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Domenic Cortese
Saturday, August 11th

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Good morning buffalo good morning west New York yes it's stamina expertise and hammer time radio starts right here right now. Welcome to hammer time radio on news radio 930 WP here. Talking Coleman improvements since 1989. And now here's your host from court these construction services. Your man for home improvement Dominic Cortese good morning homeowners and welcome once again to you hammered ten radio here. I'm WB yen and how are ya. 803 on 930 that's a number figured out this Saturday morning. Here on WB in now before we get into your home improvement questions and answers we have some special guest in studio. That actually a little off topic but. We're talking shift improvement today as opposed to home improvement my friends from the naval and military park here in studio previewing some events that are coming up. At the park say good morning to meet with me to the interim. Director are Paul Marcelo he and yet the board of directors chair. Terry McGuire guys thanks for coming in the morning on an explosion. You know course the park was in the big big in the news this year with the Little Rock being launched if you will right here from buffalo that was an exciting time for the park. Of course was challenging to get down there and see it all happening but. But I'm sure it went quite well from what I heard. It was a signature event for a and the buffalo Western Europe at the naval Clark. And to have a ship commissioned right alongside. Her old namesake was the first time in 142 year history of the navy so it was a big deal for everybody we're very proud of the way came off I made buffalo look really. Good yeah exactly. So we're we're talking about what's going on at the park coming up on the 25 of the month the before we get an of that discussion. Interesting little top spot with a site topic our discussion we had before it went on the air and that is. The challenge that you gentlemen face in maintaining the ships in keeping them afloat. In the buffalo harbor. You know as it just seen it before the show aren't Dominique and I were talking about we almost need a special ship board. Version of this show is that it had to come home how to improve the ships it's there are some. Certainly things that we need to address on the ships bishops weren't made in the last this long when they were first a commission back in the World War II. So particularly speaking we've talked about the USS the Sullivan's. She's very she's made with a very thin. Coated steel and very often in their grief affectionately known as the team can. So when the in that ship which is snow you know sitting in the water for quite along time is starting to sprout some holes in the hole. We need to address those and that's what we're doing so we Gary grant. 445000. Dollars. And that we just had been coComment and do and you know complete survey of the whole gathered their information we should be receiving a report from them within the next two weeks. He told me a call that the navy will command then and do an inspection and if you don't keep the ships up to a minimum standard than they may Garrett take the ship away from the. Actually true they come in every year how a group that inspects. Many ships and you know represented the navy because we have a contractual agreement. That the ships are given to us but with the good intentions that we're going to keep them up to standards and they walk around with a clip boards that are. Very fastidious in the making sure that point on all the things that need to be done. The interesting thing about it is that there are no federal funds to cast do that and having come up money to do. The naval military park folks a landmark in buffalo. Part of the outside before canal side was coming outside actually the anchor to come outside. And it's exciting to see everything happening around you. I'm sure it's helped. Create some more visual activity with a lot more people coming through the park. Amazing transformation didn't. 39 years ago we celebrate their fortieth anniversary next year by 39 years ago when those ships first came to the buffalo waterfront. There is a much different looking water function as you can well imagine. And now with the advent can else which is probably. I guess they just went to their ten year anniversary yes we have seen terrific. Drove excitement and I think a lot to be proud of. And of course not to mention the restaurant which is a fun place ago and have dinner sitting on the waterfront liberty who wrestled him do great job. Let's talk about what's coming up back in the few seconds we have left here the 25 of August. My friend Lori as a folk and a rope Meehan how many years ago now Paul from going into 2012 is that there aren't. And the war tribute awards that I am C I've had now been renamed a few years ago in honor recipient who's now passed and that's Lewis Palma. The veteran tribute award coming up on the 25 of August let's talk about that. Yelled Lou Lou Polamalu was the the traffic veteran in the sense that these were the only. I think he's one of 20000. Americans that served in three wars he served in the navy in World War II. As an avenger bomber pilot. Rear Gunner. He served in Korea on the USS the Philippines and see. In the also served in Vietnam. Era as a flight engineers so he's he's had quite an amazing military career. And it in addition to his veteran efficacy work especially with your county veteran services agency. Since what about 2000 to 2008 and so we're very proud Alou and that course and the award now has been named in his manner. So on the 25. Of August since Saturday at 1 PM will be handing out two awards this year. That's correct out of the U words will be going to judge John. And each each entity well deserving George grouper. Served during World War II. He's stalwarts on the tunnel tunnel wander for for many many years on many different levels. I served in the US army air corps from 44 to 1950. You'd be law school graduate 1949 and and so forth. But terrific veteran advocate over the years. And going forward rule happy with him in our docents. That help us volunteered to their activities on the ship to. Display and show off our ships off to Holler thousands of visitors every year. They're gonna be honored as a group are saying were we happy about that. So this is 1 o'clock on the 25 and it's sort of hate anger building if you ever gone to delivery hounded. In approached it. Up the cobbled street approaching the ships the restaurant being on the left the hangar building. Immediately to your right that's for the ceremony as it's free and it's open to the public. And if you have any connection to a veteran. Or any connection to the park he may wanna come by and be part of our. Audience for this great event. Then the events that are are. The naval part they have and then when you really should come down because they're they're very patriotic. We honor veterans. We have a colored carriage via the National Anthem in this case friends of harmony will be performing at this event and I think you'll come away feeling very proud to be an American. That's very well sad. Now in addition to the Lewis Palmer are veterans tribute awards we have our another big event to promote. We sure do so on Tuesday which is coming up. The couple days from now. We have the ship and shore fund raiser which is our signature fund raiser every year. The data on this Tuesday August 14 it's from six to 9 PM. Tickets are fifty dollars pre sell sixty dollars a day is shown as a VIP tickets for seventy dollars in the VIP ticket includes one hour of early admissions they get their early. When the traffic. And then on top of that after the events at about these thirty you'll get a moonlight cruise on the idea harbor queens wow it's going to be agreement on. That's great that's this Tuesday. And you can just show up and bite you if that there are buy them online you that before and they will parked out or our commitment to the gift shop democratic. Gentlemen I want to thank you for taking the time on your busy days to work Mountain View of the show today. Again the tribute award the 25 of August at 1 PM in the hangar building. At the park. He ended two awards being given out and I'll be acting as the emcee for the event so inviting you to come on be part of the audience. And the ship to shore event which is this Tuesday. Go to the website which is. Buffalo in the middle part or okay. Paul and Terry thank you think the ability to support them in your show when the thing until the literary go is we'll gloves and do that every time bring your camera if I. Palmer's though and that Terry McGuire from the buffalo knee will and military park. 8030930. That's the number for you to doubt anything around the house says wish switch from ships to homes. 8030930. Outside the 716. It's that whole free 180616. WB in so called welcome. At star 930 tax me as well at 30930. Email me hammer time act court t.'s dot net. Check out the court he's website everything we do is there it includes room additions. Kitchen and bath renovations are beautiful delicate Tina custom kitchen cabinet line for kitchens. And outdoor kitchens as well. Federal living sun rooms solar shades retractable linings it that backyard living experience. At court tees and of course handyman service. Including handyman for a day no we don't fix ship hulls. 8030930. Good morning from Dominic Cortese. And before you pick up the hammer before he picked up the drought pick that phoning gimme a call Bob talked. Before we talk to you though we're gonna travel north on Clinton on transit road to the Clarence side. And say good morning to Gabriel meddling and he's the manager of the lake shore savings bank branch there aren't transit road right across from transit middle. Not too far from both firms you know where I'm talking about button Jarno pies down. He bug jawed no Dominic how are you today. Good it's just amazing that we are enjoying a wonderful summer and also the 3% fixed for a year home equity line of credit. With no cost whatsoever. From lake shore savings bank that rates been extended we're so glad to say that. You know the 3% is really a phenomenal rate and and I don't know most people know oldest. But even a whole prime rate is at 5%. We are 2% below prime rate. Six for twelve months. He I would just encourage everybody who's even think about land accredit. Do you know pick up the phone or just stopped in at one a lecture branches. And not you know inquire about it. You'll see you know in writing. What everything that we're seeing is is true. You know there's no. No jokes about it yeah being hit that we talk about is not panic. And 3% fixed for twelve months with no closing costs at all just phenomenal. Now Gabriel somebody asked me recently what if I wanted to just go with a fixed rate are what would that. What would that be right now we've fix the rate. Wild in other great thing about fixing it and and we we keep this ecology are all in one home equity. Because you can term it out at any time if you wanna do on day one you can do what you wanna do it fight years down the road you can do that as well. So right now somebody's interest in turning out the rates out they are. Starting at as low as four point 75%. Depending on the term still a great rate to lock and if that's what the customer chooses to do. Very good so that is an option is it not if you just as soon go that revving. I don't know why you would do that but let's assume someone wanted to fixed rate you could do offer them that as well. Absolutely okay now we've got college students. Going back to school soon. What can we offer them. Great time to be offering a great student checking account. What's nice about this checking account they're getting all of our they're getting one of our premium checking account with all the benefits. For free would no minimum balance and no monthly service fees. And you know to the really nice features that stand out that I think would be very advantageous for the students. What about this free cellphone insurance. They break their phone you know topic happens to their fault they have to get it replaced. Pop up to 800 dollars twice. Actually 400 dollars twice a year. We will replace that call for them you know most people are paying. Up to ten dollars a month for cellphone insurance it's gonna be free on top of that we also offer free roadside assistance. On top phenomenal so you know parents letting their kids off they wanna know that make sure their kids are gonna be safe on the road. Can't teach lectures statement. Tango and there's free charging stations at the fair to brought to you. Brightly through savings bank so another good reason to. Support glaciers say he's making all they do for our community Gabriel thank you for calling in the phone number there at the Clarence branch. But number is 6886114. Wanted to repeat. 68861. Would want. Four for 127. Years lake shore savings bank. Putting people first. But about it. And. Whether you're starting to think about Medicare and people are ready to select the plan. Independent health is there for you it every State's average is can help you understand the basics of Medicare and review all of your coverage options and answer any questions. So when you turn 65 you'll be prepared to make the best decision to view all of our Medicare Advantage plans to visit independent health dot com fax slash Medicare. The order. Stopping to Medicare information clinic today. I had some things they found my hard working truck drivers. A lot of hot shower. And his fans that's right and those are just two of the big benefits of gassing up your big Reagan big Indian smoke shop don't just stand there let you fill out enjoy yourself. That's right feels good to see big every day on gasoline tobacco and sandwiches. Seems like everything. Think that they Indians smoke shot. Mild stuff wrote in her things. It's Dominic Cortese here summer is in full gear so now's the time for the folks it's grants rebuild theirs and Unita materials to set you up. With that personal outdoor living space that you've always wanted. With too convenient locations to serve yield spreads through those supply on Walden avenue just east of transit in the pew. 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I. 127 is hammer time here on hemorrhage ham radio good morning from Dominic Cortese and how are you. 803093. O line after calls as we rifle through them starting in can mark was Jai and John good morning year one are on WB yen. Hi good morning Joseph. Daryn yes good morning John. Arm I actually have three questions for you arm. The first one being an economic issues that I am having are really an issue I am currently remodeling my home okay then. And I have like a standard I guess they call a one and a half story. Kate. OK more arm. In the old age declines came up and spat in the middle order. On the second story like that I'm okay. Would have been to John. The he's just his phone draft okay well will just move on and John if you wanna call back we will certainly. Continuing your question of Mercury's he's BC. And in the meantime we'll go to Jamestown and say morning Kevin give money Kevin you're next on Delhi yen. I don't like you. Well I had no bathroom bottle redone and I had these. Nice glass. Roll in shower doors. In. All the wheels. Sort quiet and I think it just one or replenish. It took to bring new door and don't forgot. Do you know what are what Brandon Torres. Our came within the direct quoted in the bathroom but it only lasted for like about a year and a too little wheels they broke right out those lights so I'm. Just one site will. If there's any way you can find out what brand that is I'm going to be willing to guess that there's probably a warranty to cover that but we obviously need to know what the brand name is. Yen down I would recommend we go back. The install RC he can track down who install who made it and then contact the manufacturer. And if he can get the name and you don't can't find the manufacture you can give our transit and city of Karl entity class. If 7166943300. And they'll be able to I hope you tracked that down a fist to maybe one of their brands that they carry but that's how I would research to first start with the installer. Are right. Thank you very much Karen. It is coming up to the bottom of the hour and that's time for the top of the news Mike Beckman standing by with the latest from the WEN newsroom. Good morning Michael. Good morning at 1030 from the WB and returned a Mike backer and here's your top local story this news breaking this hour. Congressman Chris Collins has announced that he is suspending his campaign for reelection to congress first or I read the entire statement that the congressman sent out just. Moments ago. Democrats are laser focused on taking back the house electing Nancy Pelosi speaker and then launching impeachment proceedings against president trop. They would like nothing more than to elect an impeached trump Democrat in this district which is something that neither our country for my party can afford. After extensive discussions would my family and my friends over the last few days. I've decided is it is it is in the best interest of the constituents of NY 27 the Republican Party. And president Trump's agenda for me to suspend my campaign for reelection to congress. I will fill out the remaining few months of my term to assure that our community maintains its vote in congress. To support president Trump's agenda to create jobs eliminate regulations reduce the size of government. Address immigration and lower taxes Bible also continue to fight the mirror less charges brought against me. And I look forward to having my good name cleared of any wrong doing that's the official statement from congressman Chris Collins who won Wednesday. Was indicted on federal charges related to insider trading. And for lying to the FBI. We Ari have some reaction GOP political strategist Karl calabrese. Had mixed reactions on surprised that. I'm not surprise NASCAR are surprised because I I know Chris Collins an old well Richard you're a fighter he is determined to yours don't be used. And this restriction most of it is going to. And so good at defector is not suspend can produce crichton. I'm not surprised however because I think what occurred after the initial shock. Of the indictment. And spend a lot of Republican leaders. Begin to talk amongst themselves and they expressed their concerns and I think is that guilt became more and more concern on the part political leaders. In the district that. What should be a very very winnable seat may not be. And I think all of those discussions were occurring furiously over the last couple of days. And it went to congress making this decision to Collins his opponent Democrat Nathan Mick Murray also spoke with WBE and he gave us the following statement. I'm glad they did the right thing I was hoping that your. I'm surprised that he was indoor in the first place. Looking forward to tweak or not mood. And it is symbol of our current system that's broken. And the fact that he was even in this race the first place. Speaking volumes without. This ugly system that prop up and championed him and celebrating him when they knew who you are reporting it don't. Mick Murray added that congressman Collins needs to resign again if you missed it right during this newscast congressman Chris Collins. Has suspended his campaign for reelection to congress after his indictment on Wednesday it related to insider trading. UWV young First Solar forecasts were looking at a high of 83 for your Saturday with times of clouds and sun tomorrow intervals of clouds and sunshine with a passing shower. On Monday humidity returns and a high of 81. A Mike Bagger mean news radio 930 WB yen and WB yen dot com few head over to WV EN dot com you can find the latest. On the congressman Chris Collins news. 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With that area's largest outdoor living space on display. 24 sevenths thirteen will be there for US grand street village supply and while an avenue of appeal. Or inanimate heroes and youngster in a town a lot of stock in the seat him today are checking them out online Unita materials LLC dot com. Let them be your one stop supplier of construction materials. WBE NN presents your home improvement tip of the week with a mean Dominic Cortese brought to you by united materials and Scranton through builders. Well it's really great to have all that sunshine. Beaming in three windows right but did you know that UV rays can do one number on your soft goods. Here are some tips to lessen the impact natural fibers like Lyndon cotton and silk. Are particularly vulnerable to sons bleaching so don't use them. She is furnishings that for rugs and flooring and furniture and curtains that are made of sand FedEx or bland. Darker colors like navy or Caracol. Also absorb more UV rays and thus paid more rapidly than later Hughes. You be repelling sprays exist but must be applied with care and may not completely prevent fading. Now when choosing and arranging your furniture again keep in mind that certain materials will do better than others in the sunlight. To even out the fading of wood floors and rugs why not rotate the rugs at least once a year. Investing curtains that are aligned. Or are paying separate liners some DUI double duty as room dark owners. A layer of shears are under curtains may help filter light. Or consider micro thin window film applied by a pro which can block UV rays would virtually no distortion in the glass. Insulation isn't cheap but may pay off overtime in lower heating and cooling costs. And replacing furnishings. How. My home improvement tip of the week brought to you by Spencer builders and united materials airs at 840. With a new more in that I am a new morning with hemming Evans here on Saturday mornings he and he is found. Online at WB He and go to the on air button and look for Dominic Cortese and might trip will be there along with a all of our. Broadcasts too by the way they're all stored there. At WE EN dot com and on the on here button. Eight all 30930. That's the number for you to dial for our Saturday morning coffee clutch as we continue now to west Seneca and Paul good morning pol Iran WE and. Morning Dominique I'm calling about a small damage. QA session go to my concrete driveway that was court. Last June. I'm wondering if it it can be it is practical to repair that damage. And is there something that I could. Coat or steal the driveway with preventing. This from happening in the future. Describe what we're looking at here pol. The other area where I'll be a scarlet arch. Over the winter and daily. I'm in this section driveway and wherever the wheels where there is already occurred. Okay is that is that pitted pot marks or is it wholesale loss of surface. Yet. There's really nothing that will effectively repair that. You could attempt. To use some sacked Crete which is an epoxy cement. But it's gonna be a darker gray and it's probably gonna be as noticeable as the pot marks are now so. While there may be some prudence to filming them to forestall further water absorption come next winter. It's not going to do much. Visually for the root for the surface of the country. I'm having said that it's still may be worth doing. Now why it happened is related to the tremendous. A burden that's put an end and our concrete surfaces for. Moisture absorption and then re freeze during the winter months of assault melts the snow the water drips into the kind our under the concrete. The concrete absorbs the water and then its subsequently he freezes. And that causes the expanse of the surface and the and the subsequent popping of that surface so. How to avoid this is really driven largely by high pick of country finished. Prior to it being sealed. And this is part of the finishing process in batting the surface aggregate is deeply into the surface as we can creating a thick barrier pierce a man at the top. Does help forestall this pop mark pop popping problem. Also the proper ceiling a process after the congress to Staal also helps minimize is minimized moisture absorption into the surface. But to be sit here and say unequivocally can be totally avoided would be a fallacy so note to some extent it should be expected. It is you mentioned repeated parking in the same spot all winner along would lead to this so. I guess the key way to avoid this would be to keep the driveways clearest possible when we're parking Kara. Okay. What did. Being prudent now to put some kind of a healer down. Again going forward anything we do will help perhaps reduce further. Pop popping of the surface. But largely the damage has been done. Right. Got anything you can recommend Hewlett lists. I would head over to Scranton street builders Unita materials and tell them of your circumstance. There are a few new products that on herr have been formulated. On now with. That if the the formulation. Low laws every have been revamped his two of the composition of Steelers. So some of the older brands are no longer as effective because they can't he have on the oil base is any longer. So I would send you over to our united materials on walled in distress frivolous and while you know amateurs and young street but see where do you live. West Seneca yes so you can head over to through a builders and while an avenue and appeal. And run run by a run by your scenario with them and I'll give you the right stuff to help prevent this from getting a bigger and into a bigger deal. Crackpot thanks for the call. Paul hangs up and that opens up a line for you here on WB and my phone number is 803 O'Malley trio call me. And we'll entertain your home improvement questions when we come back we've got John Beck on the line regarding his. Each VAC. Question. And we'll ask him what the heck happened to his phone. And we're gonna traveled to Stockton and talked Apollo about siding and TU right after this. Such allowed the summer and when the weather gets hot and sticky our air conditioning certainly feels good. But. Now I've always many people actually can get sick from their AC. This air conditioning make you sick well technically no but here's what we're saying and you're most likely. Breathing in the same gust dead skin cells into king and Marines animal remains and dust mite the seats. In that's traveling in your dark core that stuck there more so in the summer months because of the moisture. In all of that could be making six or what you do well the column duckling system its patented by the friends that indoor air professionals and it will blast all of the gong off the side walls. Of your dark work in with negative pressure. They will suck it out leave you with a fresh scent of canned buried gel Canberra. Are remarkable product made right here in buffalo new York and Peter Gordon joins us I'm alive and good morning mr. Gordon. Well he didn't leave anything for me to fill it. Except for not insured toward that impair ability the other day I did. Yeah are so they'd go Eddie is in charge but it world headquarters. And it'd take your call. I want to mention that we're pretty much locked up for on the border July out for target. And I eat. So we wanna call now they're out we have a couple of emergencies sat her next week in and I don't forgot about the medical green here you're tired. And our ice it TD. So what's the extra special hammer time radio disk I'm gonna be this week. Okay we're gonna look at job forty dollar copper where I customer. The end. Of course built in about. Right on prior he would deduct. Well. Of course great Il's son of products that I mentioned that medical radiates pure fire right at the easy bit of fire. All right seniors military law enforcement all lit up yet also. Very. Shall deal. 6833000. If your first timer. 42 dollars off your duct cleaning fighting like that pace a listen to hammer time radio. Well it's already started and throw some bed bugs have begun their invasion are you ready national pest controlled is always ready to help you stop these invaders in their tracks they're your locally owned solution to eliminating tests they know all about stopping local pass Haslem pest controls highly trained staff has been reading Western New York have passed for a long long time and all service calls to perform discreetly to protect your privacy. Be prepared to call Ashland pest control today 847431. Or visit Ashland pest dot com. 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From guerrilla garage year visit him on mine and guerrilla garage here dot com. Go go gorilla. Every time. 1054. Is the time and hammer time radio thank you for everybody who participated in the from Clarence actually. He and I think we think that he's gonna take the Kara we don't know that for share. But as soon as we know that I will be sure to share that information with your. Our big winner David Helms from Clarence. And he won either 45000 dollars in cash as they said or. There's a rumor that he's gonna take the car so high about the sins we now let's move along now. As prop honest. And our first stop in the last segment in stacked in the markets all the money Polly your house on W the yen. More on our good call. Like apple with either tied or felt paper I'm a problem but I'm siding. All around now wanted to what do you look weak strips. So you going to let what is the substrate under the tide back. On the parliament would be O one cents. Buying. Okay good. We really don't need to do anything is the same board in baton style. It exciting or is that eight he laughed citing. Yes and the board well I'll nominal change at the left side. OK so you really don't need to do any kind of weak mom if you can use a tie back paper. That can be nailed right over the tight back. And and then on the interior are you going to insulate. Yes yep so then there we wouldn't I would recommend. And faced insulation. Don't over stuff into the into this stud base. The daily star the Conficker the studs to you know. Are actually bought our. To rent for okay so you wanna use a three and a half inch forever less insulation in I would recommend on faced and then they polyethylene. Vapor barrier. In the Megan a drywall. Auto part B like so. What reward. Yeah so what every gonna uses a finish well. Over the interior polity polyurethane polyethylene. Is going to be sufficient to give you the right people vapor putter so on the outside just tied back in the in the citing. You might want to one of the little tip I will give you regarding the siding. You may want to back prime. All the citing. And that's prime. So that way it's going to be protected. Against any aid in any additional moisture that might get in around it prevent the matier from writing from the inside out. I Pablo when you say upfront that I mean that the B. But there are some of crime. Yeah are you gonna stain or paint a mustang yet so I would I would just seen all sizes and are about yeah. I am worried that. Apartment. Eight. Mom up till you know maybe just an inch or so. Is the least and you can do couple inches if you want to know more about colossal reveal. Are comparable I thought I called good luck with a project. Right Paul hangs up and his line is now free as we travel now to kind of want that he and chat with Lynn good morning Lynn when it's your house. Hey good morning cabinet. I hit another driveway questions than Iran driveways that this morning. What might driveway was port and it's kind. It look like they put. Something in between like the designated crack some direct rectangles. Announced that might. Christian. Yeah it's an expansion joints or even. Well now it. Hit a couple years that's snowplows here second fourth and half of that without. Disintegrated. Do I replay and it what do you do with us. Common problem so you are not alone. I'd generally. It's it's sufficient to say that you don't need to worry too much about it. I'm because why you mean that he's seeing it at the surface it's still maybe doing its job. Somewhat below the surface. But if you're really worried about it you could. Remedy yet. With a back arrived material that would be something that you with a screwdriver could stuff down. Into that Kravis. And basically replicate what the expansion joint was doing in then. Leave that. Barack garage short of the top. By about a half an inch to three quarters of an inch so that you can then use some concrete caulk which is going to be something that we'll have some viability. And will work with the expansion and contraction. And movement and caulk the top in a gray concrete color caucus. And that will seal the Beck arrived in place. Clean up that look prevent the gap from being visible and open. And I still preserve an expansion capability with the movement of the concrete in the wintertime. Kidney now what I'm supposed to be yet. And they at this no more than backer PA CK ER. Becker ride and it's actually made for this kind of application we would stuff it down into a Kravis. To help fill and give the ability for absorption. And that is Crockett over you a little bit out of captain yet. Can't do that I'll Obama just the physical ones wherever. Wherever you think it would be appropriate based on the visual component but also if you worried about the actual structural component which is the movement. Right. And the place that up value mean accurate back around that they you can call and see if they do but at Home Depot does Fisher. You gotta do this yourself Lynn. Off some let us know how it turns out okay thanks for the call and thank you for all your calls this Saturday morning thank you to Paul Mars LO and it's Terry McGuire from the naval military park for stopping in. Again the 25 of August it's 1 o'clock. The fracture and a tribute awards in honor of Lou Palma. Will be handed out and I'll be the emcee for that so be sure to come by if you have time that this Saturday afternoon in the meantime stay tuned. The latest on Chris Collins the signing not to seek reelection. From Mike Greg Norman. And everything from the newsroom here at WB and have a great week everybody and remember life may be hard by the yard by the image it's a cents.