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Home Improvement Hour
Saturday, July 14th

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Counterattack. Well good morning buffalo good morning what's ER yes it's down and expertise and of course camera time radio starts right here. Welcome to hammer time radio on news radio 930 WBS. Talking home improvements since 1989. And now here is your host from court these construction services. Your man for a home improvement Dominic Cortese. In morning homeowners and welcome once again to hammered tying radio and WB yen. How are you and how we hear. We what's going arm around your house that needs my attention well got an open phone line with your name on it. No agenda today for me so it's all you pick up the phone right now and let's chat about your house. Right here on WB and the phone numbers are 8030930. That's 8030930. Outside the 716. Its its whole free call for you at 180616. WB him. Cell calls also welcomes turning thirty taxed us as well at three hole 930. The text line is open as well. Anything around the house this Saturday morning pick up the phone right now and give us a call so I found this article. Which I MM out of all the out of interest to. What I have been reading a vote the subject matter of the kind of caught my eye as being. Actually. A little off center but then I read it in cash and about makes sense when I talking about. It's the whole idea of refinancing. Your more mean your mortgage. And how that relates to your age. And interesting enough whether you're looking for help financing. Euro home. Or tapping the value. That that you've had in the home in the form of the reverse mortgage. You might find that. Home mortgage lenders. Rate older bowers quite well. H really apparently doesn't matter. It collar toot our Carner intuitively as it may sound. Euro loan application for a mortgage tutors repaid over thirty year I'll looks the same tool lender whether you are ninety or forty. A web of federal civil laws. Including the equal credit opportunity act in the fair housing act make it illegal for creditor to discriminate. On the basis of age now. In in that that's an interest in fact here's another one. This is according to the web site Bankrate. They say than an unexpected stumbling block can be that you don't have a credit rating if you haven't recently been in debt. Let me say that again you may not have a credit rating if you haven't recently been in debt it used to be that if you are looking to retire debt free. You may have a great credit history but if you're out of credit game if you're out of the credit came debit cards don't count and you've paid off your car loan. You've paid off your mortgage there's no recent activity to give you a score. It's one of the reasons to use a credit carriage even if you pay it off completely each month. Just to show that you have active credit lines to show a current credit history. If strong credit score can mean that you'll be approved. For a better borrowing rates all that seems to make sense right. You don't wanna get into that it is in this as a senior but having a good credit score seems to be the make or break for. For all of us retirement income is still income mortgage applications usually start with questions about income to document how you will make monthly payment. In place of the employed persons paste of NW two. Retirees can provide a Social Security or pension award letter. The source of income unlike your credit score do not affect the calculation of how much debt you carry. And that's according to Quicken Loans. They say that you don't have different they don't have different guidelines based on profession or employment. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac which largely set the standards for the secondary market in mortgages. Usually require a monthly housing and debt costs including real estate taxes and homeowner's insurance account for no more than 50%. Of a monthly income. Little bit more on this as we wind their way through the hour including reverse mortgages. And can they be legitimate. I will talk about that in the course will mix in all of your questions this Saturday morning here on hammer time radio you know the number it's 8030930. 8030930. Outside buffalo 180616. W yen so called the starting thirty. Texas at 30930. You'll find me I'm lying hammer time that court t.s and dot net. The court he's dot net website is available free to check out everything we do it Cortese construction services. Which includes our room additions. Our Velika Teaneck custom kitchen cabinet line made for kitchens bathrooms in now outdoor kitchens. That backyard living experience can be yours within outdoor kitchen from Cortese. Our battle living sun rooms solar shades retractable awning you get the picture you can put together a great outdoor living experience. With everything that we offer and of course are handyman service including handyman for a day. Good morning from Dominic Cortese and before you pick up the hammer. Before you pick up that pic of the phoning give me a car I'd love its Arctic. Before we start our phone calls a Saturday morning we're gonna travel north on transit road to the Clarence side and say good morning to my prize on how my body my good friend. And Geovany is baseball coach it's Hebrew mentally and have a manager of the lake shore savings bank branch there I'm transit road and Clarence I do and they gave. I'm doing well good morning comic are you doing. I'm good thank you you know we're so excited that LA through savings bank has continued. To offer the 3%. Fixed for a year home equity line crowd. Absolutely you don't have the before this springs he's even started we came out with this great rates and not have just been you know. Pushing it through it and offered it to so many people are so many people are being gracious to come in and take advantage of this wonderful great and we are really proud to. Say that we still have the 3%. Six for twelve months on the home equity. Along with the great great there's no closing cost at all customers come in they apply for it they pay for nothing. Not even annual being. And not you know what you can use this home equity for so many different reasons. You know maybe it's going to be a home improvement. And maybe they wanna put an outdoor kitchen what you just mentioned. Maybe they have a child going to college and both tuition bills. Are very very expensive than than what a great plan. I have a place. You know whether they have to use it what do they wanna just in case something comes up. Make sure has the answer with discrete back to my credit. Question for you gave somebody asked me this the other day and I didn't know how to answer what would the total package of fees be if they weren't free. You know what if it did they had to pay for an appraisal the you know that's going to be between Q and 300 dollars. If they had appeared New York State mortgage debt that's going to be three quarter percent. All the amount that they're applying for. Appears. Insurance these years. What certification fees so is that it really can add up to anywhere you know probably from a thousand and an op. For a while so it's really quite a deal. Absolutely it is okay so that's available at every lake shore savings bank branch or online at lake shore savings. Pink dot com and Gabriel's office and all of the Erie county in Chicago offices are open till noon. So you might wanna give Gabriel Collins and maybe set up a time grief could come in and talk to him about this wonderful program bleachers savings bank. Gave her a lot of you give us your phone number there at the Clarence branch. My phone number. That article 88 point 6114. And repeat step for us all us little people. What are the 688. 611. More from 127. Years later savings bank putting people first and the amount to. Okay. 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The sense when he won a hammer time radio good morning from Dominique were keys and howry you 80309 trio the help line is open anything around the house as we travel to blazed out and chat with Franken morning frank you are on WB yen. Good morning Dominic. I might have way I live upstairs if it could double and I hit the windows that slide across. And if somebody told me that vitamin a certain spot and lift them up and they just pop right out well I've tried about everything and they just. I'm Matt movie. And I really would like to clean them is there a certain way that you do with mr. Am I missing something or. A. Yeah well. Couple things to consider here. Is. That is indeed how the sliders are supposed to work they're supposed to slide was about where else the odds say actual actually be able to be lifted up and pulled out and then removed. Right heavy have you made sure that you were lifting up as you pull out. Yeah pretty much. They actually they slide from my right to left. And down my case than heaven it's a chance. Finding it finding that I guess that tweet about courtroom where they just come right out. Right have you have you spoken to the how old are these windows. Armed they probably came with a couple. Cole icici. So old what's your guess on that how how old is the house. There was built in 1970 something. You have this lift doubts technology is probably newer than Nat ray so it's possible that they aren't equipped with that feature. And they would her vinyl are. There have actually there metallic. Like I I think. Who have aluminum. Here's here's the trick for Rea that might help if you look at the track. And you see a gap. Oh in the in the the section of the track that would actually hold the window and place. That's an indication. That it is designed to reach that point and then be able to be lifted out. Right then if you don't see that if it's a continuous track and that's it's it's not the case. Okay what really seem that way yes so what you're gonna have to do was bring them to the middle and then reached in from the outside. And then it's and then switch. Switch the windows around. And you're gonna have to reach in from the outside these are second story windows I take it. Attitude like about twenty. When he well that would be about 25 feet out. And I'm sure it's not gonna be easy proposition to be able to reach out at the latter now and Alia we wanna try to avoid any risk to your safety of course right now. Yep reaching in from the outside is probably the best suggestion that could make or take about this week could suggest that you. Consider hiring somebody for this. Well that was my second that was my second. But in the back of my mind H two if I can't get these out is there somebody from your company that can maybe help via. Out early lead don't have really do window washing. There are professional window washers that are out there are in fact. The names escaping me now. I was trying to remember names and it it it seems that just right running out of my head but. We have a Spencer we had a sponsor in the spring. That does has controlled Gerri remember their name the bug control people they also offered window washing services okay. Well that's not a bad idea out yeah the phone book and see if I can not. You know what what there age eleven and placed him my right across from armory here. So you shouldn't have a problem getting them to come out there and now you're going to be pleasantly surprised frank. It how reasonable that's going to be Florio marais and you know what the hobby and do better job to OK back after a. Well you know and to make a long story short the first time I clean my daughters I almost got up to that at the latter are nice roads. Yeah don't they can myself if you take his letter back in graduate and her to restore. Sure there. Well I know you bring up a point about letters a lot of people don't realize how you know how badly you can get hurt you re file from a letter. And year you probably you know on the side of being safe which is good right and this letter safety is nothing to fool around. Great well I I forced myself to go around all I'll. Brothers they just. It paid somebody go they're professional group and don't do it for it now so that I'm doing. I you know what if you can save yourself an injury and thank you a little bit of money as they say they probably end up doing a better job it's very it's worth it. Parity thank you very all right thanks for the call frank ID rankings up in that opens up a line for you here on WB and the numbers it'll three. Or ninth trio we always talk to our guys about letter safety. And in fact. My son Nicholas did a segment. On this subject you can find it YouTube. Letter safety is gonna hammer time TV. Our YouTube channel and you can put in the search box. Letter safety or you can go to the hammer time TV dot com website. Again. Keyword letter safety. And you know there mostly common sense items but. The biggest thing with letters is. Using a letter that's under rated for your weight. And then second lien that setting it up properly. In using it as it was designed like for example. Key step ladder you should never stepped up all the way to the top right. The extension latter should be properly footed. And there are a feat that are going anchored the letter to the pavement. And if you time whacked or look soft ground that letter could move once you put your way out it is well. And never moving off from the centers so your belt buckle with stay in the middle of the latter that's another important component to letter safety. And never reaching too far left or right also very important. In lastly with latter's. Especially extension. You want to make sure the extension latter rises above the guard airline by at least three wrongs why is that important well most importantly for if you argument actually give out on to the that you haven't handled hold on to. To be able to get yourself back on the latter I imagine if that was below that you're bending down. And your weight going to be shifting forward as you try to swing your way on the latter's so latter should be. Up to about waist height above the garter line and the so keep you safe. Up and down as you work on the latter a lot of people have issues with platters in and I can't under I can understand why probably I'll related to. In the back of our mind we've heard of somebody falling awful letter in getting hurt so. Letter safety can't I'm minimize the importance of that we've made it a big topic. I'm Hammerstein TV. Because so many people think they can do things themselves so anyway. That car. And throw another one manners down. Don't leave any tools on the top public stepped latter or on a run of out there is that's a start until it hits and one I moved it was like one of those cats paw. Ali I got great there and you're still lies underneath my hand and you're still alive to tell us about it well. I'm gonna hit my head too and I'm. But that's a really good went to yet never put any tools on top of the letter because you may. Have an injury from that alone as you move. 8030930. That's in number for you here this Saturday morning on hammer time radio after the bottom of the hour news break. We'll continue our dialogue with you in any question you have for me. And I'll continue talking about it the whole idea of mortgaging your house and whether. Each is an issue for you secure your mortgage. And how your savings can work as income and we'll also talk about reverse mortgages and what is involved with applying for one of votes. 8030930. It is hammer time radio on WB I am coming up to the bottom the hour and it's time for the top of the news we're back with more. Right after this here on WBN. From the WB EN newsroom I'm Jacob fire. On Thursday a federal judge in New York has to Vicki key players on charges relate to governor into almost buffalo billing economic redevelopment program. Cuomo reacts to the convictions in the buffalo billing case he was asked if he bears any responsibility. I don't know what I would have done differently at this time. That's Cuomo Lusa Minnelli and Alan Kelly arrows were among the four convicted of breaking beds. New York gubernatorial candidate Cynthia Nixon called on Cuomo Friday to initiate a corruption probe following the guilty verdicts. After nineteen years with the doormat Kellogg observatory the buffalo Museum of Science anfield the new observatory on Friday. The ribbon cutting ceremony was also marked with the new bringing in this ship for the museum. Inside the observatory is a large telescope which allows visitors to view planets in our solar system. Viewing inside the observatory will be every Wednesday evening with an astronomer. Though largely depends on the weather reservations will need to be made to date of the viewing will be ten dollars per person. With a 10% discount for museum members. From the WV EN newsroom I'm Jacob flak. For over five decades now a twin city glass has been the expert in the room of your house everybody eventually sees yet if your bathroom. Twin city is in name you know and trust they've been around since 1964. And they have built their success. And a simple mission making you their customer happy. Come check out their huge showroom with full life sized displays not mock showers on wall. Touch to this place stand in and see how the door swings look over the many available colors and types of hardware like Vasco. Shower doors of elegance it's the best way to get a real feel for the quality. Now what it's installing batting closures and shower doors war crafting custom glass and near products twin city will make at all hassle free for you. Considering that 90% of their new business comes from referrals. Hey they must be doing something right to learn more give my friends at twenty vehicle here's they're number it's 694. 3300. That's 6943300. You can visit them online at twin city last. Dot com or pay them a brick and mortar visit in their incredible 3000 square for Chara in Willits apart. That are open right now Tom Dominic century to twin city. 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Their team will be their forty with Sprint's rebuild a supply and while an avenue and appeal. Are united here is on young street in town I wanna stop in today and that and check out. And check them out or check them out I'm lie in the united materials. LL CE. And dot com that's united materials LLC. Dot com. I'm proud sponsor of hammer time radio and of course the sponsor of our home improvement tip of the week. Leaving on vacation soon. Well let me give you some tips. That. Avoid mere inconveniences. As well as potential catastrophes. Taking care of some not so obvious to do lists like. This one. Run your garbage disposal to head off a smelly homecoming. How about costing some lemon rinds and then running disposal. With cold tap water on. Don't forget to stop your mail. Piled up mail is an instant tipoff that no one's home. Go online he could do it right there hold mail. Hold mailed USPS dot com forward slash whole mail. You can opt to pick it up or have it delivered when you come home. How about this one. Saver on your electric bill by pulling the plug on microwaves. Coffee makers and other appliances that drop Howard just to run the clock. Even as stand by light that both regular money. I couldn't thwart thwart any potential thieves. By corsets no substitute for home security system. Research shows that a sign suggesting that you have one can't be a deterrent. And that may be enough to scare someone away and I'll be another easy fix. Tossed some gravel it's noisy on the ground near entries and lastly. Make sure that you and your family are sharing our own vacation photos. Look at us we're not home right now only with your actual friends not the general public. That's the kind of obvious one right or take the old fashioned wrote. And wait till you come home. This year the pictures. I. That was my home improvement typically that aired this Saturday morning here and now Buffalo's early news with the Hank Gammons. He and if you'd like to receive my home improvement tip of the week you can find online at WB yen and that counts some common sense advice there on this week's tip. Are probably the best one is not to share your. Photos on FaceBook until your home because it kind of like does say. We're not home common rob our house another when I really like is using the united states Postal Service hold mail feature. You can actually download an app for that which they should have mentioned on the tip you can download the app. By going to the United States Postal Service. And it does enable you to put in the date range that you're looking to have your. I'm male held for the end and then to. Never Koreans Greece reinstated. When you return so. That's a nice little added feature that the Postal Service is offering us with no cost so. Yeah common sense ideas for your upcoming vacation. This summer. Having a security system I think probably tops that. And now a lot of systems have cameras that you can actually view the year and check your home out from your phone as you are away from home. And I don't know fairly like the tip that I gave about having a fake sighing says you have the security system. Or you know me I'm having it's a sign that maybe not faked but that you don't actually have it hooked up system. I think he's Smart. Burglar with half will be able to figure that out. Anyway the help line is open and that general discussion this Saturday morning here and amateur radio pick proponent it was a column. Eagle three on nine trio we are kind of weaving in our show today. The topic of Iraq. Financing and mortgaging in your credit as you age and how important it is to maintain a credit rating even if you. Don't have any loans. May be difficult to actually secure a mortgage if you don't have a credit rating. Are going on with a couple of others are tips in that regard. Did you know that you're savings can work as income the specialized mortgage lenders. Often associated with stock brokers like Merrill Lynch and JPMorgan. Do cater to the affluent with alternative forms of underwriting of some of the pines a same kinds of fifteen. 230 year mortgages now if you have at investments asked the firm. Where they're held about mortgages. Mortgage Morgan Stanley private bank for example has an asset pro forma method for attributing income. From investment accounts so that wealth can qualify you for a mortgage. Even you if you don't have any income so that's kind of interest in a million dollar investment account with stocks and bonds for instance could tip it typically be calculated. As the equivalent of a 35000. Dollar a year income. Assuming a 5% of annual income after a conservative 30% discount from market risk. The borrower is not required for two caches are these assets the investments are merely used to demonstrate an ability to make the mortgage payment. So there you go are your savings can actually work. As income. To the phones ago at 8030930. As we travel now to Pendleton and check with the dean of nineteen year end WEE and. Good morning dominant. Thanks for answering our calls so there may view her advice. If you're looking at Newark Newark home and it can't read that mitigation system and a is that a red flag you know which you may be go. Is different area look for a couple or is that a good thing that has been on medication. Absolutely unequivocally without any question in my mind if the research and abatement has been done. It is a non issue are you do not need to worry. If it's a functioning working system which is probably the only caveat I would add to that statement when I make sure it's. If it's an active system and out of passive system that if there's a fan operating that is still working that's important. If that's all in place and it's functioning properly. I what apps fleeing not. Use radon is a reason not to buy a house if the systems functioning. Okay the only thing I don't like though is when they they you know you're sump pump crap car right with the yes so how you know besides. That's my only thing is that yourself pump ever gave out you wouldn't know and so you know. That's it that's actually a good point dean in what happens is the seals that is used. To caulk that cap in place would have to be broken. And then it would have to be re sealed. Not a big he ever super big deal but it's a little bit of an extra step. To you know secure that their cap once again after the sump pump has replaced. But as far as if you're making comparisons house to house and you like everything about this house. And that's the only thing that you don't like I would not let that stop you know. Thank you are right good luck with your purchase. And let us know how while we can help you once you moved into the new house. Okay team you have great guy and is scary and it definitely is a hazard on I want to minimize that part of the discussion. But it's a controllable hazard to the point where if these systems properly installed and working. Absolutely a non issue as far as the value of the home. Now conversely. If you are looking at home. That does have high rate down. You should for share. I equate the cost of an abatement. Control system. Into the purchase price or at least make that part of your consideration because I definitely would not. Suggests that you buy a home that doesn't have a in an effective abatement but plan in place for radar. In that that is a high risk if you did move into a house with irate I'm in that properly deal with battling it so. Important tips when we're talking about raid on. Radon is very prevalent in Erie county if you didn't know that it's one of the highest counties in the nation. For rate and a lot of it's related to our rock formation. And and the rate and is naturally found in the ground. When we violate the surface by digging the foundation the rate on them becomes vented through the rock crevices. And radar can be prevalent in one. Neighborhood and not in another it can be prevalent one home in our next door so it's it's that hitter mess. Everybody should test for rail and if you haven't done so easy to do so by getting kicked down at Home Depot and it mail in a way the email you the results if you're above. Four as an action level for Peco cures per liter of air. That means you need to do some abatement to control the rate down and what you need to do is actually all geared toward sealing. And battle waiting. The worst cases you'd have to put in an active. So are suction system which is a vent line connected through from the basement Ollie up through the house with a fan and it to draw the radar and out again as they said once that's in place. No need to worry about the raid on being president because being vented out. 8030930. That was a good question dean thanks for calling in I've got an open mind with your name right here it's hammer time radio on WB yen. Each and every Saturday morning at this time we anticipate a phone call from a good friend. And that's Peter Gordon from indoor air professionals you know you've got love that it's summer here in west New York. And even when he gets hot and sticky year air conditioning will feel great right well not always. Many people actually get sick that's right they get headaches we get allergy symptoms with their air conditioning running. Is it the air conditioning that's making you sick well I don't think that fit your most likely breathing and things you should be. Dust dead skin cells decaying animal remains dust mite feces yuck and who knows what else is circulating in your air ducts. In our professionals can come by and with negative pressure. Suck ot all that come after it's been blasted off your side walls with the column duct cleaning system patented in unique. High pressure nozzle blast all the gunk. Off your duck or Qualls and as they said they suck you know ultimately view. With a fresh scent of Canberra gel Peter Gordon joins me on the level and you morning mr. Gordon. Good morning I'm so what happens is that the moisture from the Kuwaiti oil goes into all of it he tried it you. Wrenching most of the widget that they'd be million dead in else per person per day it's quite a year earlier about the same rate we get a doll out. And it's breathing easier in the other games don't forget is we have amazing medical grade air cure fires that are actually at the eight at listed invite. As well as BE GI. I can't meet the native fires everybody is all right and would be humidifier that you don't don't wanna be heard this our last energy. They're gonna warranty for five years lapsed in and year how many people would be. Well we called a Chinese fire starter out to the curb after a few years. That made me stop. Yes so we can all make it healthy. Maybe with the new trade implications trade tariff implications on China we won't see these. Chinese fire started anymore Peter. They can't let up I don't know you know there are so cheap. You know it may opt and then. Right here in the US and Kara here you're fires are made in plants and New York so that there may. Can't era has made great length internship felt the world's. So you are out another bike right today. At the core of. Teary out of eerie New York through Wyoming we just stopped and what were our god yet they keep that Malkin about 3000 finding it's not and it's beautiful. Mary good so is there cause that it's being. 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The first step would be to install the line that is what's called a passive system meaning the line itself is event. So the gas has an outlet. But then if that is not enough the concentration is too tied to actually just work with a passive system. It's simply made active and it's made active by putting in inline fanned. In the line that actually will draw the rate on out. So that's a very effective way of dealing with radar. I was just curious. If the party if everything can be done outside. Not in sight just a world that dwelling. My guess is that it won't be as effective because there are always. It's very invasive as to how it will and terror in me and her only in one spot in the added another and where your putting these fat mines. Main happy in the right spot so you're capturing it as it comes in. And it's being drawn to the active line or the path of lying and being sucked out. Okay right. Dominique thank you. Okay good clip that question town thanks for calling and yeah it's it's a guess important when we talk about. These kinds of things and how to deal with them that we file the right process to have it be as effective as possible. So real quick reverse mortgages they can be legit they say. They can be out lifeline for retirees. Who need to tap home equity for a living expenses. And that's according to zillow boomers have on average just over a hundred a quarter. 125000 dollars in home equity a cash out mortgage or home equity line of credit can also tap this value. But instead of paying down loan overtime. As is typical fifteen the thirty year mortgage. The reverse mortgage loan compounds. With the growing loan to be repaid when the power moves out or dice. And so therein lies the reverse part as far as must be at least 62 years old and be required to go through reverse mortgage counseling. Players who often not offer home equity conversion mortgages through the Federal Housing Administration include quick and and get advice of course from a lawyer. In dealing with that. Well at thanks for spending the hour with me look forcing an X Saturday same time same place same station where we have banned since 1989. Have a great week everybody and remember. Let me be hard by the yard the by the inch. It's a cents. WB and buffalo WK SE HD true.