just opened up in Clarence is right across the street from. Our church our lady of peace church there on the left heading out of town. On the right hand side look for west shore brewery where the ride will begin and end. Yeah and where it when we come back we're gonna have barbecue. From smoke fire. The barbecue truck you know you're gonna have. It's still a backdrop for people who want to lighter fare cheers so when he gave that you have an appetite they'll actually be so. A beforehand Westergren is due to a brilliant here at least that is super wet hot and I appreciate it we're excited it's going to be revealed today. And as we take Iraq we're gonna go right past the there atop. Well you know. Okay and this is free. This show up and bring your bike and bring your helmet and have a good time starting at 3 o'clock. We're assembling in Iran to lose the right takes off at three I will be there. And we're looking forward to a great day and riding through Clarence though thanks for calling him. You almost feel later okay that's Noll bill. The west shore brewery brand new brewery just opened up in Clarence where our state are right starts and stops and they keep to. All the folks that. Slow roll for helping us. Run this event back to the phones Leo at 803 on nine trio and will stay in Clarence or say hello to John good morning John your around double the yen. And mark and Dominique. I've got a question regarding the link island and a cold environment. Our twelve years ago what boldly up patio style home okay and not the back porch is under Roche. So that I only get real to open side on that we're in close later and screen them with the woman. Exclusions at all. This year I decided to put triple correctly knows storm windows up and make it whether tied. Now that Florida's board over on day so yeah well it doesn't slow or any chair so but. Go to C cold up yours yet and I wanted to do something with the floor yeah. Can I late wild. Yep absolutely I did exactly what you are speaking about at home. Rihanna have yet I have an exterior grade. I ceramic tile. And it's a conventional installation other than the type of tile that's used in the the other key piece of this is you've got to make sure you seal the ground. Because you wanna protect that from mom moisture infiltration as well. Okay. Do you need expansion strips and air anymore. Now if you have no movement. Which you've said that it's on a foundation. So there should know should be no movement. Or your frying to. Lay the tile right over the concrete however remember he deep need to use an exterior grade tile. Exterior grade now. Okay my at a shopping here people don't do. Yes absolutely we can help you with that and now we can help you with the walls to have him build those yet. I would not doing it with the walls curled. Everything else. Very good idea very good or right yep it's a great idea because it's easy to keep clean and exterior in our interior kind of hybrid space like that. Yeah I got a rug and are now on that. All right okay. OK John thanks for the call John's line is now free for you here on double B and you know the number. 8030930. It's hammer time I'm WB yen. Did you hear the forecast for two night you. Thirties Chile. Furnace is gonna lie and most probably. And if you have been brave and haven't had your furnace I'm yet this year and we've had a warm spell. But before that we have another bout of chilly weather if you remember. So that have furnace turning out meaning the year's gonna travel through your duct work and if you don't have AC. Well that's been sitting idle for the entire summer time. Dirt and debris collect dust mites dust mite feces. All that is lurking deep down your dock where you need to get that out before you start breathing that warm wintertime. Indoor air. My friends and indoor professionals can come out. And with a pet it column duct cleaning system blast all of the gunk that's collected. In your dark work and what negative pressure they suck it all out and they leave you. With the fresh scent of Canberra gel my good friend Peter Gordon. Joins us on the live line good morning mr. Gordon. And dominate yes it is the season for sure we call it or October even though that doesn't start until tomorrow but. Everyone called it one so be mindful that. Words you don't generally two to three weeks out right now while we did have some great we brought him you know where the largest supplier to the US navy. Instill family owned business out of Lancaster so we brought in four guys from San Diego to help us now with a backlog. And yes Seoul you know we also did have a technical difficulties so I'm actually the one answering the phones today. And yeah its a great time to get it done because it came really change your era. Your outlook your breathing. 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In if you'd like to volunteer go to volunteer at habitat buffalo dot org. As they said you not need retail experience but if you have any that's even better habitat for humanity probably owns and operates the two resource. One on 1675. South Park avenue and south buffalo the others at 501 amber street between. On what in grand and there's always a great new variety of items showing up at each of the restores for example at north. There's an antique China botched its. In very good condition available for you at 175 dollars habit of federal style dining buffets for 150 dollars. A glass top dining table with metal base in six chairs. For 250 dollars the list goes on in also at south. A unique cabinet table that looks like a regular side table lid opens and extends to an eight foot dining table. After that dinner simply close it again and reclaim the room it's priced at a hundred hours we can see. They've got some pride in a mutual thing stop into either of locations today and if you'd like to donate simply colleague five to 6607. In a prompt a topic prompt pickup will be arranged don't discard it. Donated and help build a world where everybody has a decent place to live and support. Habitat for humanity back to the phones we go at 803. 0930. Where we left off was in buffalo and Tom good morning you're next. Hello Thomas were at your house. Permanent doesn't look that Carol with an awkward situation but like. 3040 years you're goal waited to have a lot of money at the armed I had and I bet you he you know a little. There's tiles that you actually put in your shower that four great wars at once you've put in the shower. Well I had a friend that had boxes and I couldn't buy it. I put in my in my attic concrete floor under whatever rulers entered their liberal Kyra this house like the underdog. And I bootable on my four hour. Look should go right but it is at all. I am I'm just wondering how well it they they can advance. And I Lee. New moon. Sort of without all the little. Our I really wouldn't want you to do that town. They'd be fairly easy to remove our levee with a flat edge scripting tool or you'll be able to pop those out without too much trouble. Existing yeah editor yeah. So why would you recommend. Well because you know when you layer. You just create issues for that only the height issue which is. I'm an important one is now I have to have a sale at the door. No no I don't have that problem because with Clinton well ahead of players here in the eighties I got three. Well at the height is not a problem. OK but more importantly if there's anything that's who you know moving underneath the new floor it's going to be it's gonna effect the new four. So he's in order to really do the job properly you wanna go down to as low level as you can and hopefully they original some flow would be what I'd recommend ultimately. Korea so if you get down in the country you're gonna do yourself a favor. Okay okay okay if you're like all right thanks for the call but I night. That's a belong to our next stop which is Amherst and say hello Karen hello Kenya and don't be yen. Ken's gone Eric let's move down to lack forehead and say hello to Diane good morning Diane your next. Good morning I have a question my husband and I just put up a large wooden shed. And probably twelve by fourteen maybe even bigger and a lot scary what. We want to insulating drag while me and putting I worked for the wintertime. Com. First Chad. You see it as standalone shed in the arid. If you wasting your wasting your money. Only US you want it to be of a finished indoor space. Originally used for storage. All okay you're gonna use it as a patio room. Now now I got you now I answer yes so insulating it will help keep it cooler in the summer. Yep so that's a good idea you wanna make sure use insulation that will filled cavities but not the hacked in because if it's packed in. Then that'll hold moisture and that will cause must teen smell mildew smell. So insulation that fits in the stud cavities is what you want news. OK my question is about the installation she is in. Is there something that I fiberglass insulation that can be. Other then other than spray foam which is more expensive. Or cellulose which is meant to fail. Cavities. Cover less is it. OK and I just didn't want me here to remove everything that we put in which was kind of foolish. To put regular type of glanced down by. Yes we've got a great idea in him in the plan here you're gonna insulate the walls unit dry wallet and then you're going to tiled floor. As a floor a wooden floor present concrete slab. It is common elevated Aaron will Brock. I think it's temperature crusher were on hand. It is important. It's a wooden deck. Okay now because of the fact that this is a an outdoor space still I don't imagine you're gonna heat right. You are gonna heated. Topic so with that said that we need also than the put some kind of insulation underneath the tile. In and in isn't a floor joist systems you know how the floor is built. OK can we get under and can we get under this session had. Who have let it was scary you know. I'm concerned about that because they'll be in a continues this year around there's going to be a cold floor if you can't get insulation in the that floor and others ways to do that. But down with ceramic tile it's going to be difficult. Time because there's styrofoam materials that we can use that would insulate the floor. But that's hard to then tiles pull for votes. Mom so just be aware of that is kind of role of an open item here this is not gonna be ideal for having PO warm floor. Now I mean at that senate bill big deal and I'm sure you don't care if it's you know that completely toasty warm. Amman but you can you can put tile over that I would recommend concrete poured down over the over the deck of that two of the shed. Well that'll give you one more rigidity. And then also if you are listening earlier. I would recommend an exterior grade tiles for any kind of outdoor application which this would because I'm sure enough in heated 24/7 right. Really now we know can you tell me this too. Our current topic Iraq should we put should we can't put away your area. Absolutely especially since we wanna create a heated environment. OK I will I think there are probably begun and we we use a heavy no class and it. Yeah the only way you can insulate this floor if authority installed would be to lift boards. In its parade the whole cavities with foam. Which is gonna be a little involved and that really thrilled about that suggestion but that will help. OK now tell me that should we have a roof and couple of root. Absolutely if you're gonna insulate the ceiling. Anyone ventilate. Insulation and violation go hand in hand. Collect. How about insulating your boot it helped it to gambrel. Menem no he wanted to take the ceiling. Yeah. Out there there's a lot in the. Okay. So there's angled and open sections in and they are two by four construction. The only real effective way to inflate those would be straight. Oh yeah. Right. Good luck and that's pictures as to how this looks when it's all done. Right very good. Hey everybody thanks for being part of the show and exe and next Saturday and remember that we're here each and every Saturday and hand. So be sure to tune in and have a great week everybody and remember. Let him be hard by the yard by the inch it's a sense. CHD three Niagara Falls. You have a more.