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Home Improvement Hour
Saturday, July 7th

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I. Good morning buffalo good morning west the art yet since Dominic Cortese and of course summertime begins right here right now. Welcome to hammer time radio on news radio 930 WB EN. Talking home improvements since 1989. And now here is your host from court these construction services. Your man for a home improvement Dominic cork T good morning homeowners and welcome once again to hammer time and WB the and it's Dominic. Are keys in studio for you. Our phone number is 803 on nine trio with 8030930. Outside the hotel for you 80616. WB EM cell calls start 930. Text in at 30930. Special show for you today as we talk concrete leveling. Peter Eason in studio from. My pleasure it's an interesting service you provide. And interesting enough. Play you some years ago we did have a another sponsored oh go unnamed. That that. That this kind of service and to this day I still get calls and and that would be O listener O'Connell say who is that guy that you recommended for. Concrete leveling I I understand. That that they did go out of business or there's something. That's going on with their business so glad to have somebody new in the category we're proud to be here there. So let's talk to our basics first explain why is country level. Okay well in its simplest form from civil engineering perspective. It just means your correcting uneven concrete or re pitching the surface of the concrete by altering its foundations or sub base then. So the erosion of the sub base would lead to bend the shifting of the country which would leave obviously to be the 08 issue of of concrete being off level and it is really the base that really does Mir on the concrete surface. Correct very often it is initial compaction. Where there's been a date once you disturb the ground I mean if you've ever dug a hole in yard and tried it enter back in an apple fight it's really difficult share. There's been analysis. So tell us how it works. OK well I'll speak to he wants process specifically. And what we do is we throw a series of one inch in diameter holes in their strategically placed depending on the movement you're hoping to yet. Are we have self contained popping units so we hook in with water at each location. So that we can Alter the mix and for us we're using a 100% natural high density lives. So from there were popping a slurry. Through one inch holes below the slab and essentially floating slab. So once you get it moving. And you can kind of jump around didn't. Decide how it's moving in and where you wanna be to continue to move slap back to its original position now I understand your equipment is proprietary and patented. How is it different than. Others well it's it again it's a self contained pumping so it's like mixing station. Our trucks. That's a piston driven where some are which are getting is more of two part Collie mix that's something that's out there now. For us it's been patented sense. 1983. And we again we mix right there it's it looks like assault truck essentially. Let's talk about the differences between leveling and replace it why would you wanna consider. Are leveling win perhaps grow replacement via an option. Well I'm often the first factor that people are looking at is cost right and it's generally half for a third the cost of replacement. That's just first and foremost that's what people are looking. So second is is down time so for businesses in particular. Down time is it puts the business at a screeching halt at that point so. That's clearly another factor we can be in and out in less than a day people can be walking on it immediately after we leave here in warehouses and there they need to be running for what's over so they can't be waiting a week or month to a concrete here. With their BS circumstance that it would not work. Oh certainly. Certainly I mean there that's that's what the estimate there are valuations really for is to determine whether this is ideally suited for applications. One of the main factors is clearly the condition of the car if it's broken up and I got shattered pane of glass. At that point it's better for replacement and just not gonna get the longevity out of a list man in the pieces are that small yeah if it takes that little pressure to move it. It's more likely to move in the future and good good point yes so there'll be a good way of deciding whether it's worthy and that is the kind of cracked you have. Or the number of pieces that the flattens him correct cracked also the surface condition where if it was poured would say of Valium that. Share lifting is not gonna Alter that there's always going to be that Valium a concrete as that's concerned it's best to start over. If you have a situation where you're. Wondering if concrete leveling work for you today's show for you 80309. Trio. If you're wondering about the costs will be talking about that as well 8030930. Outside buffalo its its whole free call 180616. WB insult calls are welcome start earning thirty our tax cuts. At 30930. And you can check out a course for keys that knack for everything we do it Cortese construction which includes room additions are kitchen and bath renovations with our wonderful. Bella could Tina custom kitchen cabinet Leyden now being fabricated for outdoor kitchens as well. Federal living sun rooms solar shades retractable bombings our backyard living department calls there. And our handyman service including handyman for a day. All available. What information the court he's done meant in good morning from Dominique for keys and before you pick up the hammer before you pick up the draft pick a phony give me cause Bubba talked. Now before we talk to you though gonna traveled to the Clarence side and transit road going north on the right hand side just by. It's both farms across the street from transit middle it's now my embodied Gabriel Matalin as the manager of the lake shore savings bank branch there in Clarence they gave the morning. Good morning Donna curry today that and you. Oh excellent seventy degrees already your beautiful player they are. That's right and we're so excited to be able to talk about all the services that later savings bank provides. Including some that are quite unique like the future values account talk about that. All of this is so unique in the industry and it's another way how lake shore goes out of our way. To help the community anywhere we can and now by offering this future value. Won't basically allows somebody who is maybe putting in addition on her house or during a major home improvement. And you know of their houses gonna praise for. A lot more want to project is done so we allow them to borrow against the future value of what the house is gonna pray for after the up. Job is completed. That's right we are recommend all of our customers that I have. Tight equity consider this idea of using their future value and we've had great success in sending our customers. To make sure savings bank and a competitive rates still right there for the future value loans. They are offered for those for the future valuable as well just our conventional mortgage on the fact our our thirty year mortgages that fourth quarter percent. And that's lower than by the name of federal loans held there. That's right and of course don't forget if you have equity you can tap in at 3%. Fixed for a year with no cost whatsoever. Remarkable program. Absolutely and along with all of our. Consumer side products we also do a lot commercial lending. Very competitive and again. We go out of our way to help as many people possible by. Creating unique products and services. Depending on what. Are beautiful people of Western New York need. Okay Gabriel Madelaine he's the manager of the Clarence branch. Of lake your savings bank the phone number there gave. For a number years 6886114. And repeat that for us. 886114. For 127. Years lake shore savings bank. Putting people first of now. You imagine not doing nothing. Paid actors illustrating actual claims prior results do not guarantee similar cut each case is unique. My car hit me I can't Selena environments they get six million dollars 24 times the instruments offer I'm Steve Burns is your X indicates we're more than insurance company says clueless you might be surprised. After a motorcycle accidents lead on Barnes got me one point five million dollars. Twelve times more insurance offered I'm Russell you know. What's your case really worth. Call us now find out. Dallas during an insurance I'm gonna hasn't gotten out Selena Barnes got a friend out after a car accident insurance a 150000. Helene environments gotten sent an incident that. To oust these. He's your day's worth more than the insurance company's us cards you might be surprised. It's gotten over 600009. Parents know what it'll shorten office. Well if you are in the market for any outdoor living materials listen up because throughout the month of June I've got a deal for you available only. At script and three builders and united materials here it is temper sent out all ultra living materials throughout the month of June. Bell guard hard skates we have the passion. To bring your outdoor visions to life belt guard offers a wide variety of concrete pavers including pavers with the look and feel of brick and stone. Tackle block his north America's leading manufacturer of paving stones their products are beautiful durable become whether transferable lifetime guarantee. And then there's you unlock the collection of products deliver long lasting beauty with complex plans. A grander in courts combined to create ultra realistic surface textures. In unique styles that are exceptionally durable. Practical and appealing. Script and story bill there's there are 3360. Walden avenue in the pew. Not too far from transit road and united materials at 528 young street in town a Wanda. Just at the 290 Colvin exit where it's 10% off all outdoor living too. Heroes throughout June stop by check out their outdoor displays they're open 24/7. Tom Dominik since JT Unita materials. When you're playing carpeted floor and carpet Smart is the Smart choice with Smart prices selection and installation and Smart customer service everything about your -- purchasing carpets Mardy is Smart it's what he surely hear from Buffalo's number one cover divorce stories if you don't know where to start for new flooring there is just one answer and it's carpet Smart they do it all free from helping you check out towards defining carpet of foreign to fit your budget a perfect installation into your home or office results on with just one visit try finding that kind of customer service and a big back store plus cartridge mart carries the most and -- -- to find everything from all types of carbon pulpits of hard surface for the Michael laminated fine over is simply no reason to shop for flooring the anywhere else carpet Smart takes care of everything for you at prices you'll love Walden avenue to walk across from wal marts and next falls apartment 290 internal wanted to fight perfect jump like carpet Smart. Well you know I had this the opportunity to. Have my friends that guerrilla garage here come over and check out my garage floor we're talking about country leveling. Well I had some issues with that cracking as well in my garage for a remorse importantly it was the issue of it being so porous and hard to clean. And you know we keep a lot of important stuff in our garage. I'll let dust that dirt and that damage we can we be doing by leaving everything on a pity garage floor. Well the experts at guerrilla garage here can help transform your garage like they did mine. With their guerrilla floor it's a state of the art overly coding. That is long lasting and durable with a beautiful look and basketball but I like the most easy maintenance. What they do is they come out when they. Special grinder and it has diamond tips and it and they grind the surface that is the important part of their service. They don't use that quick one day application UCL over the Internet. The use the right materials to ventured deep penetration into the concrete to prevent elimination a guerrilla floor is finished with a high tech durable top coat. That's seals and protects the floor. Against long term Wear and here and oh yeah a growth floor. It comes with a ten year warranty and here's the best part if you called Joseph follow right now. And you tell him I just heard Dominic on the radio talking about guerrilla garage here. Well guess what he'll give you 8200. Dollar discount that's right 8200 dollar discount. But she did college Joey right now here's is number 7156927. That 715. 6927. College show and say goodbye to dusty dirty pity grads floors. Column today for a beautiful new floor from guerrilla garage gear visit in my mind it guerrilla garage here dot com. Go go gorilla. That's why anyone is the time on every time radio good morning from down equities and hollering U 80301930. That's the number for you to dial this Saturday morning. Here on WB EM I guess in studio Peter Easton and we're talking concrete leveling. Pick up the phone and give us a call if you have a cut concrete section that need to be level we can teach what Peter does too. Help get that concrete level again we've got a text question that's come in here Peter do you repair sidewalks section. We we absolutely do sidewalks. We do anything from a sidewalk a walkway to a warehouse and a lot of sidewalks presidentially some people have the town come through when Marcum then so. I'm we're a fast easy solution for that and I would say every year we probably do somewhere between. 6700. Such locks Latvia you know sidewalks. Town's sidewalks city sidewalks typically are affected by treatment. Correct so high it how do you deal with that. Well in that case you're taking the area where the feud has pushed it up now obviously that's the high point right so what you'll do is match the other side of that slap to make it level across. And then raise the adjacent slabs to make kind of a slow slow up to that. So you're dealing with it as if you're not actually trying to level call back down to the original level what you're working with. The rise in and neck in permitting the tripping hazard which is really the essential part. When we're talking about that kind of direct. Right now it typically you know in a home setting we see a lot of concrete tipping towards. Houses may be not necessarily crack but. But there's movement and down remove it you see this a lot in new homes where. The concrete. Perhaps was the area was improperly prepared before the attack it was and so then we get this downward movement towards house. Which is not good because it can promote drainage towards how it would complete a lot of problems in the basement can you help with that. Yet that's obviously one of the most common things we do whether it's a patio. Stepped up front step. Or what we consider the operate in a driveway slabs leading into the garage. Those are really common and it's just something that's gonna happen when you're trying to. To build a house is the compaction along the founding exactly or they've estimated down today to the footer so there's a lot of room for that vote down. And then once it loses its surface pitch. Well it's directing more more water towards Alex. So do you agree or worse yet the three stock condition continues to make that worse so we absolutely that's something that is kind of the bread and butter of our business residential. Now how do you go about to putting an estimate together. It's it's basically time immaterial. And then obviously the number of slabs and square footage is a function of that but most importantly for us it really is how much material as it's gonna take. And how much time are we anticipating that this is gonna take to complete the project. So to give our listeners an idea of who they wanna do their own math is there any way to do that. Hey Dave would have to be pretty good at estimating how much material is gonna go below there. That's sort of the skill that you learn a job you minimum. Yes our minimum is around 400 dollars and that's just anticipating for us that are set up breakdown is gonna be about 45 minutes regardless whether or doing one slab or were doing. Twenties it's. We have a couple people on the line now unrelated topics but we'll get through everybody here 80309. Real feel like to participate in the program would love to hear from you. Let's start with a friendly phone call from a friend who Fay Ellen she's here on the live line to talk about some. Big events happening tomorrow at the Clarence town park for the Clarence summer orchestra good mornings to say. Good morning. And every night here. All we wanted people say. Hey we have two of my. He has a Mercury. Program here for the clearance Town Car and that kind of hit that we do in the car that. I ate at 7 PM we are our C and we hit Haiti miners credit until then it's well scared at the Anthony. Until you've never stand there. I'm much on yeah pictures now out to dinner or you're shares come early sit down or every night. Dinner and listen what the government it three down and we but. They. I mean you don't think our. Glad you remembered that I'm glad to be able to help you guys out as we look forward to our season beginning tomorrow night. And we run for about what for a week's RO. We have more on it or wrote orchestra so every Sunday until I we have a terrific program I'm on week. Outdoors and aren't that tomorrow could we handle that you would keep strength. And that we can't go on to selling music we are Anthony I'm with American and her. With Caroline has done an arsenal that he achieved international plotted and he was home grown right here and there were very proud. Are these then and August. We have. Are dancing and the errors with what they thought we got a lot of good. And we have the PPI haven't elect I mean this is our sixteenth seed I we have that EPO pretty. And they're coming in July also their. Is an 88 and I can't RRO all summer and I'm ninety. Yet the longer the good stuff that's great I get all. And I went cited a chapter about or just download the whole thing you know excellent lead off of you doing that thank you own much are the life. Starts tomorrow at the Clarence town park which is six miles east of transit row on the right hand side you interim guy our cart before. And it's at 7 PM it's free and open to the public. And we're looking forward to seeing you tomorrow and our premiere night or sixtieth season. At the Clarence counts association. We won't see you tomorrow but will be there. All right the pace of pain thanks for calling him. To face Allen from the Clarence counselor association we're talking with Peter east and from K one concrete leveling. About the process of having a sunken slab righted. The amateurs that you use you mentioned limestone I would imagine this is an environmentally friendly process. 100% environmentally friendly from you know eliminating the tarot which your unnecessarily. Adding new concrete when it's not needed the limestone itself obviously that's what they put down import country. You've ever watched some import driveway or highway it's lines on their use I cut my teeth in the industry on concrete installation and you know I learned it from the about a Muppets to the right way to do pantry and of course it all comes down to the preparation of the base that's really where the rubber hits the road as far as what's most important good drainage. Good stone base compacted. So that the water does not saddle and then subsequently freeze in the wintertime causing these issues certain. But it goes beyond that to. As you mentioned ground can actually shipped over time. So actually if we have dry conditions right right that's that's really common and a few years ago we had that roads are out. We saw a lot of concrete that it lasted twenty years and then suddenly it shifted. So it means something to be expected particularly in this area that the ground is gonna shift. Com are limestone material is gonna move with the ground. So it's one of the real benefits of using limestone. I guess the simplest way to put it that day tell other people is in the right conditions the pyramids are made of limestone so you know things. Throw longevity standpoint that's that's about as good as it gets. We're talking concrete leveling here with Peter Easton from he won concrete leveling. 8030930. Or Texas at 30930. Or yourself on its start paying thirty it is the bottom of the hour. Tying for the top of the news hole look who's back Michael Bagram. With the latest from the in double BN newsroom good morning Mike. Good morning at 1030 from the WB UN newsroom I'm like back many years top stories for the Saturday July 7 the taste of buffalo. Is back it's one the largest two day food festivals in the country. Dozens of vendors with hundreds of food and drink options all centralized in downtown buffalo. Taste of buffalo runs from 11 until 9 o'clock today. Tomorrow it goes from eleven to seven there's lots of road closures in the area of Delaware avenue near Niagara square. Check out the full list of road closures in our top story at WP EN dot com. Buffalo Sabres forward Jack Michael announced yesterday he switching his Jersey number. Michael now donning that number nine the same number that he wore in his college days in Boston. The sabres announced that they will be exclusively selling the number nine jerseys beginning on Monday. In Thailand rescue teams available immediately attend any underwater evacuation of the tall boys and their soccer coach. Who were trapped in a flooded cave for two weeks though ABC news told us. That they learned that they could start as earliest tonight's officials said they have to do law the boys are in good health and ball oxygen levels are decent. To get an understanding of where the boys and the coach are breathing right now. Seventeen and a half percent oxygen that's the equivalent of breathing in the oxygen that happens when somebody acts tales. WBE on Purcell are forecast for this weekend's gonna be beautiful pleasant skies today lower humidity and plenty of sunshine. High of 79 today tonight clear skies low around 58. Tomorrow pleasant and sunshine again high of 82. And the sunny skies continue into Monday had freezer conditions and high of 83 right now buffalo we have 71 degrees. At 1032. I'm Mike Ackerman news radio 930 WBE NN. 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Get your 550 game time whoever greed fear is forward and sold. 58 years ago stinging your carpet was easy to make and it. 58 years ago the price of carpet was true 22 square foot civic and it anyhow. In fifty years a lot has changed but some things have remained the same like Kelly carpets. Carpets and floors are celebrating their fiftieth anniversary as Buffalo's most. Carbon and Clark story Kenny is offering the most revolutionary company and 58 years the eliminates any stained work. Kids in the past spills something on ten easy break but don't worry because it still seemed pretty Justin. Years ago the price of carpet was just 22 square foot two days are better Steve Frick carpet is. The Kenny price includes. Relations plus qualified buyers feel one here interest free. Buffalo's most slumped more stores are celebrating the. If you listen that every Saturday morning here on till the end for Hank lemons and Buffalo's early news. You'll hear anybody forty my home improvement tip of the week and we're proud to be able to tell you that united materials in Sprint's three bill as is our sponsor. Of our home improvement tip of the week where during the month of June there offering you 10% off all outdoor living material that's right 10% off. Outdoor living materials. Throughout the month of June. Bell guard's heart skates we have the passion to bring your outdoor vision to life. Doug our offers you a wide variety of concrete pavers including pavers with the look and feel of brick and stone. Tackle block is north America's leading manufacturer of paving stones their products are beautiful durable in the comedy transferable lifetime guarantee. And of course then there's a you know lock the you know like collection of products delivers long lasting beauty with complex ones of granted in quartz combined to create ultra realistic surface textures with a unique styles that are exceptionally durable practical. In appealing. These products are available and on display at both Scranton three Billy supply at 3360 Walden avenue in the pew not far from transit broad. In united materials at five to any young street in town want to. Not far from the cold cold and exit where it's 10% off all outdoor living materials throughout the month of June. I'll door displays are open 24/7. Check them out if Sprint's three pillars and Unita materials. Well paint spill could be an issue. But don't panic we can spring into action while it's still wet and it's likely that latex can be removed from almost anything. Let's start with carpet now I won't be easy. But with the right tools. It is doable first use of plastic putty knife to scoop up as much paint it's possible. Next mix the solution of warm water in some dish soap about a cop to a half a teaspoon. Put that in a spray bottle. Squirt the stain with a solution. Then immediately run a wet drive back over the area. Repeat this until the paints is gone. Used to clean dry rags to mop up any remaining moisture. Now let's say youth build a gallon of paint on it would surface. Well kind of sealed would confine this bill with pieces of absorb absorbent materials like our border cloth. Use these to soap sop up or pick up which you can then finish with a wet sponge or read. Now untreated wood is going to be tricky year. Speed is key to keeping the paint from penetrating into the grain. Remove paint using a clean drive rag for each pass then went the area with rubbing alcohol. And rob yet within another clean dry rag until all traces of the paint our guard. Now let's say you spell that gallon of paint on your driveway. Using newspaper. Paper towels or rags wipe up everything you can and scour within nylon scrub brush to get any paint cling to the rough surface. Rinse with a bucket of water and repeat until clean going back over the area with a oppose or pressure washer should completely erase the variants. There you go next time you spill again on the paint you'll thank me for it. I. It's my home improvement tip of the week and you hear it every Saturday morning at 840. With Henry never ends out of Buffalo's early news here on WB. Yen my guest in studio with Peter Easton and we're talking concrete leveling. Eagle three on ninth realists know refuted out here on WB and participate in the program. Give us all they're awful toll free 10616. Double B and circles there. 930 in doubt Peter we want to make sure that we're giving out carrier information for our listeners to contact you let's start with you website. Our website is WWW. Dot 81 concrete buffalo dot com. You repeat that connects the little convoluted right eighth one concrete buffalo dot com a one concrete buffalo that count and your phone number. It is 3414550. You repeat that again 3414550. Okay. And and a friend on the line to another Frontline Larry Midas is calling from indoor air professionals have Peter is going to be column in a few minutes when you column for a Larry. Ollie Dominic morning is taking candidate you know what I'll be brief. When the weather is great things grow up slowly growing and a great news is indoor air professionals. In our sister company became bear group well we're growing to create some folks on the Marcin. Despite everywhere know that our culture is enthusiastic. On. Entrepreneurial an extremely fairly focused which is very important folks these days. The papers someone actually do work right alongside Pete Gorton. But someone who ever has signed territory. You're part of a very productive high functioning team with a great brand. And tell our duct cleaning and and not other air quality services in person in the home and over the phone. We're also looking for the guys that put their work in place duckling technicians in homes and businesses. So anybody could with tools who has excellent customer service skills that might a lot of travel a little bit on the commercial side of our business. And and I honestly we've got more of our technicians have been with us more than a decade so it's a group that type guys who love what they do it and doing extremely well. I'll go to first sealed administrator to support all of our division's commercial residential. Babel and the team Derek group. And last but not least when it comes down to that and even counting him we're looking for a step account and also to killing her teens so anybody out there with AR AP. Inventory job costing Billings payroll Xperia. These are all full time position. Okay and are any idea on pay scales. You know what we're very market competitive that we always consider what people happened or background on the tech side honestly the more experience you have. In HTC. Author of the and how to they reach you there. It's about it's they wanna set to resume indicates that rightly leery ham and Michael area had indoor air pro dot com. Or they just call the college the company had 633000. Extension 333 that speak directly with me and that will have a chance we will we think that. Okay how about you coming to work for indoor air professionals Larry Midas thinks taking up to the Colin. They academic ever really get. Right you too. 8030930. That's and refuted out here on and double B and as we travel to west Seneca and Alan chat with Mary Allen good morning Mary Ellen you're on don't be down. Good morning I have a call unrelated to the current creek that I am hoping you can help me. I'm looking to hear of someone. To a two and up. Outside unit of the air conditioning. And I'm afraid that I'll get somebody that's gonna say I need this hearing you all know. You know whatever you and wondering if there's but here handy man service there get there of people that you can recommend for they asked. I will absolutely recommend over dot HW brick and sons. There one of our sponsors here and hammer time radio and the numbers 2972901. That's 2972901. And what it and clean HW brick and sons. Okay thanks so very much okay Merriam thanks for the call. Q net that's one thing that's great about this program is RA. Actually have no problem recommending that people that are tried and true. Yeah and they are certainly top of the list so are a shell lubricants and for anything to do with plumbing and heating and air conditioning let's go to Cheektowaga and chat with Karen hope Karen here on WB hand. Do. Start over Karen if you weren't connected through north so go ahead with your question. I happen to Dominic. Thank you for taking my call. And I are you would check Sheikh has been wonderful and you I kidding you're in the Mansur. A bunch of times. And I'm I'm. You for the invoice. Okay. What's your question. My question is about the concert at it that concrete. You're talking about. And I am listening them with Pete. V. Ownership of Cheektowaga. When they've done some remodeling. Or repairing. The name. Public portion. You know where people walk. They've taken care they. I'm having some uplifting and cracking. That the portion that is. Going into my front door we usually do not use the front door. That we use this site are my mom just turned 97. My cash. That's amazing gives you a teller happy birthday from a. But it I do think Korea. And in light of the fact that in home. Wheelchairs or kick it into the picture at all. I just kind of wanted to even snapped up all out. OK let's see what Peter has this thing. A little guidance as to how they would run a and whether or not you you who you're estimating people could comment. Just you know if there. While power. Let's see what he deficit. Sure Karen we can definitely come out and do an estimate. Com the cracking is almost certainly. The cause of movement so that is at the rue what we do is preventing future movement. And now if you can answer says slab saddled. Layup have you seen more as it sunken. There's two pieces. That and looking at right now out of the front let you know it's just a small tape. I don't think you can visual. There's two. Where it's a little high. And. Well but we do it this way wanted to take down his phone number. I won't tell you that Pete and I did take your number down. They're used to be big tree. And there you go all right that could be there yet cause for silence. Was reading we had every move well when I'm vote in the air. Because it was star and angle in culture you know the story. All right. We'll give McCall and hill be that tomorrow for free announcement certainly Peter yet okay to be seen in my smiling face I. You and thank you dominate each work in. Everything you'd done for the help. All right thank you for things that appreciate your call Karen Karen line is now free here on the WV an eagle three on nine trio when we come back we'll travel to weasel. In chat with Kevin. But before we do that it's time for our next break here on hammer time radio and WG CN. We have got to love this summer weather and even when he gets hot sticky year air conditioning will feel great right well not always many people actually get sick headaches allergy symptoms. When their air conditioning his running was is going on here as air conditioning make you sick. Here is why you are most likely breathing the same dust dead skin cells into king animal remains. Dust mite feces yuck. And who knows what else is circulating in your dock work. That is coming through it and your breathing in and that could be making you sick some people think it's the cool air itself however it is all that disgusting stuff that I mentioned in your dark work. Now showering all over you and that we need to get cleaned out how to we do that woman friends at indoor air professionals will come out with a patented column duct cleaning system. Blast all of the gone off the side walls of your dark work and then with negative pressure. Suck it all out and leave you with a fresh sent up can Barry. Peter Gordon joins us on the live line look like your guys are growing Larry Midas call as well these job openings there an indoor air. Yeah it is we create our climate the war in no pun intended I mean we have we we try to have on the but see what that probably went up in the morning is a fact that. People don't know victories in. Proper you know want question ER I can't practices everybody. Put thorough cleaning. Up for you describe. If you add a medical grade yeah you're eight error error fire okay. Yeah well we'll we'll have my EP we have high capacity. He didn't have our typical I have. You know it's it's it's it's it's Arnold fire starter. And you can run three of those it will do what wanted to be stuck in the eastern what is so we think higher package to get equal health. In everybody else somebody's suffering of cancer it and you know they had a problem right didn't see. You'd need a medical grade air firing or exactly or simple. 6833000. That's a number that in our professionals Peter. We anticipate your extra special hammer time radio disc count every week what's it going to be. Both the law right through this north Kabul. Like stay out there all the answering your calls you patient. It is Larry that we need a few more people are as he. All my blog world woke up both hot summer of 42 dollars off are important at. What we leak out expect when I get Bob back we are somebody that has. All the media he he cited as well and also don't forget about wheat Epoch of senior military law enforcement. I'd get in later EOJ Cooper reveals I'm not afraid you are pure iron in I can't beat each unit of. 6833000. You've heard Peter 42 dollars off but you need to call right now that I AP. It today. 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They're available 24 sevenths and if you call them now you get it 100 dollar discount on a tank with water heater. That's straight call now and Tom Dominic sense here you're gonna 100 dollar discount on a tank this water heater and their phone number 2972901. 29729. All wine. HW brick and suns let their family take care of all of your family's plumbing heating and cooling needs. Column today and town Dominic. Every time. 1055. Iron hammer time radio down and expertise in studio Peter east in my guests from a one concrete leveling and the phones of all lit up here. We must be and at the layers something with at all. Full line than. Awan concrete leveling do a job as early as Dunkirk Peter says yes we well. We are for sale so we will travel. You just need to keep in mind that you know there's travel time cost were probably at twelve to 15100 dollars as a minimum effort okay. Let's go to the phones and squeeze in what we can hear as we travel to Orchard Park now David where your house. Yes seven. One or not this gentleman his company have got to crack where these sidewalk. The state head angry and there's a crack has been getting bigger role in the last couple years would that be something that they would do is the first. Rick. So you're saying it's at the crack you want filled not a concrete level issue yeah yeah okay. That's not really something that we do them often will do that in conjunction with leveling. So I would say that may just be something you want o'clock yeah you can maybe do that yourself Dave I'm getting some on either how wide is this crack. Mitch. That's probably about half an inch. Right now yep you can use some concrete cock. Okay yeah you get some great Patrick talk and that should do the trick where. Thank you they've thanks for the call but let's go to west Seneca now and say hello to jammed into money junior next. I yeah I had to say you're right reporter about food theoretical. And the problem is currently there are cracks dropping every time all comforted sealing off the tree in my driveway. In the imprint on the concrete wash up or delete golf I got dark import or supper that old is a very good back concrete mature or. The porosity of the concrete service surface is what's. A mixing with the actual residue from the belief and in your getting that that that. That stain if you will in the concrete surface so it's no more than that to sustain you should be able to clean it out. With a little scrubbing our kids I can suggest you try some gone. Liquid detergent. Little elbow grease and that should give it off. Every ceiling after I get it cleaned may be useful to preventing that from being an ongoing issue. Yeah right. Okay great blocker. Thanks for the call. Let's go to waves on balance Hillary Kevin hello Kevin you're next. Dominique this CU Newark last. Well a little. Just comment security anyone can create leveling. We had to hit users services. My in laws north buffalo home and Paula can say is. The problem assault. Through the work and you endorse them how do. You think it's one is money well spent. And it's something never committed to many people would neighborhood. And it just like you very much appreciate that. Okay noticed you weren't drinking wine last night. Well you know. There's times that just beat a low loosen. Beers. From. I have a little hollow from steel line thanks for calling in and stay well back to buffalo now and good morning to you Joan. How damning manic good to talk with you. Can I I used. H a W strict bombing now I would assume that they do Broder routing is. They do water getting asked him. Okay and in terms of the kind creek. I think I hit it hit my hope Bradley replaced and back the question is. Probably didn't sell my house within five years so if it weren't for me to win back in advance. I'm curb appeal is huge when yours trying to sell a house and nothing could be a bigger turnoff than I driveway that's in bad shape. So you might find that to actually benefit long term and as far as the value in the pricing by having the dry we replaced I think it's again. A judgment call that people make when they drive by a house the curb repeal is huge and I think that that's something you would definitely benefit from. Makes sense can you give me their phone number again. Okay. Peter does not do replacement work he just as we dwelling but we are gonna give his phone number out right now go ahead. 3414550. And the weapon again. A one concrete busload dot com Peter thanks for spending the hour with a thank you Dominique I appreciate it have a great week everybody will see you next Saturday same time same place and remember like maybe hard by the yard by the inch its descent.