Domenic Cortese 7-21-18

Home Improvement Hour
Saturday, July 21st

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Welcome to hammer time radio on news radio 930 WBE yet. Talking Coleman improvements since 1989. And now here's your host from court these construction services. Your man for a home improvements Dominic Cortese. Good morning homeowners and welcome once again to hammer time radio gear. I'm WP he and it's down and expertise in studio for year to this Saturday morning as I am each and every Saturday morning at this time. I'm WB yen and an open phone line with your name on it and no agenda today. Talking anything that you have as a concern around your house. Our phone number 8030930. That's 8030930. Outside the seven point six you can call me for free at 180616. WB yen. So calls are welcome at star 930 texts me at three hole nine. 30. Email me camera time act court he's gotten that. And when your mind take a moment to check out the court he's dot net website everything we do. Is there a Cortese construction that includes room additions. Kitchen and bath renovations weather beautiful vote Tina custom kitchen cabinet line. Better living sun rooms solar shades were tract lining the backyard living experience expertise with outdoor kitchens. And acts and last but not least. Our handyman service including. Handyman for a day as it said today we have open lines all hour long take advantage of that if you had a hard time getting through in the past. Call me now at 803. 0930. This is an interesting article I found in the Buffalo News last Sunday and its headline is would you buy a home online site unseen. Some do via headline and and the whole idea of the article is using. FaceBook. FaceBook now FaceBook face time to actually view all home. And people are actually doing there. They're using the video connection on their phones to toward homes and buying them sight unseen now imagine. What you might be missing the by taking that Ingle looking at a home. I guess you do lack the sense of the dimension and the space. Perhaps even including items like. You know that's the size of the arid and and the neighborhood. And the lay of the land that the topography. And how may be little things little nuances that. In the and might be an issue. On the to oversee or can't see when you're touring a home by using your cellphone. And you know I guess if you can't be there it's a good substitute. But I just couldn't imagine making a major purchase like that by using your phone. To do the do the purchasing for you. Be as it may interesting article are found in the news. Apparently this one gentleman was touring his home on the iPhone. And the photos income parable sales were all listed which was helpful and he bid a 142000. Sight unseen other than with the facetime component. And he ended up being happy when his decisions so good fresh and I don't know if I would take the chance. We rely on our phones way delayed to march now and this is another example of that actually buying a house by. Viewing and and so are you in the market perhaps for a new home. Had the chance this morning to check out a new home for. My niece and she was on. Nice to have to ask me to take a look at it and I'm not a licensed home inspector Sawyer to say that up front as a disclaimer. Yeah and down in I have strong opinions about home inspection and I think definitely one should. Be done. No matter what your buying because you typically are looking. At the treason don't see the forest because you maybe enamored with something about the house that it's captivating you might be location. Might keep the color of the signing it might be. The fact that you like certain aspects of the house he might be overlooking others as a result of that. So I can walk you through step by step if you like. This Saturday morning and things that I typically do when I look at a house in even this is the same when I look at a house for a client who's thinking of renovation. I have my same set of goggles done. I'm always looking in that case to maximize value. And in this case I was looking for hidden things that. Me as they say be overlooked because you're just too close to it. So I know I started in this case this morning it was in Lancaster took a look around the perimeter. And in good thorough analysis of the perimeter can tell you a lot the first thing I'm looking for is. The grade is the grade tapered. A way from the house. And in the in this case it was having seemed very very well done the spurs the trading at the exterior I did notice. In this case we have a situation of a divorce. In the house was only two years old for the well there was never any landscaping installed at all is no shrubs there's no plants. So I guess that's also possibly a good thing because you know you don't have to adapt to someone else's taste. With landscaping that you might not like so I actually thought that is a positive. So after a tour the exterior. I next went into the basement. And I took a good look around there. We had a hard time finding the electric box. And thought well maybe it's in the garage. So we walked around the garage and couldn't find it there either. So I thought OK. I know the trick. It's in the basement. And it was hidden. Behind a set of book cases. A book case. It was. Framed in and recessed in to pocketed area. With this little bookcase and slid in to the opening. So you know if I didn't have my eight years of experience that will it would never enable the group that could be found so I did find it. Everything seemed to check out. You know there was little things that I saw that Tehran. Learn more cold related. And as saying an emotional buyer you mean that again be drawn to even paying attention to those. And that's why home inspector could be very very valuable because it's gonna take the time to do the complete mechanical analysis. And look for those things that terra. He may not normally see. And in this case there was some up switching issues electrical switching issues nothing big nothing major. But they wouldn't pass code so. There analyze the consideration of maybe. Possibly going back to the seller for concession. On something it doesn't pay passcode. And that's really the bottom line here is. What are we buying its firs the safety components. The code I I requirements he and could you possibly make that a condition of sale. 803 on nine trio that's the number for you here on WB. And as we entertain any questions that you have this Saturday morning. 8030930. Outside buffalo you can call me for free at 180616. WB Ansel cause it's to our main thirty tax us at 30930. Good morning from Dominic Cortese and before you pick up the hammer. Before you pick up the drop pick up a phony gimme a cause of the talk here. And before we talk to you this Saturday morning let's travel Orchard Park and say good morning to Sally time. She's the branch manager of the lake shore savings bank there at union and Michael road. Good morning Sally good morning down and our course for so are excited that later savings bank has decided to continue. At 3% for the home equity line of credit. Absolutely in this rising rate environment with. Federal Reserve three times the prime lending rate actually being at 5% we have got our home equity program continuing. Thick green. Twelve months to 3% at home one year. Fixed rate at 3%. And there's no fees costs at all for the application process. The bank of pay for all of them that's a great rate of. It is a great raid in the great service and out last week we talked with a Gabriel. About what the fees would be he added a mile up and he said it could be be well over a thousand dollars. Absolutely Piaf appraisal be the lean burger checking leans up. And also although Morgan kick in Erie county that's that's such a good change. OK so 3% fixed for a year after that it can either be fixed or even let its a variable that's correct it. OK with the rate environment being what it is it's probably worth the gamble letting it flow a little bit longer than the 3%. Than the one year. No way to forecast that now but I think you have confidence in it back going crazy is that right. Absolutely yeah in addition to that cell we wanna point out that. You know CD rates are pretty good at lake shore to. You know they are and everyone all the competition out there Holler or out of financial services industry and all the banks held their. Are are looking for new businesses as well as we arid and and I think the best way I can put it is give lakeshore and opportunity. We we want your business who want to new business that I and I do caution. The dead you know it is do rates that are advertised out there are great but boy when you look at all the requirements and restrictions. We try to keep it simple and so we we we just can't give us an opportunity. Four. At our business customers as well we have. Fabulous three. Okay selling the Orchard Park branch where you are located. Phone number please. Number here is 67420. Picnic once she repeats. 67420. Picnic. Or 127. Years lake your savings bank putting people for this show takes or doesn't that master bathroom bathroom. Well it's already started and throw some bed bugs have begun their invasion are you ready national pest control is always ready to help you stop these invaders and their tracks they're your locally owned solution to eliminating tests they know all about stopping local pass Aslan pest controls highly trained staff has been ready Western New York have passed for a long long time and all service calls for reform discreetly to protect your privacy. Be prepared called Ashland pest control today 847431. Or visit Ashland pest dot com. So I'm Paula again. Please join me when I perform any distance on his songs myself smiling. Saturday October 27 the senate tonight at break even says hey. Pays tribute to be immortal as chairman of the board the same night clerical flesh the songs that made about it. Let's see some steel mallet and an. Well each and every week here we look forward to telling you about one of our sponsors are hammered him radio and that is united materials and scratch and through builders you know that summer is in full year. So now's the time for the folks it's print answer to build a supply and united materials. To set up a set you up with that personal outdoor living space that you've always wanted there are too convenient locations to serve you. It's great answer rebuild a supply and Walden avenue just east of transit road and appeal. And united materials on young street in town Wanda not too far from the Colvin exit they're here to help you with that outdoor kitchen. 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And if you call them right now Tom Dominic cent tip they give you 100 dollar discount and take this water heater that's rating 100 dollar discount. But you need to call right now. Here's the number write it down to 972901. 2972901. College so brick and suns let their family take care of all of your family's. Plumbing heating and cooling the. Every time. Essentially freest hammer time here on that WB. And it's down the court he's in studio for you this Saturday morning here. And entertaining your home improvement questions the phone number 803 on nine trio we overtaxed question coming in. What are the pros and cons of met roll offs. The I'd bottom line for me in making a decision as to whether or metal roof is appropriate. Is whether it is architecturally. Correct to have it. On the on the house as far as the look and the feel. Eight tick why the ranch. Kind of wander ranch. And a metal rough. Just don't go to gather. Conversely a the perhaps a log cabin home are out in the woods very appropriate for metal rough. A two story Mick mansion in that Clarence. That's the bottom line for me is does it match the architecture. Is very is warranties. And longevity in Wear and care. You might get a little bit more out of metal rough but believe it or not you're not gonna get a forever rough out of a medal. There really is no true such thing as a forever if there are shingles that they will tell you are warranted for a lifetime. And I guess we have to argue about defining what is a lifetime. But it is it may the bottom line for me is to decide on the style of rough shingle is to the architectural. Lines and look of the house that is the way to decide whether a metal roof is right Freel. Thanks for that text question had to buy the text me at 30930. If you wanna call me it's 8030930. As we say good morning to Mike Mike here on WB yen. I'm Dominic Margaret my question. I have ranch home with a small. Porch. The previous owner and a purpose down. I'd like to remove their purposes. It's all throughout Iraq. Writing. And I'm not the best way they are indeed it would get all the school and every six. So we're removing this from a concrete porch. And okay. A little bit of an effort. Liz is going to be required to really get it to a point where you gonna say that it looks. Clean and and new and good so. So. You know I guess will start by saying it can be done but it's gonna take a little work. So let's start by the obvious cutting the carpet off yeah I would do that in strips. The slower you parole and care. The more likely he will be to keep the backing. Attached. And that'll help minimize the scrapings which is gonna come next. Day. So. Pulling the carpet up in small sections. Using the utility knife to cut in the strips that'll be the way I would suggest doing that. Now you gonna have that and the backing left that's adhere to the concrete. That will require scraper and you could buy. Either a paint scraper or even buy here shingle remover. And either or that's going to be the elbow grease component describing escaping that off from the concrete surface. When we get all that off now we're going to have probably. A hodgepodge. Of either some glue that's still there. And some steaming from the bad from the backer. And there may even be some rough spots as early as relation to the adherents of the glued to the country. That we could either do a couple things first of all you could try and grind that with the orbital grinder. Very messy and difficult step to take that route but that will help kind of grind that stuff off. If you're happy with how it looks if you remove the carpet. Then at that point we could just go ahead and maybe paint it. Now the problem with that is if there are any rough spots as far as the touch and feel. You still gonna feel that through the paint. So you you have to make that decision I guess after you get the carpet. I want to lie and that was setup and today. Everybody that was on line that was used for. Series. A liquid to try and call this a lot. Yeah if you have issues with the aid in the adhesive still being bounded to the concrete you could use. An asset the Manson and acetone to. Help dissolve. The adhesive from the concrete. You might be as lucky with the scraper as you would with that. So. It's it's not gonna be perfect. There were probably gonna have to compromise on the and look. But. The most definitive way would be too after we get the piece of scraped off. To use a small grinding wheel to kind of you know a break the surface evenly. The gamble gonna have to do something when we're done with a campaigning it does come to mind if it's a nice even feel and and look Pena might be a good solution. To our dividend and totally new appearance. Okay well we've got appreciated. Okay and good luck like it's it's a tough task but I think you got that what it takes so let us know how it turns. Okay Mike canes up that opens up a line for you here. I'm WB and as we're winding our way to the bottom of the hour of got a text question that's coming and we'll read it and now after Mike delivers the news will. Discuss this further but the text question is. Now we have a 1957. Ranch in the Burr who won an F car garage. We're thinking of selling when the next four years what adding on to make it two and a half car garage. Make a better selling point well that's a good question we'll entertain that question and yours. After we check in that might fragment. Standing by with the latest from the Adobe and newsroom good morning Michael. Good morning at 1030 from the WB and usually I'm like back when you should top stories that we're following for Saturday July 21. The man who typical woman hostage in south buffalo yesterday afternoon last night was out of surgery but buffalo police said that he's in critical condition. The man was shot by a police officer after a shock on was discharged inside. A home at 660 McKinley parkway during the hostage situation. The woman who was taken hostage in the officer who shot the man were both taken to hospital but neither of those two had any injuries. Because of an increase in smoking in recent months in new York city department of environmental conservation. Has issued a cease and desist order to tunnel on a Coke corporation who immediately stop their operations yesterday afternoon at 3 PM. The DEC said there have been multiple violations and the entities may revoke tunnel wanna coaxed DEC permits. Tom on a Coca attributed the prom to a collapse in their waste heat tunnel something that they said they reported to the DEC. Disgraced former assembly speaker Sheldon Silver reportedly wrote a letter to Manhattan federal court late yesterday saying that he and his wife are quote. Both crumbling since he was convicted in May during a retrial on corruption charges. Prosecutors in their own submission yesterday sought a sentence of well over ten years in prison for silver. It's over was sentenced to twelve years in prison after his 2015 conviction. That conviction was overturned by a federal appeals court following a Supreme Court decision that redefined what. Corruption actually Matt. And finally seventeen people are dead after a duck boat capsized and Branson Missouri on Thursday. The head over to WB yen dot com we take a look at some local tore boats and how they address safety. As well as a story from Mike McQueen over its 12 point five. Who has. Years ago wit on that duck boat Torre in Branson Missouri. It WB in Purcell are forecast today mostly cloudy high of 84. Tonight it called the sector break up and lows will dip to around 62. As for your Sunday it's going to be actually a little cooler than we've seen most of this week might have a rain shower in some areas high of 75 tomorrow. 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Dot com good morning from Dominic Cortese in studio for you till 11 o'clock here on WB yen with a time is 1040 he and I need to tell you that the day is coming for are the Porsche raffle. It's coming up on the sixth of August it's amazing when we start talking about this summer seemed so far away. In now it is on our doorstep for the drawing date August the sixth at 8 PM. This is done at the Clarence chamber of commerce taste of clearance and cruise night and I'll be conducting the drying. You could win the 2018. Porsche 718 boxer or comic can acts or just take the money how much. 45000. Dollars only 4000 tickets are sold. And you need not be present to win we also have fifteen additional. 500 dollar prizes the tickets are fifty dollars each. Three for a hundred buy them online Clarence. Rotary raffle dot com that's Clarence. Rotary raffle dot com this benefits the Clarence rotary club foundation. Where are we do service projects in Clarence. In buffalo. In Erie county. In Ontario. And around the world. To support rotary and its mission of service above self be apart of the raffle only 4000 tickets are sold. And as they say. You've got to be in it to win it. We'll see on the ES sixth of August at 8 o'clock at the starent Clarence chamber of commerce taste of clearance and cruise night for the big drawing. 803 on 930 we've got calls on hole we've got tax questions coming in but we did leave off with a tax question. And it says we have in 1957. Ranch in the berms with a one inept our garage. Where are thinking of selling within the next four years with adding on to make unique to winning half carat garage. Make a better selling point my answer is it depends in what it depends on is the profile of the neighborhood. If you. Are trying to appeal. Two. Create a balance within neighborhood. Which will give you more room for the for the value improvement. Then it may make sense to add that additional garage space however if all the other pulses in the neighborhood have one and have car garages. Then there's really no point because you're really not gonna see the benefit. From that. I would say I would do a cost and value analysis may be have a house appraised as it is. And then. We keep get an estimate for Hamas the grudge edition would cost and seat if there's room. The value structure. In the neighborhood that you structured to see if there's room to add that additional cost. To the house my bottom mine might kind of got gas on this is that it's really not going to be worked on it probably will sell. Equally as well at one and a half as it was what it two and half. Another tax question. So back to the metal rough on downs of the metal rough it's the house what are the pros and cons like do metal ropes make. In interior hotter know that doesn't necessarily. Mean a matter office can make in the in the interior of the home hotter there usually are barriers installed underneath metal roofs. To shield from that there might be a slight. More of an issue of noise. In heavy rain. And that kind of thing because we are hitting metal. But I don't think it's enough to edit tear someone from choosing a metal Roth. As far as warranties ago. You'll find as they said earlier that warranties are jelling and be about the same as a shingle roof. So again bottom line is the look is look the right look for your house. To the falls Leo now audio 30930. And secure log is next in Gary good morning year NW yen. Marty Danica thank you date Michael pleasure. I don't really have too quick to want it kind of follow court. Your tip for the day the compiled before that you talked about. Oh. I have. Outside what debt that I built. Oh probably four years ago. The I used the regular decked plane keyed up pressure treated. You know sort of doubt them and a negative with the appropriate statement. And it's it's just cracked dry rotted so I don't think I got good wood. Well he's at I'm looking at having to repair replace considered something. Is that product you were talking about it that ultimately use that exact. Yet these are deck boards and they are gonna give you the protection from the sun which is what caused that. The son believe it or not even though you know here we live in west York we don't think we get a lot of sun. The UV damage to the wood is really what's checking cracking causing it to dry out and a and then. Basically fall apart for a for that reason so. A UV protection on a treated lumber deck is essential to prevent what's happened to you. Having said that if you do move into the composite materials there's no maintenance whatsoever except. To wash it down with a holes from time to time so you'll never have to worry about this again. You could remove them the deck boards and talking about and install. These are composite material some some involve clips. Some have tongue in groove it's all the different system. And you have to make sure you are understanding how the system installs before you decide on a product line. Okay that that that felt great is that what you were talking about and about seven years where what is so much more into spent so that like that tracts. That he would get all of that they're. A lot of choices in composite I will tell you that you do get what you pay for nonetheless. And we have become. Advocates of a brand called fight Iran it's spelled FIBER. All and five around. There's about three or four grades within the firebrand product line. In you'll see pricing go up as the warranty and the grade increases in thickness and then dimension in this first look and feel. So you you will find that is the case in composite materials. So you'll get where it their ability and maybe you know long lasting us but you'll get even more if you buy a higher and product. Okay device one other follow up question here. I had also been reported in a driveway were having a single way. Asphalt I would take it out there at a double wide concrete driveway Claudia it's OK when we had. Or different concrete. Contractor come out give us not vote at all and that's about I'm what it would do I was just shocked to see. The difference. Yen and the estimates I mean they ranged from. Warrick thought it would be around 6000 dollars in 101500. Dead and that was very. Very detailed. To share we're how many square feet are we talking here or care about 701. So all. I would say. Eight dollars. To ten dollars would be. I guess market value if you wanna put it that way. So that would put you around six grand six to seven grand. The reason that you're seeing that big swing is because most of the installer east right now at this present time are booked the end. I guess they're figuring if I get my price I'll take the job. So a time of year is the driver. When you wanna shop for concrete driveway. Middle winner. Because they're not gonna do it than what you get on the list for spraying when they're gonna be starving for work. I assume. Great great one final question and I'll let you go in the estimates of the concrete. There's been two opinions are on the U read reinforcing. That some goal what the the medal of she's so good guesses wire mesh. Blair met and then some of them have the fiberglass or in the concrete. Which which do you think is the better bet for a rival. Well you've got to you're talking to somebody from the old school you know I cut my teeth. With the wire mesh. You know I'm going back. Forty years since I. First touch wire mesh so well that's how lock on have been around them the product sold fiberglass. Wasn't even thought of than. So from the old school perspective where mash. Does do a good job if it's properly install it should be installed in the middle of the concrete out of the bottom. That'll hold it together better. The fiberglass. From what I've learned in red. And again I have no direct experience and have a time it came in Devoe. We were already out of the concrete business. Is is doing good job I I've talked with some you know younger and new weren't scholars who who rave about what that does. So I would say you're OK with either and I guess is in Japan and the comfort level of who's doing the installation as to which the would they feel stronger about. Or really. OK my pleasure Gary could hear it from its thanks for the call and good luck with the driveway. Yup time of year will definitely affect the price and home improvement so keep that in mind. 8030930. That's my number called the may be as we take our next break here on WB yen and we come back. Will travel to Cheektowaga and we'll talk to hand and TU and activists. Well you gotta love this summer and it in when he gets hot and sticky of course there air conditioning saves that's right well but you know what. You might be getting sick premier commission. It's at the air conditioning that's kicking your sick it's what your hair is traveling over yet that skin cells. Dust mites dust mite feces animal remain. New York yeah yeah who knows what else is circulating in the air throughout your homes duct system. Maybe that's what's making you feel lousy now some people think it's the cool air itself. However it's called that disgusting. Junk I just Inman Torre that we need to remove and how do we do that. While we blasted off for your side walls. With a column. Patented duct cleaning system from indoor professionals in the last solid gunk off and then with negative pressure is sucked out. 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