Domenic Cortese 7-28-18

Domenic Cortese
Saturday, July 28th

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Our yes it is Dominic Cortese and of course hammer time radio starts right here right now. Welcome to hammer time radio on news radio 930 WP yet. Talking home improvements since 1989. And now here is your host from court these construction services. Your man or home improvements Dominic Cortese good morning homeowners and welcome once again to hammer time radio here on W. BT and how are you and how was your week. Opened phones with your name on it pick up the phone right now. And give us a call here in studio. 8030930. That's 8030930. Outside the 716. You can call me for free at 180616. WB. And cell calls are welcome at star and thirty. Or text me at 30930. Email me hammer time act. Court t.'s dot net and on the web it is court he's got that car services are all there which includes room additions. Our beautiful delicate Tina custom kitchen cabinet pine. Now made for outdoor kitchens as well. Federal living sun rooms solar shades retractable linings tax the backyard living experience all at Cortese. And then there is that handyman service that we have including handyman for a day. While there. For you expertise that next at our opening segment is our habitat segment that we look forward to every once in awhile and Stephanie Lawson pops in the door to say hello good morning good morning thanks for having me it's great to have you as usual house things that have attacked. Very very god we're excited I Reese or was recently recognized as the best thrift store and all of Western New York. By buffalo spree that was voted on by by the close they've readers and is a real testament to our our customers and our donors and those who engage with us follow us. That's great you know it's not too early step for us to start promoting the flip flopped. It's pretty darn fine and blood they actually are in the planning stages and that's that agrees and they forming we have higher restart I and let what is ED IA like contest. Local traffickers the wires they take a piece from the restart and the turn it into something cool and creative that is November 2 tickets will be up and down and I'll let you ask that he needed that nobody I know I media center and I just got a mail calendar. Yeah I fell in in summertime things are back to back for us so we're just in the early planning stages of mind and let's not there any local and liars aircraft burst. Intrastate he's joining the the contact they can go to our FaceBook page and S and Japan Twitter or could have kept afloat are going to be more information up there. Again there's a lot of ways for you to participate. With habitat obviously you could volunteer your time which. There always welcoming that but you could shop there reached threats on the way to support habitat. Or you can write a check. He had you know you need to do all those things together there there's a lot of ways to engage you can't shop battery street can donate warm restart we will come pick up you are used. A household items furniture and appliances and building materials. Cabinet he remodeling your kitchen. If you haven't done that come in and take out your kitchen we will take those old pieces can be will be purpose and for a home and all the mineral resource we do that what color as actually. Yes oh definitely. That think about how you can get to the restart because we will only keep some things that would otherwise Clinton and her landfill. And if you and that's why you're saying and you don't want to shop for Tony to the restart from swinging Amaral let it work. He can come violent here in our office are always looking for extra hands than others in need for volunteers and yes so there's there's a need for volunteers but there's more of the need for for sponsors. The way that we built houses as with funding and that's how we may volunteer opportunities open to the community. And so we encourage folks especially companies weren't looking for teen build opportunities or a way to engage with their clients skip the golf course come see ethnic sponsorship and bring your client how to swing a hammer meaningful degree today. What levels that are of commitment has Erica powers. So it really depends thirteen billed to you are looking for something around a thousand dollars but we have companies who come in. And much higher level and a sponsor and entire home for us that they can lock in those volunteer opportunities for the entire course of construction. And they tie up all of those days bringing their staff bringing their clients. But they make that financial commitment. There seems to be in my mind that transition occurring. That's gonna be over the next two years as far as being able to count am skilled. I incompetent volunteers to help in the building mission. Yeah you know we have had to eat it really committed group of volunteers for more than a decade in fact there are volunteers have been engaged with habitat since the eighties. And unfortunately. A lot of those folks just aren't able to claim the latter Italy that they use to say they had to take a step back for health reasons or urged you know some economists want to retire in Florida and I can't in a crippling them here. So we're definitely looking for folks with with a specific skill set that's plumbing electrical work. I'm HVAC and if you don't have that's they'll simply wanna learn come shadow of the volunteers who are animals will train yeah okay. So we're. Onward and upward I understand there's a pretty aggressive agenda for next year four in the number of homes that are going to be. Under construction. Yes so last year was the first year history that token debt because the property values in buffalo have gone up so clearly. And delete we built it houses and we look at ourselves and that week but they'll faster better and come up with new ways to find ourselves and so on this year ran track to close on sixteen homes. And we are working to build when he house and sustainably every year I'd be your 20/20 we can only do that if we have support of our community. And that looks like volunteer work that looks like donations pay people shopping at a restart and and I'm confident that folks will show up OK we will enemy in November 2 event a big one so we'll meet promoting their years as much we can I will be back IR SK definitely find us follow us for an answer camp is a Twitter haven't kept buffalo buffalo restart. It is habitat buffalo dot org and the phone number four prompt pickup. For the restores a five to 6607. That's 8526607. Anything that's reusable that isn't working condition. That falls in the category of building materials. Household goods not mattresses. And they'll pick it up and you'll get a tax receipt share well thank you so much for having me how it's great having you on as usual appreciate it after the Lawson from. Habitat for humanity thanks for stopping them thinking. 688030930. That's a number for you here on WB and open phones for the rest of the hour. You know Stephanie touched on something that. He know I think might be a good topic for the rest of the show today and that is the fact that habitat just doesn't have. In ample supply of skilled people that are are in the wings to. Carry on the mission. In a in a volunteer setting. And it leads me to hold discussions that we've had several times here on air on and that is what's happening with our high school. Students on in that they're being. Rooted and guided to avoid the trades and to go to college and get a bachelor's degree. Well trade jobs sit idle and unfilled. How are anything like what habitat is doing going to be fulfilled a northern he's going to be fulfilled when there are no people. I'm with the skills to do it on let alone huh what I'm dealing with on a regular basis in recruiting and in finding a bottom in finding skilled people. And it's kind of a tongue in cheek. Commentary but. The truth is that. The here's a quote from an article I found parents want success for their kids. They get stuck on four year bachelor degrees and they're not seen the shortage there is in treats people. I'm tell they hire a plumber. Have to write a chat. Doesn't that say at all. 70% of construction companies nationwide are having trouble finding qualified workers. That's according to the associated general contractors of so of America. And in some areas the country it is far greater than that. There are ready more trade jobs like carpentry electrical plumbing sheet metal work and tight fitting. And then on there are people to fill them. Many pay more than the State's average annual wage. And there's announce another interest in fact trade jobs do pay well. And most people that after the trades if they've done it you know from the beginning out of high school or even at a college. Don't have a lot of the debt that professionals have in fulfilling and completing their education mission. Construction along with health care and personal care will account for 13 of all new jobs through the year 20/20 two. And that's according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. They're also be in need for new plumbers in new electricians. And as politicians debate a massive overhaul of the nation's roads bridges and airports. The US Department of Education reports that there will be a 68%. More job openings in infrastructure related fields in the next five years. Then there are people training to fill them. Gotta give here people. We've got to reverse our mindset in that trades are not worthy. And has to start with parents and it has to start with high schools there has to be a path. That's paved. For students to realize that there is a another way to make a living rather than becoming a professional. 8030930. What's your opinion on this subject matter pick up the phone and give me call her anything around the house that you need my help with this Saturday morning here. I'm hammer 10 radio good morning from Dominic cork tees and before you pick up the hammer. Before you pick up the drop pick or phoning give me a card love to talk to. Abby Farley tell if you gonna travel to Snyder and say good morning to Richard Greco he is the branch manager of the lakes are savings bank there on main street. In Snider good morning Richard. Good morning downing power you. There are good good you know I can't say enough about. How wells lakes or savings bank is treating court t.'s customers we send all of them to lake shore. And one of the reasons a courses. The great service but also though the unbelievable. Hot deals and all of a great rates let's talk about that. You are correct and thank you for what are you referrals we would really appreciate of course in this. In this hot summer no pun intended lake church dating at some hot summer rates for everyone in much New York. Did he is that the money market 1% premium money market one and one half percent are wonderful intro twelve month rate home equity of 3%. And some of the lowest mortgage rates in west New York are that benefit the people of west he York health we have it all. We love to hear that information that news with the customers and people what he. Now they 3%. Continues fixed for a year and absolutely no cost no appraisal fee. No closing cost of any kind no lump no taxes of any kind. It's averaging about a thousand dollar value in terms of the free card and you have to keep that open for three years. Fixed for a year you can adjust he can go with the adjustable after the Jiri can fix it after a year cracked. You are cracked down and you know while I'm on the program near you know that's better than not I felt. Well both Albert I'm on the street selling it suit just like you are. You are correct yet I'll that is correct and we are gonna continue this right to the end of the year they'll be haven't yet taken advantage of it. Poignant time in 2018 to remind anyone of eleven branch to question new York and talk to whenever professionals about the home equity. And I edition that the money market rates continue. At a good return. Not to mention that the unbelievable mortgage rates to. That is correct and pleas for anyone out there who's listening. If you are interested in any rated speculative competitors rate please give up the call make sure that we can always do things. I'm with our special marketing niche that we have. To accommodate just about anybody so it's worth a phone call and mama with fed not to find out what the answers to your. Okay Richard wanted to give us the Snyder branch phone number please. I appreciate that at 89821018982101. And a dollar Dominic thank you so much of the time this morning. For 127. Years lake shore savings and putting people first. Show takes or doesn't matter too much about. 58 years ago flooring would Chia and crashed. 58 years later Kenny carpets and floors introduces tar can't pro gen flooring. What are prove great looking wooden plank flooring that's even better than real good. It's all part of Kenny garments fiftieth anniversary celebration. Penny is celebrating 58 years of being Buffalo's most loved confidence large stores and now. Kenny introduces incredible pro again lowering of course don't talk. It's actually harder than concrete. 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About the shortage of volunteers in the shortage in the pipeline as we see it in the construction. Field for our workers. And this misperception that's our permeating our society today that. That. Eight college degree is going to mean me. Fulfilling career now certainly that's the case. If you are lucky to get placed. And a career path. But the problem is that him many. Of the trade jobs that there are out there are going unfilled. Because of the fact that. People just aren't taking their path and I guess they said it starts with parents. You have to encourage your children to consider the idea that maybe you are working with their hands can be fulfilling. And of course parents are deafening harder to convince because there's a stigma. Of these six pack Houghton I iron worker right and that. There's some how me. And then I don't know lesser class. To the working. Trade center is in for professionals. Yeah that's a perception that's battery Alley these perceptions fuel. The worry that if students are urged as early as seventh grade consider the trades. Then low income first generation and ethnic and racial minority high school students will be channeled into blue collar jobs. While wealthier and white classmates are pushed by their parents to get bashers degrees. And therein lies the whole. Vicious circle so. What's the solution. We need vocational training that starts even middle school and then permeates into the high schools and 828 career path has developed. To properly route. Students in that direction now. Maybe. We have a new track that's started where. Kids go through high school and develop a path for the trades and actually do get a degree. That's supported. I'm by aim a minor in the trades in in a major in another field so that we do. Then have this nurturing mom of the trades at that level. And I tell the story about my son's. Who both worked is premises through the high school and college years. I'm in our company thankfully that we had the company for them to be placed in. And they both. Graduated from nations with business degrees so there was a great combination because now they have degree degrees and they learned the trades. Along the way. Your opinion on this 80309 trio as we mix and that and that was your regular questions Randy you kind of want a good morning year run double B yen. Good morning America. First thing I'd say his size and urged my grandkids. To get into the trees okay. Doesn't seem to sink in right they wanna you know where your degree in computer science and something like I turn at all. The monies and the truth exactly. Yep. But I did Karl blow to. I hit a hot water tank and stop their condition number this year Brandon okay. And what's happening in us. In the morning. I take it show or. Shortly afterwards I hear from Don so over. And whenever we use any larger amount probably water. Which gained twenty minutes or shoulders slumped from about march thanks to all of the companies that are insolvent. And it appears that the bottom. Of the hot water change. Is expanding and yes they're. Yes well OK I think I have the solution. And you're gonna have to wait till after the bottom of the hour news break Mike Bagram and standing back hold on the line that Randy will discuss your issue. And anyone else's at 80309 trail after Mike Benjamin and the news in morning Michael. 69 degrees at 10:30 good morning I'm Mike Ackerman and here's the top stories we're following for Saturday July 28. Charter Communications responded to New York State's order to leave the state within sixty days and find a replacement provider. By saying that rhetoric is often politically charged in an election year. The state public service commission yesterday revoked it's one he sixteen merger between charter which operates locally as spectrum. And Time Warner Cable after said the cable and Internet giant failed to meet deadlines and for not expanding enough access to rural communities. Here reaction from state lawmakers over at WV EN dot com. Sheldon Silver was sentenced to seven years in state prison after he was found guilty in the retrial of his previous corruption conviction. Silver beg for mercy ahead of sentencing but the 74 year old saying he does not want to die in prison. 37 year old Erica olds from the town importers in critical condition at EC MC. After an ATV accident last night he would be flown to the hospital by mercy flight and police are still investigating the accident. And the Buffalo Bills announced a new ticket policy requiring all ticket holders to utilize the mobile ticket. My one awful app to gain entry into new air field. Now those of you without Smartphones or if you're forward or die before you answer he can show your ID at the box office and obtain a physical take it that way. Firefighters in northern California say 500 structures were destroyed in a while five fire and another 5000 are threatened. Those numbers were given yesterday the number of homes burned and what's being called the car fire expected to increase. We WB and for solar forecast for this weekend we'll start with today high of 74. A shower only in the southern tier to start your day about other matches breezy with times of clouds and sun so I don't get chilly lower round sixty was partly cloudy skies tomorrow high of 77. A thunderstorms in some areas Monday times of clouds and sun and a couple of showers in the afternoon high of eighty. Currently 69 degrees with partly cloudy skies at 1032. A Mike back Herman news radio 930 WB yen. Twin city lasts for five decades they have been the experts in the room of your house. That everybody eventually c.'s ER your bathroom. Twin city is truly inane that you know and trust since 1964. They have built their success. 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What that means it means keeping your classes going crazy legs aren't. G securities and harm to your car on its. Yeah same batteries in Hamburg and headline or online at interstate batteries that come get out of Hawaii this summer and I save battery. He thought you're giving equipment running with batteries player bone camper motorcycle ATP jet ski. Still on the front gate keepers are energized and ended as a camera hammered interstate batteries are rapeseed kind of. Well it's already started and throws a bed bugs have begun their invasion are you ready national pest control is always ready to help you stop these invaders in their tracks they're your locally owned solution to eliminating tests they know all about stopping local pass Haslem pest controls highly trained staff has been reading Western New York a pass for a long long time and all service calls to perform discreetly to protect your privacy. Be prepared. Called Ashland pest control today 847431. 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Michael laminated final words simply no reason to shop for flooring anywhere else carpet Smart takes care of everything for you at prices you'll love Walden avenue to walk across from wal marts in Niagara Falls boulevard to nineteenth in channel wanted don't like carpets dumped by carpet Smart. It's Dominic Cortese here summer is in full gear so now's the time for the folks it's grants rebuild theirs and Unita materials to set you up. With that personal outdoor living space that you've always wanted. With too convenient locations to serve yield. We answered those supply on Walden avenue just east of transit in the pew. And Unita materials on young street in Taiwan and that. Not too far from it to ninety they're here to help you with that outdoor kitchen patio bar fire pit patio or even a complete outdoor living room. Now's the time to get their professional advice you need from its grants rebuild a supply and Unita materials who offer creative ideas to effectively and efficiently. Move their project forward. Both locations are open Monday through Friday 7 AM till 430 and Saturdays from 7 AM till noon. With that area's largest outdoor living space on display. 24 sevenths thirteen will be there for US grant through those supply and Walden avenue of appeal or inanimate heroes and youngster and it's kind of want to. Stop in to see them today are checking them out online Unita materials LLC dot com. Let them be your one stop supplier of construction materials. WBM present your home improvement tip of the week with me Dominic Ortiz brought to you bytes read three builders and united materials. You have mildew on your siding and you don't know what to do what you've come to the right place. The right way is safer and more effective than using bleach with an up when mildew gains a foot hole. Typically homeowners turn to diluted chlorine bleach. As well known as your standard household whitener. It appears to make mailed to vanish but listen this I'm porous surfaces such as wood or even vinyl siding. Chlorine of app rates too quickly to get to the fund guys roots here in team re growth. Chlorine can also damage for image and stain clothing. So what to do well the alternative. It's called. Oxygen bleach are also known as hydrogen peroxide that's right less volatile than chlorine. It removes mildew on and below the surface as well as LG dirt oxidized paint. But won't harm plants or clothing. Choose a liquid concentrate Scott makes one. It's called outdoor cleaner. Plus oxy clean runs about ten dollars a gallon. And you find more at Scotts dot com it's easy to use the garden sprayer or pressure washer are ideal. And again you know given the mildew and at one combat. You're welcome if you miss in this report and you want to hear it again simply go to. Every time. Our home improvement tip of the week brought to you by united materials script mystery builders and again if you missed that you can go to WB EN dot com. For all of my home improvement tips of the week brought to my scripts travellers and Unita materials now before the bottom of the hour news break. We are we're speaking with Randy from Taiwan down about is how water tank. Randy and let's reset the table with your questions so brand new hot water tank how big of a tank is at hand. Well actually look helped I have no arms and Lou thank you so but it and and I. I would look at age gap now take a quick clean up. How many people live in the house and a lot okay. I think there's a couple things going on here and watch it through what I would suggest we do. It's a possibility that we have too big of a tank. But beyond that that should not have a direct impact on the banging noise I think the banging is related. To end and again Sweden's we didn't. We can tell everybody what what your issue is your having them thumping noise or banging noise after reviews that water tank. Correct. And it's definitely. The bottom of the tank get a say installer came. I actually. Recorded that noise has shut myself Boehner get after the show and sure dropped at the big bump and equally great on the floor. And sure not that's where. Comic effect on my theory is that we are on harboring. Some on airport here in the tank. And that is of fairly easy fix. There should be a spigot or Fossett at the base of the tank. Yes there yet so I'm gonna recommend that we open that. Catch the water and pale. And you gonna find that when you first open that it's going to hit since bet and spotter. That is all the year escaping. When you start to see water flow. And no sputtering or spitting. Then that means we've let the aero. And there's a good chance that's holidays that we have because it's a new tank we've we've captured there. And that should do that should match that alone should do. Market is great because they. They'd this is an indication doesn't have a great our minds. If you loose and I got worried and won't get up. What brand is a failure. It does say it's commercial grade. If that means is saved and the brand name. American water heaters. Not familiar with that name and generic and but. Anyway. I'll give literature yes you're out there and see that be great at ten. Not even just replace the tank you're not gonna wanna hear what I'm about to tell you but keep this in the back here mind. If you continue to have issues with this tank or you know maybe in ten years when you decide replace that. You might wanna consider going thankless. And order are about certain. And they wanted to yet. Seems like other more money. But here's the advantage especially in a two person household. There is Noelle. Worry about having the storm water. Because it's instant so. The the water the waters heated on demand and as a result of that. You know you're you're actually gonna find that or you're not paying the utility consumption of some of the Storch a storage tanks. You have instant hot water and it flows indefinitely and you'll never have these kind of water can on and an air capture issues because you know tank. Well we'll definitely consider patched I'm liver and a bit of panic mode when you know what I'm and we didn't really. Shop around like we normally do so. Let me also give you this little tip that and in regards to that. It's it's never it should never be the case that we have a situation where all of a sudden we have no hot water without water tank just went. You should start to pay attention to the warning signs of the eventual end of a hot water tanks life. That would include starting to see. Some water on the floor. If you see any any water speaking from the tank that's an indication that we've got a leak. If you continuing to have a lot of rumbling in gurgling. That's another indication that we may be coming up to the and the pinks life. And the third is if the tank is over eight years old. They are only designed to last that long which is ridiculous but it's true. So eight to ten years and that what I would put the date the put this tank Arkansas this tank. On with a magic Parker red writer right on that takes you know. On in about eight years you should start paying attention to. All right. OK Randi thanks for your car thanks for being patient through the news. And we will. Now take our next break for the hour and job. When we come back will travel to buffalo and as seemingly we've hit a nerve with how water tanks and got another hot water tank question. Will talked about and to John and TU right after this. We are full steam ahead. In the air conditioning season right. Did you know that the air that travels through your air conditioning ducts is the same. Doc quirk that carries your heated air in the winter months. We don't really think about clean indoor air is march in the summer as we do in the winter correct. Well it's actually more important because the air this trailing through the duct work in the summer has moisture in it. And that is going to create the environment for more collection of dust debris that skin cells etc. etc. What to do well a phone call to hoped to my friends and indoor professionals. The number 6833000. They will come out and with the patent that column duckling system blast. All of the golf. Off the side walls of your dock work and then with negative pressure suck it all out leaving you with a fresh scent. Of Canberra gel. And Peter Gordon joins me on live like good morning mr. Gordon. Good morning Dominic yet just the tie into what you think that you mention on your show. You know ours though labor shortage in our technicians and everything like that. So what we do is we have this ceremony called raiding an. So we you know quarterly we get our guys together and we read the comments that are hot person. So that they know that after a hero duct cleaning that people are getting off reading machines that using their inhalers stop digging allergy medication. You know in so that they real light what they're doing this and it's been out of sight out of mind things sure especially with the air conditioning they create smoltz. By the way let's not forget that we have a complete service for bolt a lot of people flipping houses. Noticed the get out mold in the attic we have a great treatment for a better bold anywhere else but Beck and getting people help the that's what drives the engine at what keeps our guys motivated. They know that they're telling people how see with this crap that. All right. With the discount gonna be this week. Our will be or there another thing that we talked about is he had you know great equipment. So we have once again a medical grade air you're fired at one of those YouTube we do a demonstration where we see particle with a laser particle counter go for Mac app the million pound the Euro at eight back in. And then although I look at that he. And eight yard. Those just don't get it done like Ike hit the 300 dollars op I can get you beat the humidifier. 300 Jack 350 dollars off of a medical grade air here fire. And it you wanna scheduled duct cleaning it the first time you still get 42 lop but we're scheduling out. Close to the mid it'll pocket but he can't help you we include China priority move up. All right you heard Peter 6833000. Say 300 dollars and a high capacity humidifier 42 dollars on your dark cleaning 350 dollars and a air peer fire boy it column at pace to call indoor air professionals 6833000. Got IAT. And today. 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We had a couple nerves today which is always scared down one was a hot water tank mayor and the other is wire people in the academia the trades you your comments and questions. It 03 on nine trio as we traveled to buffalo and chat with Bob good morning about a year on WB yen. Good morning Dominic. Question being in on occupied apartment. He did best and leave water. Indicate torturing detained. How long is it going to be occupied. Yeah you can you can you can drain the tank in empty. The water that sits in the tank for an extended period time will lead to the degradation of the tank. So that is none out and healthy and unhealthy condition for hot water tank. Yes. And that way you'll actually prolong its life because when you when you are recharge it. You know you will basically have not lost any time. Where if you let the water set you gonna basically take six months up its life in essence. I thought maybe it would rushed out no. The water. Not if it's if everything is opened up and you're leaving it just sit idle that won't it won't be a problem okay great all right the question thanks for the call thank you all right. Bob's line is now free as we travel next to Hamburg. And John good morning where your house. The more things you had had. I think about it doesn't get rid of mildew. I shipwreck site solution or shall. Our approach issues in the regular writer per accelerate. Tropical solution in our medical stuff this prayer. I don't know how effective that will be because I'm sure it's fairly are diluted. For household use you know especially since. Yeah yeah so I think you need a little more concentration. He's for it to be effective with mildew. I so I guess the granular form that you could find. In and won one product that I like on that actually works could quite well. Is the Max Max open and the exits may buy UGL. That that will work quite well to commit to mixed together. With with a hydrogen peroxide their compound. Together with that you could you find that you get to a good relief from mildew. Now I do still save my cleaning solution is a good is a good alternative it does employ bleach and I do also mention the caveat that you do have to be aware. Of the fact that bleach and plants don't mix so. Yeah they use this but I just got a little bit of that department. These boards are wanna pay your. I think the politicians haven't tried this you know the medical stuff that I need a couple of occasions. See what happens and. Yeah I mean I won't hurt certainly I mean considering that you could actually go our goal with hydrogen peroxide that you haven't in Maine in the medicine cabinet. I don't know how effective it will because it's fairly diluted so that's really the issue. Get up like 50% that also are also. He kept our apartment. All right thanks for the question I John let's move along to our next caller and at that so Rick and Amber's money Ricky are next. They don't Victoria got. Just wanted to give kudos to your hand you can usually get it came and repaired my feeling ill okay. We went away for a weekend in the air handlers up in the crawl space the content they are in broke. And leaked through the kitchen and a boy replica arts section of the kitchen ceiling. And well I'll be honest with the first hour your guy showed up into the job was going to be exceptional just the the dedication he took. Actual law my kitchen and plastic from the ceiling and floor. If everybody knows if you work which I won't sit in the all clear how that's true it is and yet. So which are members need knee problems so much. Now we don't have a Bruce. But I'll I'll mention it to Jake up and I will spread the word around a division so I appreciate. Older killed in great job it was super super super happy and I would tell everybody out there. Listen you know you get what you pay for these guys they'll being. Gentlemen appreciate that Rick thanks for the call I appreciate that very much. Let's go to Angola now and say hello to drag morning drag your next. I don't want to record correct that good how's it going. Derek thanks. So I worked in construction for about a year now. I said that you leave the field actually be teacher that died that she. Oh yes so I hear that being good around in a transition from important construction due to. Future yeah. Well I noticed. You throughout the year destruction industry as. And go out that you aren't treated this summer job and that Parkersburg. And a full beard and happened to act now or at right here seek and I noticed that I think is the out. Younger generation younger it's an America. Almost 10%. Her entitlement. Is all they have recovered baby should be making a 100000 dollars. Right away yeah you. A little better. I I interviewed a high school graduate a couple years ago and how we have to talk about placement. You know it at this at the entry level at that point you know and our company and I Saddam so tell me I just wanted to get a sense of you know your your career path what do you think you're gonna be. In ten years. You know he said to me. Sitting where you are. So yeah okay. It's oh victory at. Yeah I don't really don't know how to work hard and don't really want yet. So that that's where it all starts at home and again parents need to embrace this were creating a society. Of people that aren't aren't aggressive and energetic and lying to work. Hey have a great week everybody will look forward to seeing in next Saturday same time same place same station where we have banned since 1989. Right here. I'm WB ENN remember life may be hard by the yard the by the change. It's the saints'. And we'll we'll we'll see HD three.